Humrahi – Part 20

note:this part is around maan n his thoughts only..its a story filling part has maneet..updated in next page
Part 20
Adi screamed ..maaan..
Maan clutched his shirt to prevent himself from falling down.his one hand still holding his back of head…soon the darkness covered him n he fainted..
Soon maan was taken to the near by hospital..adi was looking at his ph.. should he call his will they react..mainly geet..its only 4 days of will they treat her hearing this incident..
He knew that villagers see luck most times..what if they accuse her..
He sighed.
But its my duty to let them know about maan.
He called but to his bad luck the phone was not reachable..he called Vicky n his cell was dead as he did not charge up..he was about to call dev..he stopped as he saw the dr. coming out ..the dr. talked to the officers along with him in tamil..adi was restless as he couldn’t understand any of those words..
Adi:dr. pls can u say me how is he..he is my friend..i want to know about his health n inform his family too..
Dr. saw his restlessness n the worry clearly written on his face..
Dr:nothing to worry..the stone was big n hit the right spot on back near brain,which caused him to faint..he will gain conscious anytime..
Adi sighed n closed his eyes..thank god..sab teek hai,,
Nurse came n said maan gained conscious..
Dr. with adi n others went inside..
Adi came n hugged maan..
Adi:for a sec I thought I lost you..dare u scare me like that..
Maan smiled weekly..
Maan:how can I leave you n my aims are in half way..tumei tho aur bhi daraunga..when u did not finish ur office works..
Adi ready to face the angry msk..but I need my friend maan with me..
Dr.:if u can answer me I ll go n check other patients too..then u both can have ur friendly talks..
Maan:yes dr..
Dr:examined maan n asked him if he is having any pain any other places..
Maan answered him..he has pain in his right knee..n right hand shoulder..
Dr:u have hit ur knees on only its paining..i hv checked it..n shoulder .
He checked n said:.we will have an xray..hope its not any seems like a small crack..
Adi:dr:when he will be fine..i mean when will u discharge him..
Dr:the injury is not after scan u can take home..precautions I ll say after checking scan n xrayreports..
Adi thanked dr..
Now the councellorcellor came to maan..
Councellor:sry mr.maan..they want only me to trouble..but u came inbetween n injured..i don’t know how to thank you..
Maan:its ok sir..y u r saying r not responsible for whatever happened hona hai so hagaya..
As he couldn’t understand hindi he asked maan what is he saying..
Maan:hmm what must happen will happen.n it happened..if I stay here or in delhi ..if the fate is written I will get hurt it will happen..
Councellor was happy with the way maan is removing his guilt from him..
Councellor:ho..ya u r right..and as u saved me its my responsible to take care of you..u will not stay in hotel..till u recover u must stay in my house..
Maan looked at adi..
Councellor::no problem..ur friend will also stay with you..just give me a chance to say thank you this way..

Adi took the ph n dialed home..
Maan:adi whom u r calling..
Maaan gave his famous angry glare..
Adi:maan..they must know..
Maan:they will get worried for no reasons..n all will wish to come here
Maan gritted his teeth..but feeling pain in back he stopped..
Maan:adi,they are at peace..till we say they wont know..let them be one week I’ll be fine..
Adi:phir bhi..
Maan:ok tell.before that think about geet once…she is all alone in house..n who will be with her to support..she is still a new comer to family.wo apni dil ki baath bhi kisise nehi keh u want her to be worried at my absence..atleast maa n arohi will support each other..though they will be with geet,,it will be different..
Adi sighed.ok…noone can win maan in his point..
The councellor asked about what they are talking n adi told maan being married newly n he is thinking about his wife n her worry at this stage too..
Councellor:im really sry..if u have told we would have done something n postponed ur arrival..
He was really feeling sry for parting a new ly married couple..
Councellor:I think u must be lucky to have such an understanding wife..or else who will let her husband so soonto work..
Maan:ya u r blessed to have her in my life..
Geets name brought a big smile in his face..n he was having butterflies thinking about their intimate moments..he has already started to miss her..

After some time.maan was taken to check up…dr came reports and wrote medicines n gave to severe u can go home.these are pain killers n apply the gel on ur knees n the bulge will be off soon..
Maan:yes dr..thank you..
Maan stood from the bed..but his knees pained..adi supported him n councellor took him n adi to his house..adi went to hotel n brought the things there..
Councellor n his family took care of maan well..he never thought he is away from home..adi was looking after the works there.. In the mean time councellor came very close to maan knowing about his hard work n achievements in this small age..he had a son who takes his power to misuse n not a obedient son too..seeing maan he wished his son too becomes like him..maan too noticed his sons rude behavior n coldness towards his family..but he didn’t say anything as he don’t want to interfere in their family matters..

