Humrahi part-9


Maan n dev reached sekhowal by night nearly at 8 pm..they both completed their works in delhi..maan handled the next days works to adi n he started for his too was having some works n both arrived by car..the long travelling made man n dev talk about many things..n marriage n all..both had a brotherly time..


..maan was stunned looking at the marriage preparations..though its 3 days more, the house looked like a was fully decorated..he can see some relatives n villagers..all are known faces…who greeted them both..

Arohi stopped maan at entrance n welcomed him with aarthi..

Maan:aro,whats all this..

Arohi:man,its maa’s order..she told that many evil eyes on,I was taking away..dont worry maan..i will not ask money now..keep your wallet safe on your marriage din tho mei khali karungi hi’.

All those who were present laughed making maan embarrass..



Both took her blessings..

There were some ladies too..

Ladies:hmm..ab dulhaa tho aagayi..shehnayi bajna baaki hai..kyun dulhei raja ‘.bezabri se intazaar than a..

Another lady:man se zyadha besabri se intazaar savitri hai..ab wo maanki chinta nehi karengi na..uska bahu hai na..

Another lady:suna tha ladki bohut sushhel aur sanskari hai..kyun man..tum dekhi thin a usei..

Aro:dekhi nahi chichi’baath bi ki akele mei..

Vicky came there humming the song.

Lejayenge..lejayenge..dilwale dulhaniya lejayene..

Le ayenge..le ayenge..mere maan bhaiya..geet  bhabhi ko le aayenge..

Maan’s cheeks heated up..he looked everywhere than them..

Vicky was doing bhangra around him..n kids too danced with him..they were happy more’to see their chachu/maamu there’dev took ansh n man took payal palak n kissed them..vicky was still teasing him with singing the song’

Maan gave him a glare n he shut his mouth..

Maan:wo..maa..mei..haath  muh..doke aathi hoon..

He tried to escape from that place..

Sd:haan haan ja beta..u must be tired..i’ll send snacks n coffee for you..

Maan:maa..i will have dinner straightly..

Dev touched maan’s shoulders..

Maan:haan bhai..

Dev:this teases you hace to face more till you get married..bhagne se aur goorne se kuch nehi hone wala..waise..if u show ur big eyes to ur wife..bichari pehle din mei dar jayegi..

Maan:bhai..aap bhi..

Dev:hmm mei bhi..its after all once a life time we get married n we get teased..sabne mujei teaseki..ab meri bari..

Maan went to the room..nakul came with their luggages..maan took the towel n soap n went to villages there is no attached bathrooms..many people don’t have it too..but khuranas had common washrooms to be used by all family members..the only source is well for water’

dev too followed him after having a normal chat with his wife n mother n sister…

Maan sat on the rail of well inhaling the fresh air..this is one of the things which he miss in city life u can inhale only the smokes of vehicles more than pure air..village air always consists of the aroma of nearby flowers fruits n sand..maan stretched his hands n warmed up’

He took the bucket n put it inside the well n started to pull the rope..

Nakul:man..give me..ill get u water..

Maan:no..kaka..i’ll do it..u know its exercise for hands..n I love doing my works of my own..

Nakul:u must be tired’

Maan:no kaka..we had driver this,we were relaxing..

Nakul:ok..i’ll go n place dinner..


Maan filled the water in another bucket..n took it to washroom..he had a cold refreshed him..he smiled thinking all the teasings..

After him dev followed n freshed up..

Arohi called them both for dinner..

All gents,kids n elders sat in one row on floor..n the womens n servants started to serve them..then all the ladies sat n had the dinner’relatives went to sleep on hall.ladies downstairs n gents on first with maan n others chatted for a while regarding the preparations which must be finished..

ground floor had a big hall with store room n kitchen n one room..

It  was used by sd..the first floor was used by boys normally by dev maan n Vicky..n the other for girls arohi nt n kids…when arohi was there with arjun,nt must give up the room n will settle in sds room..when dev n nt was newly married they were given that room..there was an empty space both in front n back..which had some veg,fruits n flowers’

Now maan was with his their room..he spread the folded bed on floor next to dev n Vicky..maan had a habit of sleeping with 3 pillows..he was possessive in that..n sd always kept his 3 pillows separately..

Maan looked for his was not there..only one was there inside his bed…

Maan :Vicky,where is my pillow..

Vicky yawned.. sleeping don’t urself..

Dev:Vicky..dont play..

Maan irritated:Vicky.u r the one using this room na..bhai n I came now tell me..where is my pillows..

Vicky scratched his head..shayad..relatives ke pass..

Maan:Vicky,I know..maa will never give that to relatives..

Maan heared the chuckle of he was sure vicky has hidden it..

Maan:Vicky ki bache..give me or I wont leave you..he came to vickys side..vicky was hiding under the spread..

Hearing their shouts sd came there..

Sd:whats happening here..outside relatives are sleeping n here u all are making noise..

She said in a stern tone..

Maan cribbed:maa dekho na Vicky ko..he has hidden my pillows..


Vicky turned  to another side under his spread.showing his back to him.

Maan:deko deko maa..he is acting..

Sd rolled her eyes..

Sd:maan..u r cribbing like small after tomorrow is ur marriage..behave maan..

Maan:maa..i want my pillows..

Sd:Vicky..give it..its not like other days you play with him..relatives kys sochega..

Vicky:juch nehi maa..they will think why maan is behind pillows..

Man took vickys pillows making his head hit the bed..

Vicky:maa,tell ur son to give my pillow..

Maan:same here too maa..ask him to give mine..

Dev:enough of you both..both give each others pillows..

He said in a stern voice..

