Humrahi Part 18

Part 18

his hands on her lips created fire in both..there closeness affected them..he slowly rubbed his thumb pad on her lips..her body jolted in pleasure..her eyes closed automatically ..the reflection of her submission..
He cupped her cheeks n slowly bent towards her lips..he was desperate to take that..but before he close the distance..he heard the clearing of throat..
Meera was standing showing her back..maan left geet n stood a step back from her..
Meera:can I turn now..
He was caught off guard n was blushing…he is never a man like this..forgetting the surrounding..but the small partition for a day ,away from his wife made him crave for her..n what he did was in desperation ..he held her..hugged her n was about to kiss her in her house..oh god what if any elders of in laws have seen it..
But he least know the ladies have seen him pulling geet n left without their meera belonged to maans family they sent her to get them..
Meera turned..
erm..bhai aaj holi tho nehi hai..nor haldi.
she teased him..n geet want to hide somewhere..
Maan glared at meer..
Meera:ok ok…im sry..but..all are waiting for u both..
Maan:..what r u doing here..
Meera,yash is leaving im staying a week in my mothers house..
Meera:geet give him soap n towel to clear himself..
Geet:yes di..
Tej came there with a new shirt..
Maneet were embarrassed..
Tej:hmm wo..we brought this for ur gift..u can wear this jiju..
He took it from him..
Tej:geet..go n help him..geet:hmm..
Meera:geet:hmm don’t make bhai bath again..
Geet want the earth to swallow her..she was all sharam se pani pani..
But the truth was her heart was loving this small teasing sessions..its making her forget her past scars..the loneliness n crave for love..she indeed felt lucky to have man in her life..from when he entered her life she has some peace..some
Geet showed him the washroom..maan removed his shirt n gave to her..he was standing in his vest n geet was looking..hmm at his perfect features..she has felt it..
Man saw her lost in him..he snapped his fingers before her..
Maan:.u can drool me how much u want..but in our house..our room ..i promise..i ll make u drool more than it..n in return I expect same from u..
He whispered huskily in her ears..his eyes were dark with desires,,geet blushed knowing his intentions..she gave the towel in his hands n ran away from there..she heard him laugh at her back..
She came to her room n leaned her back on the wall..she was smiling..her heart was beating fast..she hugged his shirt crushing him with her.
Meera:erm..geet..tumei nehi jaana hai kya..bhai is waiting..
Geet:ji di..i want to..
She bit her tongue as she desperately answered she wants to go with him..
Meera:then come ..all are waiting for u..
Meera took geet..maan n geet did the pooja n took blessings from all elders..maan gave them the gifts he bought with him..n the sweets sent by his mother..geets family too gave him gifts n snacks were served ..all chatted for a while..they asked maneet to join them the next day ..
Maan was left inthoughts..he must check details of the project..n prepare ..on what basis the meeting would be..
Maan:hmm.sry..i have work to finish..but,.as its first time i ll try to come..or i will send geet with u.all.
He then explained his problem n he has to leave to Chennai..
Geets cousins were educated n they supported him..n the elders have nothing to say..
Nanaji:ok beta..atleast geet will be will be fine…
Maan:..ji sure..
Maan looked at geet..her face fell off hearing it..he is leaving her alone..he did not think about her..she want to scream..cry..beg ..dont leave her alone..but she bite her lips..she never expressed her feels n how could she can she expect him to listen to her..she controlled her tears ..she smiled at others as they all advised her to support him n behave gud when he is also not there..she could only nod..
No one noticed her drifting her in shell..but maan did..the spark in her eyes missed n pain was visible..
Maan looked at the time..its nearing 6..he has to drive..the roads were not gud n his mom has adviced to come earlier before its dark..
nanaji understood his situation..
Nanaji:ok beta..its getting u both have to leave..
Maan:.ji daarji..maa too told us to return before its dark..its not safe to travel at night ..
Nanaji..yes beta..
Maan looked at geet..
Geet nodded..ji..
She bid bye to all..she searched her mom n found her in kitchen..she was standing showing her back to her..she must be happy as im leaving..geet thought..
She went near her n said..
Geet:maa..mei chalthi hoon..
She saw her mother in tears..
Though geet hated her mother she is not that harder to see her mother in tears..
Rano hugged geet n cried..
Geet was shocked
Geet:maa kya hua..
