This Life is Yours – Part 50

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Geet was screaming in pain..the facial expressions of dr. was not so good..her tension lines when testing her n the way she went out in hurry n talking to maan..his face turned pale as if he lost his life…geet can see everything..she asked the nurse to call maan..she wants to talk to him before going into the labour room..
Here maan was in the verge of breaking down..
Dr:geets bleeding is not a gud sign mr.khurana.. there is a week more for date ..n one more thing..
She hesitated to say..she signaled the nurse to give him the paper to sign..
Maan:whats this dr..
He read the contents which said if anything happens to baby or mother they r not responsible..
How can he sign was like the world has turned upside down..he is standing in same position when his first wife was in labour..the fear of losing her flashed before his eyes..he turned pale..he will die if anything happens now to his geet.. dr..i cant..
Dr:mr.khurana,though it’s a formality,I cant assure u ,baby or geets safety now..but as a dr. I will give my 100%to save my patient..if u r lucky n god is with you both will be safe..but..
Maan:but,what dr..
Dr: there is less chances that geet will conceive again..
Maan doesn’t matter..i want only geet n baby safe..i don’t want anything more than them…we have jaanu..n I know this will be a I have a complete family..pls them both..i trust can save my family..
Dr:then sign the papers..
Maan:dr..both will be safe na..
Nurse came there..
Nurse:dr..mrs.khurana wants to meet mr.khurana..
Maan went inside,where geet was ..
Geet nodded him to sit beside her..she entangled her fingers with his..
Geet bite her lips suppressing her pain..
Geet:man u r right..i lost myself ..i did not care for u n ur feelings..but I care for this baby man..its our love..n nothing will happen to me or baby..sign the papers maan..dont worry..ur geet is a fighter.nothing will happpento her.n she will fight with god to be with you n family..i know my babies needs much as jaanu this baby..our son too needs me..we will be fine maan.sign the papers..mujei aur bache ko kuch nehi hoga..i promise..we will be safe..
Maan couldn’t control himself..he bent over her n hugged her tightly..he has lost his courage when dr. spoke..but now he got it back..the couragein geets said him she wont break her promise
Man:I love you geetu..i..i..
He couldn’t speak more as his throat choked..geet cupped his face n kissed his lips..
Geet:I love you so much maan..more than my life..i want to live with you this whole life..i will be..aahh..
Geet..maan panicked..
Dr.who came in said:mr.khurana..its getting late..
Geet:maan, u wantme to be in labour more..aah..i want to seeour love soon in our hands..
She said cheering him up n lightening the atmosphere
Maan loked geet who assured him thru her eyes..the confident in her eyes..the will power inside her..which he had not seen in these two months were gave him the power to sign..geet looked through the glass door dadi was standing with sleeping jaanu..her lips curved into a smile ..her baby is waiting for her..geet was taken to the operation maan was pacing to n fro..when the nurse came n kept the suitcase before him n opened it showing the lakhs of money..
Maan:whats this..
He looked at the person .he was shocked n surprised.
Pari:yes..pari..aap log mujei boolgayi..she complained..
Man:how can we forget u pari..but,when u came back..u settled abroadna..wait..whats this money for? many questions..but im needed I will say only one thing..this is money given to me to kidnap our little angel n the new arrival..
Dadi maan n Vicky:what..who..
Pari:he thought im newly appointed..poor him..he doesn’t know that im back to my motherland n joined where I worked before..n he don’t know u all treat me as ur family member..if I did not accept he will approach someone I accepted..he told he will wait now what u must do..its ur im going help dr..
She said in one go n went inside..
Vaishali adi n others joined them soon..knowing geets labour..
Maan immediately called the commissioner n soon some men where there ..they checked the footage of cameras ..n found the men who entered with the same suitcase..n it was easy for them to catch him outside the hospital..but maan was not happy ..he beat the person till he begged him for life.he said he works for rahul..n he only sent him to kidnap geets childrens..
.maan cursed himself..if it was not pari what would have happened ..rahul was near to his family..he couldnot forget the previous incidents..but how could rahul forget what I did to his revenge more than his life..he did not care if I will kill him if anything happened to my geet n babies.he called his bgs n asked them to be more alert..he promised himself this will be the last time rahul will be mere inches away from them..but from this min they wont know about whereabouts of his childrens n geet..
