Humrahi – Part 19

Part 19

Next day morning
Maan n Vicky reached delhi.
from half way it was raining too it was difficult for them to drive n reach safely…his house n office situated in same it was easy for him to collect the files n designs n other needed things..he had no idea why the gov . officials have called him..may be they have called to do some changes in designs,or do some alterations..he must be prepared for all things..
Adi came n greeted him..maan was mad at he kept his friendship aside n ordered him to book tickets for both in plane to next flight available to Chennai..adi ran from there saving himself from boss/ friends wrath..
soon his staffs came n all congratulated n asked for his wife..
staffs:sir,we are eager to meet ur wife..n u have let mam there in achi baath nehi hai..kyun chuparahi ho apni biwi ko sir..
they asked teasingly..
maan smiled ..
Maan:kyun ki aap logon ki nazar na lagi..
He too said in playful manner.. we can guess ur wife is so beautiful..haina sir..
Maans thoughts immediately went to his wife..she is a beauty queen..a natural beauty without any makeups..
He heared the staffs giggles..
Staff:sir tho dreamland chalegayi..misssing her sir..
Maan cleared his throat..
Maan:go..n all do ur work..
He can only make them dismiss from there..but he couldn’t hide the hue formed in his cheek..they caught him dreaming..
Maan kya hua tujei..get a grip..n concentrate on ur work..
The other side of his heart craved to speak to geet..
He took his phone n walked into his cabin..n called home..
Due to rain there was network problem n maan couldn’t contact them..he kept on trying..atleast he must inform his mother that they reached safe..or his mother will be worried..finally his attempt of trying again n again came to an end..
Sd took the phone..
Sd:yes maan..
Maan:maa we reached safe..
Sd:maan I coudnt hear u..
Maan spoke louder..we reached safe its raining heavily..n no, I think I wont be able to call u again..wahaan sab teek haina..arohi,nt,kids..
He hesitated to ask about geet..
How can a mother not understand her son..
Sd smiled..
Sd:haan sab teek hain..raja ki rani bi..
Maan:wo maa..
Sd:shayad u hv forgotten..geet n others have left to HP..bache bhi zidh ki t arohi told she will drop geet in hp n then will take kids to the near by the time will pass n while returning she will pick up geet..
Maan was disappointed..
Maan:ok..maa..say her I called ..n tell the kids I miss them..aap apna khayal rakhiyega..
Sd:ok beta..ab tum apna kaam kar..n keep tabs on ur brother..
Maan: ok..bye maa..after I reach Chennai I will call u again..
Maan kept the phone..he was the same time he was happy she went to her she wont feel alone ..yet she hasn’t mingled with all than it will be better to be with her known people..he sighed..

Same time adi came n said due to rain all flights are cancelled for present day..n they can get only the next day tickets..
Adi:train tickets book karoon..
Maan:it will take 2 days to reach..its better we will catch tomorrows that now..n for today I will complete some more works..
Once maan got into his work he forgets everything… especially now after a gap he had loads of works to take care..he got busy in his work..he couldn’t keep his thoughts away from his family n geet..but things kept him busy..

