Humrahi Part 13


Meera smiled outside hearing their laugh..she was happy for geet ..geet is laughing the first day on her house..n nothing could satisfy meera more than that..her decision of being quiet is right..
She knocked the door..n maan left geet..geet was all red..she can feel her cheeks burn..n now she knew the reason for it..her shyness..bcoz of her husbands nearness ..she looked down without seeing maan ..
Meera:veerji..maa is calling geet..
Geet opened the door in hurry..
N was about to go out..maan pulled her hands n stopped her..
Geet:mera haath chodiye na..umm..wo..maa..di..
meera.giggled ..she was standing showing her back to them..
maan:meera..wait a minute..
he pulled geet to the dresser..
maan:u missed one thing..if u go like this maa will be disappointed on u
geet looked at him confused..
maan took the sindoor n filled her partition..

maan:.its ur first day geet..i can understand..u r not used to this..but from now u have to..u r married now..n maa will expect u in this way..maa thodi purane zamane ki hai..she follows n expects all to follow rituals perfect..n will never let any,take care of it..
geet was guilty for forgetting applying sindoor ..she nodded her head’
meera turned back n saw maneet lost in their eyes..she cleared her throat getting their attention’ taking geet down..aap bakhi ki romance baath mei karlena..
Before maan could reply she pulled geet n ran down..geet was not able to meet meeras eyes..arohi joined them..
Meera:geet,im going to,u go with her..n do what she says..
Geet nodded her head..
Meera:uff..geet..when will u leave ur habbit of nodding ur head..when u will speak by ur mouth..
Arohi:meera.first happens to all..see how scared she is..n u r scaring her more..
Meera:hmm di..u r taking geet in ur team..
Arohi:bas bi karo meera..before krish wakes up.go fresh up n come soon for pooja..
Meera:don’t scold me going..u take geet..
Geet was looking at both..the way they talked very friendly beyond relation..teasing n pulling each others legs..she sighed ..she has never witnessed such lovely moments in her one way she is happy that she is now part of this family..
Arohi took geet to her mother..on the way she told her to put the pallu on her head as her mother will expect it..n there are more elders present too,who came for their marriage n will leave only after breakfast..
Arohi:maa..sab kuch tayaar hai..if u come we will do rasoi pooja.n geet will make sweet..n we can place it as Prasad..n can do pooja.till that maan will also come…

Geet took her mils blessings n the elders present too..they were pleased with her behavior n blessed her..
Elders:khush raho ..aur jaldi se humei khush kabri bi dedena..
Geet was thinking..what are they saying..what is gud news means..she did not knew the hidden meaning,they are saying about kids..
Sd:arohi,u take ur bhabhi n do the with her n give her the ingredients n make the sweet..
Arohi :ji maa..
Geet followed her..
Geet turned n looked at her mil
Sd:now its ur be need to be scared..
Geet:ji maa..
Geet was happy was normal talk..but the softness in her mils voice n her saying its her all meant so much for her..
Sd:ab jao..arohi will guide u..make any sweet n place it before god..before that go n say maan to fresh up soon..n join u in pooja..
Geet:ji maa..
Geet went out..
Arohi:ok geet..i will be waiting in kitchen.u go n say 2 maan n come soon..
Geet:ji ..
Geet climbed the steps..her heart was beating fast..the way he kissed her..the girl who did not like to share his juta actually tasted his saliva..but it did not make her think odd at that all felt right..
Will he kiss me again..she was red again..
She opened the door n saw maan n kids..maan doing push ups n ansh was sitting on his back..p2 was cribbing..

