This Life is Yours – Part – 47


Maan looked at the cc camera n smirked..
Adi:what we should do now..that man stole the quotations we are about 2 submit..
Maan smiled..
Maan:jiju..i can see that..but ,they under estimated maan singh khurana..
Adi:maan..what are u saying..
Adi looked at maan curiously..
Maan:wait for a day more..he winked at him..
The next day,the project was given to Kc as it quoted the least amount..
Adi:how did u do it..
He couldnot control his eagerness to know how the project came to them..even after the men stole the file�
Maan smiled..
Maan:what they took is not the original..its fake ..nowadays I don’t trust I keep the important thinks under my control..that was files made by our staffs at start of project..unfinished which we submitted,i had it in my pendrive..n I only submitted it thru you personally..
Adi was happy�
Adi:do u know that man is working for rahul..
Maan:hmm ..not so particular about any person �but I suspected someone to be there with we keep our men in his place..he is also equally talented to fight with us..
Adi:are u not angry on him..
Maans eyes turned red..
Maan:yes..if he has hurted me..ya killed me too I wont have any grudges on him..but he touched our family..i punished its again business rival..if he ever comes 2 my family again I will kill him 4 sure..
Adi touched his shoulders cooling him down..
Maan:hmm ab ek call karna chahiye na..for will be worthable enough to see his failure..
Maan called rahul..
Maan:hello mr.rahul..hope u r doing fine now.its gud to see u fit n fine again to face,sad na..that u r treated physycologically..when u r saying the truth n all saying its illusion..
Rahul gritted his teeth.
Rahul: Maan,its me like this..I will not leave you…
Man:I thought u will be back from ur deeds..but u proved me wrong..u planted ur men in my office..but its of no use..see,I got my project in my own way..i will never let u do as ur wish from now..
Rahul:never think like that maan..till my last breathe is there,I will take revenge on can I forget my moms death ..the humiliation..bcoz of u we lost all..even my sister is no more..its all becoz of you..i will not leave you..i will steal ur next projects..i lost few..but everytime u cant win..i will be a thorn in ur every way..
He splitted volcano..but man was cool..
Maan: better luck next time..
Rahul laughed the other side..
Rahul:I have already succeded making u hide ur family..
Maans colour faded..but he is can he let rahul affect him now..mans hands were operating his lappy..soon he got a mail..
Maan:ya..i got a family..but u forgot u too have a family..a wife n a son..
Rahul:maaan..dare u touch my family..
Maan threw the vase on floor in anger..
Maan:chillana mujei bhi aatha chopra..kyun dar lagtha haina..
Rahul:I ll kill u..
Maan:I would have done it by now for laying ur eyes on my wife n child..i warn u..dont near my family..or u will lose ur family..
Rahul was pacing in his room in anger..
Maan:gussa aatha hai ..or do u think I wont touch ur family.. ur wife n ask her where she is..she is in xyz mall shopping with ur one call..they will be kidnapped..
Rahul called his wife..n came to know what man said was true..
Rahul:no..maan..u wont touch my family..u wont do anything to them..
Maan:it belongs to you..
Rahul:what u want..
Rahul thought he will think some way to harm man..but not at cost of his family..they two are the ones left for him..he will accept anything now..but will make sure man will regret for this..
Maan:I want u to be away from my family..i don’t want u anywhere nearby my wife or jaanu..mansoor hai..
Rahul sighed�man did not ask him to stop his revenge..nor did he said about his unborn baby..
Rahul made a quick plan ..
Rahul:ok..n u..
Maan:im always gentleman..who can know better than u..
Rahul though felt defeated he growled in his mind..he will not let man in peace till he gets his revenge..
Maan kept the phone..he was not happy..he is not used to threaten someone like this..but rahul is making him do which his heart doesn’t accept..
Adi:a diamond can be cut by a diamond only..n a thorn can be taken by a thorn only..u taught him a lesson in his ur prob is solved�be happy maan..dont worry urself thinking about him..u have better things to do..
Adi n maan went home..
In km.pinky n geet were treated like a princess..the lined up servants made by maan to look after their needs n a special nurse was appointed to take care of them.. adi n man fulfilled all their wishes n tolerated their moodswings..all over them dadima making them eat nutritious foods..sometimes she herself made special foods n made both eat by her hand..both girls were irritated to core..but they knew it’s the care for them both n their child growing inside them..
Pinky n geet were chatting in their room..jaanu was having her home classes�n after that she went to play with priya..geet was too sleepy ..that she slept resting on bed in half seated position..pinky without disturbing her sleep kept the pillows n went to dadima..she made the kids eat..jaanu was going to her room..
Pinky:jaanu,mama is u will go n sleep without disturbing her..
Jaanu:ji bua..
Pinky:n priya beti..go n sleep in ur room..mummy will join u..
Priya:ji mama..
Both went to their respective rooms..
Jaanu came n saw geet sleeping..
Without making noise she climbed the bed..she looked at the small baby bump..
Jaanu came near geets belly n kissed it so softly..she looked whether she disturbed her mom..but geet was still sleeping..jaanu started to talk to baby..
Jaanu:when will u come out waiting for u..mummy said u will come..
She counted her fingers..
Jaanu:haan after 4 so eager to see u..u know after u come we will have one more baby..bua ki baby..tum mere saath khelogi na..jeise mei priyadi ke saath khelthi hoon..
Geet had a feel of baby moving..she caressed her bump in sleep..,mummako disturb math karo..wo sorahi hai�
It was like the baby hearing to jaanus words..geet slept again peacefully..
Jaanu looked at her mom who is having a content smile on her face..
Jaanu:gud baby..i love u so much..tum mujei di bulaogi na.meina..she kept her small fingers under her chin n thought for a while..then continued..
Jaanu:I will take care of u..i will play with u..i will give u my dolls,chocolates..even my favourite bunny also to u..tum meri sabse pyara bhai bhi mama papa mujei doongina..i ll give it to u..i will teach u abc..123 n sab kuch..ho miss mujei sikathi hai..
She felt her lids heavy..she want to sleep..n was very thirsty also after talking so much with baby..she looked at her mothers night dress n her eagerness took her..she unzipped her night dress n started to feed herself..geet can feel its her baby..she turned giving her a side hug in sleep too n patting her, both slept again..

