Humrahi – Part 21

The next day .
Maan adi n councellor first went to college..maan was clear in his decision..only if Vicky gets admission he will proceed with this they were first in college for admission..
The principle looked after vickys certificates..he has scored 90% + in all from school till now..n the records was clear that he is gud in sports n all activities..councellorcellor has already asked a minister also to recommend n the principle had no ways to reject..that too a boy like him who can bring a gud name to college he gave admission..for next year..that means 3rdyr..
Then councellor introduced him to a broker..he left maan with him to show official places n the apartments..
the broker took to such places which Maan preferred n the 2nd place he showed itself looked perfect for maan..then maan was taken to the apartment which councellor was close to the college was 3 bed room flat has 4 floors..ground floor was parking..1st floor lived a singh family..2nd floor owned by a couple.(this couple is going to steal ur heart..tamilians can guess the taking real jodi :P).3rd floor was empty..which maan was shown…4th floor had a gym n swimming pool..thats the most he loved.. is it..just 10 min here from coll..n ur office will be 20 min..bore water is no water prob..n mineral water will be supplied too if u want..u can also use mid of c hennai u cant get such facilties..there is a mall in main ,departmental..he was saying so maany things which are closer to the place n how much facilities are there..
Maan:I like it..
Adi:maan don’t u think its too big for u 3.. married now..n so I need a privacy..n Vicky too..n as I am a family now,geets family n my family will come n stay with guest room is also needed..when no one is there Vicky can use it as his study if he wishes..n I can also work from home if needed..
Adi:ok baba..i forgot its msk…who thinks every possible ways..n wont make decisions in haste..
They all returned home n maan thanked councellor for his help..the next day maan was taking rest..adi was the one who ran after the works..he was finishing the works of maan..n finally he gave advance to office n apartment too..
Adi came back so tired n saw maan smiling to himself..
Adi:haso haso.dreaming with ur wife..
Maan cleared his throat n looked everywhere than him..
Adi:don’t pretend..i can see ur red face..
Maan touched his I blushing too much..uff ye geet bhina.she did not leave my thoughts..her smile..her way of works..her cribbing to babaji..her innocence..
Adi tapped maans shoulders..i did not say u to go again to dream land..if u r same maan u would have been bombarded me with was my work..did I finish it or not..wagera wagera..
Maan rolled his eyes..
Maan:ab tho bolo..
Adi:u will listen na..or will u get again lost in ur geet land..
Adi:ok ok..chilla kyun rahi ho..i will become deaf if u shout this way..
Maan:if u did not say..i will leave u here n go alone back to delhi..
Adi:yesa math karo pinky will divorce me..if I stayed away from home like this..ok listen..first I went to xyz place..
He slowly told everywork that has completed..he has given office works to an interior..n apartment keys he got with him…
maan was impressed..
Adi:when are u shifting here..
Maan:we must be here for bhoomi pooja adi..after all its our construction..
Adi:but maan..i think u did not see the date..
Adi:it’s 2nd day from ur reception..
Maan then only realized it..but its too after they finalized the date was advertised in papers he cant change..he must be back here…
Adi:maan its all too fast..
Maan:haan..but its not in our hands too..i always think its for our betterment..n this speed also is for something gud..
It s the way maan always think n now too he thinks same..the change of city n work..its going to give him a break in his career..he called home n told them he is returning back..he can hear the beam of happiness from kids…when he talked to geet..he sensed her tension n a deep sigh when she said hello..geet felt relief hearing his voice..both couldn’t talk much as the phone was passing one by one to all..maa geet..nakul..he smiled..he miss his family..
The councellors cook came n called them for dinner..soon they joined him n talked about the works .councellor asked him the apartment keys..he said he will clean house with his servants n keep ready for their arrival..
.then maan n adi packed their stuffs for the departure next day.
Next day the councellor came to send them off..maan was very touched with his behavior..he thanked him for whatever he did .n also invited him n his family for his reception..
Maan n adi were back to delhi..maan got only few hrs before leaving to his village..vicky was worried seeing his bandage n the way he limped his legs a little..but as he was younger maan made him shut..
