U,Me,Aur?? -Part 120

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PART 120
Geet looked at him with longingness.her eyes turned dark with desires..
Maan looked at her..
Maan:kya hua ..
She bit her lips n nodded nothing..he knotted his brows..she tried to avert her gaze but failed..his restriction is making her crave for him more ..how she is going to wait till week end..she sighed n looked at him wearing his tracks combing his hair.taking his lappy n sat there working..he has drowned in it forgetting geet is still looking at him..his bare upper..did he purposely did this..not wearing any vest just to torture me..
She sat there drooling her husband.she tried to grab his attention..she walked here n there making sounds of payal..dropping things..though it made maan look at her but not the way she expected..maan was beyond all things controlling himself..she atlast sat there with a grumpy look n sat there thinking what to do next…her reverie broke when kala came n called them for dinner..dinner was quite than ever..both kala n man looked at geet who was quite n when they looked at her with questioning gaze she again looked down at her plate..
After kala went maan asked geet why r u silent..
Geet :no..nothing..
She whispered n left to change to her night dress..
Maan was already in bed..
Geet slipped beside him n looked at him..she expected him to close their distance..maan sat n took the medicine n gavev to her..
Maan:u forgot..
Geet swallowed without anytantrums
Her expectations broke when he gently pecked her forehead n said:goodnight princess..

He embraced her in his arms n patted her back..
He only knew how he is holding himself..after seeing her in sleeveless satin night dress he want to make love..but he is msk..he cant break his own rules..he saw her looking at his lips n so he gently pecked her forehead before she kiss him n broke his vow..
His thoughts broke when he found his chest wet..
Maan :geet..jaan why r u crying..
Geet: you r too bad..u r taking revenge on me..
Maan didn’t know what revenge she is talking about.
Maan:geet:revenge..what revenge..i don’t understand..
Geet:phir kya..i made u wait for 1 n half years..bcoz I don’t know..but now u r staying away from me to make me feel how u were waiting for me..do u know after a week with u..how it feels to sleep alone.u wont touch me till week end..n how am I going 2 stay…aap bohut burei ho..
Her eyes were moisted..just her craving has taken toll on her n she couldn’t bare it..maan smiled at her innocent confession..he slowly wiped her tears..she pushed his hands..he cupped her face n took her complaining lips.

.her body cracked up in fire..she kissed him back hungrily.n she knew what to do more..her hands roamed on his bare body ..her lips kissed him madly not leaving any space..he has taught her the weak point of him.she bent n kissed his nipples going more lower till his groin.
Maan growled
Maan:gosh geetu..
.she felt him erect..n after that whatever happened was not in his control..he tore her dress n tasted her every skin.she did same to him..their lips played with each other..both body glued not wanting to leave the other..maan saw her wwith his dark gaze..her eyes ful of desires..which he was avoiding till now..he was aroused fully n she too was equally craving for him..he couldn’t make her wait n was soon inside her n loving her ..geet felt peace when she had him inside her..both hit their climax n soon slept cuddled up with each other..

Maan was the one to wake up..he saw his wife sleping all over him.his passion all over her white body..he slowly turned n placed her on bed..geet too wake up missing his warmth..
Maan:gud morning jaan
Geet:gud morning prince..aap itni jaldi kahan jaarahi ho..
Maan:not me..we r going..common get up.n join me…i ll wait for u in gym.. I want us to be regular to everything from now..
Maan left to gym n geet looked at her dress which was in pieces..she wrapped the sheet n went to dresser..naughty thought came to geet..its revenge time prince..yesterday u made me crave for u na..now c what I ll do torturing u..

she weared the specific dress ..after freshing up she went to gym..maan looked at her..she lifted her eyebrows n grinned widely..as she saw him noticing her dress..
Maan lifted his brows..
Maan:what s this..
Maan:I know that..why r u wearing mine..
Deepthi Choudhary’s photo.
She was wearing his black shorts n shirt..her slim legs..her smudged hair..slightly swollen lips..
maan st:maan concentrate on ur work..not in ur wife..or she will make u lose ur control
Geet:achi nehi hai kya..uthaardoon..i thought this will be comfortable to workout..after bath I will change to college na..
Oh maaan..she will kill him with her seducing talks..
Maan sighed..
Maan:ok..do urs..n I’ll do mine..
She nodded cutely..n started the thread miller..both spent enuf time doing their exercises..n both their thoughts were revolving around the other..

maan was busy doing his work out..but his concentration was on his love..his princess..his childish wife who has grown up in front of his eyes..the way she made him love her..his all controls broke yesterday..
maan was amused seeing her struck counting same..she was skipping and her features was adding fuel to his desires..her assets which jump while she skipped..but now her facial expressions was quiet watchable..cute..pouting with confusions written on it..
maan stopped his work outs n asked her..
maan:jaan,kya hua?
maan:where are u lost..why u r counting same..u have reached 75 skips..
geet:wo..i was counting how many times we made love..but i couldnt calculate..
she bit her tongue in shy as she bluttered..n maans eyes widened..
can any one count love making..she is gone mad..then he thought..its possible..becoz that is the speciality of his geet..her innocence in everything..
maan came to her..he want to know why sheis counting..
(kya karoon babaji..geetke innocence ki saath saath maan bhi bhesharam hogaya :P)
maan:why you want to know darling..how can you count it..
geet:im trying to count..hmm ..when we went to honey moon na..that week..we did in morning 2 times..night 2 times.. 2+2=4. next day..u did not touch me..then next day..4+…she went on saying fingering her hands n counting..maan was controlling his laugh..he waited for her to finish..
geet:before we went to delhi..in house..the day before…but I couldn’t remember that day 3 times r more…
Man chuckled seeing her innocence..
maan:what are u going 2 do knowing it..
geet:hmm I want to know then how many times we would have been doing this from when we get married..
maan:y r u thinking About that geet..if u talk like this..im sure im going 2 love u here..ur talks are arousing me..
geet:hmm.who told u stop..take me na..
maan:no ..he literally screamed..he nodded his head fast in no..that too in morning..uff my day..he thought..but geet was geet..she continued with her talks..
geet: prince,if in this 1 month we made this much time… then… in 1 n yrs how many times u must have craved for me.i cant even stay away from u for a day..yesterday na..whole day my mind was revolving around u..n..
maan:jaan..pls..u r making it harder for me..if u talk like this..i m sure im going to make love to you..
geet:who stopped you..
she said in shy..he so much wanted to eat her alive..her innocence..is her best beauty..he pulled her by her waist n made her closer to him