Maan n adi came home..nakul was waiting for them..
Maan:nakul kaka,where are everyone..
Nakul:they are sleeping..
Maan:sabne khana khaya..
Nakul:ji baba..geet ate earlier..n slept soon..later others had n they are also sleeping..u both freshup n come..ill heat the food for u..
Both left 2 freshup..when man entered he saw jaanus legs over geets waist..both hugging each other in sleep..maan could only see geets back..he took small steps n took jaanus legs n kept aside..he took her hands n lifted her up without noticing what she was was so sudden that she was pulled out of geets embrace..geets softness had a pierce of jaanus teeth..n jaaanu started to cry as her sleep was disturbed..geet sat..n looked maan with angry glare..
Geet:stop taking her away from me maan..
She said in high tone feeling frustrated�man left jaanus hands..geet pulled jaanu to her laps..she was still wailing in her sleep rubbing her eyes..geet immediately took her in her warm embrace..jaanu felt her mom n the very need of her sleep..she sucked her hard like never she will leave if she left geets bud..geet was soothing her with all cool words..
Geet:mama is here baby..dont cry..bad papa..we both will do katti with him..meri sona haina..dont get scared..mama is here..
Maan looked at both�he was about to complain n advice geet about her feed til now..
But she blasted on him..he never knew this geet..
Geet:I know what I m doing man..n how can u separate my jaanu from me in sleep..dare u make her away from me..she is daughter..samji aap..i ll not leave her..i cant be away from her..i ll die..if u take away from me..
Maan was blank..shocked..
Maan:what rubbish u r speaking geet..i was lifting her only to make her sleep in her bed..
Maan neared her n geet moved back in bed till she could with jaanu..she was looking scared..
Maan stopped in his way..there is something wrong surely.. not coming..u both sleep..saying he left to washroom..n watched geet from there..geets eyes softened..she lovingly hugged jaanu..who snuggled close to her..
Geet:book lagi meri bachi ko..
She turned jaanu to her other side n fed her..she sang the lulluby ..
Geet:meri bachi ..meri beti..
Geet was keeping her close..
She leaned on the side wall..n slept soon..maan came n stood near her..this time he did not dare to touch them..he slowly placed geet on pillow n let jaanu beside her..
He called dr.immediately..n told her what happened..the sudden change in geets behavior..
Dr:nothing to worry mr.khurana..its her fear n insecurities..its growing inside her..only by giving confidence to her u can Solve this problem..
He rubbed his temples..he know her fear..her loss of first baby is still inside her..
Maan:is there any cure it..
He know he sound absolutely stupid..but its his wife n baby inside her womb making him question like that..
Dr:mr.khurana..aap tho sab jaanthi hai..its not physical is about her mental status..she lost her first child when she was 8 months..n then pinkys miscarriage has raised her fear in her..she doesn’t say it..but it’s the fact..there is only 2 months inbetween for her 8th the months are nearing her fear is increasing..n u know its only jaanu who is her life n soul..her love towards her is like an ocean..when sleeping ,deep her insecurities come up as dreams..n u must have tried to lift jaanu at that time..n first time she opened up her fear in frustration towards u..
Maan:is there anything to worry..our child�.she didn’t think about it..
Dr:hmm..ya..this behavior wont affect baby..for her..jaanu is her baby�2nd baby comes after that only..bcoz..
Maan:bcoz jaanu is the one who made her mother..she only called her mama for first time..she only made her proud in her motherly feeling..jaanu is the reason for her life ..her happiness..
Dr:yes..u know better than me..thats the only reason she is not stopping her feed…
Maan:what should we do now dr..
Dr:how many times jaanu takes her feed..
Maan:only night times..that too if im there I will make her sleep before geet comes..that times geet wont feed her..
Dr:gud..then u must make jaanu sleep daily before geet comes to bed..a simple way of avoiding geet feeding her.n if she does don’t stop her..we will think about it later…n next..i know u have very less time mr.khurana..but ..for ur wife n baby u must spend more time with them..never leave her alone..n let her think about her past life..the more she is away from it n happy..she will be normal..but if it increases..
Maan:what dr..
Dr:if this increases n have mental pressure,then it may lead to mental disorder..
Man was shocked to core that the phone in his hands fall down..
Dr:hello hello..
Man took the ph..his own voice was not clear to him as he spoke
Dr:mr.khurana..nothing will happen like that..she is normal now..n she is doing f9..just 4 months till her delivery take care of her..lets hope gud..
He kept the phone n went to adi..his pale face said maan is tensed..After some time maan told about geet n his chat with dr.adi consoled him n suggested him to give his time to geet..he will take care of kc..n man can work from home..then both had their dinner n went to sleep..maan was even reluctant to sleep beside jaanu..thinking about geets reaction�but geet was sleeping peacefully now..he bent n kissed geets forehead n her tummy as he always does..n then kissed jaanu n slipped beside them..sleep was far away from his eyes..
Thinking about rahul n protecting his family..did he missed to give importance to geet n baby..this was the thought running in his mind..he decided from now he will give importance only to geet..n will keep his enemity aside..nothing is important than them..


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