Geetanjali – epilogue 5

Epilogue 5
Another year passed..Ani n aroo has grown too much naughty..maan
made vickys admission in delhi n let him stay with them..vickys pampering
always made maan jealous..n he calling his princess as irked
him..but Vicky loved annoying his jij..
in mean time Vicky fell in love with nikita aka niki’.
The very first day he met her as his junior n he had
feelings for her he came straight to geet to confirm is he in love or is it his
infatuation..geet was giving ideas to patofy niki..n finally Vicky proposed
niki n brought her home..everyone was awed with vickys selection..she was
modern yet cultured’she was very cute n kiddish..which ani n aaro liked the
most..niki’s most of her qualities
reflected geet..n they can feel why Vicky has fallen for this girl..nikis
parents too knowing Vicky bil of maan accepted their relation..
Kids were also behind niki calling her maami ..sometimes
made the maansion upside down just to see niki..n to play with her.dadi was
very happy hearing the giggles n laughs filling maansion..
Ani n aroo started learning alphabets n rhymes from
all..they loved painting..
It was one fine morning..
Maan was he came from abroad at midnight
only..geet was in kitchen leaving ani n aroo in nursery to play..they painted
something..n was very eager to show maan..they came to maan n saw him
sleeping..he was facing his back sleeping on stomach.without vest…aroo was
already in anger that he missed maan for 3 days..n now too maan sleeping
without giving importance to them..
aroo looked ani who had the painting things
in her hand..she thought to paint with help of her dada..aaroo took it n came
to maan..he looked at his bare upper..
uff he is small..if any teenager was there they must be
admiring maans features..
but this is aroo..who
loves irritating his father..he slowly painted maans back..n encouraged ani
too..both having fun colouring maans back..

maan first thought geet is playing or tickling him with
some soft thing(brush)..when he felt the chillness of paint ,he turned n looked
his cute devils..who were standing there with the colours..aaroo had a smirk
while ani looked her dada with puppy eyes seeing his annoying look..

Ani:aroo,dada gussa




He damn cared for his dadas much angry maan may
be he will surrender himself atlast to his two cuties..n that aroo knew a lot n
that’s the confidence in him to grow naughtier around maan..




Maan was keeping himself calm only becoz of his princess
cutie pie who is still looking at him with her puppy face which was scared
too..before he could react his room was filled with loud laughter..he turned to
the sight who is making fun of him..his bil..vicky n his fianc nikki.(her
parents were gone abroad so they left in care of dadi here in maansion).then
followed by his lovable wife geet n his pyaari dadi..he cutely frowned at them
for making fun..which made them laugh more..n kids too relaxed n joined the


Geet:ok ok..maan go.. enuf of paint bath..go n fresh up..


Though she tried to hold her giggles,she again bursted into
laughter holding her stomach becoz maans face also had some paint marks which
looked like a joker..


Maan:arghhh..i hate u


He said moving to the washroom..not before smudging his
paint on aroos face..only to make jr.khurana ‘s plan backfiring to him..ani
laughed seeing her bro looking colourful… kya..wo tho bache hai..tum tho nehi..


Maan:mei aapki bache hoona..ab bhi..


He moved taking the towel..


Dadi nodded her head thinking maan is turning kid along with
his kids..


Dadi:geet,give shower to aaroo..kaun baap kaun bacha kuch
samaj mei nehi aaraha hai..sab ki sab shararat karthi hai..


Geet went to kids room n gave shower to him..changing his
dress n then to ani’


Nikki was helping geet dressing kids..




The loud scream of calling her made her shock..why maan is
shouting her name like that..


Maaan:geeet’.where r u?


Geet:mei nursery mei hoon maan..


She continued with her work answering him..


Nikki:bhabhi aap jaayiye..shayad bhaiya ko kuch chahiye..


She said with smile knowing their romaance always in air.


Geet:no nikki..if I go then I cant ‘.she stopped saying what
she was about to blurt(I cant come out of his spell..he will make me stay with
him )


Geet bit her tongue n blushed hard..