Vicky stood up n moved his bed..there was maans two pillows..maan took it n threw vickys pillow on him..

Vicky:ab khush.. I can sleep peacefully..

He kept one under his leg n other between his hands n legs slept soon..

Sd looked at him..

Vicky:maa,ye maan ki adhat kab badlegi..

Sd:when he stops his overworks.. u know y he sleeps like this..

Vicky shrugged his shoulders..

Sd:before he used to walk to school..only to save the bus fare..n when he returns home he will have pain in legs..this pillows made him relief..even now..he is working hard ..tum tho jaanthi ho..

Vicky sighed..haan maa..he works for nearly 18 hrs..mostly he stands in his office..for presentation ,checking the staffs work..n walks in construction sites .. he is habituated to it..see how soon he slept..


Dev:maa,its getting must sleep now..tomorrow is function..

Sd:hmm..ok..u all must get up soon..

Sd went off to retire in her room..


The next day..


Maan was dressed in his white kurta..n the haldi ceremony started with lots of teases  making man all shy..but he is a man to hide it..arjun has reached morning with his parents..nts family was also there..yash n his friends too joined them..making fun of him..

All were busy in their work..

Sd called arohi n nt..n asked them to go to Amritsar with shagun ki haldi n mehandi..

Khurana ladies left with some relatives n kids..




Geets house was decorated..sim ple elegantly beautiful..the guests have arrived..other side the smell of cooking hit the nostrils ..mixed with the smell of flowers..darji sat in front n was instructing all to do the works..

Meera n rajji entered the house n was greeted by all..meeras mom holded krish..they stayed in hoshiarpur itself meera cant be stressed with baby krish’

Geets mom asked meera to make geet ready ..before the khuranas arrived..she gave meera the sandal white cloth n asked her to make geet wear it for haldi..meera took the flowers which geet will be wearing..

Meera n rajji went to the room where geet was’

Here geet was too lost..she looked at the luggages,which was kept packed for her..just a day more with her family..what an irony thing..must she feel sad or happy..the things were no more in control she knew it n she has accepted to it..but the throbbing heart n the strange feel in her stomach..she cant avoid it..

Meera :geet,what are you doing..

Geet came out of her thoughts..


Meera looked at her tensed face..

Meera:are you tensed thinking how will ur in laws be..

Geet looked at meera n nodded yes..

Geet:dar lagraha hai di..

Meera:every girl will feel like that only geet..but its all in our hands..till u behave gud they will also behave gud..the relations is like a mirror which will reflect what u show..

Meera:ye have not yet taken bath..

Meera gave her the cloth..

Meera:go n fresh up soon n come out wearing this..

First geet thought it as a she took n went to bath..when she came out..geet was covering with a towel over her shoulders..

Rajji:geet di..will u come out like this..

Meera took the towel..geet has managed to tie up by one side n covered her other side with her hair..the cloth reached slightly below her kneels..

Meera looked at her..

Meera:geet,tum waxing nehi ki..

Geet looked at meera..the word is new for her..seeing her confused look rajji started to giggle..

Rajji:aapko ye nehi patha di..

Geet nodded no’

Meera:rajji jaldi jao..n fem is in my luggage..come soon..before its late..

Rajji ran out to take it..



The  family was busy when they saw the khuranas entering..all greeted them..they placed the things in centre of hall..

Arohi:where is bhabhi..

Rano:meera is getting her ready..

The mens moved outside giving the ladies their space’

Rano stopped rajji n told her to bring geet soon..she said 5 minutes n ran inside geets room.


Rajji:di,veerji ki gharse sab aagayi..jaldi geet di ko bulari hai..

Meera n rajji applied the cream on her hands n legs’n taught her how to remove it..rajji was wearing her the flowers..

geet  was looking at her hands .. meera n rajji like aliens..why they want me to do this..again it was her words inside her heart..

But meera said’

Meera : Mens hate this small hairs too ..

see your hands n legs now..

She rubbed her palm on geets bare hands..

Meera: you are soft  we know..but this adds additional smoothy n silky your skin feels now..

Hmm..humare maan veerji tho gayi..he will be lost feeling lets go for haldi..elders are waiting for you..

Geet looked at her dress in the mirror..

Geet:meera di..wo is dress mei kya..

She was trying to hide her bare shoulders ..

Meera:geet,there will be only womens..

Geet:phirbhi..mei yesei kesei’

Meera slapped her forehead..

Rajji:di,will they apply haldi on ur dress..she giggled..

Meera:jalli..if you shy like this before us itself..what will you do in your suhagraat..when veerji will touch you ..

Rajji:meera di..geet di ko kuch nehi karna padega..veerji haina’

She winked..

Meera:rajji..go out..jisko pata hona chahiye wo chup hai..aur tu..talking more than ur age..

Rajji who has often went to Mumbai to see meera has now learnt a lot at this age..but geet was still zero..

Meera dragged geet to hall where the khuranas were waiting with shagun ki haldi’

Only meeras words were ringing in her mind..

Geet welcomed them..she was made to sit in centre..n the function started..when they applied haldi she was all shy..n all thought it to be the think of man she is blushing so hard..

After that geet was given a milk bath’

Geet was amazed seeing the rituals going beyond her thoughts..

Just till a day before,her mother has taunted if she forgot to wear her dupatta or if she folded her salwar to work also..but today she was in mid of so many only covered with a cloth..even others seemed to be normal..hey babji..mujei kuch samaj mein nehi aaraha hai..its all so weird..aur  who..woh meri pati mujei scared her most..n she sweated at the thought..the incidents with her teachers husband n bus..what rashmi told everything came in mind..the more she thought she got scared more’

i dont know much about north indian rituals..anything wrong..pls forgive me..



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