Planning so much he came back to ward only to hear a baby cry..dadi maan adi pinky Vicky vishali her dad all .all were happy ..they forgot their tensions n smiled hearing it..
Jaanu was still sleeping in vickys arms..
Dr. came out n all rushed to her..
She smiled..
Dr:congratulations mr.khurana..its a boy..
Maan:how is geet dr..
Dr:she is fine..but,during operation we have to remove her utrus to save baby n mother.. as we expected ,geet cant be a mother again..the first operation n this one we have to remove it ..
Maan:geet is fine na dr..thats enuf for me..
Dr:obsolutely fine..she must be here for a week more under our treatment..n she must not do works till she recovers.. I ll appoint pari as her special nurse..
Maan:yes dr..n thank you so much for giving me this happiness
Dr:it must be the blessings of god mr.khurana..we are just puppets in his hands..n I must say ur wife..she told me she will be fine ..n I must not worry more..ajeeb hai uski mamta..if motherhood for jaanu weakened her then the same motherhood gave her the will power to fight for her n baby..
Man:that’s my geetu..can we see geet dr..
Dr:she is unconscious..we will shift her to ward then u can see her..
Nurse came out with the baby..n handed it to man who extended to hold him first..
Maan was flying in air..he turned to dadi..
Dadi:see my cute he is..bilkul apni maa ki thara.
Dadi:haan but eyes are like resembles jaaanu also..see his fingers nose..
He gave the baby to his dadi..she was very proud to be a great grand maa again..she took the money n took the evil eyes from baby..she gave it to the attender who was happy seeing so much money..
Vicky:dadi,I too want to hold him..bhai hold jaanu..
Jaanu too waked up from her slumber..n looked at her family who are squeeling in happy..
jaanu:chachu..dont ears ..oh..kuch horaha hai..
She said irritated with her half gone sleep..
Maan took the baby n showed to her..
Maan:jaanu..see who is here..
She blinked her eyes few times..
She looked at the small figure moving the hands n legs..
Maan:jaanu..ur brother..maa gifted u ..
Jaanus eyes twinkled..sachi..this is my brother..
Maan:haan..n baby..see this is ur elder sister..
He smiled showing his gums..
She looked around for her mother..
Jaanu:mama..kahaan hai..
Maan:ur mama is sleeping..u must wait till she wakes..
She pulled maans arms..
Maan:what jaanu
Jaanu:I want to hold my brother..
Vicky frowned n cribbed
Vicky:I asked first..
Man:first my angel..then only you..
Dadi laughed seeing the cat fight..
Maan sat on chair..n asked jaanu to come near..
Maan:jaanu..see ur bro is too small..u cant hold him now..u must wait for him till he grows up a little..
Now u can touch him..
Maan made jaanu touch the baby..
Jaanu:papa bhai soft soft like teddy..
He laughed… jaanu kissed babies cheeks n saw the big smile on his face..
Jaanu:papa,bhai is smiling at me..
Maan:bcoz he knows u r his sister ..he loves u..
He then gave to Vicky who cooed him with all his funny alien languages..
Maan,Then asked Vicky to take care of jaanu n make her eat.n take rest in her room..jaanu went half heartedly with him..
soon,Geet was shifted to same room where jaanu will be easy for them too to look after both..
jaanu was near geet.she was often calling geet to wake up..maan asked Vicky to take jaanu around the that jaanu s time will pass,until geet wakes up..she wont disturb geet too.