Maan came running like he had done a marathon..


Maan:Geet come with me..


Geet: No maan..ive work..


Maan signaled nikki to go out n she obliged him..


Maan:here im restless n what u r thinking..she did not let
him speak as she started to say


Geet:I know what made u restless..not morning sessions..ive more works to kitchen n must check
our London project files too


Maan:chup..bilkul chup..let me complete..


Geet looked at him..he was really restless..his eyes had
some thing ..but she cant understand..was it reflecting happiness..




he gave her the strip..


Maan:u have skipped ur periods..did u remember..


Her heart skipped a beat’she forgot her date..but maan
she can knew its his expectation n eagerness..he pushed her inside the washroom
n paced inside the room..passing every second looked like ages for him’his
heart was pacing fast..

ani n aroo was looking at maan like he is an alien..even
they have felt his weird behavior strange..he looked at the door when he heared
the click sound..geet stepped out..she twisted her lips n bite it..he looked at
her..thousands of emotions mixed in his face..the one word he expected from
her..geet can see his questioning eyes n she nodded her head as yes..her face
was fully red by now’maan lifted her n turned around..


u jaan’


Geet:maan maan..leave me down..


Maan:first lets go to dr..i’ll keep an appointment now..n
from now..u r not coming to office..u will be at home and take rest..u will
take care of baby n our angels..n I will say kaka n inform dadi to give u
healthy foods in enough intervals’then u must be happy worries..i read
baby will be moody if mom is not happy during pregnancy..he was going on n
on..geet was in tears..he forget that she is a mother of twins already n she
knew everything what she will face..but maans love n possessiveness..just
hearing she is pregnant has made him forget everything ..n in happiness he was
blabbering so much ..geet missed this in ani aroos much she
wished maan to be happy when she was
pregnant with ani n aroo..he simply told to abort was a mu that anjali
created..but still it hurts what if she had really done it..maan was also
feeling the same.. how much they may try to push the past it comes infront
haunting them..if geet has aborted he would have missed the two angels ..he
cant even think about it now..he was saying all sweet things n how to take care




she want him to stop or she may break down more which she
don’t want after this happy news’so she just sealed his mouth with hers..she was
wild n maan was shocked as she was kissing before kids .



maan held her by waist
close to him n kissed her tenderly than ever..he kept a little gap between both
their stomach..he was afraid if he held her tight baby may get hurt or feel much brilliant a man may be,when it comes to his love n care
he becomes silly n over possessive..thats what maan was doing..he broke the
kiss to give them a break..n also seeing his possessive aaroo looking at him
with jaws open..haa..that expression was same alike geet..he smirked seeing him
n looked at his angel..who was just starring at what her parents were doing n
why her bro is standing there like
burning maan..


Maan bent on his knees n touched geets stomach n kissed
there..his eyes were moist..he was having happy tears .

.hai baby..u know what im the
happiest man in waiting for ur arrival eagerly..thanks for coming in
our life..


Maan:thanks geet..thanks for the wonderful gift..


He pecked her forehead lovingly..


Geet:maan..i must say thank you to u have made me
feel special..thanks for making me a mother again..n make me feel my motherhood


Maan:again..haan ya..


He has forget that she had faced it before..


Maan:am I have seen them after grown
upna that’s y it slipped out of my mind..


Geet:maan we have decided not to go into don’t
think about it..let me cherish this time..haan..but iska matlab ye nehi ki aap
jo bhi kahengi mein sunoongi..




Geet:haan..u r behaving like im a small kid..i don’t know
anything..i will come to office..ive worked even when I was carrying ani n




Geet: maan I think we must share this news to our
family..they will be happy..


Maan:yaa..i will only say them’


Geet:ok..ab chalo..




He turned to his angels n took them on either side of his


Maan:angels another baby is coming..ur sibling..u r going to
play with the baby..


Ani aroo :baby.. will love its brother n sister a lot ..


