This Life is Yours – Part 49

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Part 49
Maan called the dr.once the day started n geet was busy in her daily routines..
Dr. sighed..
Dr:I can only say don’t stop her mr.khurana..or she may get wild..its only a matter of a let her be like always..u try to behave like u don’t know anything. Till now she is soft..not harmful..if she comes to know that you know about it..her insecurities may increase n she may think u as her enemy parting jaanu from her..
Maan:how can i..dr..i will never do that..she is her daughter..
Dr:in this situation geet wont know it…so let her continue this hide n seek..bus aap us par nazar rakiye..n when time comes make her understand without hurting her..its going to be risky..but handle with care..

An another week passed..geet was happy all the time..though sometimes her mood swings were on peek..maan was aloof from all..his eyes was always stuck in geet..he loved her pampered her..satisfied her cravings..but a cloud started to form ..the fear which geet said started to creep inside him..he was scared for geet..he cant lose his life once without her..he cant even think..n it made him do against his own decision..he don’t want to make her feel guilt.
So ,that night he gave jaanu to geet n asked her to feed n make her sleep..
Geets eyes shined in joy..she happily fed her n after she slept she sat on maans lap giving him a soul seering kiss..thanking him for the permission to feed..
He hated his own decision..but the relief in her eyes..n after that something changed in her..he observed her every move..she was like a open book to him again..without no secrets..n that has made a positive change..she did not think maan will separate jaanu from her..she listened to his words..nowadays he read many books of pregnancy,moodswings n what to do when u get contractions..n even prepared her mentally..taking away the fear from her was a big task for him..with him n jaanu near by geet was behaving normal..maan was worried not only for geet..but for his sister she too lost her baby..when maan asked to adi,he told him she is normal n confident..but scared to go she avoids it..but geets problem is more than it..deep inside her the loss of baby n her first husband was there..she must overcome this..n adi asked pinky also to make geet overcome her fear..
As the nineth month started geets fear reduced..n looked happy..she enjoyed jaanus talks with baby..
Maan laughed out loud whenever jaanu said mama why ur belly is growing up like a balloon..geet will glare maan for making fun of her with baby..sometimes Vicky will join them saying geet is looking like an elephant..n geet would go mad on both..but never taunted jaanu..she is excemption ..she loved whatever jaanu said n was made to say by the khurana bros..n they took the liberty to tease geet by jaanu..
Though geet would go mad n sit grumpy..she will love their pampering later..both bros manofied her in their own with gifts n one with love affection care n passion..
geet was happy till jaanu fall ill..first they thought it to be a normal fever..but after 4 days too when the fever did not go down dr.suggested for tests n reports came she is severely affected by virus..n viral fever will not leave more than 10 days.dr.adviced to admit in hospital..geet denied as jaanu will be uncomfortable with surroundings..maan convinced her n admitted jaanu in hospital ..geet was with one way it was gud for dr. to keep tab on geet n her behavior…jaanu layed on the bed unconscious..drips were going on her left hand..geet was sitting beside jaanu..her eyes fixed on jaanu..she was like that for the last 4 days..she forgot her sleep food everything taking care of jaanu..her heart died every moment jaanu flinched in pain..specially when the needle was inserted in her little nerves for saline..geet had tears in her eyes as if she is under going the pain..all had to take care of jaanu n geet too..her numb state was making maan worried..she moved when jaanu moved..she heared when jaanu spoke..nothing entered her ears..she ate or drank only if she was said to take care of her ..maan made her do things saying she must be healthy..n for her jaanus brother who is growing inside her..but for geet the life has stopped when jaanu fell sick..every day n night was hard for the family..jaanu woke up sometimes..but will cry as her hands pained.geet will sooth her saying stories n kissing her hand…the fever was fluctuating..sometimes it was high .sometimes it was low..jaanu still not having anything..if they fed her or give her milk she will puke out..
dr.was getting worried as jaanus little body was not cooperating..she was checking jaanu again..n enquired about her health to nurse..she then asked her to get an injection done next..she left the room n maan followed the dr.he don’t want to ask anything before geet..
Maan:dr..y ..the fever is not reducing..its going to be a week now..
Dr rubbed her temples..
Mr.khurana..first this climate..its raining too much..n water..jaanu must have drank unboiled water..or may be rain the infection is high in her..but the antibiotic is not enuf for her to fight against it..n she is not taking any liquid food too..she must have something..we cant keep her in saline all the time..i have called some more specialists to check jaanu..they will arrive by morning…lets check n then will say..but try to feed jaanu..even if she pukes don’t worry..she must not be empty stomach..
Maan:ok..dr..n geet..
Dr..:once her child comes we can think about that..
Dr:mr.khurana..i don’t know how geet will be with jaanu.. after the baby’s birth..i have seen many peoples..they change once their child comes..even some people go to extent that they start to differentaiate their child n the first one..
Man:dr..mera geet yesa nehi hai..
Dr:ya I know..but things cant be the same always..hum insaan hai..devta nehi…n once their own blood shthey change I hv seen..i know geet is not like that..but atleast some percent of concentration will be reduced towards jaanu..n her possessiveness will reduce..
Dr.left..maan thought geet did not hear him..but she can she stay still when they are talking about jaanu..she came behind them to know about her babys health..but the drs words registered in her mind..she came back to jaanu n hugged her without hurting her..