Man ckecked n confirmed his bgs are around the hospital.
jaanu n Vicky went out n having a little time..he took to canteen n brought her eatables to eat..the time passed n geet got her conscious..pari checked geet n helped her to sit leaning on the head post..maan came near her to help..n he felt very emotional..he kissed her forehead very lovingly..n whispered
thank you jaan..
geets eyes were looking for baby..maan smiled n showed his eyes towards the cradle..pari took the bundle n handed the baby to much geet may think jaanu as her baby but this one was special..that was heart bond..but this is her blood..though she will never think that way she cant deny the over whelming emotions..she has given birth to it cocooning it in her n healthy..tears rolled down her eyes n her chest felt heavy..geets eyes widened seeing pari..happy surprised n shocked..
pari:hmm ..its all gods be with you..see im here..
geet smiled..she was feeling weak n was not able to speak..but her smile was enough for pari to know she is feeling gud to have near her..
pari:im waiting for u to get conscious..ur son is hungry n its time for him to feed..
geet looked disturbed..she looked for jaanu..
maan:she is with Vicky..
he waited for her reaction..this time its time for her to decide..
pari :are u ready..
geet nodded..n pari helped her feed her son..the little mouth had hard time to suck n geet smiled seeing him desperately opening his mouth ..she pressed her buds n made him his small tummy got filled soon he went to deep slumber..geet kissed him lovingly..its their symbol of love..she thanked maan thru her eyes..maan hugged her side ways..pari took baby n placed it in cradle..maan helped geet to lay comfortably on bed..
geet:maan,jaanu..her heart was searching for her daughter.
Vicky entered with jaanu..n jaanu came to man..he took her n made her sit near her mother..geet smiled at jaanu n asked meekly
Geet:how is my jaanu now.she touched her neck to know if she still has fever..
Jaanu:mama,fever tho aap ka hai..mujei nehi..
Geet knotted her brows..
Jaanu:chachune bola.aap ko bhi dala pali aunty..
She looked at Vicky..
Vicky:princess wont disturb u na..
Jaanu:mama,aap sorahi thi itni der..
Maan:maa ki thabhiyath teek nehi na beta..isiliye..
Jaanu bent n kissed geets cheeks..mama aap jaldi teek ho jao..see ma bhai bhi aagayi..
Geet would love to hear her jaanu talk..
Geet:tu..m.. khana ..
Vicky:bhabhi..she ate n drank horlicks too..aap stress math kariye..
There was a guilt inside she was relieved..
Geet:my baby is gud girl.. she is elder now she will behave like a big girl..haina beta..
Jaanu:sachi papa..i am big sis now
She was happy to know she is big now..
Man:yup..n she will look after her brother very lovingly..n mama ko tang nehi karegi..till her mama gets well..
Jaanu..kissed his cheeks
N looked at the baby..
Jaanu:I will papa..mei tho badi hoon na..i will take care of him..n I wont disturb mama too..maa u recover soon..then we both will play with baby,,
Though she was small the word she is bigger encraved in her heart..n even maneet thought jaanu is talking a new relation of brother changed everything
The time passed quick..pari took jaanu with her to staffs room for a geet may take rest..dadi n others had gone back leaving maan to take care of geet n jaanu..when pari is there they have no worries..
Pari was saying stories to jaanu..same time asking her to recite rhymes n etc..jaanu was animatedly saying everything that she knew..she even sang song n danced..she stole heart of everyone there.she told her what will she do to her little she will take care of him n pamper him..all were awed seeing the small girls love for the little one…
.pari kissed her cheeks..she looked at the time…its time to check geet..
Pari nuzzled her nose with jaanu’s..
Pari:mama ko dekne chalei.. ko bhi..he must have waken up na..
Pari:yes dear..or we’ll wake him..
Here geet woke up..her mother inside her made her awake..its 2 hrs she had fed the baby..n she must feed him..maan read her mind..maan helped geet to sit..he lifted the baby n gave to geet..
Geeet started to feed..but her eyes were stuck on the door..she was will jaanu react..n now how she will make her she thought about dadi n maans words..have she had stopped jaanu s feed..nor today she will be double head was bursting with the question..n sge was scared every minute for jaanus reaction..
Maan caressed her head..
Maan:we are there for her..she will understand.. I want you to enjoy this phase of your life fear..not even for jaanu..
His words were soothing her..yes she was enjoying this moment..but her face turned pale when she saw jaanu n pari standing at the entrance..
Geet whispered..jaanu..
Maan too looked at jaanu who was standing still..
Jaanus eyes fixed on the baby ,who was sucking her mother’s bossom..geet saw her temples frown..her eyes boring the baby..geet was scared now..will she hate her brother..geet looked at the baby .she touched his tummy n saw him full..she pulled her nipples out n gave it to maan..