Here geet came to Hp..arohi n nt dropped her there n went to temple..all questioned her about maan ,she explained he went for work.
They were disappointed as he did not say that he is leaving yesterday itself..then she had to explain her situation which made him go..
All were convinced..
All left to the brides place..along with others geet too was welcomed respectfully..this was first time she felt that her position is changed..its all becoz of her husband..
The girl shruthi came n all were satisfied..
The broker told to nanaji..
Broker:if u all like the bride we can get them engaged..
They all looked at shravan..(I kept the names for them too :P) u asked the girl has completed her college. N lives in Bangalore..tumhara family ko bhi pasand hai..tumhara jawaab do..
Shravan: mujei pasand hai..
The families were happy n pandit was called to fix the marriage date..
He told a date after 3 months..when shravans father interrupted..
Suraj:wo,he has got a job from abroad..if we could get them married before it will be nice..the brides parents accepted n the pandit fixed the engagement after a week n marriage date after a month..all were happy ..n sweets were given..
Geet looked at her nanaji..all marriages are fixed so fast becoz of him..but he was happy..too much happy..his facial expressions said that..
He looked at geet n called her near him..
Nanaji:u r so lucky for us gudia..see first ur wedding now happiness is doubled..
Geet smiled..what she can say now..
Geet got a chance to speak to shruthi..shruthe was basically a bold person,.. she was modern yet traditional..shruthe looked at geet..
Shruthi:u r newly married right..
Geet nodded the red hue comes hearing the marriage n maan s name she doesn’t know..
Shruthe:tum sharmathe huiye bohut khubsurat lagrahi ho..
They both started to have a normal talks..mostly shruthi was talking n geet was answering in monosylabus..hmm haan…yes..or no..
Shruthe:so..what u r doing..
Geet knotted her temples..
Shruthi:I mean what have u studied..are u going to job..etc..etc..
Geets face fell down..
Shruthe :kya hua..
Geet:wo..erm..i..have finished 12th..
Shruthe:so ur family did not let u u married..
It was a sore topic..which geet want to forget..she is married n now she don’t want to think about her shattered dreams..
Shruthe:what u scored..
Geet looked at floor n answered meekly: at end of this month only result will come..
Shruthe was shocked..matlab..u have written this year..’
A girl like shruthe who lives in it city like Bangalore still was unaware of the girls married in tender age..
Geet:yahaan ye sab chaltha hai..soni ki t ho 15 yrs only..she has a child n carrying too..
Geet has taken soni as example..comparing to her she is better married after her schooling..(its a reason to make herself console..she is better than soni to get married now.not in her 15s.)
Shruthe asked about maan n her family..did ur husband knows about your education..have you ever tried to ask him that u want to study..if he lives in delhi..n has a big business,how he accepted to marry a girl like can a man living in city can marry a village girl..
Shruthe was just saying what she thought..but geet started to have fear..whether maan knows about her or not..what if they have not told about her..will he leave her n go..
Shruthe:did he came to see you..
Geet:ji.. he must be knowing about you..the families must have met n known each confusions..he married you becoz he may have thought a village girl can keep his family happy..n wont go against his words..
Geet sighed..shruthe confused a lot..but end she herself made it clear..but geets thought differed from hers..he liked only he married me..n in this 3 days I never saw him like other man..making his wife dance on his words..he was very kind n caring towards me..
Shruthe was a chatter box..she was going on n between she asked about shravan too ..geet answered what she knew about him..arohi came after lunch n picked geet from hp..n all reached their home..

