Humrahi Part-6


ansh came to dadi.

Ansh:dadi ,di aur chachu kya baath kar rahi hai..

savithri who was watching maan n his smile was satisfied..she can read him..he likes geet’

Dadi:wo di nehi aapki hone wali chachi hai..


Payal:nani..humari bi chachi hai ..

Savithri:wo aapki maami hai..jesi naina u all three go n play for some time..we elders will talk till that time..

The three kids looked at each other.instead of running out they went to maneet..

Vicky:arei arei kahaan jarahi ho teeno..

Chachu ki pass..



Geet was searching for to ask him to say no to marriage..becoz she wants to study..will he accept’




The three came running to maan..

Chachu chachu..maamu..

Geet stopped n looked at the kids who climbed n sat on his laps..

As payal n palak sat on maans laps ansh was standing with frown..

Maan made him also sit in between his laps..

Payal”maamu,nani said,di is our maami..

Ansh:chachu,say na..

Maan looked at geet..then turned to kids..

Maan:hmm..ive not yet decided..he said like he was in deep thought.

n geet was like haaaw.see babaji…just 2 minutes before he said we match n now he is saying he has not decided..

maan chuckled seeing her reaction

ansh:why chachu..

maan:how can I decide without knowing my champ n angel’s u three are look at her n u all like her..then we will decide’

palak”maamu,she is beautiful na..

maan:hmm..but see her big eyes..n even nose is little bigna..

geet touched her he saying the truth..maan was enjoying geets plight..Oh!She is so cute’boli bhi hai..i would like to eat her..

Ansh:humei tho ye achi lagi..she even played with us yesterday..we like her..u marry her .. u all like her..

three kids:haan humei tho ye bohut pasand hai..

maan:then ur like is my like..kabi meine aaplogo ki pasandh inkaar ki hai..


maan:so,its decided..she is selected for the post of my HUMRAHI..SO WHY DON’T U GUYS GIVE HER SWEET FIRST..


before she think more the trio came to her n kissed all over her face..

maan:arei baba..sab geet keliye..mereliye kuch bhi nehi..

trio:aapko humne suba dedi na..ur quota is finished..

maan:hmm very bad..muj se panga..then u wont get ur favourite icecream..

the kids eyes widened..they came to maan n kissed him too..

maan:aaj tho sweet bohut sweet hai..

he said as they kissed him after kissing geet..n he can feel her fragrance..

geeet for the first time was feeling light..the tensions was not around her with maan n kids around..she forgot what she want to say to him..she was looking at maan n how he transformed between the kids..she has never seen any one like him.



meera came there..veerji,,maa bularahi hai..agar aapki baath puri hogayi tho..

maan:ya..take kids with coming..

meera took the kids n maan followed meera..

he stopped at the door n turned to geet,who was standing stunned..she left the chance to say why she want to deny the marriage..there was a frown in her face..n her fingers were still in nose..

maan: don’t worry,ur nose is perfect..

geet realized what she was doing n she felt embarrassed for making fun of herself..

maan:waise,tumhara haath mei jaadu hai..ur pakoda n coffee was yummy..

geets eyes widened..

maan:don’t look like that..yesterday I was u remember the driver..mei hi thi.

he said with a smirk leaving a baffled geet behind..unknown to herself she was smiling,which was not missed by tej n meera..they both were see geet like that..




SD:beta,all are waiting for ur decision.

madhav:before that I want to say one thing…all looked at him..

madhav:u asked me about geets father..i want to say about him..before u all hear about him from others..then decide..

he looked at madhav who was looking worried..all the faces turned tension..

maan:ji kahiye..

madhav:when geets parents got married he was gud..but now he is not responsible person..n he doesn’t care much for family..n u cant expect anything from him’

maan:I have no problem..i want the girl to be gud..n she is one like no problem..

sd:iska mathlab haan haina maan..

maan:ji maa..

kids:haan dadi/nani..humei bhi bohut pasand hai aur chachu/maamu ko bhi..

broker:so,can we talk about other things..

madhav thought he is saying about dehej..

madhav:ji..hum zyadha nehi de I said geets father is not responsible..meri patni ki jewels hai..we will do what is upto us..

sd:sry..did broker did not inform u..that we don’t expect dowry,..


sd”humei dehej nehi chahiye..

maan:we want only the girl ..not the things which she brings..what u wish to give ur daughter u can give..but  it must be given to her by love..not as n taking dowry is against law..u know na..n I’m a ma..i earn enough of money..i can keep my wife happy within my income..

all were surprised..they never thought a man can be so gud..with so much self respect’

madhav”phir ..

sd: it was about their further preparations..


sd:panditji bi yahi hai..tho can we fix date for engagement n marriage..


pandit looked after maneets  kundali’s..he was calculating things..

sd:panditji..hmm..kya engagement is do din ki andhar ho sakthi hai..

pandit:haan day after tomorrow..the stars are gud..u can do engagement..

madhav :savithri ji..itni jaldi..

sd:wo..maan will be busy in his business..we cant neglect the work..when he is in holidays..i want to make it easy for him.he will be here for two more days..if we get them engaged,.then he can take long holidays during marriage..

madhav :ji..we can understand..par..

sd:madhav ji..we will make it simple..from our side it will be only family members’if u r not ok with problem..we can see after any other day..

rano:ji..humari tarafse bhi..sirf humari gar ki log hai..bhai bhabhi bi yahi hai..meri devar ..he lives out of we can..

madhav looked rano..she eyed,they can..

madhav:ok savithriji..humei manzoor hai..

sd:panditji..shadhi ki muhurat deklijiye..

