U,Me,Aur?? – Part 121

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PART 121

PART 121

Maan dressed up n waited for geet..she came cribbing to babaji..maan pulled her by waist hugging her..
Maan:geet..give some rest to babaji..
Geet:prince aap bhi..you know what happened..vicky was …
He placed his fingers on her lips..
Maan:bas bhi karo jaan..
He closed the distance between their lips..she tasted chocolate..
Maan:u taste delicious.mishty.now shall I leave for office..its getting late..
She frowned..
Maan:I want u evening in our office..

Maan:no excuses..u have already ignoring office..ur works are bending..n I don’t want to give that to others..samji..
How can she deny him..she will be with her prince..n that gives her happiness…her mind was running with romantic thoughts
Maan:day dreaming huh..
Geet: no…she shied..he can understand what is running in her mind..but he is also msk..he has his own plans..
Maan:ok..get ready n go to college..we will meet in evening
Maan:no baby..i have a video conference at that time..sry..
She was disappointed
Maan:we will meet in office dear..dont be sad..work is also important na
Geet: hmm
Maan:ok..now smile n say bye..
Geet kissed him n smiled saying him bye..
Geet got ready n went to mansion..vicky was ready..
Vicky:baby..u took my bag with u..how will I do the assignment..proff.will scold me
Geet:gud..u deserve it for teasing me..
Vicky:will u be happy to see me get taunted..
He very well know the answer..she will be the most hurted than him..
Geet gave him his bag..he saw his assignment completed..
Geet:do u think I will let u get scold..
Vicky hugged her..i love you baby..ummah..thank you so much for taking the burden..i was thinking how to finish it..i don’t know how to do it..u completed it..wow..
Geets face was worth watching..with her mouth opened wide..
Geet:so only u did not call me..
Geet started to hit him with her small fists..u cheat..u made me do ur work..
Vicky ran from her n she chased him..he jumped over the sofa..geet climbed on sofa to catch him..
Vicky:I didn’t ask u to take my bag..its u who took it..
Geet sat on the sofa n pouted..yup..i only took it..
Dadi who came there saw them running n chasing
Dadi:I think u both have college..if u play like kids this early morning u will stay here only..n geet beta..u already missed ur classes last week..u must think about ur attendance too..
Geet:ji dadi..we are going..
Kala::gudia,vicky..come have ur break fast..n then u can leave..
Ji di..
Both had their bf n left to college..
Dadi:kala..ye bache kitni kush hai..ek dusrei ke saath..n Vicky..he has totally changed..he is no more quite..he tries some or anyways to irritate gudia..wo bhi..kitni badal chuki hai..how much we feared for her..see now how they both behave..ye bhagwaan ka khek bhi na..kisiko samaj nehi aatha..only he knows..
Kala:hmm..even we can understand god..but to understand chotu is the biggest thing..’dadi:what?why?
Kala:wahi tho..i too cant understand..we know his behavior towards you n vicky..we rareky saw him before in mansions..n he talks to u only about office..but now he talks with u normally…he let gudia come here n play with Vicky..he made admission for both in same class.. he comes here sometimes for u or to take gudia..but if he really hates Vicky,then how can he let his wife here.before he wont even turn on vickys side..but now he smiles seeing gudia n Vicky playing..
Dadi:sach kala.
Kala:haan dadi..from morning im breaking my head..he is changing..but he wont accept..i talked to chotu about Vicky..but he avoided it..but I saw the smile on his face adoring geet n vickys play..when he can do all this,then y cant he talk..ismei problem kya hai..
Dadi closed her eyes n thanked god..she was in tears…
Dadi:wo tho zidhi haihi..we know..but he has changed this much..its really happy for me to hear..all is gud from when geet entered our life..
Kala:that’s true..n I wish, her luck works between this two brothers..n the wall between this two houses break..

Geet n Vicky were in classes..geet was feeling sleepy after the passionate night..she blushed thinking how far they have gone.vicky nudged her to concentrate n geet finally manged to
Listen to classes..
During lunch time she went to park n expected man..though he said he wont be available she expected him..she even cribbed to pickachu.that man did not come to see her..
Man watched her going to park..he had no video conference..but he was thinking about geet n her studies..he can see it in one day..how geet was desperate to be with him..n he also cant avoid her ..buth are like magnets pulled to each other..n someone has to stop or be protective..n he decided he will avoid her as much as he could..so that her studies n health wont get spoiled..but will not make her crave for him too..he will love her same time within limits..
Maan went again n joined with his friends..

