Geetanjali – Epilogue 3

Epilogue 3

maan:n geet too slept becoz of tiredness’it was two hrs,maneet n kids were sleeping..ani was the one who woke up first..she rubbed her eyes with back of palm..she saw the other 3 sleeping peacefully..she climbed over aroo, n shook him hard,making him woke up’



(nini nehi aarahi hai)

Ani :bujiiiMonkey Icons Cici

:she screamed loud in happiness showing her hands out..maneet wokeup with the sound of them..

Maaan:kya hua princess..

Geet:why u r screaming..aroo ne kuch kiya..

Aroo:ye lo..why all think I will be the one to make them cry..he  made a puppy face..

 maan: geet,he is quiet..he did not do anything..

aaroo:hi.mere papa muje support karrahi hai..

maan:he will torture me only,not princess..

aroo:uff..ek minute meine sochatha..dada supports me..but usual he teases me..chalo aaroo aaj dada se katti..dikado tum bi uski bte ho..aarav maan singh khurana..torture karthi hoona meinaapka..i will show u dada what is real torture..he smirked mentally..maan saw it..

maan:ye devil ki mind mei kya chalraha hai..zaroor mujei tang karnekeliye kuch sochrahi hogi.

ani showed the tree outside..

ani:buji..mera buji’

geet:maan,ani ki dora buji dolls kahaan hai..shayad wo wahi poochrahi hai..

maan:wo..i did not bring it..i brought all new ones..n night in hurry it left my mind..

geet:aaro ki spiderman..


maan:wo bi laana boolgayi..

maan made a sad is not going to be easy..for him to manofy them without their favourite aaroo st:,dada ab aayega mazaa..

aaroo:sidl man..mama sidl man

geet:lo,aapka laadla ka spiderman chahiye..

ani:buji..buji..Monkey Icons Cici

she again showed outside n cried..

maan: princess don’t cry..


maan:geet she is pointing outside..let me see what is she showing..

maan:princess ko bahar dekna hai kya..


:maan saw a monkey in tree..seeing them it got scared n climbed up

 maan: oh,so u saw the monkey..


maan: u thought it as ur buji..but its real monkey princess..


aroos devil mind laughed.LOLBig smile.ab meri bari hai..

aroo:sidel man

maan:princess,ye asli monkey hai..u cant play with it..

geet:u told maan,all birds n animals belong to us..they will listen to the monkey n make it stay near for a while, aaroo bi chup hojayega..

maan:smiled sheepishly..LOLhe he geet..LOL

geet:what is this laugh for?

maan:geetu monkey haina..

geet:haan ye monkey hai..mei donkey thodi na bola..LOL

maan:it is scared of me..ROFL


geet was shocked,but maan was grinning a mad man..

maan: after u left I was so frustrated n blasted on everyone..adi told me to take a break as I fired most of the staffs..n I came here. ,fruits  n whatever things I kept for my use got  vanish..then I found it is this was having banana that day which it stole from my table..i took the gun n shot the was scared seeing it…from that day it never comes near me nor disturb me..

geet:wah wah..kya ache kaam ki hai apne..ek jaanwar ko bhi nehi choda..LOL

maan:ab mein kya karun..

geet:u better leave for a while..i ll make it come here..

maan left..

geet took bananas n kept near the window pane

geet:rama,come here..take it..

monkey looked at maan who was standing few trees away from the gathered the strength n came took the banana hurriedly n jumped up to the heights of branches..

geet kept a papaya..

the monkey scratched its head..ani n aroo also imitated the monkey..

monkey again scratched its was thinking to go or again saw maan who was looking up on it again went near the window n hesitatingly took the papaya n returned back to its looked down maan was not geet again kept eatables one by one ..sometimes throwing it to monkey n making it catch..n few minutes monkey was comfortable around geet n kids..n kids were enjoying the monkeys mischieves..


here maan was getting bored n his neck ached looking up..uff..when will they call me back..maan heared some moments at he went to look for it..maan looked at the was a banana leaf moving..maan took it n saw a small baby monkey inside was placed on dry leaves n covered with banana leaf.the sun rays has disturbed its sleep..maan looked at the small was scared seeing him..he plucked some fruits n gave it ..then covered it again..he came to tree house n took the axe n nails n came down..still  geet n kids were playing..maan started to cut the branches of trees n soon made a small wood house..geet along with kids came down hearing the sound’monkey feared to come near was looking at its baby..will it be safe’maan climbed the tree near by n placed the wood house between the branches..he took the grass n spread it inside..he took the baby monkey..the mother monkey screamed thinking he will harm its baby..maan gently placed it inside n kept a bowl of water with some fruits which geet gave..

monkey was looking at maan..

maan:..ur baby is safe..n now it will sleep peacefully’I wont harm it..n u too’monkey went away like it understood him..

maaneet came to the front side ..

aroo showed his big eyes spitting anger..

maan:now what?

Aroo:mera spdr man..(my spider man)

Ani:my buji..