pandit :madhav ko yoga b hai geet ki kundli will be there till one month..after 20 days.there is a day which suits for marriage…n if this marriage happens withing one month…their life will be bright..

madhav:what 20 days.. how can we do marriage preparations..

sd don’t want to leave the opportunity..till man gets married she will be worried..n sooner he gets married she will be tension free..

sd:don’t worry madhavji..we will help u..i have all sources even in two days they can do all preparations..kyun maan..are u ok..

maans heart was jumping in joy..n doing summersaults..

maan:ji u say..

madhav:ek minute..mei abi aathi hoon..



he signaled rano ,roshan n suraj to come with him..

they went inside n discussed..if they can do within 20 days..

rano:pitaji..the bride n his family looks very gud..i don’t want to leave this alliance..they did not ask for dowry we can use the money for marriage preparations..

tej:if any one says they don’t want dowry u will get geet married kya..

rano:shut ur mouth tej..we elders know what is gud for her..u don’t interfere when elders are talking.

Tej was pissed off..he is small n that’s the thing he is still standing there helpless..he cant save his baby sister n give her happiness..his opinion doesn’t matter to anyone..

He stamped n went to the back yard n stood looking the sky..he came inside after sometime when he felt calm..

Maans family was biding bye to all..maan gave a friendly smile to tej..tej too smiled for  respect of others..maans eyes searched for his would get a glimpse..but she was no where to be seen..




Arohi muffled her laugh..this is village n the person whom u r searching wont come out now..

Maan blushed being caught off guard..

All left to their village sekhowal…with meera n yash taking along with,meera  did not get time to talk with geet..




After they went tej came to know the   marriage date was fixed after 20 days’n it will also be simple..but maan will be keeping reception in delhi after the marriage in a grand they accepted to it..

.geets  family members were discussing about the preparations..tej looked at all purely showing he is not happy with their decision..he thought to go  out..if he stays there surely he will lose his sense n may say something to them ..which will hurt all..

After a long time mohinder got his sense back n entered the house..his eyes were red n swallon..

Madhav:where were u..till now..

Tej who was leaving stood at entrance seething in anger looking at his useless father..


Have u got ur sense..papa..

He turned to madhav..

Tej:who are u asking nanaji..he was fully drunk n was laying in road..all were looking at him..u must have seen it..he did not even feel in what situation he was..even  his dress was not in proper place..

He said the last sentence which can be heared only to mohinder..n mohinder looked down ..

Rano:kal aap bohut kuch kehrahi thi..ab kya hua.

Madhav:rano.its not time to fight..

Madhav:beta..the alliance who came to look for geet..they liked after tomorrow is engagement n in 20 days her marriage..if u have some respect on me..pls take part in ur daughters marriage as a father..i don’t expect anything else from you..

Mohinder nodded his head..when he cant prove himself he has to accept only na’rano left the place..mohinder looked at geet who was standing in corner..her heart wished her father to stop this..but he too was silent..n accepted too..

He neared her n caressed her hair..

Mohinder :Im happy for you..

Geet hugged him to find solace..but his words broke her heart..

he is also happy that im going away from them..she broke the hug n looked at him..he could not read the coldness in her eyes..she left him n went to kitchen to clean up the utensils..





At night

Tej came back..he sat alone for a long time to analyse the it gud or not for his sister… while leaving  he was confused till he met with geets  friend soni… now he is not…geets friend was only 15 when she got married..she is having a boy n now she was pregnant again’in village may be geet is better to get married at 18 comparing to others..he sighed..n accepted his or tomorrow she must be married..n when all elders have decided he cant go against them..but by going with their decision..atleast he can enjoy his sisters marriage n will make her happy till she is here this month..but one thing irked him..he don’t know anything about man other than what he heared..when met he was genuine..but he cant believe it’with many thoughts running in his mind..He entered the house n saw geet sitting in darkness in garden.

Tej tried  to make her  happy..he chatted with her..but she was looking at him with same cold expression..

Tej:geet..its not in our hands better u must start to accept what is going on…u must accept the relation that u r going to bind with..i want u to be happy atleast this 20 days..i don’t want maa to scold u..

..geet smiled weekliy:.maa aur saas.kuch farak nehi padtha bhai..maa can  scold me only till im here..then who will she scold…

She has heared that all saas will torture their bahus..n she was scared of it..

Geet continued:but I will face  same in their house na bhai…in maayka maa and in in -laws my saas aur nanand..jeetani..dont know from whom…thats what girls meant to be..just go in the flow which ur fate takes..

Tej:geet..why are u talking like this..shub shub bolo..nanaji told they are very gud family..n I too have gud vibes from its not in our hand..its ur marriage gudia..marriage happens only once..n I want u to enjoy fully..accept it gudia..

Geet looked at him..her eyes though showed her was clear now.. she must accept it..aur she will be the one to get hurt..she once thought about maan.his cute talks with kids…n their talks..her he told he came as driver..a small smile formed on her lips..

Tej:why r u smiling..

Geet could not hide her blush nor smile..

Geet:wo..i was thinking about what he said


Geet:yesterday did u remember the driver..

Tej:haan balwant.. was him ..he came to see me..he even complemented my hand made pakoras ..

Tej now got one idea..he want to know how maan is..n he will find out..

Tej n geet went to sleep..

The next day tej tried his best to go out of HP..but he couldn’t..he want to get details of he perfect  for his sister..then he will accept him whole heartedly without any second thought..but he failed..the engagement day came’n all preparations were hurry too it was perfect simple n arrangements looked impressive..tej took part in all..




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