Humrahi- Part 31


the questions u all ask me often..

here is the answers..

1.why cant geet open upto maan..

The girl who has totally shut up in her own house n not even speak to her bro nor anyone can u all expect her to open up just in a month  of married life  to it will take time..slowly u can see her opening up too.

2.when will maan know about geets age..

I thought the part will come in 6 parts..but when I type its going on romantic more n more …Its to show off maans care n love to geet.Tongue

 i cant stop maneet scenes when im going in flow with more ,Winkfor now I cant say when..but when they are back to his hometown he will know..i think this is enough to hold ur curiousity..



Maan went to fresh up n geet went to kitchen to finish  preparing the breakfast..its been an hour,she expected maan to come..but he didn’ she went in search of him n saw him fully dressed up for office..he was sitting with a note and writing something..many papers which seemed bills were around him..

Geet:ji bf ready .. coming..hmm geet come here..have a look on this.

She came n sat next to him..

Maan gave her the note..

Maan:aaj se ye tumhari department..

Geet didn’t understand what he is saying..

Maan:geet..this is house expenditure notes..this will make us know how much we spend for house n we can know in which we are expending more or unnecessarily too..this time its more than I thought..hmm its becoz we have to buy new things to settle here..from next month it will be only the needs..

Geet went thru it n found he has written from the day they came there to Chennai..there outing expenditures,house ,groceries ,veg ,her gift ,their visit to theatre, hotels every small thing..

Maan:whatever u spend,  u write n whatever I spend I ll say you..he then gave her some thousands  of rupees..this is for rest of our month expenses..ok.


Maan:today the furnitures will come..sign the bill after u received..n give 100rs for the labours..


He told her where to arrange..cot n small table  in their room ,study table in vickys room..etc..

Maan:I ll say the security to come along with them..u will be alone..he will help you..n I have booked a land line phone to house..they may come to fix it..n  u may call me from it now..u hv my number na..


Maan:n one more surprise is there..u will know by noon..

Geets eyes widened..he is doing so much n now what will be his surprise..

Maan:geet place the bf im coming..


Kya surprise hoga..her heart was thinking about it n was very excited too..

After having bf maan left to office n geet started to do house hold works..she had two days clothes to wash n then  she has to make lunch too…

Geet heard the calling bell..n she looked thru the window n saw the security..he was a nepali n geet has known it by now thru maan.. n while going out too

Geet opened the door..

Sec:madam..furnitures aayi hai..

She gave them way n instructed to place as maan said..she signed the bill n gave the labours money as maan said..after some time phone maan came n gave line..he asked her to check by calling someone..

Geet hesitatingly dialed maans number..her stomach was having butterflies calling him..

(think maan s phone as cell not landline)

When she heard his voice on other side,her happiness new know bounds like  she had a candy..



Maan:oh phone aagayi..


Maan:anything more..

Geet:furnitures bhi aagayi..

Maan:gud..anything else


Maan:ok now im busy..i ll call u later n  will meet in lunch..bye..

He kept the phone..

She frowned..she expected some lovely talk..but was disappointed..

She mentally mimicked what he said.. ok now im busy..i ll call u later or will meet in lunch..bye..babaji y he talked like that..

After the phone maan left she sat there thinking about maans surprise..kya hoga..

She kept her hands on her heart..why its beating fast..i have never expected anything from why im excited like this..what if he was teasing me..n what if he didn’t surprise me with gift..can I bear the disappointment,,geet tu tho yesa nehi why u are mila hai usise khush raho..ja..jaake apna kaam kar..she chided herself mentally..she went to finish her left over works..but couldn’t stop thinking about maan n how he was roaming behind her the day before..her cheeks turned red n she bit her lips controlling her thoughts..

She sat exhausted on the balcony after her daily chores..the air was there is no work she felt bored n her thought went to video game..she rushed inside n started to hour passed she forget the time..


Its lunch time..bell rang..she looked at the time

Geet:babaji..woh aagayi kya..meine time nehi deki..