Though they didn’t understand much they thought it to be
some toy which they can play n they grinned ear to ear..






Maaneet came to dining with kids..vicky dadi n nikki were


Nikki who saw both blushing started to tease.


Nikki:bhai bhabhi..why u both are blushing..


Vicky:oh fo nikki..why u are asking about their morning romance..


Maan showed his big eyes giving him an angry glare..vicky n
others giggled seeing his face’.


Nikki..:I thought..aroos colour is still on bhai..i have
never seen men blushing..


Dadi:I have also not seen men blushing..


How can she leave the chance to tease maan.


Vicky:I never blush dadi..but u can see jij blushing


Maan made his face stern.


Maan:I want to say something..but u all are not letting me


As it was going too




kids were now in Vicky n nikkis arms..dadi was calling ani n aroo but
vicky n nikky were denying to give to dadi’


Dadi faked anger turning other side..


Dadi:hmm..i hv two grand childrens but see they are busy
with the persons who brib them with dolls n chocolates who will be with
this old dadi..


Maan:the new family member..




Maan:ur another grand daughter.. will be her grand son..


Maan:no will be my princess..


Geet:no prince..


Maan n geet were fighting n dadi Vicky n nikki was shocked..


Did we hear what maan said’it means means’


The next second maaneet n dadi including kids closed their
ears hearing the scream.of Vicky nikki..


Vikky nikki:w’o’.w..another angel is coming me going to be
uncle/me aunty


bhai bhabhi../di jij..congo shongo’


they were shouting in top voice..


Maan:chup..vicky nikki..chup..see babies are scared..


Maan came to his msk mode to make them shut’they both nodded
their heads n kept quiet..but was dancing with kids enjoying the happy news..


Geet came n touched dadis feet..


Dadi:im happy for u both..jeethi that’s the reason
behind this colour..of dark red


Maan:yes dadi..


Dadi called nakul n ordered him to make sweets to celebrate
this happy the time maan made
appointment to dr for check up..he did not leave geet for a minute was
his dream that is coming true..he threw aroo up in air n catched him..he was
happy ..aroo kicked his legs in air..he loved the flying feel..maan kissed his
cheeks n anies too..


Maan:now I’ll have one more princess..




Dadi:uff..when u both will stop this kiddish fights..beta
jau aur hospital keliye tayaar ho jau..




Vicky was thinky deeply with his fingers in his cheeks..


Maan:what? I said what if its twins..


Maan:hmm then it will be 2 princess..


Vicky:if its boys..


Geet came there..


Geet:I said na if it is twins too this time it will be 2


Nikki was having fun seeing them fight for gender..


Dadi:stop it u will be a boy n girl khush… go to





Maaneet went to dr..she checked up n confirmed the pregnancy
,,she tested geet n said she is fine n healthy foods along with multi vitamin
tablets were enough as it is only 37 geet went with operation the
previous time..this time also she must undergo csection she need to
take iron based food n keep her blood the lack of loss of blood
wont affect her..


Maan thanked the dr n came out..he was holding geets hands n
his another hand encircled her waist supporting her to walk..


Geet stopped walking n looked at him with anger filled


Geet:maan,whats this?


Maan did not understand why she is angry..he looked at her
with blank expression..she shoved his hands n stood facing him..


Geet:I can walk maan..why u r treating me like I need
support to walk..




He gulped his saliva..from morning he is being over
reacting..but he could not help it from doing like that..he want to be with her
in every step..


She stamped her feet n walked away..maan ran behind her..


Geet’s 4 hours he is irritating me..he
stuck with me..not leaving me for a minute..reacting very possessive like an
obsessive lover’ I am annoyed with his
acts..what will happen in rest of me..from my husbands
possessive nature..


She made a short prayer n sat in car with grumpy face..


Maan stopped the car in a fruit stall..he ordered juice for
her..n bought lots of fruits for her to eat..





