This Life is Yours – Part 51

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Part 51
Baby started to cry ..n geet looked at jaanu..but she first fed the new born who is crying his lungs out.
Maan thought it may be the first time she thought about something than jaanu..n its their son..she knew now he needs her attention first than jaanu..n he was happy to see the change in soon as he got his feed he was quiet..jaanu was watching everything..geet called her..but jaanu denied..
Her answer made them all shocked..
Jaanu:mama,im big girl now..i want my bro to grow up that I can play with him..mujei mummum nehi chahiye..i can eat all foods..but bro cant na mama..
Maan too first thought jaanu will not be able to sleep without her mother..but what surprised him was she slept near geet holding her arms..n next day too jaanu was with them..she never asked for feed..she took all foods n always looked after her brother..
Maan:pari..its really gud to see jaanu ..she forgot her feed..n im happy for it..but how that idea came to you..
Maan frowned..
Pari:ok khurana..when u told geet is not listening to anyone I thought we must think opposite to it..when mom doesn’t accept then bache hi sahi..n jaanu..u all have stufffed a lot of love to the new born..i saw it whenever she spoke my bhai..n I started to talk to her casually..n jaanu is brilliant..she caught my point..n see the result urself..she understood what I said n now baby is all geets..
Maan:y this idea did not come for me..
Pari laughed:bcoz u r a businessman..n this is real life tied with emotions..u all see with those eyes..but im I can think the other way without making emotional..u all tried to make geet understand..but I tried it on jaanvi..simple..

Slowly everything was normal..geet came to know she cant become a mother doesn’t matter to her..her family is complete..
Man talked with dr. he has noticed the changes in geet..n dr .too confirmed geet is out of depression n nothing is there to worry..he may take her home after few days..
It was the day geet n baby returning home..geet looked outside the car..the whole street was decorated n lightnings hanging everywhere.maan has made it special for geet n babys entry..n one more thing was there..tomorrow is her jaanus birthday..4th bday..she smiled caressing jaanus head n kissed her lovingly..
Though she couldn’t work n plan anything for her birthday..maan has made it special..he knew his geet..she will prefer jaanus birthday special..
Maneet were standing at enterance..with jaanu in maans hand n baby in geets hand..pinky took the aarthi n welcomed them home..the night was smooth with the love filled in air..n with the new arrival of home..

Next day morning it was as usual like other years..but maneet forgot that their jaanu is now understanding things..maan n geet woke up early n got ready for the hawan..jaanu also sat beside them..she was looking at the photos placed before ..she was asking questions continuosly about this n that..childrens at this age usually does these as they want to know about all..learning new things was curiosity..
Jaanu suddenly asked:mama papa..who are they..
Maneet looked at each other..both are speechless..both cant say they are their partners before..if they said jaanu will come with new questions..
Jaanu :Mama:ye kaun hai..
Geets words did not come out..she cant say now its her mother..she has been totally drowned in jaanu that she forgot she is not her biological mother..
Man:jaanu..they are angels..they will always be with us n shower their blessings on us..
Jaanu:what are u doing papa
Man:we are praying to god to keep their angels safe near him..u also pray to god..she nodded..
(man st: n we want their soul rest in peace.. )
After some time ,man gave geet her phone n asked her to talk to the person..
Rani maa:princess geet..mei..mei..bohut khush hoon aap keliye..
Her throat chiocked with her words..
Geet:rani maa..
Rm:how r u princess..n how is rajkumar..aur humari nanhi angel. Ur health is gud na..damadji told u are it still paining..are u taking medicines..has man appointed any personal servants to take care of you..with two kids how ill u mange all..
Her mother was talking non stop..its her care..n geet knew too well how a mother will feel when her daughter is not near her..n she couldn’t be with her..
Geet:rani maa..bas fine..when ur son in law n his family is with me..i can never be alone..he takes care of me n kids too..haan we have a nurse to take care of us..n ..n..
I miss u rani maa..kash aap apne pothe ko ek bhar gale lagake aashirwad dethi..
Shayad geets words made rani maa drown in guilt..geet heared a whimper on other side n the phone went off…she stood there holding the phone..
Yes its true she never felt alone with man n all around..but no one can replace a mothers place.. a mother is a mpther..n she craved to see her mother for one time atleast..she cursed her fate..she is blessed with in laws..but she can never return back to her maika..n get their full love..n now her childrens too cant get the blessings of their nana n nani..