He came down to his office n soon did some works..he asked a few staffs who can shift along with him..n asked them to call for interview for new candidates there..
After 2 hrs ..maan n Vicky started to village..adi will be looking afterworks .. maan was having goosebumps thinking about geet.they are going to be together again…but scared thinking about his mother n others reaction for hiding such a thing..
Vicky smiled seeing his tension lines ..
Vicky:haha..maan bhi dartha hai..
Maan:chup already tensed,,u don’t add fuel to it..
The whole drive was like that..vicky teasing n maan glaring him. Finally,.they reached by evening.maan looked his image in mirror..those who look at him straight cant see the plaster at his bak head..still he tried to cover it under his hairs..
Vicky laughed..maan..koi faida nehi..ander chalo..
All were happy to see maan surrounded n hugged him n Vicky..
Kids:what have u brought for us..
Maan opened his bag n gave 3 of them handy video games..
Kids jumped in joy:yeeh..maa,see what have maamu/chachu brought for us..
Arohi:ok..go n play..
Kids:we will go n show to maami../chachi..
Arohi:hmm n say maamu has arrived..
Maan seyes wandered around to get a glimpse of his wife..but she was busy at backyard with servants who came to clean the place..
Arohi:jise doondrahi ho..wo backyard pe have gone na she will come..
Sd came n maan touched her feet..
Sd:khush was ur journe..
She was shocked as her hands came in contact with his bandage..
Sd:maan ye kya did this happened..
She panicked n soon aro n nt too came to have a look of what sd is talking..n all bombarded him with questions..
Here geet who came to know maan has arrived rushed inside..she stood at the doorstep looking at him with longing eyes..but soon her expressions changed as sd n others showered him with questions..
Maan:chup..will u all let me speak..
Sd:bolo maan ..why u hide it from us.. tho mamuli si chot pe pathar laggayi..kuch nehi..i don’t want u all to get tensed..thats why I did not say you..see maa,even the wound is healed..bus do din bandage will also be not there..
Sd looked at geet..her face has lost the colour..she did not move from her place too..but was looking at maan n hearing his explanations..her dream has come true..chota hai tho bhi..thats y her heart was restless..
Sd:maan..jao unse baath karo..she was restless from when u went..n after the bad dream she was not herself..
Maan knotted his brows..
Sd:maan..the person whom we loves only can get such restlessness..n I have seen her lost this week..go n make her feel ease..
Sd:geet beta,uski luggage le jao..
Geet:ji maa..
Maan moved n sd found him limping..
Sd: geet.keep his things in my room..he cant climb upstairs..
Geet looked at floor n nodded n took his luggages n went to her mils room..
Vicky felt bad seeing geet…maan was right..bhabhi is not even looking at maan..her eyes showed her pain..but she hided it from us too..
Sd:maan,u take some rest..n Vicky..what are u doing there..u too go n take some rest..naina,u go n look after the workers..arohi..come with me.. we ll make some snacks for them
Arohi went with her mother..naina went backyard..she was frustrated as the work has given to her..she yelled at the kids playing there..but least they care about her taunts..
Maan followed geet.n Vicky went upstairs..
Once they were inside the room,maan looked out n confirmed no one is there..geet kept the bag s there n turned to leave..he hugged geet from back..
Maan:I missed u..
He felt her stiff..she removed his hands..
Geet:I ll get u coffee..
Her voice was meek..n eyes still on floor not even looking at him..
Maan sensed something wrong..he turned her n lifted her chin making her face him..her eyes filled with tears..n ready to fall any moment.. kya..why r u crying..
She closed her mouth still trying to control the sob which is ready to burst out..
He wiped her tears..his caring touch..fresh tears started to pour down..
Maan :geet kya hua..kisine kuch kaha..he hugged her n caressed her back..
Geet:y u did not say u know how I felt would I know in what position u r..meine tho har waqt aapke barein mein sochrahi thi..aapne call be nehi kiya bus do baar..u r in pain n we don’t know it..
Maan hushed her n held her close..she is crying becoz of him..