Seeing geet payal n palak came n complained..
P2:maami,dekona..ansh is not leaving us to sit on maamu..
Geet was ogling maan..the way his muscles stretched n bulged..his arms n biceps..maan smiled seeing her drooling him..
Maans st:hmm..i affect her..only till tonight all urs..
Man came n snapped his fingers before her..his smell of sweat..n his manly colone mixed with it..she felt her stomach twirling..
Maan:geet,tum yahaan..
Maan:ok..u go..i ll come down in 5 minutes…
P2 stopped her..maami u tell ansh ..we too want to sit on maamu’s back.
Geet pulled ansh n lowered to his level..
Geet:ansh..u r a gud boy na..n they r ur sisters na.. if u sat on him for 25 payal will sit for 25..then palak..ok. take equal turns .. don’t fight…
Ansh with a pout..ok chachi..
Maan looked at geet..thodi der pehle she was stammering even to say why she was here..but now she was talking to childrens very casually..she differs every minute..what is her realself..he couldn’t understand..the geet who talked with him boldly is missing..
Geet left the room..
N maan did a few more pushups..this time ansh left payal n palak to sit on him..n all having a sweet time..
Payal:palak,mujei maami bohut pasand hai..
Palak:mujei bhi..
Ansh:mujei bhi chachi bohut achi lagthi hai..
Maan smiled hearing the cute talks n said mentally..MUJEI BHI WO ACHI LAGTHI HAI’

Geet came down only to be stopped by her mil..
After geet went one of the elders said..
Savitri,ur d-i-laws hair is long n thick..
But there was sarcasm..
Another lady said..hmm..phle din..apni pati ke saath raath guzari..aur she did not think that she must take a hair bath to do pooja..
Another elder..uff aaj kal ki ladkiyon ka na..kuch keh nehi sakthi..if u tell they will say her in laws r very bad n ill treating them..
I thought naina tho savithri ki achi bahu nehi..par ye ladki bhi yese nikli ..
Savithri first did not think much..but her relatives words n pointing her bahus..she got angry..
That’s when geet came down n was about to go to kitchen..she stopped her..geet looked at her mother in law..who was standing with red eyes..
SD:geet,u cant go inside to do pooja..
She told in ordering tone..which shivered her extreme..
Geet st:par kyun..kuch der pehle she told me to do,,but y she is saying I cant do..what I did..
Arohi n few more relatives also came to center..all looking at the tamasha held their..for them it was an entertainment ..
Arohi:maa..kya hua..y r u stopping her..
Sd:see can she do the pooja..
Arohi too did not get what her maa is saying..
One of the elders:chi chi..raath pati ke saath bithane ke baath sar nahana bhi nehi sikaya is ki ghar walon nei..
Geet was shocked..she is habited to take hairbath on Sundays’n she was bathed the two days with milk n shampoos becoz of she did not think about it..
but this ..she never knew or no one said her..arohi was equally she missed that..she must have atleast told geet.

geet stood looking at her toes..getting taunted by her mil..though she is used to gt scolded in her it hurts..surrounded by all new persons she is the one left alone..she dont know what to say..or how to say..that she dont know about it..or noone told her..she for the first time felt like crying …before her eyes moist maan came there..n came to know the reason his mother taunting his wife without any reason..
they did not share any thing like they think..even if she did the pooja its nothing wrong..
maan looked at his wife who was standing with heads down..the thing that they don’t even speak in village was spoken..maan saw arohi who stood speechless as she don’t know what to say..there are even mens standing there..n this is a sensitive thing for every girl..spoken about the night before a girl she must feel ashamed..
maan placed his hand on geets shoulders..assuring her im there for u..she has understood the meaning by now of his moments..she bit her lower lip controlling her sob..
elder:maan beta..tum ..iska saath derahi ho..savithri..dekh..ek din mei tumhara ladla apni pathiniki pallu ke peeche’
maan:stop it’
maan got irritated..noone thought about geets vulnerable position..n upper se..they are brain washing his mother too..
maan:nothing happened like u all think..
Gurmeet Choudhary In Geet Show Set
he said in frustration.he closed his eyes tight realizing what he said… he has spilled the truth..he looked to see the looks of his family..mainly his mother..who gave a disapproving look n looked at geet n then maan..she turned to leave the place..maan can sense she is angry..she wants him to start his marriage life..but no..he has disappointed her..
she went inside her room..geet too followed him..atleast she must say a sry 2 her mil..n thanks 2 her husband who supported her..
savithri stood facing her back..
maan came n stood beside her..
maan:maa..when we returned it was too late n after was too late..n u know marriage day was hectic..i was too tired n so was she..n how can u expect us to proceed a married life in that state..
geet stood there shocked..he was taking the whole blame on him..she only stopped him..
she want to stop his lie..
maan turned to her n eyed her its fine..n to not open her mouth till he finishes..maan continued..maa,she is my wife now..ek din mei koi farak nehi padega na..