Rano wiped her tears..kuch nehi..she caressed her cheeks n kissed geets forehead..
Geet was surprised with the love..kiss was the last thing she expected from her mother…before she talk to her mother..roshini came.. kya rano..damadji bahar kadi hai..aur maa beti ka pyaar abi tak khatam nehi hua..chal geet.atleast think about ur husband..he is ur first priority now..
She chided n took geet away from there..
Rano followed them..
Maan opened the passenger seat for geet n she sat there..maan took the wheels n maneet bid bye to the family..he drove off..the drove was geet looked at maan.she remembered him saying he will leave to Chennai..she looked away from him ..she wanted to talk to him..but she couldn’t..maan was also having hard time..first thing was her sad face..he know the reason..he want to sooth her. n next was her nearness affecting him..he wanted to kiss her badly..he want to talk to her…both wanted to break the silence..but how..both are nervous..geet was fidgeting her pallu n the cold breeze made her hair fly..she was often settling it n maan was having tough time to drive..his concentration was on geet more than the road..he looked at her..she was nervous..n was chewing her lips ..the car was driving on a lonely road.both sides were only farms the sun has set all has retired to their houses..the sight was so lovely..maan looked geet .she looked more beautiful .the car horn sound made him back.on opposite side a car came very close to their a mere second he took left side n the cars tyre screeched n stopped suddenly making geet jerk in her seat..
Man turned to geet:tum teek ho na..
He asked in shock
Geet was in fear..she said weakly..hmmm
Maan slammed his arms on the steering..he never lost his control.but today he lost..he would have put both their lives on stake..he has parked the car by the side of a big banyan tree..he got down ..n stood at the side..he was tensed .he kept his hands on the tree trunk..n was cursing himself for lack of concentration..
.geet was worried with his behavior..she did not see the car which came opposite as she was busy admiring the sunset..n his sudden break feared her..but when he asked is she fine..she saw him worried n tensed..all over it the care for her..she slowly got down the car..she want to sooth him..
Geet came near him ..she lifted her hands to touch his shoulder..but withdrew it..
Then she called
Maan turned n saw the tensed lines on her face..her fear was making her stammer..he calmed a bit..
Maan: im sry..
Geet wondered how many times he will ask sry..
He took steps towards her..she walked back till she hit her back on the tree..he trapped her by keeping his hands on either side…
They were covered behind the big tree..none can see them..maan looked around and confirmed it..they were alone..
He slowly tucked her hair starnds behind her ears..she had goose bumps..
He slowly pecked her lips..tasting her ..satisfying his hunger..geet was no less than the lips met her body again cracked into fires..she held his shoulders tight n submitting herself..her stomach twirled along with a pain..she shrugged the pain which over took the pleasure..
He made her sit on the side stone n took a seat next to her..he took her hand in his..
Maan:sry..i want to say im leaving u here for a week..u must also understand my position..its work..very important for me..for our business..i told u before too..i have worked a lot to reach this height..i cant be irresponsible..mujei bhi bura lagraha u im also a human with can I leave my wife..but my circumstances..i thought u will understand me..if u are grumpy I cant work in peace..i promise I will be back soon as soon as possible.if I leave u in delhi u will be maa,arohi kids all are here…geet pls..understand my…
Geet stopped him..ji..i..i.. now understand..aap..kab jaarahi ho..
Man waiting for ur approval..the sooner I leave the sooner I will be with u..before our reception I want to be here n spend time with u..
Geet went silent..
Geet kuch tho kahaona..
Geet:I ll wait for u..
Man cupped her cheeks ..thats like my wife..i expect u to understand my support in my every way of step..rahogi na..
His eyes had expectations..
Maan:ok..lets go now..or I don’t know what I will do to u..
Geet stood up n her stomach pained a lot..her face changed suddenly..
Man:what happened..
Geet:ji..wo..erm..kuch nehi..
Maneet came back to their home..when man asked her to come in she requested him to send arohi or naintara..she denied to enter..maan was asking reasons..but she denied to say him..arohi who came to check them asked what the reason..n geet whispered in her ears..
Arohi:oh..ok..come with me..maan u go inside..she took geet with her by the side way..
Maan entered n sd asked
Sd:where is geet..