Evening geet was waiting for Vicky in parking lot..where Vicky was busy romancing his laila..geet saw arohi n arjun together..
Arjun smiled seeing geet n she returned the same..
Geet tum yahaan..where is ur devar..
She pouted ..
Arohi :he must be with renu..right..isiliye uski baby waiting here..
Vicky :butvicky loves his baby more than anything in this world..
He came from back answering them..
Arohi:hmm..i can see it..
Vicky:hmm..are you both going out together..i cant see our friends near you..huh..i guess can we call a date or dinner night..
Arohi blushed..but he wacked Vicky..
Arohi: Vicky,chup..
Vicky :ok ok..becoz of jiju I am leaving you..go n have a wonderful da…
Vicky:I mean to say wonderful day aroo..what u thought..
Arohi was totally red n arjun laughed seeing her..
Arjun:hmm her car broke down..so im dropping her home n to look after dad..hmm if he accepts I ll consider ur idea of date too,,bye guys..
Geet looked at both who walked hand in hand without caring for students looking at them..
She felt something inside her..something miss..but couldn’t find it.whats it..vicky dropped geet in kc n went to have some time with friends..

As geet entered kc,she talked to everyone..all missed her so much n enquired about her..she cant lie but told she was with her family..
Sasha saw geet chatting with staffs..her anger grew no bounds,
Sasha:aagyai geet madam..
Geet was confused
Sasha started to shout at her..
Sasha:what do u think geet..this is office..u take off from office without informing n come back when u think..samachthe kya ho tum..
All gaped at geet n sasha..they pitied geet for being sasha s prey today..but geet is geet..
Geet:kya mein isei school kaha sashaji..its kc..i know..n adi bhaiya knew im off from here for few days..why should I inform you..jisko jaana hai wo jaanthi hai..

Geet was giving answer coolly..but did not like the way sasha raised her voice..that too before all friends..
Staffs were giggling hearing geets answer..
But Sasha was mad with her answer..it made her blood boil..
Sasha:do u think u r the owner of this company..jab chaha aathiho..ya jaathi ho..
Geet:haan..its m…
Geet was about to spill the truth ..adi came in time hearing the hustle..
He signaled her not to talk anything..
Geet:adi bhaiya..
Sasha:huh aagayi chashmish bhai..ek hai kaam chor aur dusri hai uski bhai..
Sasha really thought adi as geets bro..so only geet is getting special attention..she want to spoil it..n make this two thrown out from kc..adi was the most humblest n a trustable person for man n dadi..with him around she cant get near man ..n that irritated her more..
Geet:shut ur mouth..any word about my bro I ll make u out from here..

Sasha:dare u geet..im senior here..i ll report to mk..
Adi pulled geet:geet..chup raho..sasha go n do ur work..
Geet:no bhai..how dare she raises voice on me..
She turned to sasha
Geet:go..who dares if u complain to prince..mei bhi kahoongi what u told about bhai..
Sashas s blood boiled again hearing the word prince..kc suddenly looked like a war field..adi was pulling geet..n geet was not going with him..she was answering back to sasha..tit for tat..sasha was enraged with geets behavior..
Adi came to geets ears n whispered..
Adi:geet,a word more I ll say to ur prince..geet is misbehaving with sasha before all..n what will happen if all knows u r his wife..the mds wife behaving so silly with their staff..
Adi knew geets behavior..she is always a caring lovable girl..but she too can fight.a billy sherni bangayi..he laughed mentally..on other side he felt proud..she did not fight for herself but for him..just like a sister would do for her own brother..he felt very close n affectionate with her..he want to protect her from this world..he knew his boss is more protective for her..
Adi:come with me geet..sir wants to meet u..
Geet again wasa billi..she don’t want to lose the time which she spends with her husband..
So she went back adi without words..
But adi turned to sasha:sasha,everyone has some abilities n disabilities..see the abilities of the person like man sir do..i think u have more work to do than concentrating on my specs..
The whole staff laughed..n sasha went away fuming..geet was happy as adi retorted back..she entwingled her fingers with his..excellent answer bhai..aapne us gadhe ki mun dekhi..kitni choti hogayi..badi aayi humein kaam sikane wali..
Adi just laughed n took her to maans cabin..
Maan looked up n saw geet..he was engrossed in some work ..so he did not talk but concentrated on his work again..
Geets face fell down..she was excited thinking man will smile wide n hug her romance her..but he ignored her
Geet:dekhiye babji..wo mujei deke bhi andheka kardiya..
Adi just left them both to sort themselves..he don’t want to be there ampire now…
Maan looked up
Maan:geet if u have done ur complains..here is the file..go to sasha n take her help..