it somewhere convinced Sd..he came in front of her ..
maan:u want her to wash her hair..thats it na..why making scene before all..kehdiya hotha na..wo kesi janegi..humdono ki tho pehli baar shaadhi horahi hai..haina geet..
savithri slapped him playfully..badmash kahika..
maan:ouch..maa zorse lagi..aap tho mujei meri patni ki saamne maar rahi ho..what will happen to my izzad..
geet looked at him in awe..he knew to manofy his mom..n totally changed the environment..there was no more tension in air..
he came to geet..
maan:come with me..he held herby elbows n took her to backyard..
maan:kuch nehi hua humare saath..phir bhi..pooja keliye..go n take bath n come soon..
geet:but.. it will take time n wearing sari..n pooja must be finished before 6 am..di told me..
she for the first time explained the situation..the small trust she got from him.the care he showed..he will stand beside her in her bad soothed her soul,which was craving for a long time..mayka mei nehi mila..but sasural mei mili..
geet:maa tho aur naraz hojayegi na..
maan thought for a while..
maan: idea..u first undo ur plat..
he took the towel which was hanging around his neck..he covered her up fully over the sari with it..he took the water in bucket..
maan:geet,bend ..that ur hairs only will come down ..
geet somehow understood his idea..she bent n her hairs fell in front over her head..maan slowly poured the her saree did not get wet..the few drops fell also was on towel..when her hair was fully wet,maan covered it with another towel..n made her stand straight..
she looked at he helps her..
ahem ahem..meera who came out of washroom waslooking at maan n how he was helping geet..n other side arohi also came to see what is geet doing..does she need any help..but seeing her brother she stopped..
arohi:geet,we don’t know,there is a way to wash ur hair without spoiling ur dress..
meera n arohi giggled teasing maneet..n maan went to fresh up n arohi took geet n dried her hair ..then took her to do rasoi pooja..geet made khajar ka halwa n then made some pooris…arohi took the sweet in bowl n took geet to pooja room..maan was standing their fully dressed up..both did the pooja..then geet n others served all..
Sd:halwa is very gud.. n gave her shagun..
She was never praised in her even the one word gave a lots of happiness..

For a minute she thought,if her mom has praised everytime will this joy will be so much like she feels now..was that the reason her mom never praised her..
all praised her halwa…the small bitter moment washed away with the care of maan n praises she got from all relatives..maan gave her a sweet smile..she can understand he loved her halwa..

SD:maan,keep some food left ..ur wife must eat in ur plate..
Maan:ji maa..
After maan left geet sat in his plate n breakfast was served in it..if it was like yesterday she would have said same..his juta..but today it has changed her reverie..she took all the single pieces he left for her..
SD explained geet:in those days,we all had food in our husbands plates..but now no one follows remained as a ritual just for a day..
Behind every ritual there is a reason this too..those days men women wont talk before elders..n when food is served mens will eat without saying anything..when u sit to eat in ur husbands plate u can see some veg..currys or foods untouched..from that u can understand he doesn’t like it..
Geet mentally made a note she will concentrate while maan eating n know what he likes n dislikes..
After some time most of the relatives bid bye n went to their homes..