It was evening..
Very close friends and relatives were was double is jaanu’s birthday..the other is babys naming ceremony..
It was very simple party as maan wanted it to be a small affair..if it was a big party the crowd will be more n safety will be less.nothing is important than his family for him.. Jaanu was dressed like an angel..
All were gathered n pandit asked them for the name for boy..maan has asked geet to select the name ..n geet thought a lot..there were two peoples in her life who made her happy other than gc in her past..abhinaya n arya..n this boy is the light of their love..she decided the name..
Pandit:say the name 3 times in his ears..n man u write the name in this rice..geet called jaanu n asked her to call her brother by name abhidhya,,she too lovingly called him in her baby language..maan wrote the name in its time for jaanus bday celebration..geet brought her near the cake n all sang bday song wishing her all gud luck n blessings of god..
Jaanu cut the cake n fed her parents n family..all gave her gifts..but baby was waiting for her mama’s gift..
Jaanu:mama meri gift..
Maan:u asked brother..n ur mom gifted it..thats the biggest gift..
Maan: jaanu maa n .u came yesterday only then how can ur mama buy gift for you..see how many gifts papa has brought for you…

Some one in the party noticed it..
always there will be some people who will wait to taunt others n create a scene was present there..she was always jealous of geet n was the name n fame their love to each other n geets love for jaanu..she thought she will have an entry in mansion by marrying her daughter.but man married twice but of his choice..she hate their she took the time to her favour..
Lady:how can she concentrate on jaanu now..she got her own child..jaanu is not hers..n she would now concentrate on her child than maans first wife’s child..jaanu ko tho aadath hojani tho choti maa hai asli maa nehi..
Like All say na..words are poisonous than snake..n it was like that..geets whole body trembled hearing it..she clutched maans shoulder tightly..will all think like that..
Maan turned angrily on that side..
He pulled the lady out..
Maan:aaj kehdiya..but aage if u dare to open ur mouth against geet I will cut it off..
The lady fumed as she felt insulted before all..
Lady:huh..a day will come n jaanu will know geet is not her mother..that day what u will do..n what I said is also truth..duniya dekhi hain u r supporting ur wife..but u will relies when she will love her own child ignoring this girl..
Maan shouted..bas..ek aur shabd nehi..u can leave now..
He showed his dadi..i m not wrong..i don’t want such persons who don’t bless us with full heart..
By the time Vicky n vaishali came there with a huge portrait.. its time for ur gift..
Geet: who was shocked n in tears looked at all with her moisted eyes..she gave the baby to pari n hugged jaanu..
Geet:I love you jaanu..i m ur mother..n no one can say u r not mine..
Jaanu:maa..its paining..
Geet has crushed her in her hug..
Maan n dadi came n kept their hands on geets shoulders..
Maan:jaanu is ur baby geet…n she will only know u as her mother..
Maan:what sthis in vickys hands..
Geet:gift for jaanu..
She said with difficulty..
Maan:then give it to her..see how much eager she is waiting for ur gift..
Geet kneeled to jaanus level..
Geet kissed her cheeks:may god bless you n give you all happiness..till im with you I will protect you from all evil..n I promise..i will never let u feel mein tumhari maa..
Her throat chocked..n eyes moisted..she closed her eyes n let the words fall out..
Geet:nehi hoon..i will prefer death before u accuse me like that lady said..
geet was blabbering n maan can sense the insecurity inside her..
maan too was feeling very bad for whatever happened..
man:geetu..she is waiting for ur gift..kholo isei..
geet took jaanu in her arms n made her unwrap the was a painting..maan knew geet knew painting as ramsingh told him long before..but today he was awed seeing the looked so natural.. aap papa mei n bhai haina..par dadi n vicky chachu kahaan hai..
geet:haan beta..their is one more pic under it..see that..
it was the whole family..with maneet jaanu baby dadi Vicky adi pinky with bump ,priya n vaishali too..
though they are not married geet felt she belongs to them..n baby was her imagination n he came like that in real too..
man..: geet when u did this..
geet:when I came to know im pregnant..i did this..but moka nehi mila..
man:this is awesome geet..haina beta..
jaanu:mama teach me to draw like this..
geet:haan beta..
all appreciated geets work n soon all the kids had fun n Vicky was making the air cool by his funny antics..geet though smiled her heart was hurt to extaent that she started to think will jaanu hate her when she comes to know she is not her biological mother..she even asked maan the doubt n maan told her ,their daughter will never behave like that..
pari came to man when he stood alone n watched geet chatting with dadi n others..
pari:can I say one thing dreamy..
maan was not in mood to clear it..
Pari:why don’t u hide the truth from jaanu totally.
Maan:matlab..she will come to know when she see her mothers portrait..n why u r doing the rituals before her..did u saw her questioning today morning..n now too that lady..the words are bitter mr.khurana..who has known geet till now knew how much she loves jaanu..but it will break her when jaanu asks her if she is not her hide it from society n her..
Maan now got a clear idea what to do..