Geet opened the door..maan was standing there with smile..


Maan:ready to see ur surprise.geetu..

He whispered near her ears n then moved back n she heard him asking the men to bring it inside…

Geets eyes widened seeing it..her eyes clearly expressed how  happy she is seeing it..

Maan:fix  it here..

She stood at her place watching them fixing it..she blinked her eyes..

It’s a led  tv..

Every house in apartment had cable connected already n the men fixed it..

They left soon n maan came to her locking the door..he hugged her from back..

Maan:how is the u wont get bored at house..n u can watch films time we will go to picture of ur choice..ok..

Geet turned n hugged him..thank you..

That’s the only  word she can say to him..he brought it thinking she will be bored at home..n to watch films..she even forgot what she said but he remembered..

Maan:I want my thank you in form of sweet..he showed his cheeks..geet shied but slowly placed her lips on his ..but he turned a little making her lips place on his..she was too shy n he took the charge..

Maan lifted her n went to their room..he looked at the cot n bed..

Maan:now its time to use the  new cot ..or they will get worried..he said naughtily .he placed her on bed n hovered over her.. soon they were lost in their love..he gave a last deep thrust filling his warmth inside her..he collapsed on her bossoms..his fingers teased her buds..n geet was moaning..

Maan raised himself n kissed her forehead..he leaned on the bed post taking her over him..she hide herself in his chest..

Maan:jaanthi ho geet..i want everyday to be Sunday..i can be with you always..i cant even concentrate on my works..

His hands rubbing her bare back n her hands played with the small hairs on his taut chest.he slowly squeezed her bossoms making her moan again..

Maan:do u also feel like me..bolo geet..

How can she say..she is missing him..

Maan:geetu bolona..

Geet gently nodded her head.making him happy..

Maan pulled her up n took her lips into a passionate kiss…n today their noon shift was repeated again..Embarrassed

His phone buzzed making him stop..

Maan sighed n attended the phone..he listened to the person on other side

Maan:ok im coming in an hour..

He gave an apologetic look to geet n pouted..

Maan:work is calling me..

Geet nodded n wrapped her sari..

Maaneet had their lunch n maan went to office..



That evening he came n took her around the apartment n walked in park..he took her to the stores inside saying if she needs any essential things she can purchase there..

They returned back n maan asked her to change to nighty n he changed himself..he went to vickys room..only vickys packs are not yet placed..geet was hesitant..when she asked he said he will do maan came earlier to fix it..he asked geeet to make dinner whilst he will  arrange it..




Maan opened all packs n took out vickys dress n other items arranging his room..

when geet came he was arranging vicky’s books..

She slowly caressed the books..a lump formed inside her throat..result will be at any time for her..n she doesn’t even know when the date is announced..what mark she will get..

Geet st:whats the use in she is married n her life is going gud..when you know ur dreams cant be fulfilled whats the use of thinking about will only give you more pain..geet bhool ja tumhari padne ki wont be fulfilled..

She left a deep sigh..

Maan:geet..u r a science student right..

Geet was startled..then collecting her shattered heart she replied..


Maan:Vicky too likes science..its only me who wanted to go in this bhai too took science..n his business too is based on chemical sales…maa want vicky to become a dr..he was stubborn saying he likes engineering..


She replied she want 2 forget her doctor.dream..maan is saying about his mothers dream n about others being a science students..y babaji..y me..

Maan:geet where did u do ur col…

His words were cut off with the phone sound..

Maan:excuse me..

He took the phone n answered..

It was his mother n Vicky.. exams starting tomorrow

Maan:oh that’s have you prepared all

Vicky:mast..aapki bhai hoon..this time too I will only come first..deklena..n if I got first u must get me a gift..

Maan:ok..will surely get u a gift if u topped..n that too of ur choice..

Maan:ok now..maa ko phone do..

Sd:maan kesi ho..meri bahu kesi hai.. fine..bohut fikar hai bahuki than me.. u urself ask her..