At night maan called them
Arohi took the ph..
Geets heart beat raised hearing his name..he has called them..she could only hear arohi talking..her heart ached to speak to him..
Arohi:what?ek aur din..not fair..
Arohi:haan haan..fix hogyi..n u r invited for the engagement..its in a…the next day of ur return..
Now geet has understood,maan will come a day later..she stood their with painful look..arohi noticed it..
Arohi:maan,geet yaha par to her..
Geet:mei..mei kese..
Arohi gave the phone n asked her to talk..
Geet was nervous..
Kids:chalo chachi..
They pushed her near arohi who gave the receiver to her..
Arohi placed the receiver which she was holding upside down..
Arohi:geet say hello..
Maan:hello geet..
Geet s heart rejoiced hearing his voice.. u both talk..
She took the kids with her so the newly married can talk..
Geet:wo..aap..aap..kesi ho..
Maan:im fine..n how r u..
Geet:ji..teek hoon..
She don’t know what to talk or ask..
Maan:hmm geet..its raining here so my flight is tomorrow I ll be there a day later..
Maan:sry..i know how u feel..but,this is not which I planned..
His voice showed his guilt..
Geet:aap apna kaam pura karke aayei..i m fine here..
She gave him the comfort which he needed..
Maan:thanks..for understanding my situation..
Geet saw sd coming out from her room..
Geet”suniye..maa ko doon..’
Maan:hmm..but one min..
Geet :ji..
Maan kissed the phone..
Maan:miss you..i wish I could give this straight to you..
Geet turned apple.. n she went silent becoz of shy..
He called her very lovingly..she was melting in his every gestures..
Maan:geetu..kuch bolo..
Geet:come soon..
She indirectly told him she is missing him..
Maan:sure..this week will go fast n I will be with u give to maa..
Geet called sd n gave ph to her
Geet could hear them was not happy that maan is getting delayed..she was annoyed n even taunted him that he has forgotten that he has family ,specially his wife at home waiting for him..maan has his own ways of manofying..n sd finally accepted ..but threatened if he gets late she wont talk to him ever..n maan promised he will be sure on time..
After sd kids n all spoke to him..then Vicky too spoke to kids n his mother..even to nt..
After Vicky kept maan looked at Vicky..
Vicky:I know maan..what u r thinking..
Maan:then answer..whats troubling u..u talked to all..but u did not speak to geet..
Vicky:I don’t know how to say maan..i think bhabhi is not comfortable with me..
Maan:how can u say that..
Vicky:did u noticed our tea time incident..
Maan:hmm.kya hua..
Vicky:bhai..u know im very easy going with all..n I cant be silent..teasing all..n that too when kids join me..i have fun..i don’t spare anyone..all know about big bhabhis character..phir bhi I love teasing nb(naina bhabi) too..par cb(choti bhabhi) din mein tho yesehi tease kiya..aap dono kaa..she did not react..but left the place without saying anything..
Maan:I saw that..but u did not think deep..n what u did..
Vicky:maan..what I did..i was just having fun teasing u both..r u saying im at fault..
Vicky said little hurt..
Maan came near him n kept his hand on his shoulders..
Maan:u don’t know what u did..teasing me n geet u kept ur hands on her shoulders..did u saw her face..i saw it..she just lowered her shoulders taking off ur hands n walked away..
Vicky:maan.she is same like nb to me..nb never pries me off
Maan:u still didn’t understand Vicky..ur nb n cb has vast difference..nt is brought up in city..where girls sit in bike with their boy friends n go out..even if they r married their behavior doesn’t change…but geet..she is a village girl..where talking to men is also banned..if they do they will be named as she is in our family..we must only make her comfortable..have u seen her behavior with her brother..she did not even hug him at any situation..have u seen her talking with dev bhai..she talks less even with girls,,n its not easy for a girl to adjust in new place..n when she is doing we must understand her..not accusing her..think from her place.ur touchy behavior must have scared her..she must have felt its our make her move close with us..if u scare her at start then how will she move on with u..for her u will remain an outsider..not her devar..
Vicky:I did not see that..if so..i ll wait.for her to accept me..n I ll give cb the space to change ..
Maan:that’s like a gud boy..ok now go n sleep…I ll be leaving tomorrow morning..adi also will accompany u have to look after the company..
Maan:its ur no avoiding..take care till I return..ive checked the reception preparations..if they asked..u give ur opinion..there will be only 2 days in mid after my return..
Vicky:ok..HE accepted
Maan:n one more thing..till I returnno movies or outing with friends..
Vicky:maan,..its not fair..i ll get bored..
Maan tapped his cheeks..look after kc..u wont get bored..
Vicky:maan..he whinned n maan smirked.
maan:No ways sweety..
Vicky:Im not sweety..
Maan:Ok cutie..
He threw the cushion on him..maan caught it..
Maan:Be a gud boy..i have tabs on u..
Vicky:Yeh yeh..ur adi’s wife pinky..n ur friends groupprem hiten..i cant be a free bird in ur absence too..huh..
He stamped his foot n went to sleep…maan smiled seeing his childish antics..

Geet was in her bed ..she couldn’t kept her busy till she never thought about other things..her thoughts are occupied with maaan ..but now her mind travelled again to her past life..its not easy for her to give access to maan in her life.let him feel her like a husband.,when her thoughts only went to her teachers husband who tried to touch her..Everytime when she thinks about her closeness with maan ,the teachers husbands touch creeped inside her mind..she felt disguisted on herself..a self loath formed in her..till maan was near her,it never came..but now ,,she hated the feel..n her innocent mind made her feel impure..she now knew a little n her half maturity was only confusing her..
The night was long for her ..she missed maans warmth,which gave her a protective feel..she slept late night..the following day she was feeling gud with kids around..taking care of them,helping in needs of kids,,doing her works..n just being with arohi ,nt n sd.,hearing to their talks the day passed..but geet missed maan..he called oncewhen he reached chennai … both were not able to speak with family was a very normal chat ..from that time whenever the phone buzzed she expected it to be maans call..but he never called after that daY..There was restlessness inside her..she couldn’t reason it out..