After all left the party maan asked jaanu to be with pari n play with abi…he called all n declared his decision..
Maan:from now this room will beclosed forever..this will be opened only to do hawan on this day..n in that jaanu or abi will never participate..n no one will say them whats in this room..he called nakul n asked him to lock the door..
Man:mein aur geet life mein aagei bad chuki yaadein tho yadhein mein rehna hi achi hogi..its not for us..but for jaanu n our future..from when geet lifted jaanu in her hands she is her mother n will remain hers..till our last breathe..
Geet:but man..what if she comes to know the truth by others..
Maan:if god thinks she must come across the truth she will..but till that she will be kept away from it..
Though geet was not convinced she was happy ..jaanu will never know about it..

Jaanu started to be with baby 24×7..n she knows his every gesture..she will come with her toys n make him smile showing it..rahul was trying his every luck to near maans childrens..maan kept jaanu n abhi from outer pics came out..jaanu started to go to school with his employees childrens ..n so rahul never came across jaanvi..pinky gave birth to piya n abhi was the only boy in house..he was pampered a lot..pinky n adi stayed with them till pinky was able to work on her own..adi’s self respect did not let him stay in mansion,they moved to their house..
Vicky finished his college n joined kc..maneet arranged a surprise party where Vicky got his life time was his engagement with vaishali..he couldnot thank maaneet enuf for giving his love in his life..soon both got married..
Abhi also started to go to school..vaishali gave birth to twins..
geet started to work again..geet was always more loving to jaanu..she always feared the word if jaanu comes to know the truth what will happen..she wont let her think she is not her mother..n so she showed more love to her..though she loved their son as much as jaanvi..
Jaanvi was matured than her age..she was protective with her lil brother..she gave everything that belongs to her..maan never differenciated between both..he always brought things equally for both..but jaanvi will give hers also too her brother..she taunted her parents if they scolded him for his mischieves..abhi started to hide his mistakes to his parents n jaanu was always there to save him..
N maneet too started to give things to abhi thru jaanvi knowing her love to her bro..n this way it will increase their bond too..but they failed to notice it is creating a distance between him n them..
Vicky closed the album without knowing there were few more members standing there hearing to his story…n after that u both grew up..n u know whatever happened in ur life..fearing rahul u both were kept away from medias..noone knew u both as khuranas got all you wanted..but abi..u failed to see their love..ur sisters love in it..meri bhabhi..she is so precious..she is born with golden spoon..she is more than our status..but she never showed it..she is very down to earth..i have never seen my mother..but she gave me the love of mother..but the love you got from her u accused it..just becoz someone told u something..
Vicky shooted glares on rahul n abhi..both were ashamed of their deeds..
Abhi:I told na sry for whatever I me..anger blinded my eyes..he kneeled to jaanu..
Abhi:di..aap jaanthi ho na..i m short mind stops working..but promise di..i wont give u any chance to complain from really sry..pls di when mama comes ask her to talk to me..i regret everything I did..i will prove u all im not soiled..bus aakri bhar maaf karneko kaho di..
Jaanu too hugged him.. n nodded her head..she is totally emotional after whatever her chachu said..can anyone be this gud with their step daughter..mama ko mein jaan hoon..jaanvi ki jaan uski maa hai..n she will not forgive the persons who broke her..
Rahul was in tears..geet has struggled all the years bcoz of him..only to keep his neice happy..he felt too low of himself..
Vicky:mr.rahul..u don’t know what ur enemity costed..everyday maan bhai will be preparing to face a new truble from you..sometimes he himself gave up thinking that may change the bitterness inside you..but you never changed..u always made challenges..but it added spicy to their life..but in everything their children lost the things they should have gained..outing with their was only family timing inside the house..but they couldn’t say them as their children to all..

Suddenly vickys daughter screamed..
Papa..bade papa ki car aagayi..badi maa aagayi..
Now all turned active n all turned to move out..all looked at the door step..their was standing geets papa..raja maharaj jainath with his all pawns ..his head high..but for the first time in life he too was crying unknowingly..


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