Geet was looking at the two kids who are missing their favourite toys n now monkey has also went away..maneet knotted their brows thinking what to do..their angels were in verge of crying..

Ani:dada buji..up..down..she was animating with her hands showing tree n maan..

It took some minutes for maneet to understand what their little princess was saying..

Geet started to laugh loudly..while maan was looking at his princess with frown..but he has promised himself he will give them every he climbed the tree from one branch to other like what the cartoons will do..aaroo was also happy as his spider man too does this in tv..both ani n aroo were clapping n enjoying the circus show that their dada was doing  for them..geet was gigling continuously..when maan stopped aaroo will scream in his high tone making their ear drums deaf n maan has to climb,jump n dance for them..noone of the outer world will believe,The great Maan Singh KHurana has turned a joker before his kids..

Geet stopped her laugh when she saw a pinch of pain in his face..still he hided it n continued..geet came to him n stopped him..she took his hands n saw a piece of wood pierced in his hands n was bleeding..

Maan:nothing jaan..

The kids too looked at him worriedly..

Maan:kuch nehi jaan..its small doesn’t pain..geet wiped his blood n kissed his palm softly only to make aaroo frown n man happy..

Maan:jaan..dont do that..otherwise,u know..i can take u here itself.. im trying to reduce ur pain..n u..

Maan:its not reducing my pain..but its awakening the desire inside me..then don’t say kids are here with us.n .chi chi maan.aap besharam hogayi..

Geet looked at him with her eyes opened..though she was red she managed to say

Geet:ok..i let us go n give u first aid..



Both went inside..geet dressed up his wound..though it was small it pained her heart..thats love..chot ek ko lagi n pain is felt by other..he lifted her chin by his index finger..some times I feel am I the right person for u geet..the love u shower on me makes me insane..n now I can’t live without u even for a minute..i love u geet..i love u so much..

He has to express himself ..though both knew they are in love unconditionally..maan was often saying ILU to geet..they are moving ahead,but the love which is not said cant be felt fully as the scar he has given is deep n his words are the one which can take away the scar..

Geet:I know maan..u love me..n I love u too..but I bet u cant love me more than aaroo..

She giggled n took aaroo in her lap..

Maan:hmm..u too cant love me like my princess do..

Both bursted in laugh..they were teasing each other  n playing..they both played with kids and made their dinner ..maneet with kids had their dinner in the open was full moon day n the moon was witnessing the pure lovable family..after all finished their dinner ,maan said geet to make kids sleep,he will go out 4 some time n will be back soon..geet did not question him as she saw some glow in his was surely something which is related to them..may be some surprise she thought..n the nearing night was also not leaving her..her stomach tickled thinking about their togetherness..after all they are going to become one again after more than a yr’


She heared some moments of water which in time slowed down..may be a boat..but boat here kaise..ani n aroo did not let geet sit peacefully..after half an hr maan came back..

Geet:maan,kids are not sleeping without u..

Maan:its common let go out..

He took a bag n filled some things for babies n took ani n geet took aaroo..both were yawning but were stubborn not to sleep

Maan:wont u ask me where we are going..

Geet:no maan..i know u r upto something..n I want to feel it than asking u..

Maan:u will love my surprise’


He hugged her sideways only to get a push by aaroo..

he nodded his head..kuch nehi hosaktha till I have my devil near me..

Maan took them to the river..there was a boat ..maan asked geet to sit in it, With kids n he started the motor..the  river was glowing at night time in full moon 5 minutes they reached the mid of river n there she can see some lights n dias..

The sight was mesmerizing..maan helped geet n kids come was a small glass house in mid of water..maan took the steps up n there was a lift which took them under water.. was all filmy for geet..she has seen in America the under water museums..but maan making it for their own something which she never expected..she was shocked when the lift opened n gave the view of their beautifully decorated was decorated like it was their Sr..with small candles n red a romantic feel..geets every nerves jolted seeing it..

.the room was parted by another glass which was for kids..the kids can watch the colourful fishes swimming around them..aaroo n ani jumped in maneet hands to leave them on floor..n they did..soon kids were trying to catch the fishes which were touching the walls of the glass..

Maan looked at them n slowly cornered geet to the other side..his eyes full of naughty n mischief..geet gulped her saliva seeing it..

Maan:today there will be no barrier between us..n I think kids also wont disturb is the surprise mrs.khurana..

Geet was all shy..she lowered her head n looks like MSK style..i am impressed my sexy hubby..

She said teasing him..

Maan came to her will be a long night with ur sexy hubby..are u prepared  wifey..

Geet:im waiting for it hubby..she said playing with his buttons unknowingly undoing it..his bare chest came to her view man saw his effect of him on her..he took of his shirt making her gasp..

He pulled her in his embrace n was about to take her lips..

Geet:maaan bache..

Maan:uff..i forgot..

Both moved to the other side only to see the kids half sleeping..maneet patted them n soon they drifted to sleep..when maan was sure ani n aaroo was having deep slumber,he came to geets side n lifted her in his arms n moved to their side..

 1971 words

next part strictly above 18+

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