Humrahi – Part 27



18+contents in this bachas n those who have problems be away..


maan was patting ansh back who was on his shoulders and walking to and fro

Ansh:chachu u won’t come with us

Maan:no champ

Ansh:when will we meet next.i ll miss you

Maan: I ll miss you too

Geet:maanji give him to me I ll make him sleep

Maan:no geetu.i ll..

Geet:give me..He doesn’t seem to sleep in your arms. He is enjoying the time with you n and both of you are chatting .then how will he sleep

Maan:acha. But. ?

Then he smirked

Maan gave ansh to her.

Maan:geetu .now u must make him sleep n no ways im going to take him back.but I wont help you


Geet st.did I see him smirk..his face has some naughty smile hai he thinking of night.

Maan:dont complain me later geetu.

Saying he settled  next to her n stretched his legs on the small stool


She folded her legs on chair and placed ansh on her lap n patted his front.ansh one hand behind her back n he snuggled to her.

Ansh: chachi you will come to meet me na.i lll miss you very much. 

Geet:haan ansh I sleep.goodboy na.

She kissed his forehead making maan im waiting for her n see she is loving ansh.then he started to implement his plan

Geet u will be red now.u don’t know still anshs weird habbit..n I ll make sure he does it while waking up to o.

Maan:geet you know he loves cars buses trains too much

Geet:hmm..he usually does it in houses driving a train n car n payal palak will also be behind him making all sounds..

Ansh was now slowly dripping to sleep.. u know..

Geet was still confused.why he is talking about it now

.geet started to feel anshs hand holded her sari with blouse…his eyes half open..

Maan:ansh.. pom pom..

In half sleep too he did what maan said..n geet was totally shocked embarrassed with what ansh did..ansh hand squeezed over her curve..n started to hold the sari over there .

Man:u know geet ansh loves to make horn like this..n bcoz of this habbit only nt never makes him sleep next to her..uski adat hai..

Uff geet was embarrassed with what happened n over all his teasing n explanations..babaji.cant u see me how im feeling..she frowned on man..thats why he smiled…geet tried to pry off ansh hand but his hold was tight n soon he was asleep..

..maan was smiling all the while seeing her red. He now came close to geet ..her sari half exposing her one curve bcoz of ansh hold..maan started to do what ansh left in half way.his hands lowered the sari more…geet couldn’t move with ansh in lap..n it was sweet torture ..

His hands roamed on her front making her moan..

Maan came to her ears..i know whats ur meaning of no..he placed a kiss on her earlobe..she was turning jelly.his hands went to her waist teasing her.his lips pressed a kiss over the bulging part of her blouse..her hand went around his neck..


Maan knew now she wants to feel him full..

Maan:ok..lets  make sleep him with others

N when geet placed ansh on mattress he held her sari tight  n a part of her pallu was stuck under him.. geet pleadingly looked at maan..n now maan smacked himself mentally for making her sleep ansh..the more they tried it disturbed others sleep too..

Anie in her sleep:geet u still not asleep..sojao aur hamei bhi sone do..ur bangles are making sounds..n haan switch off the lights..i couldn’t get sleep peacefully..

Maaneet sighed

Maan asked her to lay on side to ansh..he switched off the lights n came n slided next to geet.. ..they had separate room to sleep..but his naughtiness made him land on hall..

They have no other way..all were in deep sleep..n only they are awake bcoz of their burning desire..both knew their feelings n wants,,his breathe was falling on her neck..he pulled the spread covering them 3..his legs entangled with hers..his hands embaraced her ..she still holding anshs hand.. n it gave him way to go under the sari n reach her moulds..he undid her hooks n went inside to feel her bare skin..her softness driving him insane..he squeezed her kneaded her curves n teased her buds with his tip of fingers..geet bite her lips hard not to moan..he  was giving wet kisses on her back..his eyes consciously looking at his peoples sleeping..he pressed himself more to geet n she can see his want of her poking her back..maan s hands moved to her waist n trying to get lower between her sari.n stomach..she tucked her belly feeling it…geet left anshs hands n held his..a plea to stop his torture..he held her over her hands n leaned over her shoulder..

Geet whispered maanji pls..

Maan tried to take anshs hands..n finally was successful by making him release one by one of his fingers ..n next instant anshs legs were on geets..maan slowly  turned geet to face him n he can saw her breathing uneven..he took anshs legs n asked geet to move when she did he slept in that place n geet left a heavy breathe..

Maan chuckled n geet pouted…maan pulled her close n  took her pouting lips in his..he was very fast..he was so desperate that he tried to take her full n suck her n relish her taste ..the two days away from her was taking toll on him..her hands rubbed his back sensually..both their legs entangled n rubbed on each other..she was hugging him tight..

After what he felt that he had a gud night kiss he left her..

Maan huskily:I want to do more..but not now..when we are alone..for now its enough..gud night..

