Humarhi – Part 23


The whole day was busy..all were running here n there..only maan n kids were left free..maan is now feeling gud..from morning he has no pain n he felt his legs too were not having any pain..he could walk straightly n the mild pain was tolerable…
He was ordered strictly not to help but to sit in one place..his only work was to look after kids which they enjoyed the fullest..but maans heart was craving for a sweet from his wifey..he was getting frustrated..its nearly 15 days they are married n he couldn’t be with her peacefully..he knew he is not so romaantic person..he has crossed his teenage..but what he wants to be a gud husband,,in both ways..tan aur maann se..heart has been stolen by her ..hw smiled hearing her sweet sounds of payal..she came there to give his medicine n his black coffee..his yes bored in hers..she looked away n walked back joining her sil. ..his eyes too was making her body fire..the unknown fire.she still couldn’t understand why so..
Maan could see her red..he do affect her..n that gave him happiness..
Maan came out of his thoughts..
Maan:hmm haan ansh..
Ansh:chachu..this game I couldn’t finish..
Maan started to help him..
But his eyes were looking at his side his desires..other side he was want to know if she is comfortable with his family..has she adjusted to the new surrounding..or she is still keeping distance..
Geet was an obedient dil..whatever his mother said she did without any complains..n arohi was their helping her..nt as usual was faking works..kamchor..he laughed seeing nt looking at her nailpolish getting damaged..kab sudregi ye..he nodded..n again concentrated on his angels…
By evening tej came with shravan to his house..they took blessings from sd n were greeted by all..they had few packages,which contained flour,snacks,sweets n essentials needs to cook for maaneet
Sd:I thought ..ur mother wont have I too made some..hmm when are u coming 2 delhi..
Tej:maa stayed back only to make things for geet n jiju..though its sudden its our dutyna..they are starting their life n we have responsibilities to take care of them…n maa is still packing few we will start tomorrow early morning..we have arranged a minibus so maamu s family will also join us..nwe all will start together .. darji will also be comfortable..few more relatives too
Sd:ho..ok that’s gud..
..geet n tej had a normal chat as all were present there..he too helped in packing ..

..maanplanned to start by evening 4..but The work took a little bit more was 8 n sd asked all to have their dinner n then leave
Tej:are you not going with them..
Sd:no beta..pehli baar both are going to delhi..n then to start a new life..mei kesi..i will start a little after they went..i have to clear up things n then I ll leave..
Tej:shall I help you…n then I ll leave..
Sd:no beta..its already late..naina n dev are coming with maan arohi vicky n family are going in bus we are going in maans car.

The bus came n dev ,Vicky,arjun n arohi placed the things in bus..they all smiled at each other giving a knowing look..their eyes twinkled with naughtiness..
As payal n palak entered n took each seat for themselves ansh too asked his dad he will also come with ansh too took another seat..arohi arjun sat next to each other..vicky n very close relatives sat in front..
Maaneet took the blessings from sd n dev n entered the bus,.only to see the bus occupied fully except the last seats..
Vicky:kids will sleep in each seat don’t think to sit next to them..ur seat is booked..last one..
The seat before the last were filled with they are separated from all..
Maaneet moved to last n geet took the window seat…n maan sat next to her..

she looked at him..he looked at her..finally the whole night is mine..atleast I will be near you..
But geet was having a weird feeling from when she entered the bus..its long time she has traveled in bus..she used to puke always ..though she is now grown up why the thought came to her..she chided herself n sat looking the window..all bid bye to sd, dev nt n tej ..the bus started to move..she was inhaling the fresh air…
Arohi:bacho..sleep ..we will reach by morning only..she made all settle on the seats n pulled the shawl over them..
Maan shut the windows n pulled the screens..
Geet knotted her brows like why he closed..
Maan:a/c bus geet..if u keep the windows a/c effect will not be there..
She leaned on the window n looked outside thru the small gap of screen n glass window..the village passed over n passed thru another..
Atfirst all chatted n maan was mingled in their talks…he moved in mid n chatted with all…geet was quiet n she only replied if she was asked..
She was tired n exhausted ..moreover her stomach was feeling not so well..her throat burned..she closed her eyes..its better to sleep..
Arohi saw all yawning..
Arohi:ok ok..i think now we must sleep
He took his bag n took his air pillow..n moved to his seat..
Vicky who was turning right n left saw it..
He came n snatched it from maan..
Vicky:so sweet of u maan..Thank head is aching without pillow..
Maan:Vicky what r u doing..u knowna I cant sleep without pillow..
Vicky came to his ears n said which was audible for maaneet..
Vicky:ur official pillow is next to you..n see you have a full long seats to strtch yourself..
Vicky:shh..sleep bhai..happy journey..
His smile full of naughtiness..
Geet looked at bros who are full of life..kash she could also play with her bro like that..she sighed she is married n this cant happen in her life time..
Maan gave up..
Vicky went with pillow laying it on his back of head..he closed his eyes to get a peaceful sleep..arohi leaned on arjun n tried to catch sleep..arjun cocooned her lovingly..afterall she is his lovewife..
Maan couldn’t sit for so his leg started to pain..
Geet:aap leit jayiye..aaram milega..
Maan :hmm..
He stretched his body on full seat..n kept his head on geets lap..
(wah maan..ur family gave u super chance..hmm sleep in ur wife’s lap..vicky said official pillow)

