Humrahi – Part 22


Part 22
Maan went inside the washroom..he asked geet to fill the bucket..n close the door..she was obeying his orders mechanically..he can see her sweat…nervous..scared to be alone..maan was enjoying her plight..her restlessness..she did not look at him geet filled the bucket n came to keep inside,maan closed the door n locked it..geets heart started to beat faster..he stepped forward n geet moved back till she hit the wall..
Maan:why are you nervous geetu..
He traced her cheeks with his finger..are u scared to be with me..if so tell me..i will tell maa that her bahu is scared to help her husband ..
He said in teasing tone..but geet got scared..what will her mil think..she disobeyed her words..
Geet:no no..maa se math boliye..
She said in hurry…she want to help him ..its her duty as her mil said..but the shyness is over powering her n making her nervous..
Maan:so can I take it as yes..u r ready to help me..i mean to bath me..
Geet nodded yes..
Maan:then u know na what to do..remove my dress..but dyan se..dont hurt my wounds..
Geet was all sharam se pani pani..she rolled his vest up ..she cant keep her eyes other side too..if she does she may hurt him unknowingly on his wounds..
Maan too helped her..
it was again embarrassing but she did..helping him taking it off..he was left in his single inner..
maan sat on a small stool ..he was too lost in her red face..that he forgot what he thought to do..
geet poured water on his body n started to apply soap on his hands legs chest back…her body trembled feeling his every part of body..
maan:geet u forgot to apply here…
he took her hand n made her feel his chisled chest..she can feel his heart pacing fast..same like hers..
maan:geet,u forgot to apply on my back..
everytime he called geetu her stomach summersaulted..n her heart jumped in was very lovely caring n sweet for her..noone has called her like he called..
geet applied..
she too forgot that she was applying it repeatedly wherever maan was saying..maan was only teasing her n enjoying the feel..
he stood up..
maan:geet yahaan..
he showed his stomach..she applied..
maan:geet you forgot one more place..
she looked at him with questioning eyes.she want to ask him ..where?..but.her voice dried in her throat seeing his look..her lips trembled..n maan was having tough time to hold his desire now..
maan:before that let me take the sweet..he pulled her n snacked his hand around her small back..
maan:u know u r torturing me from long time..
he did not let her speak..he closed the distance ..his hungry lips tasting her desperately..he was not wild,but his desire was clear..geet lost in his passion..she submitted herself..n slowly started responding to him..her body jolted in pleasure ..his hands entwingled with hers n guided down.she snapped her eyes ..she was shocked feeling his hands making her feel his ahem ahem..n it was hardening by her simple touch..
maan:u left the important part of body..
she tried to take her hands off from there.for her it’s a forbidden part..if its maan or difference is must be hidden from all persons..she tried to take her hands off from his part…but he was holding his hands over hers n not letting her pry off..he again closed the distance between the lips..geet was drowning in the fire he is creating in her body..his hands making her feel his member the way he wants..he nuzzled his nose near her neck..his lips placing soft smooches n going below her neck..
geet bite her lips controlling not to moan..his hands cupped her breasts over her sari..her mind went blank in his pleasure..her hands n body was under his control..he took off his last barrier with her hands..his lips n hands making her drown in him..forget this world..
her eyes closed .
maan kissed her closed eyes..u can see me jaan..
she nodded no..her face fully flushed n looking like red..he bit her cheeks..
maan:I love to eat you..
but their lovely moments were interrupted again..
they heared ansh calling him..chachu..dadi bularahi hai aapko.dadi told staying in water for more time is not gud for ur health..
maan:yes ansh..mei abhi aayi..
geet turned her back to him ..she plastered herself to the wall..she thought even ansh could hear her heart was thudding it will fall off out of the rib cage..
maan kissed her nape n made her face him..
maan:this kids always come at wrong we cant stay here more..I think its late..geet help me soon before some others come here..
geet was all red..she muttered a weekly:ji..
she want to get rid of him for time being..if not he will make it as bed room..uff her thoughts…
in rush she bathed him dried him n helped him wear his dresss n maan was soon out of washroom..whereas geet stayed back to freshup..she took the chill water n poured on her body..thinking her body heat will reduce..but least she knew her body needs much more things to cool it..but one thing she couldn’t understand..why maan made her touch his forbidden part..n why it hardened..was that a part of bathing or something else..her head will burst if she thinks more about it..she came out after a while..but still she couldnot understand the feel..she did not even look at maan after that..if she saw him she can only think about what happened inside washroom..a part of her heart was scared..other was wanting more…she was torn inside with the unknown scared feeling..