Maan reached Chennai the next day with adi..there was a silence between them..adi knew its bcoz of him maan is giving the silent treatment..he wont show his anger soon on anyone..but his silence will kill n make the person guilty..
Adi:arei many times I ll say u sry..galathi hogayi baba..maaf karona..
Adi pleaded him for the umpteenth time..maan was busy checking the files he should take with them..
Man:adi..i hate calling maanu..its only maan or mk..or msk..samji..
Adi sighed..n gave his signature laugh..hehehe :thank god u broke the silence.
Maan glared him..
Adi::pls maan..
Maan :adi..u know na I have spent so many years to build this small mistake will lead me to destruction..i know u want me to be happy..but think..if this contract goes from our hand..will I be happy after that..will the gud name of company will remain if this contract goes from our hand..
Adi:I know maan..isilye I have worked behind u..n made 100% sure all details are perfect..
Man:isilye maaf kar rahi lets go…
Adi:ya..did u called home..
Maan:yes baba..i called maa..n talked to my wife the info enuf..lets go its getting late..i want 2 finish the work soon..n go home
Adi smiled..atleast u said it now..i thought u will forget ur family..
Adi teased him being workaholic..n they both reached the place where the meeting was held..both were welcomed warmly..

The officers told him that there is a problem where the place was chosen to construct bridge..its opposite political parties made the fuss..n now they want to know if they can construct the bridge in those 3 places without undertaking the lands..or if there is any chances to make near by the chosen place..
Off:we called u here so that u may have a look on the places directly n give ur view..
Maan:oh..did u talked to the concerned owner of the place..
Off:yes..after their permission only we gave u the places to be constructed..but now they got back n denying they wont give their lands..
Maan:but how can they back out after finalizing all
Off :they are threatened by the local rowdies n they have no other way to give the land to them n quit the its under the persons whom we couldn’t deal..
Maan:ok..lets have a look on the places n then we will decide..
Maan.adi n officers went to the places..first two places man observed the way they behaved with the officers..they had their lunch n decided to go to the third place,which is in outer area of Chennai..they had discussions about the places n man gave them quite satisfactory one they can short the length of bridge..n in another they can join the bridge with an adjacent one..officers were quite happy..
Maan n adi returned to hotel where they are staying..
Maan was happy thinking if the problem of third one is also solved simple like today he can go to delhi the next day itself..but what we think never happens..

Same time geet was sleeping..but not peacefully
Geets payal sound was disturbing sd s sleep..
Geet was tossing in bed for long time..
Sd switched on the lights n saw geet fully drenched in sweat..the fan was on..phir bhi..
Sd called geet: geet..
Geet murmered something..
Geet:no help him..
She screamed n sat in bed ,as sd touched her shoulder..fear visible on her face..n her restlessness increased multiple times..
Sd:kya hua beta..
Geet looked around n saw she was sleeping..she wiped her sweat with her pallu..
Sd:did u have a bad dream..
She stammered..the dream had such an impact on her
Sd passed her water n geet drank it..
Sd:bolo..kya sapna tha..
Geet st:how can she say to an old woman..that i saw maan drenched in blood..n I was screaming for help..
Geet:koi gir raha tha..n was ..
She closed her eyes not able to think about that..her husband bleeding badly n she could only scream..kese sapna hai ye..
Her voice chocked..n sd did not push her more..
Sd saw her breathe normal..
Sd:r u fine now..
Geet:ji maa..
Sd:then sleep..
Geet nodded n laid on her bed..but sleep was far away from her..she wants to know maan is to ask..whom to ask..n what will she say if they ask her the reason..she dont even know his number.
Next day she woke up with a puffy red swollen eyes..the lack of sleep was visible..her heart was restless n she was looking at the phone often..expecting a call from her husband..seeing her state ,sd asked her to take rest..n geet went from there..

In Chennai..
It was not easy as man n adi thought..the third place was totally undertaken by the goons..its the main bridge which takes the transport facilities inside city without making traffic..maan looked around the place if they could change..but there was no possibilities..n man told the officers they cant change this plan..n they have to undertake the place..soon the area councellor also came there ..n the goons were waiting for the minute they could create a riot..when they heared their discussion of clearing the place with police force n start the construction..they signaled n some goons who were hiding threw stones on them..before they knew whats happening the place turned violent..the few police who came there couldn’t protect them..they called for more..they tried their best to safeguard all..they covered up n were leading them to the car..a goon aimed for the councellor who belongs to their opposite party..but the aim was not perfect.. Maan suddenly got a severe pain on head n screamed in pain..aahhh…he touched the place..n felt some liquid..he looked at his hands..which is now filled with his bood..
Adi screamed ..maaan..
Maan clutched adi’s shirt to prevent himself from falling down..soon the darkness covered him n he fainted..


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