Geetanjali – Epilogue 2




Maan turned n looked at the kids..why geet is screaming in fear seeing them..maan chuckled..there is standing his cuties with the small snakes in can he forget geet is scared only to snakes..

Maan:geet,ye tho chota hai..he moved n took the big snake behind the kids..

Maan:ye iska bache hai..n they know they wont harm..maan ,pls..leave it..muje dar lagraha hai..geet was turning pale n shivering..maan:ok..ok..he took it n left it near the tree hole..he took the small snakes which were trying to get rid from his childrens,as they were holding it hard so it may not move..maan took them n dropped it near its mother snake..they moved fast inside the whole like it want to escape from their enemies,before they crush them as juice..

Geet was relieved

Maan:geet when I am their why r u worrying..

Geet:what if the snake bites..

Maan:ye humari jungle hain..aur jo bi animals n birds are there,they are also ours..n they listen to my words’

Maan can feel geet still shivering..he took her in embrace..kuch nehi hoga jaan..jab tak mei zinda hoon,I wont let a tear in urs n childrens me,this snakes wont harm us..

Maan was about to peck her lips..aroo called them..mama papa..pani..bohut pani..

Ani:maa paani..deko..

They are standing in the banks of the river..

Maan was frustrated every time he moves near geet they interrupted their romantic moments..maan was annoyed..but geet was enjoying the plight of maan with shy..


Maan:removed the cloths of childrens..there was a small tub near a tree n the water was flowing in it too..maan placed both kids..

now u both can enjoy the water..let me enjoy with ur mama..

He lifted geet n moved inside water..he threw her inside it..bohut hasi aarahi thi na tumhei..ab haslo..he took of his vests n tracks n dived into the water..

Geet gulped her saliva..ani n aroo was enjoying the sight n playing.splashing water on each other.

.they looked at their parents..maan was trying to get hold of geet..but geet was going away from him every time’they both were playing inside the water like two fishes..aaroo laughed seeing his dada couldn’t catch his mother..n she was showing her tongue out n went inside the water..maan was now in determination..he went deep inside the water n found her..geet was looking for man ..he pulled her into the was so sudden..she screamed..but she was sealed by his lips..maan kissed her hungrily..he pulled her by waist close to him..she encircled her arms around his neck..both were lost in each other forgetting the surrounding’


Maneet opened their eyes n instantly parted n came out of water only to see the both cuties their parents were out of sight,they got scared ..feeling left,they cried in top of their voice..making maneet come out of their romance’

Maneet came n took the their eyes were trailed with tears missing maneet..n both pouted cutely seeing them back..

Maan:sry baby..sry..papa ko maaf kardo..ache bache haina..

aroo slapped maan..n maan took his complaints silently..geet also consoled them with her sweet talks..

geet took the towel n wiped both n changed them to dry clothes..ani aroo still was sobbing..

geet:maan,I think we must give them breakfast..its late..

maan:hmm..lets go back..

both moved to the house’geet placed them on floor n gave them toys to play ..


maan was already inside kitchen to make breakfast..geet too joined him..soon they made the food n came to kids.. ..but they are msks kids ..still,they were sitting their with grumpy face..

both had to manofy a lot ..ani was dadas princess n being so sweet she cooled down quickly..but making aroo cool down was like making sun rise in west..he was stubborn n did not take food..maan took him a piggy bag ride around the house n geet was feeding him with lots of buttering..then only he cooled down..

they came back n had their breakfast..

maan:im feeling tired..

geet:hoga na..aap ithni kaam jo ki hai..

she giggled making maan more annoyed..he glared at her..

geet:mr..hubby..u r breaking ur promise..

maan knotted his brows..

geet:ur big eyes..

maan smiled n nodded his head saying he wont break his promise..

maan:how much u want to annoy me..u can dear..but u will pay for it heavily..when I get the payback time..

geet smiled sheepishly thinking how wild he may go ..


after that both cleaned the plates n started to prepare the lunch..geet made milkshakes for kids..n thought to give after sometime’man kept the veg in cooker..she started to make dough for rotis .. maan came from behind n encircled her waist.

.he nuzzled his nose on her nape..she moaned..


hmmm r there..

maan:they are playing..let me love u for some time..

he placed her hair one her back was visible..he placed kisses on her spine..she arched her back leaning on him..


shh geet..he moved his fingers on her arms’she was totally glued to his body..his sweet torture was unable to handle for her..he pulled her more to his frame..she blushed feeling his arousal..



maan rubbed his stubble on her cheek..

geet:u will be flooding soon..

maan:what to do..when my childrens are my biggest enemies of romance..

both were lost in their world..did not see the two pairs of small cute eyes looking at them with anger..ani n aroo looked at each other..

ani:aru..maa dada..booli(boolgayi)

aru:hmm..dada ko  mei’

his eyes twinkled in mischievous..he slowly climbed on the chair near by..

ani thought he is going to take milkshake’but aroo was clever..he opened the bottle with full effort n threw it on maneet..haha..maneet drenched in milkshake..geet was in maans embrace,so she was partly drenched..poor maan’feeling the sudden liquid both jumped..geet knew its their chota devils work who was standing their with fuming eyes..she closed maans eyes..

geet:maan,pls don’t show ur big eyes n scare them..

she said giggling’

 maan:leave me I will drench him also in milk..

geet:its ur fault..why are u scolding him..

 maan:my fault..

geet:yes yours..

maan: how?