all had breakfast ..after that all were busy in their works…maan often will look at her n signal her to come inside room..but geet was geet..she will move away soon from that place..she can feel his gaze following her everywhere n her body was having the fire..but was scared too extent..still she can feel his hardness in her maany times she washed her hands but the feel did not leave was imprinted inside her..
maan was getting irrited with her hide n seek..he then planned to make her come to him..
maan:maa ,get me a sherwanis for packing a set of dress for tomorrow..its upstairs..
sd called geet n asked her to take one dress n give it to him..she asked her also to pack one set of dress n a changing set too..geet went n came back with the dresses..
sd:geet,go n give it to him..
geet saw the room empty n went inside..but as she stepped in she was pulled n pinned back to the door..before she shout in fear maan shut her up with his lips..her body stiffed ..he left her for to breathe..
she coughed..
maan:sry..but what to do..u r not coming inside..i have to force you come here..
maan:I also aware of them..but we get only some time when there is no one outside..n u r avoiding me..y geet..dont u want to be with me..
geet don’t know what to answer him..:..she turned her back n was about to leave the room..he pulled her pallu..she stopped on her tracks..he came near her..his chest touched her back..
geet:ji..chodiyena..her voice came out like a whisper..
maan:till u feel shy with me..kya karun tumei geet..
how can she say what is she she shy or scared?
there moments were again disturbed with kids..
kids:mamau open the door..what are u doing..
maaneet parted immediately..n he opened the door
kids:maamu u r going out with maami…

ansh:chachu,we want chachi.we will get bored without her..she only plays with us…so come soon..
maan:haan haan chachi ko tho aaplogon ki pass time hai..but no time to play with I will leave her here n go alone..u enjoy with ur chachi.. aap kya kehrahi ho..shravan ka engagement how can I be here ..
maan:oh fo geet..seriously r u that will I go alone without you..its ur in laws..n u think I will go leaving u here..budhu..
he laughed n the kids too giggled..maamu really m,aami budhu hai kya?
Geets jaws opened wide maan chuckled seeing her face..
Maan:close ur mouth..or mosquito will go inside..
She closed the mouth feeling embarrassed ..maan n kids were teasing geet ..maan asked her to pack the things in single baggage..n after lunch both left to HP..
Driver was driving as maan is not well..maaneet in back seat..maan stealing glances of his wifey..but she was totally avoiding him n his gaze..she could still feel his hardness in her palms..n was getting confused ..the basic thing she knows she cant even ask anybody about this..nor she could question him why he behaved like this..maan was getting impatient with her avoidance..he tried by coughing n touching her hands..but she moved till the edge of the door n looked outside the window…maan sighed as his all attempts failed to gain her attention..with driver around he couldn’t make much more he stayed calm looking at her moments..
Soon they reached hp..n geet got busy with her family n the next day preparations..maan disclosed that they are shifting to south..though the family was not pleased with his they cant say as he is their son in law..n it is his work..n he knew the importance of works..only thing that all will suffer was the distance..if its his family or geets..they have to start earlier to reach them if they want to see maans mom too has accepted they have no things to say than wishing him all success..maan made his fullest to be normal n make them unaware of his accident..n was successful till some hrs till they sat for dinner..he was not able to sit in ground n it caught their attention n like his family they too got worried n maan made them believe its small wound nothing big..after that they took care of him more..which really irritated him..their care made him think he is a patient..n before he himself feels sick he thought to go back home n join them in more problem for him which he did not disclose Was he needed some rest n peace..which he did not get in geets house in name of he called geet n told her he is going back n will come back by morning..geet:but what will all think..
Maan: I will convince them..
Geet half heartedly accepted n maan made his way back home..
Savitri too taunted him for leaving his wife n coming back home..
Maan:maa..i m really tired..i left my tablets here..n I cant call geet for any help Vicky aro all r can I ask them.when they are also busy in preparations..
Maan with the help of Vicky changed n morning he got ready N WENT TO HP
Geet was all ready with others..she looked like an angel for him..he forgot to blink even his eyes seeing the angelic beauty..her smile widened seeing him earlier..
After bf all left to brides place..shravans few friends n relatives too joined shravan has no mother..geets mom n her mami along with geet were helping her uncle.geet was the one who was running here n there mostly ..she was very busy with preparations..she is the only teenage girl in their house n that’s the reason all made her busy with them..she did every work perfectly n was a responsible girl to take care of all things..
Even the brides family was awed by geet..she helped all..respected all..n never denied anything or chided for anything..nanaji was looking very happy..he can see the appreciation in all the eyes of relatives..n in maans eyes too..maan though was chatting with geets brother n cousins,his eyes were on geet..n some relatives did not fail to see it including nanaji..he was happy seeing the love in his eyes..n geet she averted her eyes in shy looking at maan..
Soon the bride n groom were called n rings were exchanged..
The lunch was served n then the elders were briefly discussing about marriage..whereas the youngsters were chatting outside.grooms friends n relatives teasing him..
one of their relatives was year elder o shravan..married 6 months back to she was pregnant..whenever their eyes met lucky will get nervous n smile at others sheepishly..preeto too will smile n she will signal him something thru hereyes twisting her lips..but seeing others she will move away..this was noticed by his friends..maan got a call n he moved away from the sound..still he could hear them talk..
Shravan:lucky veerji..kya horaha hai..
Relatives: we r also watching u..bhabhi aur aap ka pyaar..hmm hmmm
Lucky was all blushing n looking down..arei yaar chodo na..
Rel:yeh batha..when it happened..
They showed pushing the belly front like a pregnant women..
Rel:u tol ur wife did not even let u touch on ur sr..phir yeh kesei..
Lucky:yaar pooch math..
shravan:what..nothing happened in ur sr..
lucky sighed
hmm..nothing..woh tho sharm se mujse door baagthi thi..yesehi meine socha..
lucky:phir patha chala,who tho dar rahi thi mujse..
all laughed..dar..woh bhi tumse..phir tum darko kese bagaya..
lucky looked at floor..
like if a kid is given bitter medicine what will we do
rel:its for we will forcely stuff in their mouth..
their eyes widened..matlab…u forced her..
lucky:arei arei..fully nehi..but toda sa..ab deko..pregnancy ki harmones..she cannot stay away from me for a day too..she is calling me..
rel:hmm what a love story..
shravan:ismei bhabhi ki kasoor bhi nehi..girls from village get scared..
rel:hmm u r lucky to get a modern girl..sirf ek mahina ka kuwara ho tum..
n they all went on teasing him..
maan heared them ..village girls get scared of geet too scared..or she is really shy..he was left in thoughts..