Maan went to dr after 4 days for check up..he told he is healing fast n in 2 r 3 days it will be healed mostly.
Maans meetings was arranged in councellors house itself..n all were discussing about the problem..the main problem was now they have cleared the goons from there..but they have warned they will surely be an obstackle there n will create problems..
Councellor:now what to do..
Police:we cant be 24×7 there n give protection.
Councellor:we don’t know in what ways they will create problem..
Police:sir as we have removed them n the court order too says they cant come to the they must do something apart from that..
Maan was lost in his thinkings..
Maan:as you say officer,they will not come straight..but they will come in another way..matlab..they will create problem in the construction sight.
Councellor:.that means ..
Adi:got it means..they may trouble blocking or changing the goods ,creating labour that..
Councello:but..if they do so how will u finish it..
Maan:we can..but we must concentrate more on the place..we must check every products n make every needed things in stock..n few more securities to take care of the place..
Councellorc:saying is simple..but it will be hard while doing it..there are more projects u have to concentrate..n having ur family in north..coming here n going there it wont be easy for you..
Then it striked ..
Councellor:maan,if u can..can u shift here till the work completes..its my suggestion..
Adi:butsir..our office is in can we shift here..
Maan:adi:its not a bad idea too..but let me think if its possible..
Councellor:ok..take ur time..
Then they discussed about other projects n made a clear plan of bhoomi pooja for every projects..
As all left maan asked adi to leave him alone for sometime..he was deeply thinking about what councellor said..
He started to analyse the fact..
There are only few projects running in delhi compared to the 50 contracts he got..n mostly all are in half way n finishing stage..they don’t need his attention ..all are his loyal employees working there..if he couldn’t also he can transfer some to sub contractors ..
If he shifted here this projects will get his full attention n he can concentrate on the problems..n nothing will go wrong under his supervision..
But what about his family..
Geet..she will have no problem..if its delhi or Chennai..she will shift with me..par thoda difficult hoga adjust in this atmosphere..
Maa..usko mein maanalunga..
But Vicky..his studies..i cant leave him alone..i cant leave him in hostel or with dev bhai..nt will not be happy..
Thinking about so much he slept..adi came n saw him sleeping..
Maans phone buzzed..adi took it..
It was from Vicky..
Vicky:kya hua adi bhai..when r u n maan coming back..n y u both didn’t call me..where is maan..
Maan woke up n saw adi speaking in his phone..
Maan questioned him with his eyes..adi:Vicky,ye lo ..maan se baath karlo..
Maan took the phone..
Maan:ya are you..
Vicky:maan sab teek haina..u did not call me these days..y ..or u will be calling me often.vicky do this..dont do that..what happened to ur does n donts..i really missed it..but u know I enjoyed a lot without you..n mama is also woriied always u became workaholic n forgot us all..
Vicky was talking non stop n maan raised his voice..
Maan:Vicky..chup..give space for others to talk also..
Vicky:ji maan..
Maan sighed:did u talk to maa n geet n others..
Vicky:yes..they all are fine..
Maan:ok..hmm..i just met with a small accident..’
Vicky screamed;; ..n now where are coming now..
Vicky calling him bhai.its very rare..he smiled.
Maan:chup Vicky..listen to me then react,,
Vicky was in tears already..n maan knows ho w much Vicky loves him n he will be crying..
Maan:boys never cry..u must be brave in all situations Vicky..wipe ur totally staying in a councellors house..adi n they took care of me so well.n will bethere day after tomorrow..
Vicky:sachi..u r fine na bhai..
..maan:yes Vicky..if I say all will be worried..n will react more than u..n all will be I thought to say once I reach there..
Vicky:u r bad bhai..u must have called me atleast to be with u..
Maan:hmm bathathiya hotha tho would u have been enjoying ur freedom without me..
Maan smiled ..his Vicky is back now..
Maan:acha Vicky..i want to ask u one thing..
Vicky:s maan..
Maan:when is ur exams..
Vicky:in two weeks..
Maan:how u hv prepared..
Vicky:aapka bhai hoon..i hv completed all portions n so only im enjoying ur marriage in my study holidays.. thinking to shift this project needs my attention here..if I change ur studies here will it be comfortable for u..will ur college accept this..i cant let u live in hostel..i have no idea than this..
Vicky:first ask the college there if they are ready to give me admission for next year..i will be happy to be with u wherever u are..
Maan:wo..i thought u will feel difficult leaving ur coll n friends..
Vicky:it will be maan..i will miss them..but phone naam ki cheese I will chat whenever I want..but for me..where there is ram there will be lakshmaan..i cant be away from you bhai..
Maan was happy..
Maan:ok.. scan ur certificates n other details n send a mail to me immediately…first let me see if I could get an admission here..then we will think of other process..
Vicky:yes maan..i ll send it now..
Maan:n don’t say about me to maa n others..they will be tensed..
Vicky:ok..but prepare urself to get blasted by maa..
Maan:I know..maa will be hurt..but she will be worried more..n her bp will raise..i don’t want that..
Vicky:ok..i understand..
Maan:n what about the works I gave you..
Vicky:everything is finished..even ur reception arrangement is ready..i have checked all details..only u n cb has to come..n stand there..
Maan:ok..bye take care..
Vicky:first u take care..
Maan:ok baba..ab mei phone rakyhi hoon..
Adi:maan..have u really decided to shift here..then what about the office n staffs there..n what about me..
Maan:tum haina..u will be taking care of delhi kc..n here I will open a new branch..i cant be travelling all days from delhi to Chennai ..n the places of construction new workers..all will be hired here..maan then told his plans n adi was standing speechless..
Adi:maan..u plan everything cleverly..but what about money ..we have to give advance if we want to start an office here..n then we have to look for a house for ur stay.
Maan:we will get advance payment from gov..n that we will gv advance..n materials we can get in instalment basis..n house we will see for it..
Adi forgot to blink his eyes..
Maan:only problem is vickys admission..
Councellor who was hearing maans every plan was happy that he considered his idea,,
He came in..
Councellor :when im here why to worry about that..i ll get admission for ur brother..
Maan:ty so r doing so much for me..
Councellor:not more than what you did…n for house..I know an apartment.its my friends…see the place then decide..n I ll fix an appointment with college principle..for office ..i have brokers..they will help u..we will go around all these things tomorrow..then u can decide.


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