He has read somewhere if u see tears in the opposite persons eyes for you..then u are lucky ..bcoz the person loves you..
This made maan happy..just in a spam of days they are in love..they don’t know much about each other..but they care for others… tears..see im fine..bilkul teek..
Geet:no..u r not fine..ur leg is also hurt..i saw u limping..
Maan:dr.has given medicine..that will also be cured soon..
But geet was nowhere to stop..
Maan:geet rona band karo..aur sab log kya sochengi..see geet she is crying..zaroor uski patine maara hoga isilye who rorahi hai..
Geet instantly wiped her tears..she is not going to bring defame to his name..
Maan:that’s like a gud girl..
Then she noticed she is hugging him n shyness took over her..she took few steps back..
Maan:geet its been a week I want something sweet..
He said huskily near her ears..
She got the hint of what he wants..she was totally red..her blood rushed from head to toe..
She mumbled..maan pulled her n she stiffed at her place not letting him pull her..after a few pull n push..maan pulled her forcefully n she landed in his chest..his heart beated fast same like hers..
Maan lifted her chin..n bend towards her..geets eyes closed feeling his warm breathe on her face..
Chachu/mamu..i got high score dekhiyena..
Maan left geet n turned showing back to her..
Maan bache ko abhi aanatha kya..
Geet rushed out as she couldn’t stop herself ..she was breathing he affects her in a moment n makes her under his spell..
Geet moved to kitchen..
Arohi:geet..take this n give it to maan..i ll take it to Vicky..
She gave the snacks tray n coffee to her
Sd:what is maan doing
Geet:who maa bache hai unke saath..
Sd:ok u go..
When geet came maan was playing with kids..
She gave the snacks n coffee..
Sd came there..bacho maamu ko rest karne do..u all go out n play..
Kids:ok..but we will play with maami..
Sd:but ..
Geet:ok im coming with u..let ur mamu take rest.
Maan did not like the idea..but when geet took them out ,he cant stop her..that too before his mother..
Sd ruffled his hair..take rest..noone will disturb you..
Maan stopped her..
Maa,I want to talk to you..
Sd:im here only..u take rest for some time..we will talk later..
Maan:im not sleepy maa..
Sd:phirbhi todi der keliye gv rest to ur body..u will feel relax..
He slept on his pulled the spread up n kept the pillows near his he is used too..
He murmered msk ko sab suntha hai..
Sd:par yahaan jo insaan hai..woh msk nehi mera beta maan hai..
She went with a smirk n maan too laughed at her words..yup..its the truth..she is msks mother..n she too know the way to convince me..

After sometime maan got bored laying in bed..his mother has not allowed anyone inside the room..n he was feeling alone..he came out n saw the hall empty..he looked at kitchen..only nakul was there..
Nakul:kuch chahiye beta..
Maan:no..where is everyone..
Nakul:except choti bahu sab log maandir gayi hai..
Maan:geet nasar nehi aarahi hai..
Nakul:she was there kept the play things everywhere..she is arranging it in its place…bulaun..
Maan:nehi..i ll go..
He searched geet n found her ..she was lost looking at something..maan noticed it..its the same video game he brought for kids..she was hesitating to touch it..then she took it n she again lost in thoughts..her fingers touched the on button n the game started..geet was startled at first..she feared if any one would say anything..par ab koi tho nehi na ghar mei… she started to play..there was a smile slowly raising on her face..maan was amused seeing her childish..a game can bring smile on her face..
She immediately switched off n kpt the game back on its place..
Geet stood up..aap..aapko kuch chahiye..
Maan can see the fear in her face..he don’t want to scare her..
Maan:hmm..can u help me applying the medicine..
Both went to the room..
Maan:hmm who..u have to help me in changing too..i did not say to maa that I have a little pain in my arms..i cant stretch it back…she will be worried..
Geet:u were alone there who helped you..
Maan:adi..he helped me in bathing changing dressing wounds lucky to have friend like him..
Maan removed his buttons n asked her to take off the shirt..