Geet extended her hands n asked jaanu to come to her..
Pari was confused seeing maans forlorn look..something was missing..even jaanu who was cheerful till now n was happy to see her mom n bro was standing still..
N geets was unreadable..when they entered she saw her happy..but now her face was pale..the way she looked at jaanu n giving baby to man..whats that..
Her head was spinning as she couldn’t guess anything..
Jaanu took slow steps n reached geet..geet touched her other bossom,baby took only one side n so other was heavy.. tum..
Geet closed her eyes..
I must have listened to you all..its tough in reality..i cant see my baby with this look..
Geet placed jaanu on her lap n placed her near the bossom which was heavy.. jaanu started to suck her was every childs possessiveness,their mother must prefer them first..n she has been fed from when she doesn’t thing she knows..its only her who can take the feed from her mother..she couldnt express her thoughts..but her way of holding geet said all..she doesn’t like baby taking feed from geet..
Pari stood shocked surprised n what not..
Pari:geet:yeh tum..
Geets eyes were teary as jaanu was teething her aggressively..
Man stood still..he don’t know what to say..must he proud to have a wife like geet..a mother of a child which is not hers..even after giving birth to her own child she is still the same mother for their daughter..
Maan:pari..i hv told many times..but least geet hears me..atleast she must think of new born now..its ok for now..he is so small to take more feed..but after some days..what will she do..
She was still in shock..
Man:she never hears our advice..not only me..dadi n dr.too..he then told her how geet was going in depression..n they never stopped her..
Man continued..ur one mistake brought life for us 3..but geet couldn’t stop it..
Pari:hmm my sweet mistake..n I ll rectify the one to make jaanu take feed from geet..n I ll make her stop it too..
Man:can you..
Pari:ofcourse..i will..n I can..i was with jaanu till now..n I know how she loves her mother n brother..
Man was pari..
Pari:wait n see..
She took baby from him..she changed his nappys n made him sleep ..jaanu too slept holding her mother..
pari did not say anything..she took jaanu n placed her on her bed..she gave medicines to geet n applied ointment on her stitches..
She waited for jaanu to wake up..
When jaanu woke up baby was all awake..he was placed near his mom n man was cooing him…
Jaanu woke up n came near man..he made her play with baby..jaanu too cooed him with her baby languages..
Pari came n took baby in her hands n sat on couch..she asked jaanu to come near her..
Pari:jaanu,yeh kaun hai..
Jaanu:my bro
Pari:you love him na
Pari:how will you show ur love for him
Jaanu:I will give all my dolls ,biscuits n chocolates to him
Jaanu:yes..i have many chocos..
She started to count ..but her fingers was not enuf.
Jaanu:wo papa dadi chachu chichi sab laatheheina mereliye..i have many..
Pari:oh..thats gud..but how can ur bro eat chocos.
Jaanus face fell down..but man n geet was looking at pari n their babies cute talks..they don’t know where this conversation is taking ahead..only pari knows to play with words..
Pari:see his mouth
Pari opened his mouth.
Jaanu:baby has no teeth
Pari:haan..he has no teeth.say how can he eat chocolates..his mouth is also too small
Jaanu was all lost in thinking looking at the baby..
Pari:baby s teeth will grow only when he grows up..
Jaanu:oh..then will he eat biscuits..
All laughed hearing it
Pari:there is no teeth how can he eat biscuits..he can only drink milk..that too mama’s milk..u have teeth..u can eat biscuits chocolates fruits veg..rice everything..but he cant..
Pari looked at jaaanu..maan n geet too was now watching jaanu..her reaction..
Pari :jaanu see u r strong na..u r big girl n elder sis tern a..u have grown up becoz u had mamas feed..u love ur bro na..dont u want him to be strong as you..if u take mamas feed then what will he drink..he cant chew food n tho chota haina..he will also get infected soon..then I will give him big injections..will jaanu like to see his brother crying..
pari was slowly making jaanu to understand..she was quiet n hearing everything pari told her..
Baby started to cry ..n geet looked at jaanu..but she first fed the new born who is crying his lungs soon as he got his feed he was quiet..jaanu was watching everything..geet called her..but jaanu denied..
Her answer made them all shocked..
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