The day was just the months passed his
possessiveness only grow up for her’one side geet loved it..other side she was
irritated to extent..maan has to go to office as she pressurized .or he stayed
at home..maan was making sure in all ways geet had full rest n had healthy
foods.she puked everything that she ate..maan will take care ..n again stuff
her with foods…he played with kids..n kept them before his they
won’t hurt geet by making run after them..ani n aroo too started to talk 2
their sibling..




It was end of four months..n geets mood swings too
started’what ,when how she will behave..noone knews..maan has to tolerate her
along with kids..she behaved like a stubborn kid..asking for icecreams,panipuri
,maango,spicy things sometimes n sweet things times it was easy
for maan to handle..but her mid night cravings made him test his patience..n he
brought it for her..after all he is msk..nothing is impossible for him..




It was Geets first scan..maan was nervous looking at the
screen ..dr.was applying the gel in geets stomach n placing the instrument over
it.. she stopped..hearing the double
heart beats..




Maaneet got worried..


Maan:what anything wrong..


Dr:no mr.khurana..its a gud news..there are two fetus
growing up..


She turned to geet: its twins again ‘mrs.khurana..

happiness was boundless..maan gripped geets hands in his..n kissed her


Maan looked at the screen which dr,was was only
black n white he knew nothing ..but he was happy..they heared dr.explaining
about babies functions.n made them listen babies heart beat..maaneet heared
it..maan was in tears at end..he cherished every moment which he missed


The drive to maansion was silent..she too kept quiet..knowing he is very emotional’


He parked the car in a lonely place n hugged her..she
soothed him by caressing his back..


Maan:I missed it..


Geet:I know..but u are with me now..


Maan:hmm..n I will never leave u alone..i will capture all
the moments in my heart..


Geet:maan lets go home..mujei halwa khani hai..


Maan smiled..n moved to maansion..




Geet was sharing the gud news with all..maan came with halwa’


Geet closed her mouth..i don’t want halwa..i want
spicy..chilli aachar..


Maan:geet u only asked for halwa..


Geet:mujei ab spicy khanei ki maan hai..


Maan looked her like she has two horns’


Dadi :maan,twins haina..yesa hotha hai..


Vicky:but dadi,she did not behave like this was
rare..that too a month before labour only she did like this..


All looked at geet who was now eating the spicy aachar..she
was licking her lips with her tongue as it is the most sweetest thing..


After having enuf,She looked at Vicky n said..


Geet:that time I controlled myself..n mostly I was thinking
about my future with kids..


There was silence in hall..


Geet:ab tho mujei chintha karne ki koi zaroorath nehi na,,my
hubby is with me..n he does everything for me..


Maan took her in embrace


Maan:sorry..sorry for not being with u.. I have no complaints..when u r taking
care of me..n wen will u stop this sry puran..


Maan:I have made such a mistake,even if I am trying my
mistakes comes before me..what can I do..


Geet:maan,I want chocolate icecream now..


Maan smiled:5 minutes baby..


He took the car n went to icecream parlour n came soon to
fulfill her wish..




It was 7 months..


Ani n aroo will touch the big belly of geet..they will talk
with the babies..n feel them kicking..if maan was possessive,these two were sticky
n always beside her not leaving her for a minute..they want to be with the babies.they slept holding geets
became hard for geet with both..geet finally made a decision n convinced maan too
to join kids in play school..she can be relaxed atleast for 3 hrs..n ani n aroo
will also learn to study..




ani n aroo started going to school..the first day ..ani n
aroo held their hands n waved bye to their parents..


maan:geet,what if they need some will they ask an
unknown person..n my kids they wont feel will they eat n drink..what
if they are sleepy…what if the teachers did not take care of them..what if
they don’t like the school..what if they r not comfortable with other kids ..


He was blabbering n panicking to leave them alone..