here geet was with her relatives..when one women asked a lady
women:when are going to get married ur daughter lakshmi..uski umar tho geet se bhi zyadha hogi na..
lakshmi felt uncomfortable..
lakshmi:ji maasi..uski tho 20 hogayi..par hum tho ghareeb hai.. hum kese desakthi hain…isi wajase sare rishte tootrahi hai..
women:arei kuch thohal hoga..devi ki baath bhi tumhara do beti hai..
lakshmi:ji maasi..
geet felt bad for devi n her mother..pain n hurt was visible in their eyes as all looked devi with pity…they excused n left from there..
(this scene is related with this story in dont think y i added this incident)

nanaji was appreciating about maan to one of his relatives..the damad was very responsible n running a business..they asked nanaji to introduce him n they want to see who has married to nanjis pyaari poti..
nanji called geet..beta,they all want to see ur him..
geet nodded n went searching maan..he was between relatives ..busy chatting with them n did not notice geet.. shravan noticed geet..she was nervous to call,but she has too..she called maan..
maan did not hear ..but her cousins noticed it n giggled at her attempt..
shravan’s friend winked at him n his bros n asked :me..
geet nodded no..n showed maan thru her eyes..
geet again called:suniye..
shravan..:tumhari suniye tho sun nehi raha hai..
this time maan heared as the person nudged n showed geet.calling him.. maan noticed geet rolling the edge of pallu n looking at him with shy..n all teasing her..
shravan to maan..suniyeji..aapki patni aapko bularahi hai..
maan looked at her with questioning eyes..
geet:nanaji is calling you..
maan:hmm..i ll see..
maan got up n geet left the place..but maan heared shravans friends mocking niye..
one of them to shravan:yaar u r saved from marrying her..or she will be calling you like this before all..can you gues urself in abroad with her..n she calling you suniyeji..amongst all only one was her suniye..her husband..
all laughed n maan was about to burst on dare they tease his wife for calling him..
shravan:yaar..bus karo..we are cousins..i hv right to tease her..she is brought up this way n she will be like that not saved like you said..but really I think her as my sister..we are brought up together n I cant think her in my wife’s place.n haan maan is lucky to have a gem like geet as his wife..she is really a family girl who all will love to have in their home…n never bring this topic again.n dare u tease her..
.he requested..maan smiled n left the place..but determined making her to call him by that she wont face this situation again..
Maan went to darji ..he proudly introduced maan..n maan too chatted with them for a while making all feel jealous of geet ..
soon their talks were over n the time came to leave.. geets family bid bye to brides family n came back to Hp..maan told them to join them the next day as they will be leaving to delhi..n dev has arranged a mini bus for all..but geets mom denied saying they still have work to complete but will start the next night ,n will be there by 2nd day morning.even they have to make some arrangements for maaneet as they are shifting totally to Chennai…maan too accepted n maaneet returned home..
when they reached home it was night n geet was sleeping in car itself..
maan too knew how she was working full day taking care of he woke her up n asked her 2 sleep in the room ..vicky n others helped him with medicines n made him sleep too..the next day they are leaving to delhi n lots of work n package is bending..maan layed on his bed thinking when he will have his mishty on bed..when they will start their married life..n how it will feel when they consummate..his dreams has no limits ..he smiled at himself n slept soon..


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