Geet shied n maan pulled her close n rubbed her back..feeling his proximity she slept soon..

Maan was awake..he couldn’t sleep..after some time he kept a small distance between them n turned to ansh n slept…


The morning geet woke up soon…she sat up all shy n saw the family sleeping still.ansh was totally sleeping all over maan n he was holding him…she shied thinking of last night n  seeing her messed form..

She corrected her dress under the spread n went to washroom..she quickly took a bath n by one wake up n maan went n came with milk..geet made coffee for all n anie came to help her with morning bf..nt came n did her side of small small helps..all had the bf..

Maan called the parcel n they said they will reach by evening maan asked all to get ready n they all will go out..ramaans car was there for them..maan asked all to go to car..

All moved down n geet was about to leave..

Maan:geet,where is my watch..


Anie  n all headed down without saying  anything..but when they stepped inside lift she laughed..

Arjun:anie why are u laughing..

Anie:kuch nehi..

Arjun:kuch tho hai..

She tried to suppress her laugh but couldn’t..n nt was also curious 2 know y she is laughing..

Dev:anie..say y ur laughing are be quiet..

She closed her mouth in respect to her brother..once they are down again arjun asked the reason..n anie couldn’t keep it more..

Anie:who..maan ..

Arjun knotted his brows..whats with maan now..

Anie:he want geet he lied ..he has his watch in his hands..

N now arjun too couldn’t stop his smile..

Arjun:anie..they r newly married n we are here taking their

Anie:hmm I know..

As geet came inside maan pulled her behind the door n smacked his lips on hers not giving her space to think whats happening with her..soon she was lost in his passion n parted her lips giving him space to enter her sweet world..he tasted her every corner n left her only when they were short of air..geet was all red..maan cupped her face n pecked her forehead..

Maan:you are driving me crazy..its getting hard to stay away from you when u are before me..

Geets heart jumped in joy hearing him confess his feelings..

Maan:once we are alone im not going to leave you step away from me..

Geet was all shy.with his  open invitation..

Maan:ok now lets go..

She again nodded her head n both came down..she dared to look at anyone..she felt like all are gazing her.

Maan took all to mahabalipuram ..which is famous for its sculptures..they had lunch in maya plaza n roamed there for a while..maan did not failed to see the childish excitement in geets eyes..she was amazed seeing everythings..n by 5 they are back to their apartment..n the parcel service also reached..maan dev n arjun with help of ramaans servants  took the things in..anie n nt got busy in packing things to leave..soon anie came n opened the packs which were written as kitchen things..

She helped geet in arranging in kitchen..n filled the contents which were given by her mom n sd..

She could only do a few ..

Maan:anie when is ur flight..

Anie:flight 10.30..

Maan:train will take 2 days to reach Mumbai..

Anie:yup..payal palak will enjoy the long travel than flight..n rarely we get this chance..

Maan:not a bad idea..

Maan:dev bhai..r u too going to delhi by train.. flight is at 9..

Maan knew nt hates travelling..she prefers to reach soon..n trains she cant sit idol in one place..

Maan:oh..ok..then u all have to be inside airport ill drop u first in airport n then will send off anie..


as the time neared maan got dinner from outside n all had together.ramaan n his wife came to house..she got some gifts for all…geet was in verge of crying as she saw the kids leaving her..n maan can read her state well..ramaans wife told that they will be with geet till he returns after sending them off..n maan thought its better idea..soon all left in ramaans car ..geet looked the way the car went..the kids still waved their hands till they were out of her eyes.. cry..i here..y worry..

she hugged her soothing her pain..n few drops fell from her eyes..

ramaan:geet..u wont feel lonely when we are  here..dont u trust us..wipe ur tears..n smile..this tears didn’t look gud on ur face.

Lakshmi:ofo..see how the house is..let the servants come tomorrow..they kept like this without arranging..n soon she started to arrange things in house like its her own house n arranging things..ramaan too helped her n geet joined them..lakshmi told her what things she is keeping n were..


Maan dropped dev nt n ansh in airport u r married..n u have a girl as ur responsibility..n this is new don’t be a workaholic..give some time for her till she goes well with surroundings..

Maan:ok bhai..

Ansh was crying leaving his chachu n cousins n all..but maan promised to meet him next month n so he went half heartedly..

Maan then dropped ani n arjun with p2 in railway station..they still had time..arjun n anie too adviced the same to maan n asked him to take care of geet..n asked them to come to Mumbai once he got free of work..p2 also cried leaving their maamu..he gave them chocolates n so they smiled and waved a gud bye to him..maans heart was heavy..he sighed n returned home with a heavy heart..


When he came most of the house was settled ..

Lakshmi asked geet to take shower n she went closing the door of the room..seeing maan ramaan n lakshmi thought to leave..they knocked geets room but in running water she wasn’t able to hear..they bid bye to him n left…they asked maan to say to geet about their leaving..maan closed the door n locked his heart was thudding fast..he n his wife are alone..there will be no interference..his wife is his for whole n for himself..

