Geetanjali – Epilogue 8

   Last Epilogue 


geet was in bed rest for a month..n ani was not allowed to college for a week..

When ani came to college ..all asked so many questions about aroo n maan..they even said they are jealous of her..


Friend:after u left,ur dads staff came..ur father constructed roads inside the campus in 1 day..except the lawn n garden n playground..

New staffs were appointed to clean every one hr..its all becoz of u..

Ani was proud..


at lunch time her eyes searched for her love..but he avoided her..she found the indifferent behavior of krish..they never had an eye lock..but why..she was confused..



One yr passed soon..they gave exams..n it was last day..krish ‘s last day in college..ani was worried..his eyes said his love..but he avoided it..she want to talk to him..but what will she me pls..

Like the god was on her side..she heared krish is going for promp at night..he was never a man of parties.even ani too…but as all insisted its last day he agreed..



Ani came home..she was biting her nails..she was nervous n all could notice it..ani:aroo..will u come with me..


Ani:I want to go to promp ..

All 3 bros..(surprised):what?

Ani:hmm friends called me..

Arav:ho..he smiled mentally..

Arav:sry going 4 picture with friends..

She cant take garv or they r small..she was chewing her fingers..anytime blood may ooze out..surely they wont like arav acted..

Arav:ok..i’ll do one thing..i’ll accompany u..i’ll drop n go to pic..

Her face lightened up..thank u so much..ok I’ll go n dress..n will ask kiddo to dress too..

She ran away leaving the shaitan bros together..


Gaurav:are we missing something..

Arav:lets find out..

All 3 hi5ed n made the plan..


Ani almost emptied her cupboard searching for a gud dress..even maaneet found her behaviour weird..atlast geet sensed it..what may be the reason of her daughters behavior..she chose a barbie full length frock with simple designs..but it was looking pretty,when her daughter weared it..kiddo called ani n said she has reached the place n hv joined the friends..she will be waiting for her..

Arav took ani..both were given the masks..entering the club..

ani waved her hands to her friends.. I’ll go..


she watched him leave,..

she felt bad to hide things from him..but she is also helpless..her eyes searched for krish..n she got him..he was wearing the mask..but she knew its him..

all jodis were called for kiddo was alone she took her seat n sipped the cold drinks..n one more thing she did not like to dance with unknown peoples..she wished aroo was there..

ani took slow steps to krish..both doesn’t have partners..

umm..shall we..

she offered her hand..his eyes met with the eyes of the melodious voice..unknowingly he held her hands n both started to dance in slow rhythm..



ani:I love u..

krish stopped the dance n looked at her..

krish:sry..i think..u mistook me for someone..

he tried to move..

ani stopped him..

ani:I love u krish..i know u love me too..

he moved out removing the mask..feeling frustrated..he cant accept her love..

krish:no anjali..i don’t love u..

ani was broken..

ani:look at my eyes n say it again..he turned n looked at her eyes..he couldn’t lie..he turned..

go anju..

anjali:ok..i’ll go tell me the reason..why u r ignoring me..why u r telling lies to me..i have got everything i wished krish..but I have never heared a no from hurts me..

krish:that’s the reason its only one no..but if we got married..i will not be able to afford u what u expect..i doubt myself..i cant keep u happy like ur family does..i have no not rich..

ani:but u r rich in love..u love me..thats why u think a lot about me..

krish:yes..i ..i cant see u hating me later..ur family wont accept our love..n I don’t want to be  a reason for the stiff in ur family..

arav garv n gaurav came out searching them..they saw ani in tears..

arav pulled krish n dragged him to car..

ani:arav..leave him..he did not do anything..

arav:but made u cry..n its time for payback..

omg..what they will him..i did not think about my bros..garv n gaurav also shooted angry glare to krish..kiddo came searching ani..

arav saw her n his blood boiled seeing her wearing a half shoulder top n jean..

garv:bro.lets take him to papa..

arav:hmm..he pushed kiddo inside the car..

arav:will u sit..

ani sat next to her n the car drove to mansion’


ani was sweating profusely..she was scared of all family members reaction..when all were jovial to her..she hided the biggest secret to them..

arav called Vicky n anwesha’s family also to reach mansion..


arav with garv n gaurav on either sides with krish in middle was escorted inside the mansion..krish was nervous..but he was enuf brave to face any situation..

maan:aroo..who is it..why u all are bringing him like an accused..

arav:his name is krish ..our senior..ask him dad..what crime he did..

garv:yes dad.. he did a big sin..

gaurav:yes.. n we bought him for punishment..but it will be decided by u all..

ani:papa he did not..

arav’s one glare..made her shut..kiddo entwingled her hands with hers..