Geet couldn’t say anything as he kept his eyes closed..he was enjoying the soft lap under him..will she be comfortable..what if her legs pained..hmm I will sit when I feel relief in legs..
But geets heart started to thud fast..whenever the bus moved on the speed breaker or uneven roads it bumped..n she has to hold maan by his neck wrapping her hands under him..but it was a wrong move..his face pressed in her bossoms..n her sari was out of place ..his face directly came in contact with her stomach burned both..their body got heated up..but maan immediately sat up..what if someone see them..he stood up and walked with slow steps..he came to driver n Asked him to switch off lights..n let the dim light childrens wont get scared..
Arohi to arjun:ye maan kya karraha hai..
Arjun:shh..he is checking us if we have he can romaance with his im waiting to..
Maan came back arjuhi closed their eyes pretending 2 sleep..whereas all have slept already
He came back n slept in same position making geet jolt..she thought she is relieved..but when maan came back n slept in same position her stomach started to churn with unknown sensation..maan slowly pressed his lips on her stomach..her hands encircled him..
She bit her lips not want 2 get attention from everyone..
She gasped,when she felt his hands undoing her blouse hooks..her hands tightened around him..his hands moved back unbuckling her bra.his face hidden behind her sari…he lifted her blouse taking the harden buds in his mouth..she pressed her lips more was too much..his mouth cherishing her both twins alternatively.n his face rubbing between the valley..she hugged him tight n he too encircled his arms around was dark where they were seated n no one noticed them..
.when he stopped to take air she couldn’t bare him going away..she pulled him closer. though shy,.today she was bold…was it the darkness giving her this boldness..but he cherished it..she wanting him…he came out of her sari n pulled her down reaching him..he started to kiss her gently n geet too responded..he missed it these days..her moans swallowed by him..he was getting harder n couldn’t stop himself..he thought only to play with her..but its going nonstop..his hands cupped her mounts pulling it inside his mouth..tasting the fullest..her stomach tucked in..her breathe going uneven..she hurriedly opened the window n started throwing up..
Maan:geetu kya hua..
He held her head n she throwed up hatever she ate..
Maan:wait come with me..i ll ask driver to stop..u can finish up n wash..
As she stood he saw her messed form becoz of him..she tried to cover properly..he chided himself..ansh hs thrown his shawl on floor in sleep..maan took it covered geet..
Arohi:kya hua maan..
Maan:she needs to wash..
Maan asked driver to stop n maaneet got down..she throwed up again till her stomach got empty..arohi came n gave water..maan was holding geet..she looked pale n warned out..not having any energy to stand too..if maan was not holding her she would have been in floor..he helped her wash her face n cocooning her in his embrace made her way inside ..
Driver started the bus..arohi came n gave some lemon chocolates which she had for kids..geet had one..
Arohi noticed geets form..but did not say anything..once she too was a new bride..n knew how much privacy they needed but now geet needs rest..tomorrow is reception..if she fell sick..she cant stand up there..
Arohi:maan..let her sleep..
Maan; thinking same..
Arohi moved to her seat..
Maan:geet are you feeling ok..
Maan:tum soja.i ll sit..
Geet looked at him..his care..his love..
If anyone at his place will help like this..all will run away when anyone pukes..but he held her n made her feel better..
Geet:ur legs will pain..u sleep..i ll sleep in sitting position..
Maan pulled a luggage n kept in centre..he kept his legs u sleep..
Geet reluctantly stretched herself on seat keeping her hand under her head…maan pulled her and made her lay on his lap..he threaded her hair. sleep..ek minute..get up..
She sat wondering why he is asking to get up..he turned her n buckled her ur front..then u sleep..
Uff geet was totally shy..n same time was falling for his care..sometime before he was desperately latching he is keeping himself away..
Thinking about him geet slept..
Maans another night went in travel..with his wife near him he cant do anything..
Maan ur bachelor life is not going to end..enjoy..
By morning maaneet reached delhi..maa n had booked rooms in hotel where the reception was going to,all took the rooms..freshed up n had their breakfast together..maan did not disturb geet..n arohi was with her..maan went to kc saying he needs to pack some things from there n want to check with his dr. once..
Geet rested till evening..when arohi came and asked her to take bath n get ready..the beautician has arrived..
Geet:hmm..woh..where is he..n maa..
Arohi:maan nt n dev bhai has gone to their house..ur mom n family is also staying wont be nice if we made them stay here na..maan just came now..n he is getting ready in our room..u get ready..
she freshed up n came out wearing the sari arohi was silver white with read border with heavy works..soon the beautician came n did her makeup..geet looked herself ..she was she has not seen her before..the image was different ..the geet,who was now looking more than an angel..
meera entered with krish
meera:baapre..meri nazar naa lage..she took some kajal n applied on back of her ears..
geet s face brightened seeing meera n krish..the cotton bundle..
geet:di..aap kab aayi..
meera;an hr before..arohi told u r we didn’t disturb you..
arohi:meera u stay with her..bride is ready..i ll go n check the groom..
maan entered:no need im here..
he was wearing white pant n red shirt with white coat over..complementing her dress..
both looked each other..their eyes admired the other..looks were enuf to burn the desire in them..
meera coughed..maan veerji..hmm
maaneet came out of their la la eyelock..
meera:aapki dost kahaan hai..aap akeli akeli..
maan:hmm..they are waiting in hall..
arjun came:maan both family members too came..
maan: geet chalei..
geet nodded n with arjun arohi n meera walking behind both came to the hall..