Man:she is with arohi..
arohi came there in a while..
arohi:erm maa..wo geet couldn’t come inside..i have asked her to take bath she is waiting for change of clothes…i ll get her dress from ur room maan..
sd: arohi..tu bhulgayi kya..its her first time in our house..n she must be entering house with same rituals like she attended the puberty..
arohi:oops sry maa..mei sab tayari karthi hoon..
man who was first confused now was clear..geet got her periods..n she was too shy to say to him..
sd:maan:geet will be staying with me for this,if u want u can go to Chennai..did u say her..
maan:ji maa..she accepted..hmm..if I can will be gud if I leave tonight itself..i ll reach tomorrow morning delhi n will take the first flight to Chennai..
sd thought for a while..ok..but once again talk to geet..
Vicky:man if u r going tonight ill also come with u..i hv some college stuffs to work..
maan turned to pack his things..
sd stopped him..u understood na why I m saying this..
maan smiled..yes maa..husband n wife cant be together..
sd:samajdar ho mera shehzadha..
maan:maa..geets family has selected a n alliance for her cousin..they asked us to join tomorrow..if the alliance is gud they will fix tomorrow itself..what to do..
sd:no problem..i ll send arohi with geet..
maan: gud idea..
as he left,sd went out n saw arohi making geet bath in haldi water her new dress to wear..n gave her gingelly oil to drink.
Geet drank it making yucky face..arohi did arthi n made her enter the house..
She felt very shy with all rituals..
Sd:geet,for 3 days u must not go upstairs..u can be downstairs..n stay away from kitchen too..
Arohi whispered in geets u said in ur house u cant too we cant enter till 3 days..
Geet:oh..ok ..
Sd:u can stay in my room..
Geet s face fell down..little upset..her eyes searched for maan..
Man was nowhere to be seen..
Geet went to sd s room..
Sd:take rest..she gave her pillow n mattress..
As sd n arohi went..maan sneaked inside n shut the door.. aap..
Man:shh..shh..ayistha bhol..aur ma aur arohi aahayegi..
Geet:par aap yahaan kya kar rahi ho,maane dekliya tho..
Maan:Geet:shhh .bohut bolthi ho..but at unnecessary times..let me tell u for what I came..
Maan slowly kept his hands on her stomach..she tucked it with a hard breathe..
Maan:will it pain too much for u these u want any pain killer
He asked in utmost care..n geet was falling for him more..
Maan:arohi used to make the house upside down bcoz of pain..after angels birth she is off from pain n now she is normall..isilye poochrahi hoon..
Geet:no..only a little..
Geet said ..her face all red like an apple..this man knew about all things..
He lifted her chin n made him look at him..
Man:erm..geet..i want to say u one more thing..dont get shocked..
Geet looked at him.. we both cant be together..i think I ll go n finish my I ll be planning to leave tonight..
Geet was blank..but his logic was right..
Maan:shall i..
He asked with expectation..
Geet :hmm..he kissed her forehead n cheeks..
Man”take care..i will miss u..i promise I will compensate this ..once I finish this I ll try to be with you fully for a week..n I wont leave u that time..
She blushed hearing it..
The knock on the door made them part away..
Maan:erm..maa hogi shayad..
He opened n saw arohi..
Arohi:man,u r supposed to stay away from her..from this room..
Maan:im going to stay away for 5 days.. ur bhabhi is so sweet..she gave me permission..n im leaving now..
Arohi s jaw dropped down..
She thought geet will crib cry n make him back from this tour..
Arohi:u accepted geet..
Geet :ji..haan..
Arohi:geet..if u let man this way na..he will make house as office soon..
Maan:sry dear,u forgot house is inside my office..
He looked at his watch..uff im running late..arohi,accompany geet to her house tomorrow..n im leaving my car here..i n Vicky are going in dev bhais car..
Geet looked at him longingly..maan n Vicky had their dinner n bid bye to all..maan mouthed bye to geet from entrance n she looked at him leaving her will she be with her in laws without him..till now she felt secured ..she now realized his worth in her life..within this 3 days he has given her such a comfort that she felt him as her power inside her..he never let her feel alone in this new place..but now all looked scary without him..what will happen in the lack of his presence..will she be able to cope up with all..who will make her mistakes justified ..her hear bleeded within missing him..if this is called love..then she has fallen deeply in love with her husband..


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  1. awesum!!!!awesum!!!!maneet are lucky to hav such awesum,understanding and supporting lifepartners as each other….continue sooon

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