maan:no sona..we decided na..we will love only on weekends..already yesterday u made me break it..not any more
geet:aap na..
maan:dusht dhanav hoon..jaanti hoon..kuch aur kaho..
he said with a smirk..
geet:hmm..u..u..u..know what..the more u stop me..the more I crave for u..pls prince..hum ye rule vule nehi rakengi..lets be ourselves..
she said playing with his vest ..rolling her fingers on the mmaterial
maan:hmm..its also truth jaanu..the more we distance the more we crave..kya karein..
geet:no rules..
maan:from when my childish wifey started to have this much maturity
..he nuzzled his nose with hers..
geet:from when my prince became immature..i must only be matured na..
she said giggling n sticking her tongue out..her lips n tongue was giving him an open invitation..
maan:hmm..then let me show how matured ur husband is..
maan took her lips in his n started to nibble..he rolled n dived into her mouth ..cherishing her..he sucked her tongue..
geet:hmm..she moaned n tried to feel his bare skin underneath his vest..he stopped thinking its going more uncontrollable..
maan:its enuf sweet for a gud morning
he touched her forehead with his..both were panting heavily after the long kiss..
maan:its enuf honey.jaanthi ho..
mSK never breaks his rule..but u .mrs.msk only have the guts to break msks rule..i don’t want u to make tired early morning..we have many nights for it..now go to ur dance class..
he looked at the watch showing her the time..
she stamped her foot n left..she really don’t want to go..but master will be waiting..n more over she cant go against her husbands words..
maan:before going change ur dress..to urs
geet:change ur dress..geet mocked him n went making maan laugh.after geet went man completed his workouts n freshed up n sat in his study ..doing his office works..

out house..

geet changed into salwar n came to outhouse..n Vicky too joined her soon..both greeted master n started the dance class..vicky tried his best to talk to her..but geet did not give a heed to him..as master knows theses two always have their silly fights n Vicky use to pamper her,he never came between them..geet then practiced songs n Vicky with karate class..
after their clases finished both sat in the garden tired..geet was drinking water..vicky came kneeling in front of her holding his ears..n dexture was following him in his manofying session..geet turned her face other side.
Vicky:baby…sry na..
She turned
Vicky:oh baby..my sweet bhabhi..maaf kharona..
Geet nodded her head n turned again..
Vicky:dexture..go n manofy her..
Dexture scratched its forehead..
Dexture st:tang tum karo..aur maaf mei maangoon..uff this Vicky..y he is making me do this..
Vicky gave a pat on its back n dexture went n licked geets legs asking her to see Vicky
Geet:dexture,if u support him then I wont talk to u too..
Dexture sat there with a confusing look..now whom to support..
Vicky came from behind n showed her a dairy milk chocolate..geets eyes twinkled..but she doesn’t want to give up soon..so she tried to control her curiosity of taking it from him..
Vicky opened the wrapper n kept near her mouth..how will she control now..she had a bite taking it from him..she looked at the 2nd one in his hand..
Vicky:say na..u forgave me..
Geet sat there quite..he gave the 2nd one n she nodded slightly..saying..hmm
Vicky:yahoo..finally u accepted ..oh baby.yippeee
He shouted in high pitch..
But for his bad luck.dexture saw vickys phone falling down..so it tried to take in its mouth n give him..in this process the fm turned on n the song.jiya jalei started to play..
Vicky couldn’t stop his laugh which made geet irritated..she smudged the leftover chocolate on his face wiping the laugh from him..she laughed looking him all messed up..
The 3 were running chasing playing n laughing..

maan was standing in the balcony n watching it.a small smile lingered on his lips…
Kala came with coffee ..she called him ..but he didn’t turn..so she came near n watched what made him lost in thought .she too saw geet n vicky playing..she decided..its long time she should talk to maan..
She tapped his shoulder n gave his coffee..
Kala:chotu,gudia is happy with Vicky..he is also one of the reasons that gudia got cured soon..
Maan sipped his coffee silently showing he is not interested to talk more..
Kala:chotu..aur kitne din tum yahaan akelei..aur dadi n Vicky wahaan mansion mein..ek saath rahenge tho kitna ach

maan:kala akka..im getting late..app break fast lagayiye..mei aathi hoon..he gave the glass to her n went inside..
kala sighed..she expected this cold behavior from him..he never listens or answers to her if its regarding the distance between 2 houses..
now its only one person who can do this..gudia..she has brought many changes in chotu..she can bring this two brothers also together..i must talk to her when the time comes..


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