He came to their room n saw it open..geet took the sindoor to place in maang..she saw his image in mirror..his eyes mesmerizing her..she was captivated by his gaze n couldn’t take it off..he slowly took small steps reaching her..he held her fingers n took it to maang n filled it..she was fresh n the smell from him was awakening his desires..her hair was in bun n he can see her bare neck..he placed his lips slightly touching her nape..geet closed her eyes..her body  jolted n got up with the fire..he started to trail wet kissed all along her neck ..she slanted her head giving access to him more..his hands worked removing the pin n making the sari slide down..


She moaned..n maan pulled her close tugging by her bare waist..his hands moved front n hugged her tight..her chest pressed under his arms making her electrified..


Maan:sweet heart don’t u think we must go to bed..

He whispered in her ears huskily..she opened her eyes fluttering..his hands freed her from sari n made it puddle down her feet..she was too shy..but yearning for his closeness..he spread the mattress n put the bed..geet was still standing there rooted with her hands across her..

He came n scooped her n moved to the bed n placed her..n came upon her..his whole body glued to hers..he was already hard ..just being with her for a second too turns him on..n geet is well aware of his need now..

Geet :maanji woh aunty uncle..

Maan:they have its only u n me..n the whole night is ours..

Geet shied..

Maan lifted her chin n made her look at him..

Maan:geet,if u ever think u cant hold my passion let me know..i don’t want u to faint today..

His every words were concerned

Maan:say u will na..


How can she let him down..

He slowly closed the distance between their lips..there was no hinderance nor fear of anyone around or someone may see them..his lips sucked her with full passion giving importance to both lips n then he took the whole in his mouth..they parted for air n maan plunged into her mouth..his tongue played with hers..their saliva mixed with each other..geet was going on with his flow not so passionate like him..still she tried to cope up with his desires..his hands soon found it way ..he pressed her softness making her gasp..she held the pillow tightly..he unhooked her blouse n threw it away. her hands went to hide it..n he held her hands tight above her head..she closed her eyes in shy..seeing his eyes roaming on her..

.his eyes admired the beauty hidden under the small clothing..he squeezed her one curve..she moaned in pleasure..

Maan left her hands n started to knead both curves..her moan was increasing..

Maan:u want it..then too u tried to hide it from me..

Ho..geet was turned total red ..

Maan lifted her a little n his hands went back..his lips traced her jaw another swift moment her bra was lying on floor..his mouth started to feast the desired twins..geet was going insane in his passion..his lips teasing her tips..her hands went inside his shirt too feel him raw..maan smiled..

Maan lifted himself from her n shed his clothes completely baring out of all..his hard length made her close her eyes..he smiled at her seeing her so shy..

He pulled the string of her skirt n took off it with the other single cloth..

Maan looked at her..from top to bottom..her face glowing with red..her perfect curves..her slim waist..her virgin part..her creamy legs..she is very beautiful..n its only his..

He turned geet n made her face him..

Maan:geet don’t shy with all yours..n u r mine..hmm..

Geet nodded..

Maan again took her lips into a passionate kiss n slowly tasted her every part of body..she shuddered feeling his lips on her every part..if this geet was like before she would have never let this maan touch her this way..but now..she knew his desires n her own body giving up to him..her body was pleasured by him..n she cant even think to hide when he has made her lose herself in his passion..only her moan was filled with the sound of his smooches..his hands moved on her every part while geet rubbed his back sensually..n threaded his hair n held it in fist..

Maan slowly entered her..but his concentration was more on her ..her reactions..she arched her back as he slowly increased his pace n thrusted into her..

He stopped for a min n asked:geet are u ok..

She was totally enjoying his ride n her body was electrified..she was about to reach her climax when he stopped n questioned her..


She want to shout at him not to stop..her mouth as usual stopped her to say..

Hering her monosylabbus, maan started to move n both got their climax..he fall on her chest panting heavily..her hand threaded his hair..he came to her face n pecked her lips softly..

Maan:thank god..u did not faint…so,now I can think ur body has adjusted to my passion..

Maan:so from now there will be no stopping..i can have my sweet mishty anytime..

Geet hide her face in his chest feeling extremely shy with his words..

Maan:ok..lets sleep..from tomorrow I have to go to office too..

Geet parted n tried to take her dress n wear it..

Maan pulled her n made her lay beside him..

Maan:geet,I love to sleep like this with you..dare u dress up..he pulled her in his hug n kept her legs over her waist..she couldn’t even move..he witched off the lights which are disturbing their sleep..he pulled the duvet covering them both..feeling the spread covering she felt gud..the full days outing n work n the love making made her tired..n being in maans arms she drifted to a peaceful sleep..


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