Geet :never..that too with that sasha..i hate her..
Man was amused seeing his childish wifey angry on a mere staff
Was she still thinking about the past happenings..he thought..
Maan:sweety,she is gud at her work..perfectionist n experienced..if u work with her u will get to know about this field more..
Geet :I ll prefer to work with someone else..not with that flat faced Chinese..gorilla..
She looked cute with that pout n maan want to pill her cheeks..he laughed at her new found profones..
Man:darling..language..she is senior ..
She again cursed sasha under her breathe but it was not audible to maan..
Man:geet..if u don’t want to work u can go home..
This time he was serious..
Geet:I ll work..by my own..aap hai..adi bhaiya hai..i ll ask u all if I need help..but not sasha.
Man sensed something is more with sasha n geet or geet would never go against his words..
Man smiled:ok..go to ur cabin n work..
Geet:hmm..i ll work here in ur cabin..
Man read her mind..
He stood up..
Man:ok if u want u can..but im going to visit a site..will be late..when u finish this file u go home..i ll say adi..
Geets face fell down..maan is not going to be with her..all her romantic thoughts gayi pani mein..
Man cupped her face n kissed her..her smile was back on her face with his one kiss..
Man:now go n work..
Geet nodded like an obedient child..n went to her cabin..
Maan sent her snacks n milk…n asked adi to look after her..
After finishing her work geet went to house..she slept on couch waiting for man..
Man came late night n lifted her in his arms n placed on the bed..he pecked her lips:goodnight princess..this is the only way to be away from you..i know u will be mad when u come to know im avoiding to be with you..
He went n freshed up..he checked her bag..if she had done her college works..n he was happy she has finished everything..
He took her in his arms n slept soon..

The week passed quickly the way maan thought.like he planned..there was little romance but never he loved her..geet was active on day times n slept soon at nights..geet was desperate to be in maans arms…maan was keeping distance without making her feel that..same time whenever geet saw arohi n arjun she felt something is missing in her life..but with vicky,friends,office studies n works geet did not strain to think what s it..

It was weekend..Saturday..
Geet was in office working with maan full day..she saw him thru the glass partition..she cant take her eyes off..the way he looks the file taps the lappy..talking to his staffs..attending the phones..the way he leads the meetings..geet was drooling his every moves ..adi who came inside her cabin saw her oogling man..he gave his signature laugh..he he he..
But then realized what he did..he cleared his throat..whereas geet was all red..she averted her gaze n looked at the file which she was working.but she gave a heavy sigh..it made adi realize geet missing him..
Geet:ji bhaiya..
Adi:sir is.busy 24×7.u can see it..
Geet :I know bhaiya.
Adi:do u know what..i really admire him..he tops in studies..i hv never seen him studying,but how he tops I don’t know..n kc..its nearly in top of first position..n all credit to man sir..
As adi started to praise man..she felt very proud..very proud to be near him..
.she too doesn’t know how he copes up all..he was a tterror to all staffs n business..but he is a loving caring yet very polite with her..he bares her all tantrums.
Adi saw her lost again..
He silently moved out forgetting the file he brought in his hand on her table..
When man turned her side n saw her drooling on him,he closed the blinds so that he can also work without drooling her..
Geet:dush dhanav..closed the blinds too..huh..
Both started to concentrate on their work..it was lunch time when geet went to his cabin n saw he was not there..she opened the blinds n came to her cabin..she saw the file..she took n read the name…
Hoshiarpur college.
She touched the name..she was nostalgic..the memories flashed her mind..how the villagers treated her..how close she was to all..the last memory of her parents shook her existence..tears formed her eyes..she was going thru the file which showed the college under construction..
She hugged the file like she was feeling her closed ones..
Maan who just entered saw her emotional..she kept the file n closed her eyes..he came there n saw the file..
Finally,She remembered n miss them..
He closed the file n hugged her..she hugged him seeking solace in his embrace..
After a while she was calm..n her stomach growled in hunger..
maan:lets have lunch..
man did not question her anything..both had their lunch silently..after lunch man went out again for some meeting..n geet was thinking about man..she saw adi placing a pile of files on maans table..
geet:so,prince will not come home early today too..but,today is Saturday..noways im going to let him work tonight..he will come to me for sure..
she smiled thinking about her plan..mission man coming home..n hmm hmm..
she blushed hard at her romantic thoughts..

precap:will geets plan succeedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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