U,Me,Aur..? – Part 119

PART 119

Maaneet reached delhi at midnight..it was not tough for him to clear his way this time. he planned perfectly n confirmed no medias around..both came to their palace n slept becoz of jet lag..maan woke up with the alarm..he looked at his wifey cutie..who is sleeping cuddled with him like a small baby..he can stay still n adore her full time..but its not the time to admire or love her..he gently placed his lips on hers n wished
Maan:gudmorning princess..
Geet:gudmorning prince..
She told in her sleep n again snuggled to his chest..
it’s the protective place for her even in her sleep..his nearness gave her the comfort n she dosed again..
maan settled the strands of hair behind her ear n asked so lovingly..
maan:jaan,college nehi jaana hai kya..
geet:hmm..mujei aur sona hai
she said lazily..n again closed her eyes to sleep..
maan kissed her both eyes..
maan:sona..u can sleep at night..now get up..its already 7..we have works jaan..n u have so much to catch up..after a week of holidays..
geet sat up lazily..n her mind was thinking to be at home..n take rest..
geet:prince..pls..let s sleepna..
she cutely pouted..n maans control wall was breaking..
she is such an innocent seducer
maan:don’t do that..geetu..its hard for me..
geet:mujei bhi..i want to sleep..pls ..pls..pls..
maan sighed:
maan:as you wish..but you must be alone here..im going for work.dadi will join me later..n no one will be in kc nor kp to chat with you…u sleep alone..

geet:Vicky haina..
maan:he has college too..
geet:frowned..n made puppy face
maan:whats that..
geet:dusht..u know u r bad..making me awake so soon..
maan:is it early for you
But she corrected immediately
Geet:.no no..but im too tiredna..
she cribbed cutely n stretched her body ..his body heated up seeing her curves heaving up n down n he was aroused.. maan closed his eyes
maan’s st:s:uff..my sweet innocent wife..before I lose myself let me leave the place..
geet:prince ,where are you going..
maan:to fresh up..
geet:mei kya karoongi..
maan:do as u think..mei chali..office..
maan:ive work jaan..we are away from here..n office needs me..we will meet in college park..
geet:hmm..ok..aap na bohut zidhi ho..u make me do ur wish..
maan:becoz u don’t care for anything..
geet:I do..
maan:for what
geet:for you..aaap apni khayal nehi rakthi..u must also be tired like me na..then y u r going soon..
maan: has no words..she is concerned for him..he just pecked her forehead..his emotions were chocking him..she always makes him fall more for her with her innocent talks..he feels blessed to have her in his life..he has no complains on his life now..
geet:kya sochrahi ho prince..
maan:kuch nehi..sochrahi hoon..how lucky I am to have a beautiful caring understanding. Aur..

maan:aur innocent filled wife in my life..who has made my white life so colourful..
geet:aap bhi na..
she shied with his praisings..
maan:ok..im leaving..if I stay more I don’t know what I ll end up doing with u..
geet blushed as his gaze moved on her body..he quickly pecked her lips n left
geet left a long breathe..its going to be tough for her too..this honey moon has made them so close that even a minute away from him feels like century for her..how will she concentrate on other things other than him..she lazily woke up n headed to washroom n got ready to college

Vicky was sleeping peacefully..dexture looked at him..
Dexture st:ye lo..he is sleeping now too. Full night he was chatting with his lover..n now he is asleep…y I woke up soon..huh..i m getting bored..kash meri bhi ek lover ho..
Dexture went to dreamland romancing with its pair n it barked in his dreaming land..
Vicky:dexture..shut up ..y u r awakening me with ur harsh voice..u broke my dream with renu..
Arghh..he threw the pillow on it..n dexture hide under the cot saying..hu..who broke the dream..its u who broke mine..
Kala came to wake him
Kala:Vicky ..u woke..common get ready..im keeping ur coffee here..have it..n dexture ..come down with me n have ur milk..
She was going on n on..but Vicky was feeling low..
Kala:kya hua Vicky..
Vicky:wo di..baby ..woh..kab aayengi..she told she will return back today..will she come to college .bhaiya aor bhabhi aagayi kya..
He was bombarding her with questions..
Kala cupped his one cheek..hmm..wo dono aagayi..itna pyaar karthi ho chotu aur gudia se…that I wish god to break the wall between this 2 houses..ur bhai see ur love for him n broke his silence towards you..
Vicky:di,will bhai accept me..at least for a min..
Kala:hmm..if god is true..he will surely make u both together..i believe in god..
Vicky’s face brightened..even if it happens in dream he will be happy..
He switched on the tv..n kept his fav music channel..
Kala:Vicky:u will get late..go n fresh up..
Dexture started to run down suddenly..n he barked happily..
Kala:lagtha hai gudia aagayi ..ye dexture does things like this when he sense her..
Vicky:wow..babay bhabhi aagayi..before she bounces on me let me atleast brush my teeth n have my coffee..he ran to washroom making kala chuckle..