As she neared him,she started to have the fire inside her.his abs his muscles..his maanly scent…everything made her stomach twirl with those feelings..n maan was also feeling same feeling her soft touch on him…next was the hard task..maan tried to unbuckle his pants with one hand n it was not working.he used the next hand but it pained..
After a long thought he asked…geet..can u..
Geet:what will u wearthen..
She want to avoid this embarrassing moment..she cant touch him there..
Maan:shorts..that will be easy to apply gel on knees..
her heart asked geet then who will help him…n she went with its decision..
She came to front..her hands shivered touching his pants..both were looking everywhere than each other..she took off his pants closing her eyes..he chuckled seeing her face..n in another way he was happy as he was safe from the embarrassing moment..his maanhood throbbing over his inner..n she did not see it..he sat on bed keeping a pillow on lap..she came with his shorts helping him wear..
He looked at her disturbing hair..he took it and tucked behind her ears..chillness ran thru her veins..she looked at him n he looked at her..both their eyes locked with each other..
She kneeled down reaching his height..
Maan:I want sweet..
She was all shy again..before he hold her she ran away from the place.
Maan:she is all shy again..maan u have to start from first again..

Maan pulled the shorts to his hips..
Maan:ye lo..i called her to apply gel..she ran away..
Maan:kahan baagegei geet..night is still there..
Maan came out n relaxed on the chair..soon all came n joined him..maan saw his mothers face dull..
Maan:maa..y u r looking pale..what happened..
Geet to came there..seeing her sd kept quiet..
Sd:kuch nehi maan..
Nt:y u r hiding maa..maan in temple we saw radha mausi..she asked about u n maa told about ur accident..she told geet is bad omen..thats y u got hurt..
Arohi:bhabhi..chup rahiye..
She eyed geet listening them.. Maan turned where arohi was pointing.. hurt n pain visible on Geet face..
Geet st:am I bad omen..kya isis wajase meri ghar mei bhi khushiya nehi aayi..her thoughts made her think all posiblities to make herself guilt..nt was happy seeing the tense lines on her face..
She was jealous as sd praised to radha mausi about geet being very respectful caring n specially about her end when mausi gave the suspicious thought of geet may be a bad omen n to check her gundli once again nt was happy..she used the chance to show geet her place n was successful..
But her happiness did not lost long ..
Maan:maa ..aap bhi na.if someone tells anything will u listen to it..ok..i ll answer the way u want…think what happened when mine n geets aliance fixed..i got the biggest project until now..n what the pandit said..geet ..wherever she goes the place will shine..n becoz of her only im safe..think if she is really a bad omen I must not be alive.
Sd kept her hands on his mouth..shub shub bol maan..y u r talking like this.. safe n sound with a small wound..becoz she is my lucky charm..
Maan:maa believe me..
Sd:yes..u r right..mei bhina.talking to .radha mausi se baath my mind did not work..u r right..
..she looked at kuch bhi hua..usei bhoolja.. She went inside.n others followed her silently..vicky noticed geet..she did not say anything but heared to their talks silently..
Vicky came to maan n talked in low voice..
Vicky:maan.i did not like the way sbhabhi stood silent. Taking the blame..y cant she stop them..or answer them..why it seems hard to understand her. she is becoming a riddle..something is bothering her..whats it???y she is so different from others..
Maan:may be in respect to our mother..or bcoz of fear..i ll talk to her..
Vicky went inside giving a glance to geet..she looked down..she mistook the glance as accusation..he too thinks im bad omen.. sorry for whatever happened..
Geet:aap sry mat boliye..meri kismath kharabh hai..
Maan :geet.yesa nehi hai.u believe me na..
Geet looked at him..yes she trusts him..more than anyone..
Maan:then trust bmy words..whatever I said was turth,not to convince my mother..u r indeed a lucky charm..there are still more things I have to say to all..come in..
Geet followed him..he sat near sd..
Maan:maa I told u I want to talk to u
Maan:geet is lucky starting a new branch in Chennai..kcs new branch..think maa how happy im ..meri sapna mere pass aarahi hai..
Sd:oh that’s gud news..
Maan:n one more thing..i have to be there im shifting there..