the hall was big…decorated with white n red cloths,lights ribbons n flowers..geet was shocked seeing the grand reception..its not only her but her families reaction too was same..does they even fit to their standard..
maaneet came n took blessing from both families n was escorted to the stage..
maans friends came first..wishing them n teasing them
maan:you know adi geet..he works for us..she is pinky..his wife..n his sonpiyush..this is prem heer n their angel..prameer..this is hiten..his wife has gone to her mothers house abroad..
hai bhabhi..
hayee that sound differently for her..they all look so elder n they addressing her bhabhi..
geet smiled at them..
pinky:u are looking stunning ..very beautiful..kuch khaogi kya..
all laughed..n geet was asking whats there to laugh..
maan:pinky is food holic..will be eating every time..thats why all laughed..
pinky:haso not going to starve on ur reception bhai..
maan:ok go n have something..n feed piyu too..dont eat alone..
uff ..he can tease too..they went on chatting.geet was admiring their friendship..
heer:what u r looking geet..their friendship..
geet nodded shyly..was she that expressive..
heer:we are together from our friendship is special..n specially piyush n prameer..poocho mat..maaan ki chamcha hai..maan pampers them a lot..i always think how will he pamper his own child..
soon other college friends relatives his business friends all came n wished the reception was on swing geet looked at the hall..more or near the hall was full..may be more than 700 peoples..he knew all..he spoke gently with all accepting their wishes introducing them to geet..he even looked at his mother n asked her to have her food..he sent Vicky to take care of his was busy in settling the decors n others..arohi was near them..arjun was looking if the catrers are being gud..all were busy..geets family could only adore them..maaneet looked made for each other..some relatives couldn’t close their mouth in jealousy..the power of msk is purely visualized before all..but he was down to earth..they still cant believ geet got a life like that..even her maamu n maami thought so..geet was married to a maan above their status..will she cope up to all…n fulfill their expectations..this fear even entered geets parents n tej too..but darji knew..maan will keep his gudia happy..he has seen the world..he has seen the love in his eyes..
it was nearly 3 hrs..the reception hall was getting empty..
his friends pulled them down
maan:what yaar..
prem:till now the hall was lets enjoy..
hiten:music adi..
adi asked the musicians to play
friends:its to celebrate our one n only bachelor too got married..bichara..fallen in the marriage celebrate it with a dance..
geets parents n maans family let them enjoy n went to dinning hall for dinner..
his friends hooted n whistled..n soon all were dancing together..even maan was forced to join them n he happily did..

as the music stopped,they all asked for the couples dance..maan nodded no..but when so maany is there to force how can he deny..he asked geets hands..geet was feared to aur mei..
maan:trust me..just join my steps..
maan:elders have its only us..
friends:bhabhi pls..
geet kept her hands on his..n romaantic music started to play..
geet followed his steps..she was a gud follower n matched him..
she was all shy when the music stopped n all clapped for them..
then all went to have dinner..maaneets friends teasing them..
hiten:hmm is ur mar..r..ried life…
he winked..fits of laughter followed..maan glared them knowing what they are asking about..
hiten:if u have no the giftwe gave you ..aaj ki raath ..bohut kaan ayega..
maan:what u have gifted..
he knew his naughty friends..
adi:he he he..maan..erm..i hv kept it separately in ur room deklena..
maan:if I saw anything foolish I will ground u all..
hiten:who hum deklenge…

maan got held up with friends n geet with her families..
later all dispersed to devs home..
maan:dev bhai..,im going to our house..kc..
he thought 2 have some time alone
dev:no maan..u r staying here..
maan:in hotel..but y..
dev:its complementary for the reception couples from hotel..
u can come morning..i ve settled everything..only yash n meera are staying here..they have early flight as the airport is nearby..they will stay n check out by morning..
he gave the no:15..
ive checked out all ur things with Vicky..
saying he went..
maaneet came to the room..maan inserted the key n opened it..the rooms decors just ignited the fire in him..the room was decorated like its their suhaag raat..

maan smiled n thanked the management in his mind mentally..


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