maan:will u all stop talking in riddles n say what he did..

arav:he made our princess cry..

garv:u must have seen her tears papa..

gaurav:big fat tears..

geet:will u all stop talking like this n come straight to the point..

maans eyes turned red n he made his hands in fist..

geet:why u  made our ani cry..krish..


krish:becoz..i don’t want to see her in tears for life time..

maan knotted his brows..n looked at arav for aswer..


arav:he did the big dare he papa..he ignored our princess love..

garv”how can he say no to her,

gaurav:he also loves her dad..but he ..maan stopped him by showing his hands..


maan took the seat..

maan:whats ur name


maan looked at him from top to bottom..he was handsome..simple..his face was calm..not even a tension line..his eyes said his little fear..but he very well hided it

maan:whats ur qualification..

krish:finished mba..waiting for results..


krish:to become a famous singer ..that even a small child will recognize me..n I want to start a construction company for my own..

maan:hmm..gud..about ur parents..


krish:im an orphan.. he was in pain..

there was a sudden silence feeling pity for him..

maan:then how did u study..

krish:I do sing in sonu nigams troop..i get enuf salary to lead myself a respectful life without asking others.

maan:u know anjali is my daughter..

krish:just 4 months back.that too when u came to check her..

maan:ur first meet with ani..

krish:in college first day..same n8 at our concert she was present there..

maan:so u fall in love at first sight..


krish st:omg..what I said in flow..

ani was happy hearing his confession..he refused to accept her ..but now he accepted his love..

maan:then y u made her cry..

krish:I don’t want her to face a stiff situation in  her family becoz of will hurt her n u all too..


krish:if I accepted her love too..i know u all wont.


Krish:I don’t belong to ur status..nor I have a family for my own..n I cant fulfil any of her wishes like u all its her love overpowering her..but when it fades she will miss u all..n I don’t want her to face that pain..

Maan:what if we accept..


He was shocked..

Maan:what if we say we are ready to accept u as our son in law..u cant fulfil her any wishes..but in expects love in return..n u have lots to give..


Maan:I ve one condition..


Maan:u said u don’t have family..we all want u to accept us as ur family n live with us..

Ani came running to maan n hugged him..

Arav:perfect we thought..

Ani:so arav..u was scaring us..

Arav:yup..we have rights to tease our jiju.he is perfect for u..he has no bad affairs..moreover he thinks about ur happiness n our happiness…haina jiju..

Garv:kuch boliye na jij..

Gaurav:first shook him..he is still in shock..

They all shook him n he came out of his shock..this is unexpected..he thought maan will deny him..his love ..he will bribe him to leave his daughter’but it was all opposite..all accepted their love..they did not bash him nor beat him up black n blue for laying eyes on her or accuse him he trapped her as she belongs to rich family..

He can accept all..but one thing he defo not liked..staying with them’any maan who has self respect wont accept to stay with his wife’s in laws..

Maan said like he read his mind..

Maan:I know a maan’ s self respect wont allow to stay in his wife’s maayka’but pls think about us too..she is our only girl..she is our breathe..we cant stay away from her..the negative which u said is our positive..u have no u can get a family by us..staying with us..with us means not in out house..u can lead ur life on ur own u wish..u can make decisions of  u two..we wont interfere u..but we will be happy if ani stays within this compound..we wont miss her..what u say?

All were looking krish in curiosity..

Dia:ok..if u don’t want our anjali di..i have my friends brother..he is handsome..u know he too has 6 packs..only one thing he cant sing like u..its ok.he is fida on di after knowing she is maan maamu’s daughter…i ll ask him to marry ani di..he will accept to stay here…

Krish:when I said I wont ..i can do anything for her..

He blutterred his decision in irritation..anjali was all shy..her 3 bros lifted krish n twirled him..

Krish:arei arei..mei gir jaunga..

Bros:thank u we are here how can u fall jiju..

Dia:when u r ready to marry,then y u thought so u have any girl friends..

Anjali wacked her..

Krish:no..wo..i..mei..anju…he was shy..

kiddo:haiyee bhaiyaa..u r blushing..say say wat u thought..that too about ani ..sry..anju for u..

Krish:hmm..wo..i have not yet accepted her proposal..i was thinking about to do?

Anjali was shy..

Maan n geet looked at kids..signaling them to move..n soon the hall was empty leaving anjali n krish..

Anjali was looking at her toes..n krish neared her..her heart beat increased..


He cleared his throat..

Krish:can we go for a walk around ur house..

Ani:hmm..she moved out n he followed was a chilly night n full moon day..krish looked at the mansion..

Krish:nice garden..beautiful..

He tried to start with a normal talk..

Ani:mama ki maintenance hai..