Geet:mr.maan singh khurana..chup..bilkul chup’they are not
the only kids to go to school..we have already done research on schools n have
chosen the best for zip ur mouth n ur panicking heart..they will be
fine than you’


she yelled at him..


maan looked on the kids ..they were confidently walking with
the teacher who showed them their favourite toys n gave chocolates… other
side geet was walking away.stamping her feet…he sighed n followed his wife to
maanofy her’he has no other way..n he has to work hard to made her talk with
him..geet n her mood swings..






maaneet came to pick up kids..n the first what they got was
complaint about aroo..he beat a boy..


geet :aroo what is that..why u beat the boy..


aroo :he laughed at ani..




aaroo n ani started to explain what happened..




all were playing throw was anis turn to catch the
ball..the kid next to ani stumbled n ani missed to catch’the boy next to ani
laughed at her..


boy:u look so bubbly’but u cant even catch a ball..the other
kids too laughed..


n aroo being a possessive brother could not take the insult
of his sister.who was standing there with heads down..n moisted eyes…he punched the



geet was holding ani..


maan took aroo in his arms n silently whispered in his


well done my boy..u taught hima gud lesson for messing up
with ur sister..


geet:whats that..


maan:kuch nehi..i was saying..hmm..erm..haan..fighting is
not gud..


geet:hmm..tell him..not to fight..they are also kids..


aroo n maan gave hi5 behind geet..the teacher was about to
faint seeing the dad n son joining hands
to be mischief..


maaneet went back to mansion..


he saw pandit..he looked at dadi..


dadi:wo..we did not do anything at the time of ani n
aroo..but this time I want everything which I missed..we have decided to do
baby shower by the week end..


maan don’t know much about rituals..but if it
means babies n geet gets blessing from elders n that’s some sort of function to
celebrate..he will do it..




the week end..the whole mansion was per geets
choice..maan made it a grand function calling his n geets close friends n staffs..ani n aroo enjoyed the whole..ani was watching geet keenly..dadi
gifted geet maany jewelries n maan gave her a set of diamond jewelries..


n he gifted her a nursery which he himself decorated..ani n
aroo painted baby pictures n gifted


geet was in cloud nine..her emotions made her chock..she did
not want anything more than this happiness in life..

after all guests left, they found ani missing..then they saw ani drapped in sari or to say just wrapped around herself like her mommy did..she looked so cute..

maan took ani n kissed her..she is so cute like her mother..

at night

geet kissed maan
breathlessly showering all her love on him for giving her so much happiness..’for which maan too responded with
equal passion n made love to her..


days mid night geet was cranky.. her taste buds
was asking something ripe n spicy…she messed up the whole kitchen which made
all wake up..n check geet..


maan:geet what u want..


geet licked her lips..i m hungry..


maan:ok I will make u something to eat..cheese pastha..


geet:no..i want puli khuzhambu..with rice..n papads


maan :what is it..he have never heared such a dish..rice n papad.. ok..whats that another one


Vicky came as savior..


Jij..its south Indian gravy..


Maan:but where to go now..its two mid night..all restaurants
will be closed..dadi do u know’.


Dadi:no beta..


Maan:Geet,do u know how to make..i’ll do it..


Geet nodded no..she started to have tears that she couldn’t
get what she wants..


Maan called anie..n she too said she don’t know..geets dad n
mom have went on a pilgrimage maan could not call them ..that too at
midnight they may get worried..maan was scratching his heads what to do..but he
kept the rice in rice cooker so he may think something till it cooked..






Vicky:there is a neighbor in Chennai..she is a dentist n sis
very close to them..we can ask her or her parents..i hv the number..


Maan:then call them quickly..


( this is for my nalini,who gives big comments encouraging me n others with her red block letters)


Vicky called them..first nalini was shocked of the midnight
call..then Vicky explained the situation..his sis is in tears becoz of craving..


Nalini:acho avala azhuvakkodathunnu sollu..illa na receipe
solla matten..


(say her not to cry..or else I wont say the receipe)


She is bubbly n naughty..noone can say she is a dr..


Nalini:ippothaikku maanga ooruka iruntha antha bottle ava
kaila kudu..saapudattum kuzhandha..