Geet:mama,loves you jaanu…mama wont change..believe me jaanu..mama wont you also think like them..isiliye mujse bath nehi kar rahi ho..naaraz ho mama se..i want you to mama..pls..mama wont change ..this is your gift baby,which you asked me..your brother..but..dont think like are my life baby..this life is gave me this life to live.this family..this breathe ..this baby..its all bcoz of…tum meri sabkuch ho..pls jaanu..see mama will cry..if you did not talk to me..pls baby..geet broke down finally n tears started to wet her cheek..
Maan who entered saw her talking to jaanu.the nurse left the place seeing him..
.he can see the pain in her voice..he knew geet wont change.he has no doubt in it…but what dr said was natural in this world..but geet..she is an angel to their life..
Like god listened to geet..jaanu opened her eyes..…
She spoke weekly..
Geet:haan baby..kuch chahiye..she turned n took the sipper filled with horlicks n tried to make her drink..
Jaanu pushed it..n was having vomiting sensation..smelling it itself..
She cried..making geets heart cry along with her..jaanus stoach pained as the vomiting sensation came..she touched her stomach n said its paining..
Geet:u did not have anything na beta..issilye..have some horlicks..then ur pain will go away ..
Jaanu:ma..its..not ..tasty..
Geet stopped..then what u will have..kichdi khaogi..
Jaanu nodded no..
Then..gudiya ko kya chahiye..if u eat something only u will get well that we can go home n play with priya bua dadi chachu n all..n ur complained to me..her friend is not playing with her..
Geet talked to her sweetly..
Jaanu looked at geet with sad puppy look..
Geet:bolo beta..what u want to eat..biscuit doon..
Jaanu s lips were dry n red..the effect of her medicines made her lips pinkish..
Jaanu:maa,im thirsty..
Geet was happy as jaanu opened her eyes n talking to her after a week.she want her to get well soon..she wants her to be healthy..
Geet:u want water or juice..u r not drinking horlicks. Bolo..
Jaanu:mama..mum mum..
Geet looked at jaanu..she has forgot that her first like was her feed..
Geet did not think much she gave her what she wanted..maan wiped his tears n sat on the sofa..looking at them..
Sahi kehthi hain..maa bhagwaan ka swaroop my geet is more than a God to my daughter n me..the night went well without much trouble..jaanus fever reduced much..n geet was feeling gud seeing her jaanu fine..
Even the dr.wondered how jaanu got well so soon in a night..when man told its geets feed..that gave the antibiotic to fight against the viral..
Though jaanu was doing gud,dr.suggested them to stay under medical care n they were in hospital..maan asked geet to go home n take rest..but she denied..when dr.called geet for her check up..she got worried..her weight has reduced..n in last trimester its not gud for baby..her hemoglobin level also has reduced..which was not gud for geet as dr.knew they have to go for c section during pregnancy..she told geet to take rest n have food..geet only nodded..she barely concentrated on dr.s words
her thinking was about jaanu..dadi was with her..but will she have medicines or will she throw tantrums..will dadi be able to handle her..
both came out of dr.s cabin..n geet was blabbering to maan about jaanu ..which made maan he is worried for her n baby..but she is still thinking about jaanu who is well now with dadi..
he pinned her to the wall of the lonely corridor..his eyes were red n spitting fire..
man:geet,did you listened to dr.s words..u need rest..the baby needs rest…did u think anything beyond jaanu..what about me geet..the baby in ur womb..her brother..what will u say if anything happens to him..
he showed her image on the mirror there..
man:see urself you look like a patient geet..y u r not taking care of yourself geet..come out of your possessiveness geet..jaanu is ours..humari beti..n I m also there beside her..her pardadi chichi bua everyone is there for her..but y u think all of us as outsiders..geet..kya hum jaanu ki kuch nehi lagthi..say it dammit..if jaanu is ur daughter..then what is this baby for you..isnt it ur baby too..dont u have responsibilities towards it..bolo geet..jawab do..
he hugged her tight like she will vanish in thin air..
man:im scared geet..scared of losing my life..dont do this to me..mar jawoongi geet..tumhara man marjayega..pls think about ur life too..
geet stood numb in his embrace..everything seemed blur..she never expected maan to burst on her..if she thinks deeply..he is right..she did not take of herself..when she know about her fear..she started to think from his view..she has made them love her insanely..n that’s why he is worried for her..she knew the pain of loss..n maans outburst was right..she thought about jaanu..agar..mujei kuch ho gayi tho..meri wont think negative..mujei kuch nehi hoga..nor mere bache ka..she repeatedly said..the mental stress n her body gave up..she screamed in pain getting the contractions..
man panicked:geet kya hua..
geet:maaan..take me to dr…i think baby wants to see his sister earlier..
he immediately scooped her n ran to dr.s room..where she examined geet..n found her bleeding..
dr.asked the nurses to prepare the labour room..
dr:where is the head she must have joined..
nurse:dr..she is looking after some urgent case..
dr:ok..ask her to join me in operation theatre.
Nurse:yes dr..

Here inside the hospital..
A man entered..
He looked around n asked for the head nurse..
Nurse:whom do you want sir..
Man:the nurse who joined today..
She showed the way n he got her..
Man:are you the head nurse..
Man:I need a help from u..
He looked around n whispered..
Man:I want u to help me kidnapping a baby..
Same time the scream made him turn..
Man corrected:may be babies..
HN:babies..but whom..
Man showed maneet..
Man:their daughter..n the one who is on way..
She looked at you know who he is..
Man:great man singh khurana..messing up with him is like jumping in an ocean..
HN:after knowing it too how can you think I will do this..
Man gave her a suit case full of money..
Man smirked:money say will you do it..or can I see someone else..
She smirked..when you are offering me such a big amount who will deny it..


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