Savithri came to maan ..pag pherekeliye koi aaraha hai kya..geet ki ghar se..abhi tak aaya kyun nehi..
She asked in concern..
Same time dev who went early to next town returned back..n his phone was from tej..
There is some riots going on the way..some clashes between two parties n no vehicle could pass that place..n he asked what he should do..
Dev told his mother,that he too came back becoz of that only.
..savithri was already in a thought..she don’t want 2 send geet still as their daughter after maan confessed..that they were not one..n it was some sign of god delaying this she said dev to say,he can come n take geet for phag phere the next day..
Dev:maa so what is plan for today..
SD:we will go to temple..before marriage we must have did the kula devi pooja..some thing happened n it we will do it today..first u go n make arrangements in temple..take Vicky n yash too..we will do muh dikayi rasam at evening..
Dev:yes maa..
Maan:maa,mei kya karun..shall i go with bhai..
SD:no..go n take rest..n ur friends are still there..spend some time with them..then we will go to temple..geet n naina tumlog kitchen mei nakul ki help karo..arohi,u come with me taking out things for god..
Arohi:ji maa..
Maan n friends went up..n other few relatives too made way out to spend time at fields n some other relatives house..
Naina n geet entered kitchen..nakul n neeraj (a helper) was chopping veg.. naina asked them to look after cooking..n they will chop..for her it’s the easy way..geet want to laugh seeing the way naina chopping..even kids would do better than her..all were of uneven size…but she is elder,so she muffled her laugh n concentrated on her work..naina told geet to chop cabbage n left saying she forgot something..

Same time a girl with her relatives came there..SD saw the hustle bustle n questioned them..they said she is neerajs wife..n neeraj cheated his they are here to teach him a lesson..SD asked them to be silent as it’s a marriage house n their respect matters n she will solve the problem..she took the girl inside kitchen n asked neeraj
SD: whats all can u cheat ur wife..
Neeraj looked at his wife n said:its all her fault..
There was no regret in his action.
SD:what..u say she sent u to other women..
Geet was about to her house whever they talk she was sent away..
SD stopped need to go..u carry on ur work..tum is ghar ki bahu ho..u must know everything happening in this house..

Geet chopped the veg,,but could hear there conversation..
Sd:nakul,where did u get a cheap man like him..
Neerajs wife was simply crying..she said nothing ..but only sobbed..
SD:why are u crying..when he did not regret his nalayak ne shadhi ki pavitra tha paar ki..
SD went on accusing neeraj..n neeraj did not stop it..but when it was too much
he said..wo chup hai..kyun ki wo jaanthi hai wo galat hai.. can u say that..
Nakul:neeraj..she is asking can u stoop so low..
Neeraj:mei mard hoon kaka..when I did not get food from house,I ate outside..n it has become regular..ismei meri kya galathi hai..
He walked out..
Geet st:neeraj bhai teeki tho hai..when his wife did not cook at home he will eat outside food only na..then y maa is saying he cheated her..
Nakul too moved out now it’s a girly talks n he cant stand there..
The girl was crying louder..
SD:ab ronei se kya fayda..tum ne galathi karli..
The girl fell on floor..i was scared when he touched me..i scolded n slapped him on our suhaagraat too..mujei shadhi ka madlab nehi patha..woh galath nehi hai..he waited for me..but I shoved him whenever he came near me..when he lost his control we went to another women who satisfies his body need..
Geets eyes popped out..knowing the meaning..
Girl..ab mei jaantha hoon..meine galathi karli..he want to marry that girl..what will happen to me then..he is asking me to go to my house..meri ghar walon nei mujei itni pyaarse shadhi will I face them..their respect will doom bcoz of me..i will be a gud wife to him..say him..wo jo b hi kahega mei karoongi..
sd:when u know u r wrong..then why is ur family shouting on him..
someone heared he is going to marry second time..n that’s why they are shouting on him..if they come to know the reason they will kill me for bringing disfame to them..