Geet entered km ..she was shy..how can she forget what happened when she talked to Vicky..she want to go back now n shut herself inside the room..what if Vicky questions her about it..
Dadi looked at geet..who stood still at entrance all red..
Dadi:beta..aagayi tu..
Geet had no way to return..she entered the mansion n took blessing s from her..
Dadi:how was ur trip beta..did the climate suited u..
Dadi asked generally ..knowing how geet is feeling right now..
Geet was normal by now after a little chatting..
Dexture came running to her licking her all over n walking in 2 legs..expressing how happy it is to see her..
Dadi:geet go n wake up Vicky..he is still sleeping..nowadays he has become a kumbakarn..
Geet:ji dadi..
Geet came to vickys room..
Kala greeted geet n asked her to join with Vicky for breakfast..
They both chatted for a while..till Vicky came n hugged geet from back saying..
Vicky:missed u missed u missed u so much baby..
Geet turned n smiled at him..reciprocating the hug..
Geet:missed u a lot Vicky.
Kala:sach mei gudia..he was counting the days when u will come back..n both of u ,don’t stay here saying miss u full day..u both have college come fast down for break fast..
Kala gave the devar bhabhi their space to speak..
Vicky:baby..how r u..
Geet:tum bolo..kesi ho..
Vicky:without u nothing is gud..now it will be gud..
Geet saw the sadness that she left him alone.
Vicky saw her face fall down..becoz of him..he tried to change it..
Vicky with a teasing look..ab bolo baby..how was ur umm umm..
Geet turned red ..
Vicky:oh ohhh..my baby is sharmafying..
Geet :if u talk like this I ll go..she pretended to be angry..
Vicky:ok ok..dont go..bolo..how was ur time with bhai.. no no..i must ask how bhai is..how he must have suffered with his child wife..poor he..
Geet pouted n started to throw the pillows on him…
Vicky held his ears:ok sry baba..maaf kardo..
Geet stamped her foot n sat on his bed..
Geet:Vicky,time dekho..we r running late for college ..n im starving..
Vicky:abi aayi..in 2 min..
He took his towel n dresses n went to washroom..but stopped before closing the door..how can he leave the chance to tease her..she is fully glowing in maans love..its visible..
Vicky:bhabhi..aapka phone ..teek hai na..
He closed the door. Before she says anything..
It took seconds for geet to get the hidden meaning..she wants the earth to swallow her..he heared my talks with prince..
She turned towards the tv n thought to switch it off..but she started to watch it..the song sequence in water..srk topless..her mind went to maans topless body.his manly structure..
Song:jiya jaley jaan jaley srk n preethi zinda’s..
my heart burns up, my spirit burns up
in my eyes smoke arises, smoke arises
give me a smile and lips
think of kisses as sweet as grapes
oh sweet and beautiful girl dance in the golden light
like golden anklets like golden anklets like the dancing peacock

i i don’t know i don’t know, oh friend
Geet was too lost in the song.
my body sees, in my heart his glance pierces my body sees, in my heart his glance pierces my lips seal up against his soft lips, but
i stay counting my own chain of tossings and turnings
what do i do, how can i say, when and how this night ends
She touched her lips remembering the passionate kisses..lost in the feel of him..
your lover is calling you again and again making noise(kukuru kurukuru), swinging on the kunni
Vicky came out drying his hair..he went to his dresser n started to comb..
each cell of my body is aflame with sparks of pain
the fragrance of crushed flowers is like a garden patch of butterflies
Her body started to have the sweet burning pain..
what do i do, how can i say, when and how this night ends
She must wait for the night..but will he touch her the way she wants or will he make her wait as he said..