They walked around talking random things..n now they are comfortable..with each others presence..

Anjali was expecting the three words from him..

He stopped near the fountain..n bent on his knees..

Krish:I .love u..anju..will u be mine in all births..i know its stupid..that after accepting to marry u,im proposing you..but I want to say u..that I fall in love with you the first day ..when I saw u in college..i was mad at u when u came in short dress..but I m madly in love with u..ur love ..u have for others..the politeness..the naughtiness..the gud pure heart..the innocent eyes which speaks volumes to a jerk to make u cry when u proposed me..will u marry me’even after i hurt u..

Anjali s heart jumped in joy hearing him proposing..she nodded her head..

Krish stood n hugged her..she too reciprocated his hug..



Krish:erm..i want to say n clear somethings before marriage..


He made her sit in the swing n sat next to her..

Krish:I had some dreams about my wife..u r perfectly like that..would u like to hear..


Krish:when I woke up from bed..i want u to be in my arms..n woke up with shy..i want u to give me coffee along with my morning kiss..we both will have shower together..

Anjali was all shy hearing him speak so..

Krish:n I will eat ur yummy breakfast along with you..i want you 2 give me lunch when I leave to work..

She smiled nervously..

Krish:when I return back u will be waiting for me with a big smile..u will help me fresh up..n give me my evening dose..

He lipped her..

N night dinner I will make..n I will make it special every day..

Anjali smiled sheepishly..

krish..wo erm’I can make coffee for u..but..i don’t know to cook..


Ani:haan..if I entered the kitchen na..u know my dad n my bros..they will fire the chef from job’once I did..i was chopping onions..seeing my dad made the whole mansion upside down..

its ok..when I live with u na..i ll learn from u..

Krish:I want some things to clear..i said..wo..will u be able  to  live upto me..i mean ur dad said we will live in out only I accepted..u have to manage ur expenses n house hold things within my income..i cant give u gifts like ur family does..i don’t know I will be able to pamper u like them..

Ani:uff..i thought u r going to say something big..itni si..krish..i know u will reach heights one day..till then I will live upto ur  expectations..n I had enough of my pampering..i too want to live normal like others..u will help me in it..

Any more’

Krish nodded his head in no..cupping her face he looked at her for approval..she blinked..n he pecked her cheeks  ..

She closed her eyes n expected him to go to next step..she opened her eyes when she did not feel anything..

Krish:I will fulfill all ur wishes in our suhaag raath’she blushed n ran away from there..

Krish too went home..


Here after giving space to krish n anjali all were in guest room n talking about preparations..arav was not found kiddo sneaked out..searching him in every place n rooms.

.geet:ye aaroo kahan hai..we are talking about engagement date can he go leaving us..

Dia giggled..

Anwesha:why u r giggling..


Garv pulled her ears:will u say or I will make u spill..

Dia:ok ok..u want to know where is aroo..he is busy with his gf..


Dia:u don’t believe me..follow me..all followed dia..

Kiddo saw aaroo pacing to n fro..she sighed n about to go..she was pulled with full force..n pinned to the wall..

Kiddo gasped seeing aaroo seething in anger..

Kiddo:aap..aap..mujei daradiya..

Aarav:whats this..

She did not understand what he is talking..

Aarav:I asked what is this..he pointed her bare shoulders..

Ani have said many times to behave brave to aarav..or he will make her scared she thought to reply ..

Kiddo:wo..this is dress..

Aroo:I know it’but why u wore can u wear this dress..i warned u already..

Kiddo:so..what..meri marsi..mei kuch be..peh..

His lips crushed her lips n her words got swallowed in his mouth..he was showing his possessiveness in his kiss..its their first first kiddo tried to pry him off..but he is her love..n her love over powered her thoughts his anger everything..she responded back..n it was too much for him..her submission..he slowed his kiss n tried to be gentle..he pulled her waist n her hands went to his hair pulling him closer..

Dia:chi chi..babaji’.dia closed her eyes..

Her voice broke them apart n they looked at the entrance only to see his whole family standing in shock..

Arav did not move a bit..nor he took his hands from kiddos waist..

Maan:aroo whats all that..

Arav:im kissing my would be wife..whats wrong in that..i kiss my wife like u kiss my mama..

Geet looked at maan giving him a deathly glare..maan looked like meine kya kiya..

Geet:jese baap waise bte’

Anwesha:erm..bhai..i think..

Maan:hmm..princess ki engagement ki saath dona ka engagement be hoga..

Garv n gaurav:so for the time being..we will like to be kabab mei haddi..they pulled kiddo n took with them..aarav tried to hold her back..

after the gud news he was desperate to taste her once more..