Sd’s face fell down..maan..when u r here itself u come to meet me when u r free..itni dhoor how will we meet.
Arohi:maan,shifting from north to south..its not easy.
Maan:I have arranged everything.. …
Sd:n geet..n Vicky..
Maan:i have rented an apartment ..geet will bewith me only na..n Vicky will join there once he finish his 2nd yr exams
.arohi:geet kuch tho bolo..
Geet:kya boloon bhabhi..
Arohi:I thought u will stop him..u will not be able to adjust in new surroundings..
Geet:par di..mei kese decision le saktha hoon..its his carreer..
Vicky laughed loud seeing his arohi di’s attempts failing..
Vicky:made for each other couple..see how bhabhi supports maan..
Maan was feeling proud ..she is accepting his decision..
Sd:ok..when u have decided u must have thought about it..when r u shifting..
Maan closed his eyes:the next day of reception..
Sd/arohi:what.??????.it means this week ..
He tried to be normal..but he was nervous..
Sd:n u r saying now..
Maan:no maa..i was about to say u evening..u made m,e rest..
Vicky laughed..bad joke maan..
Sd:ok..shubh kaam..i don’t want to say anything..
Maan:u r also coming with me..n will be staying with me..
Sd:I will come..but not now..a few days later..
Aro:im though not with ur decision..i can wish only ur success..
Maan was relieved..finally all accepted..
Sd:nakul place the dinner..lets have it n u remember u have to leave for HP tomorrow.. after tomorrow is engagement na ..
Maan:we will leave after noon..
Sd:maan,inform ur in laws too about ur shifting..
Maan:ji maa..
All had their dinner n maan expected some privacy..he was searching for his wife..but Vicky came..
Vicky saw the medicines near him..he took it n applied on his knees n shoulders..
Vicky:kids are behind geet..asking her to say story..then only they will she is there..
He was disappointed..the one who must understand his desperation was with kids..
Vicky gave him the tablets n went to sleep..
Sd came n sat near him..
Sd:is it paining..
Maan:no maa..
Ok so ja..
Sd slept on her side..
Maan I forgot..this is maa’s room..n how can I expect geet near me..
Geet came n spread the mat on floor ..n tried to sleep..
Having maan near her with few steps distance was hard..all those intimate moments flashed in her mind..her breathe was going uneven..she pulled the spread over her head covering her whole body..this attempt gave a bit relief n she dosed off soon..
But poor maan who was drooling his wife had a sleepless night..

Next morning..
Maan woke up late..all thanks to his wife..but for others,they all thought maan is sleeping bcoz of tiredness..he lazily came out..he brushed n sat in hall. he saw his wife busy in kitchen..helping nakul.she said something to nakul..he nodded n took a basket n went away..may be to buy anything…arohi just entered freshing up.. Vicky must be sleeping.. nt must be in was doing were playing..
Arohi:geet,dek maan utgaya..give him coffee..
Arohi:I ll look after kitchen u go n take bath..
Maan:uff..geet..if she talks she is express otherwise its all monosylabbus..
Geet came with coffee..
Maan sipped it n gave the empty cup to her..
after sometime he came out with towel.n his eyes looked upstairs for Vicky…same time geet too came with her dress to take bath..
Sd:maan u r going to take bath..
Maan:yes maa..
Sd:geet..go n help him..then u take sure he cant take bath without help..
Geet was shocked surprised..
Sd:yes.. Vicky is still sleeping…but a wife has the first right to help her husband..
Geet:ji maa..
Maans heart was doing summersaults..he was mentally thanking his mother for giving this space..poor geet ..she was the scared lamb who walked behind him…last nights incident itself has made her vulnerable..more over he was asking for sweet often..babaji ..mein kya karun..

Maan:don’t bother ur babaji for all these things..its personal u know..
Geet:sry sry babaji..thoba..thoba..
She mentally wacked herself..maan smiled seeing her expressions..she looked so cute..the pouted lips..
Maan:hmm now ball is in my court..just few seconds my wife..u r going 2 be mine..bohut hogaya intazaar..


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