Vicky:bhabhi..did u make snow man or not..i bet..bhai would not have said no if u have asked him..
There was no answer from her..he turned n saw her lost in tv..
Geets eyes were on tv..but her thoughts were thinking about her prince..how he swimmed n made her love him..her lips carved n smiled shyly..vicky knew something is in her mind..n it must be about bhai only..
He came near her said..
Vicky:Bhabhi..u r drooling srk..y not..noone can resist from his charm..he is so hot..noone can have physique like him..
The possessive wife inside her cant accept someone is better than her husband..
She made faces n said.
Geet:chi chi..my prince is hotter than him..u must hv seen his 6 pcks..noone can stand infront of him.
Vicky:so u drool bhai daily..
He asked with a teasy smirk n budhu geet accepted innocently
Geet:yup ive seen.. na..
Vicky laughed n geet bite her tongue..she was too lost that she was blutterring to Vicky..
Vicky:so u were dreaming bhai in srk’s place..
Vicky:hmm.hmm hmm…
Honth Sil Jaate Unke Narm Hothon Pe Magar Ginti Rehti Hoon Maein Apni Karvaton Ke Silsile Kya Karun Kaise Kahun Raat Kab Kaise Dhaley Jiya Jaley Jaan Jaley…
He started to hum the song non lyrically making her turn reddish..
She ran away from there..vicky followed her to dining smiling..both had the breakfast silently..geet didn’t look at his direction..
Both bid bye to dadi n kala n sat in the car..
Vicky hummed jiya jale jaan jale..
Geet :pls..vicky..
She pleaded .
.for sometime Vicky was quite..n they reached the college..
All her friends were happy seeing geet back”
Heer:geet..without u it was too boring..
Arohi: s dear..we missed u ..
Pari:geet ruko..
She took a step back n looked geet from head to toe..
Geet was very conscious..is there any love bites visible to her..why she is looking at me like this..
Arohi:pari..why r u seeing geet like this..
Pari:arei yaar..see her..there is some change..i couldn’t find..she is glowing yar..
Pari:Vicky told geet has gone with his family to function..but she looks like she has returned from honey moon..did ur would be romance d with u..
Vicky coughed..as if they caught the secret
Geet hide herself behind Vicky
Though they don’t know it’s the truth,geets face told the real meaning..
Arohi:chup pari..kesi baath kar rahi ho..see geet is all red..
Pari:hmm..so then let me tease u..y r u eyes red aroo..were u chatting whole night with jiju or..
Arohi wacked her hard..pari rubbed her hands..
Arohi warned her..any more word I ll kill u..
All friends had their gala time..vicky was enjoying geets helplessness..he even took photos unknown to her..where geet was blushing n lost in maans thoughts..
The bell rang n all went to their classes..geet had tough time to concentrate in class..her every thought was revolving around man..her body started to heat with with desires..the whole week they were together n today being away from him was hard for her..she barely concentrated on the classes..vicky shook her often to break her from her dream land..
Geet st:whats happening to me..why I feel I want prince to be with me..she waited for the lunch time..n as soon as the break was given..she excused n went to the park..she waited for maan .when he came near her she hugged him ..maan wondered what happened to her..
Man:geet kya hua..did any one told u..
Geet nodded no ..maan caressed her back..they broke their hug with Pikachu calling them man geet..maan geet..miss u..want guava..
Maneet laughed n gave the fruit..
Both sat their n man asked geet again..
What happened sona..how was ur class today..
Geet looked at the floor n said in shy..
i missed u..i couldn’t do anything..concentrate on class was faraway from it..
maan placed a soft kiss on her forehead…thats what I feared..n it happened..our closeness is affecting u..what will happen to ur studies if this goes on..
geet:I ll study prince..but..i felt I was alone being all around me..i want only u beside me..
maan was happy hearing her confession..its all her love for him..
maan:did u had ur lunch..
geet:no..mujei book nehi hai..
maan gave a stern look..
geet looked at his lips..she was sure what she wants..she cupped his face n pressed her lips on his..
maan was too shocked..he never expected geet to kiss him in an outer space..
but he too was eagerly waiting for it..he took her juicy petals n extracted the juice tenderly from it..their tongues toyed with each other maans hands started to squeeze her femine parts making her moan..
both parted to get air..
he pulled her small waist into his frame..
maan:geet..do u know what it will lead to..we are in our college park..n what if we couldn’t control ourselves..we would end up making ahem ahem..
uff geet was all red..
maan:u remember na..only week ends..now little romance is enough..if u continue to do this every time we meet here..i am surely going to avoid this break..
geet pouted: u r too bad..u don’t miss me..she hit his chest with her small fist cutely frowning n man took her fist n kissed her knuckles..i love u dear..n I miss u ..i cant say how much I missed u..n how much I was distracted from morning..feelings r mutual for both..
he opened his lunch
I guessed u would not have ur lunch..
Man started to feed her n geet fed him..after the lunchmaan asked her to go to class or else her friends will question her..
She went n joined her frinds..vicky started to hum again..jiya jalein jaan jalein..
Geet took the books n wacked his back making him laugh loud..all was puzzled with geets behavior..when they questioned geet n Vicky were silent..but Vicky did not leave the chance of teasing her the rest of the day..
Geet was too much fed up with vicky’s teasing..
When the car stopped in km n Vicky asked her to come in she denied..
Vicky:wow bhabhi..he took a snap in his mobile..u look like an apple..cute red apple..but u cant say no to ur devar..u want notes to copy na..the whole weeks notes..n ur bag too..
He took her bag n ran inside the mansion ..he kept the bags down n waited in the hall for her to enter..geet hesitated to enter but she want to finish her bending works of past week..so she moved in…as she entered Vicky sang the song in loud voice n ran to his room..
Geet:mei tumei chodunga nehi Vicky..she started to chase him n he ran fast as he could n shut the door still singing the song in loud voice..
She banged the door n took all her frustration on it..vicky was holding his stomach n laughing loud making her more irritating..
Geet stamped her foot on the door ..
Geet:katti..tumse katti..hu..
She rubbed her nose n went from there..
On the way she saw both their bags..she smiled n took both with her..
Geet:now I ll see how u will do ur work..
With a wide grin she went to palace ..