Geet:I warned u maan babies are there..u only told they are playing..ab look funny maan..geet chuckled seeing his state..

maan:I am sticky..

geet:yup..go n bath maan..i will clean the mess’


while both were busy talking ani n aroo looked here n there..they were hungry..n their moma n dada were busy with each other.. pointed fridge to aaroo..n aroo understood,they can get something to eat from many times they have see their nana,nani,mama n uncle taking fruits n jam from there..both pulled the door with their small hands n successfully opened..only vegetables can be viewed from their height..ani climbed inside the self..the chillness made her hands numb..she came down..n twisted her lips..

aaroo now climbed the shelf..he looked for fruits..he couldn’t..then he took the jam n gave to ani..he saw eggs..poor aaroo did not know its not he took it’he was not able to clutch it tight..


maneet turned to the sound n saw the mischief of their kids..ani was eating jam with her fingers n jam was smudged all over the face

n aaroo was looking at the broken egg is gone..he reached other one..


geet:aaroo no..


before she reach he dropped that too on floor..geet lifted aroo n closed the fridge..she looked around the side maan standing in milkshake..other side ani smudged in jam..aaroo ‘s dress was also she lifted him with flour hand…the floor full of milkshake n broken eggs..

geet:god,what I will do with these naughty khuranas’


he winked..

geet:maan,I am angry on you..all this becoz of u..u  kept me distracted

maan:don’t worry jaan..mein hoon na..

geet:I did not ask u for srk film listen to what I am saying..


 maan: mama bohut guzza hai let us keep our fingers in mouth n quietly listen to ur mama..maan himself n made the kids to keep the fingers on mouth..geet laughed seeing maans attempt

geet:maan,u r impossible..

maan:I am possible for u darling..

geet:ab bohut hogaya..are u taking them to clean or will u clean this mess..

maan:anything u say dear..common angels lets have an another wonderful sunbath..he lifted both n went to the river..geet was very happy..there was no more black memories..maan is trying his best n giving them all which she never expected..the lonely life with kids’n her worries all are vanishing with maans utmost care n love..the dream of hers a happy family with loving husband n cute kids..what else she want in this life..i want to fulfill my maans wish..i want a baby again..i too want to experience how it will be with ur husband beside me when I carry our love within me’what baby it will be boy or girl..or twins like ani n aroo..omg..can I handle the twins again..

her every nerve jittered with the thought of being a mother excitement came within her along with it thinking about their night… her dreams where never ending’maan has returned back ..he placed the kids in chair ..he turned n saw geet still in same position smiling to herself n blushing..

maan: ye lo..dont blame me again sweet heart..

geet came back out of her world..with his voice..


maan:if u blush like this then I will surely take u now itself..dont make me hard..

geet looked at floor in shy..

maan:what are u thinking..let me guess..ur cheeks are red like I think u must have been ur husband will look at bed..

geets cheeks burned..he came near her ear n whispered huskily making her drive insane..


 maan: even im thinking same will u be with me at bed..will u be able to keep my passion or u will faint..

geet was lost in his words..he was turning besharm..

maan:hmm besharam hoon..n poora besharam dikaunga ..after all it is our honey moon ..wait till the kids sleep..i will make u also besharam..

geet was all sharam se pani pani..

maan:ok dear..enough of are hungry..will u place the table..roti tho nehi ready we must go with rice only..


seeing her state maan himself settled the table..he took rice in bowl n smashed it..he added the dal n ghee..he wrapped the bib around the kids neck n started to feed them..

maan: if u stand like this na jaan..kuch nehi hone wala than the time pass..clean the kitchen soon n ur hands too..see it is dry..


her knees were turned jelly n she was turned up only by his words..what will happen when the kids sleep..she took the cloth n wiped the mess..

maan successfully fed the kids many times he has seen geet feeding them ..telling them stories n talking to them in their language..he used the same trick n fed them..maneet too had their lunch..

maan:we must make them sleep..

she can read the hidden meaning too..both took them to the bed..will the two sleep..when they are enjoying the surroundings..maneet only turned tired seeing them playing..both sat on either sides of bed patting them to sleep..both were throwing their legs in air n talking between themselves in baby language..after whole 1 hr they slept’


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