He gave the phone to geet..while she was answering  sd. maan got busy torturing her in all sweet ways..his hands unzipped her front portion n went inside..he frowned seeing her inners..he squeezed hard showing his disapproval..geet was trying hard not to moan..

Sd:beta,he is taking care of u na..or is he drowned in works forgetting u..

Geet:no maa..he is taking gud care of me..

Maan s hand went back unhooking her bra ..

Geet looked at him pleadingly..he smirked..this is ur punishment..

he slowly slided her nighty from her shoulder n kissed her nape..going between the valley between her bossoms

Sd:gud to hear..ok give phone to maan..

Geet  left her breathe n gave to maan..a naughty thought crossed her mind 

(picture credits to king khan fan)

when he was talking geet thought to show him what he did to her…its not surely her but maan has made her so..she hugged him from behind n kissed on his nape n bite his earlobes..

Maan forgot what he is talking to his maa n what she is saying..he enjoyed geets play..n was losing himself..

Maan:maa..i ll call u back..

He kept the phone n pulled geet to front..

Maan in stern voice..kya karrahi thi geet..u know na im talking to maa..

Geet jumped at his high pitch..her face it’s the first time he was shouting at her..she took steps back n rushed to kitchen..her eyes moisted..she touched the liquid flowing from her eyes…

Geet:geet tu rorahi hai..when u got slaps too u didn’t y u r crying geet..tum itni kamzor kese hogayi..


after marriage  She has seen only the loving side of maan n pampering her…that too after coming to Chennai she  never thought about past..her dark life was never in her thoughts..she was always happy n today his one stern voice..she couldn’t bear it..she has turned totally vulnerable in his love..she bit her lips controlling her sobs..

Maans hand snaked her from back..

Maan:naraaz ho..i was just kidding you..such kahoon..i enjoyed ur sweet torture..u aroused me quickly..

He pressed his body to her poking his member on her back.

Maaan:..i want u to do it again..i want to love you..

Her body stiffened n maan turned her n looked at her moist eyes..

Maan:geet..yeh kya..

Geet was happy when he said it as his prank.. when he told his need she was all blushing knowing they are going to land in bed soon..but before she has control on herself he found her tears..

Maan:sry..i didn’t mean it..

He slowly kissed of the tears..she hugged him n found solace in his arms.n before they know whats going on they both were aroused..

Maan panted heavily after their night shift..

Maan:just ur one u know what it did to me..

Geet was again blushing hard..its all bcoz of her..

He pulled her close..dont blush geet..i want to eat your cheeks ..ur every small antics is not less than a torture to me..

He was expressing himself n geet heard him.

Maan:n haan..i hate ur tears..not only you..i want all my surroundings to be happy..tears will make u weak n seeing it ur loved ones also will be no more tears..hmm..

Geet nodded her head…both slept  peacfully in each others arms…



The days were passing by..maan got his office settled..he had two of his men from delhi office..they maintained the office..n his working schedule..maan was friendly with the new staffs too..n they all liked him ..he only shouted when the work is not perfect n other times he was very cool n composed..all came to know him that he is a perfectionist in work..


raman often made his visit whenever he passed by..he n his wife called geet at home n talked  to her too..geet was busy with her works n rest of time with her video game n tv…

After getting the phone number thru maan her parents called her once..n her brother called her inbetween to know how his little gudia is leading her married life..her silence n her shyness gave all his answers..

Even ani n nt with kids talked to her..she was happy talking to the kids..they missed her a lot n so she was..

.maan sometimes got late..n he informed her too if he cant be b4 time..

..geet  still scared to go out of she remained in house itself..

 she maintained the house accounts too ..maan was impressed with the way she carried everything well..


Maan n surya has got close by now..their center of topic was workouts n maan was learning tamil by him inbetween ..gym was the only place they met..otherwise both were busy in their own works…

Maaneets outings too was going on in between his busy schedules..geets life was colourful..n maan was happy with his married life..raman n lakshmi contacted them n came to visit in between..but did not disturb them knowing the newly wed need time for each other..

precap: choti bombs entry


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