Geet threw the bags on the sofa ..she was cursing herself ..
Geet:kya zaroorath thi tumei yese kehne ko geet..u always forget ur surroundings..n that too with Vicky..why u always blabber before him..who told u to say that ur prince is hot..no no..hotter than srk..ab buktho uski teasing.
.i wont talk to Vicky babaji..he is teasing me from morning..haan ..wo kitni bhi manalei..i wont melt in his manofying session..aap mere saath haina..
She looked up cribbing cutely forgetting there is one more person hearing her cute talks..
Maan looked at her amusingly while she was in her own land..his eyes popped out when she said he is hotter than srk..n that too to his brother..
Maan st:this girl will make herself in problem n then will crib to god..poor him..he don’t get rest becoz of my wifey..
He came to geets ears n asked..
Maan:so..im hot..
Geet:yes..see I told vicky n he is teasing me..
Maan:where do u find me hot..in physical appearance or in bed..
He asked huskily that her body shivered in his proximity n she let a moan..prince..
Maan chuckled..
Geet was brought back out of her land n saw him smirking at her..
Geet pouted n sat on couch..all bcoz of u..
Maan:me..what I did jaan..
Geet:why r u so hot n handsome..that I cant accept when he said srk is ho…
She bit her lips..
She is again bluttering to maan..
She hid her face in palm feeling embarrassed..
Man:now y r u shying geet..you told me everything..im hot..handsome..more than the super hero..but u did not answer my that question..
Geet want to hide herself..she ran to the room ..mutterring dusht dhanv kahinka..
Man laughed n followed her..
Geet changed her dress n came to study..with her books..
Maan took the towel n went to fresh up..
She did not talk to him..she tried to concentrate on the works..she found it very difficult..she couldn’t call Vicky too as she has decided not to talk to him..she was scratching her head n biting her nails..her eyes fixed on the books were she was stuck..

maan came out wearing only his shorts n a towel around his neck..hee saw her struggling..murmurring something under her breathe..may be again she is cribbing 2 babaji..
Man:kya hua jaan..
Geet:hmm I m not able to understand this one..she turned n her eyes stuck on his manly body..his hair wet n dripping on his shoulders n abs..she forgot herself what she was saying n started to drool him..
Man without knowing his effect on him came to her
Man:which one..this..
Geet:hmm..as he neared her her heart started to beat fast..the fragrance coming from him was affecting her..she barely concentrated n somehow finished as he brought her out of her dreamland every time..it was going hard for her..
Maan:hmm its done ..ok let me go n do my work..
she looked at him with longingness.


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