plsmaaji.ask him to accept me.i ve a sister too..if he sent me back it will spoil my sisters life too i promise shikayat ka koi moka nehi doongi.ill be a gud wife..pls.ask him to give me one chance
The girl was crying bitterly.
Sd felt bad for her

.the one lost in thought was geet..the girls life has filled a fear in her..if a girl didnt satisy her husband,he will leave her n go to another women n the girl will be sent back to her mayka.that will be a big defame to girls family
Geet was thinking about those words’
What if maanji left me .wat will happen to darji n all will taunt me..n hate me more.aur maa..she will hate me n curse me for bringing dishonor to them…her thoughts started to fly in air.scaring her n breaking her inside.. .
She thought about her much her papa was cruel n irresponsible, mama never let the marriage broke..she valued the relation.n atleast for namesake she continued to be with her papa..
The last words she told me is to be a gud wife n keep the name of them…kya karun babajimujei nehi jaana mayka.i cant bring defame to my family.
She sweated at the thought.

Sd called neeraj n talked with both..when he cleared he cant marry any other girl when he is already married.n the girl he slept was an escort..n somewhere he still waits for his was happy that he still considered the marriage n waited for his called nakul n asked him to take both home n sort the differences with neeraj n her inlaws n come back..
She turned back to girl n said
don’t make him eat outside food.making ur husband wait is not gud..
Though sd said those words to the girl her eyes was on geet n geet surely knew those words are meant for her too
Sd:.its ur last chance to prove urself..
N she said to girl will accept a man who went to other women..n for u too..its ur wifes gud heart she is accepting u with ur fault which cant be undid..becoz she is guilty for what she u both start a fresh n live happy.without making ur past come in between u both..
.both touched her feet n left with nakul..

By that time naina too came n sd asked both to make lunch before they leave for mandir..naina was shocked ..but thinking she will make geet cook accepted..geet was equally shocked..she has not done for so many other than her family..then seeing naina agreeing she thought naina will be there n no worries..after sd went naina stayed for a while saying the menu,what should be prepared for lunch..she too left saying faltu reasons..geet was alone but managed to take all ingredients..she was blank how much to make..n for her luck,arohi came there..
Arohi looked at cabbage:geet,ye kya hai..itna saara..u have chopped all cabbages..this will be enough for 50..but we are only 25 nearly..
Geet bowed her head:I thought naina di told me to chop all..
Arohi:its ok..we will use half of it..
Then she checked all n instructed how much to arohi was busy in preparations of things n others for temple she couldn’t be fully with her..but she often came inbetween n helped her..

Sd came n saw geet working alone..
Sd:naina kahaan hain.
Geet don’t want to say about she kept mum..
Arohi who came there said:maa,u know na..naina is kaam chor..and u r asking about her..
Sd checked the dal,gravies,curries made by geet..
Sd:u did all..
Geet erm..wo..di helped me..
Arohi:no maa..she is giving me credit..i just gave her instructions..sab geet ne banayi..
Nakul too came at that time ..
Sd:geet u go n get go to temple..wear few more jewels..u r new bride.. n chawal..i ve not prepared..
Sd was happy that geet was responsible..even a small incident proves it..she doesn’t want to go before she completes the whole work..
Sd:nakul haina..he will finish the rest of work..
Geet:ji maa..
Geet left..
Nakul:maaji..achi khusboo aarahi hai rasoi se..hmm.
He saw the things she cooked
Nakul:.choti bahu made so many dishes..
Sd:hmm happy that she is not like naina..
Arohi:maa,she is very gud in cooking..i tasted all..she is very fast in finishing her works too..that too clean n neat..
Sd:okok enough for now..go n call every one its getting late..we must be at 11.30 atleast for the 12 o’clock pooja..
Arohi:ok maa..

note:neerajs part was not needed..but geet must know some way the after maths when relation only added it..sry if it bored u..i tried 2 make it small..but couldnt..


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