(till u make the dish hadle her maango pickle..let the child
eat..)she giggled..LOL


Vicky searched the pickle bottle n gave to her..geet wiped
her tears n took one piece n kept in mouth..when all faces changed weird ,her
face had immense satisfaction..


Maan nudged ask receipe..


Nalini:yaaradhu pakkathula..


(who is next to you)


Vicky:maan jij’.he is only making the tell soon
before sis break our head..


Nalini:one condition




Nalini:I will say to my maan aka gc only..


Vicky looked at geet:thank god she did not hear it..warna
world war must have started..


He gave to maan.


Maan:hai nalin..


His charm had the same effect which all girls have..


Thud..nalini fainted..n her sister rajji sprinkled
water..her brother shook his head..drame baaz..


Her bro karthi:nalini..if u stay like this I will cut the
call or I will ask him to chat with someone else..


Nalini:no..o..o..dhrogi(u enemy) here dying to talk
to him..n u..


Maan heared it n chuckled..hmm one not is


Maan:miss.nalini ..will u say the receipe..


Nalini was flying in air..zameen pe pau nehi..she has seen
her gc in maan..he had 6 packs n chiseled iron like body same like him..


Nalini:anything for my gc..but this miss not miss it..only nalini..




Nalini:..first give small onions n garlics to the persons
around u to rip the outer skin..n chop some tomatoes..n u soak tamarind of
lemon size in water..n take its essence’


Maan smiled at her language..


N he gave it to vicky nakul n dadi to peel..


The onions were making them cry..n geet was licking her




Nalini:place the pan..add 1/4 spoon of each of mustard seeds,dal ,methi ..the onion n garlic ..fry till the onions colour change..then add
tomatoes..n when it turns juicy..add the tamarind water..add chilly powder n
coriander powder as per the spice u need.. a lil of turmeric powder..add
salt..let it boil till the smell of chilly powder change n the gravy becomes
thick..nor liquid’garnish it with coriander leaves n curry leaves,,thats all..


Geet was now standing beside maan n tasting the gravy with
the spoon..she rolled her tastes so gud..


Maan:arei baba..its 4 u only..cant u wait till it boil..


Geet:no..i want it now..see my babies are starving..she
rubbed her tummy making all laugh..


Geet:aap sab hasrahi ho..


Maan saw she is going to cry again..becoz of mood swing..


Maan:kisiki itni himmat..meri jaan ko tang kareii..


All nodded n went quietly to their rooms ..leaving maan can
handle geet now..


Maan placed rice n added the gravy n gave it to her..geet
had it like a small girl who got her favourite candy..


Nalini:hallo..hallo..halelllo..ellarum ithu mathiri
than..kariyam mudinja udanei maranthuruvanga.. wat to do..tutudu


(hallo haalello..all peoples are same..after their work is
done.they will forget us..wat to do..tutudu..)


Maan kept the phone in his ears..


Maan:anyways thanks for ur receipe..he cut the phone not
even listening to her cribbing


(nalini’s cribbing:hu,,I was having dream sequence with my gc..maan spoiled
it..n c his attitude..hmm..atleast he said thanks..ok go to bed n
continue ur gc aka maan gc..i was in his arms..)


She said dreamily n went to bed..


After having her food n satisfying her crave geet went to she was normal..she kept her head on maans chest..


Geet:im troubling u na maan..


Maan:I can do anything 4 u n my sleep peacefully..




The time came’

geet had the labour pain n maan was driving her
to hospital..maan was sweating badly hearing her screams..


Geet:maan,what babies it would be..


She asked in between her pain..


Maan seeing her state was panicking..


Maan:I want u n my kids safe jaan’no gender is needed
now..what it may be..its our kids..n I ll love them ..


Geet smiled..exactly that’s what she wanted to hear from
him..she always fought with him becoz she loved irritating him..when it comes
to life n death..we always want our life safe.