The upcoming days were busy for khuranas’it was a grand engagement party..maan singh khuranas twins ki engagement jo hai.armaan riddz,dev meera n all close family friends were present…the vvips to his staffs..medias from local to abroad were present’both pairs exchanged their rings.they took blessings from their great grand dadi their nana nani n all elders’. maneet introduced their childrens to their friends n relatives..

Geet:arav ,come with me..i want to show some one special..

Arav walked with her..geet tapped a girls shoulder..

Arav looked at her.. a girl may be nearly 25..she was wearing a black jean n grey sleeveless top..a small bindi..looking fair..n chubby..


The girl took aroo in a bone crushing hug..

Arav looked at geet ..

Geet:u don’t remember  her aroo..


geet:..but whenever I call u arav I remember her..

Arav:yesa arav her dadajis name..

The girl pulled his ears..

Naughty boy.. me..from this devil..

Geet:ruby choro na..

Arav:mama who is she..

Geet:she is ur maasi..ruby maasi..

Arav:u never told us..

Geet:hmm..becoz she lives in indore..we lost our touch..

Arav:u was saying something..

Geet:ya..ur name is suggested by her only..n ur most of naughtiness she only helped u..did u remember when u r small u used to call her..n she will give ideas what to do..n how to make me n papa irritate..arei there is one more..where is mohi?

Mohi came from behind,,

She too helped u becoming the naughty kid..

..arav kissed both..i love u both..becoz of u both I got so much love from all..

Ruby n mohi kissed his cheeks..

arav:so i must say they are my devil maasi’s..n kissed them back..

Arav looked at kiddo who was now all red in anger..she will give silent treatment..

arav beta chalo..manofy ur kiddo..

He excused n went to manofy his kiddo..



Within a gap of two months anjali n aarav got each n every thing maans class was shown..maneet blessed them with happy tears..

anwesha n arjun did parents ritual for krish..they adopted him as their son..n kiddo n dia was too happy to get a bhai like they were also pampered by brotherly love..

It was SR for ani n aroo..after all the rituals ..ani was waiting for krish..kiddo for aroo..after giving entry tax the brides were let inside the room’


Maaneets room..


Geet n maan were resting on each others shoulder after a tiredful day..

Geet:im so happy..

Maan:im also..

Geet:they got their love..

Maan pulled geet to his chest



He caressed her hair..

Maan:yes..they got their love..they did not struggle like we did..

Geet:hmm..but we got our love back..we forgot our past man..we are happy with kids..

Maan:hmm..but im not happy..

Geet lifted her head..why man..

Maan:u r making me crave daily..he showed his lips..

Geet:wacked him..sharam kijeye man ji..aap ab sasur ho..this naughtiness doesn’t suit u..nor ur age..

She said cupping his one cheek..

Maan:u r saying me to keep quiet..but u r awakening my desires..u have to pay for it..he pecked her n their night went romantic..their age may grow..but they were still 16 by heart..


The next morning..

Out house..

Anjali made krishs dream true by waking up in his arms..n giving him coffee n haan she learnt to cook also..when  the khuranas.were busy in their world..she made every dreams of him making morning breakfast for him along with rasoi pooja…krish n anjali entered maansion..n saw all in hall except the newly wed couples aroo n kiddo..

Ani:mama.where is arav n kiddo..

Dia:ani di..the birds flew away..


She took the paper from maans hands n gave to anjali..

Hai dears..

Me arav singh khuranaWink

Kidnapping my loyally wedded wife..for honeymoon..Embarrassed

So don’t worry..Tongue

Will be back when I think..LOL

Bye.. smile


Ani ‘s eyes opened wide..she took the phone n dialed his number.. use..arav has switched off his phone..

Anwesha:how can we forget..its araoo..meri pyaari bhai ka beta..his blood runs in him..


Ani was cursing aroo in outhouse’stupid..idiot..moron..gada..ulluka patta..

Krish:why are u cursing him dear..for hiding it from u kya?

Ani:no..for not giving this idea to you’



Geet took the milk aside n drank it..maan was having his..

maan:im proud of my son..

Geet:im annoyed .. u know how I felt..before my son in law..

Maan:jaan..u r looking adorable..

Geet:what this ice for mr.khurana..

Maan slowly neared her taking the pins of her bunned hair n pecking slowly..her lips

Maan:u did not give me time jaan..u always shoved me saying u r busy in marriage preparations..

Geet:so what..

Maan:I want u for my own..


Maan:my son gave me the idea..I think its long time ive kidnapped you..


She felt her eyes black..

Her st:gosh..omg..he again drugged me..she can feel his lips pecking her forehead,eyes n lips..he came to her ears n whispered..sry jaan..u n me..for ourselves’.for one whole month..

He lifted geet n sneaked out..







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