Geet was immediately rushed to the OT..maan n others were
standing restless..he had tears as geets screams grew louder..after some more
time they heared babies cry..all the worries vanished n smile replaced their


Dr.came out with smile..


Dr:congrats mr.khurana geet n ur 2 sons are health n safe..


Maan took the dr in his arms n twirled her in joy..ty ty so
much dr..can I c them..


Dr..u must wait..till we shift them to room..




The staffs cleaned the babies n gave to the grand parents..even
Vicky n nikki took the cuties n cooed them..


Geet was sleeping becoz of tiredness..


Maan looked at the two cotton bundles..he was crying seeing
them..finally he has experienced the whole motherhood of geet..n now seeing the
cotton balls moving their cute little hands n legs in air..he felt peace..he
got everything back..his life..his jaan..his this cute bundles..


Dadi made man sit n gave him his son..maan was afraid to
hold them too..thinking he may hurt them..but dadi gave him n he tenderly took
them in his trembling hand n kissed them both..his tears fell on their
cheeks..geet opened her eyes n saw the lovely sight..the babies sensed geet n
started to cry..


Maan looked up ..


Dadi:I think they are hungry..


Man:dadi but both are crying..


Dadi took one baby n gave it to geet..maan was having the


Geet:dadi,mom dad pls all go for a while..i want to be with maan..


Maan wondered why she is shoving all’


When all went..geet called man to sit beside her n help in
feeding kids..maan was baffled.. could i..


Geet:keep pillows on my lap..he did..lower my zip..he
did..he was shivering ..n was nervous for first gave a gummy smile to her..

geet kept her bud in
babies mouth..n it started to latch..maan was looking at her very proudly..


Geet:maan wo bhi roraha hai..keep him on my right side..



He carefully placed the baby on her left n kept geets nipple
in his mouth..she was feeding both..


Maan:geet will it be enough for them..i mean ur feed..


Geet:now they are small n it will be enuf..i know..but later
we have to give formula milks too..


Maan was holding geets breast which was pressing babies
nose..he thought it will be tough for then to breathe..but soon the cute
fingers pushed him away..n showed his tongue out..












After few days geet was discharged n brought home..ani n
aroo was happy to see their brothers..

both kissed the babies..

it was naam karan day n pandit was doing


Pandit:what name u have chosen for babies..say in kids ears
3 times..


Geet:maan..i kept names for ani n aroo..Its ur turn..


Maan looked at her..then aroo..anjali..


Anjali is her sister first was her
first ray of this kids will be our pride


Maan:garv gaurav..


Vicky:wow jij..what a rhyming..aarav..garv..gaurav..n my
only princess ani..n can u sis n u are childrens of 4..


Maan:ya..i cant my life its
revolving around my family only..maan kissed geets hands..n the babies gave a
loud cry..maan took his hands from geet..they stopped.. he looked at aaruu who
was smirking..




Maan:this is too much..nowadays..i cant touch my wife too..
all 3 sons in 1 team..


Geet:u n ur princess make other..but can u deny..u n our
sons possess the same mad possessiveness for ani too..


Maan:yup..i agree..


Geet:if any one must be pitied na..then it must be ani for
having possessive brothers..n born in a khurana family as only daughter..


Ani looked at maan who nodded yes..


Yes..the years passed on..the kids grew up..ani was a cute
loving princess.n a caring sister…but her brothers were over protective n
possessive..n u can add maan in the head post of this list..he pampered all the
childrens..but the 3 sons were over affective to geet than maan..geets day was
nowadays fully with kids..vicky n nikki got married n ani also gave birth to
peehu after so many years..but kiddo geet always stole the attention of
aroo..she was kind of scared of aarros behaviours too..

Aroo started to get
complains from all beating all his fellow students even if they looked at
ani..geet has to separate them by making ani ‘s admission in girls school..then
only aaroos naughtiness reduced..but in house aru,garv n gaurav made geet run
behind them..
N khuranas were leading a very happy life..

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