Humrahi -Part 33




Mr.Raman  came n  Vicky greeted him politely..he was really impressed seeing the duo bros..he took maan n Vicky to the college..the principal greeted him n asked them to w8 till he had a talk with  Vicky.the principal really wanted to know if Vicky is really qualified to get admission in the mid years..he looked at the certificates n questioned him about his studies n some normal gk que..vicky confidently answered everything,,the principal was happy to have a bright student there..he asked him to join after the holidays..

Raman n maan thanked the principal  n came out…

Raman:so maan..when are u going to mettupalayam..(it’s a place at the base if ooty..near Coimbatore)

Maan:Friday..i hope the work will finish by Saturday..

Raman thought for a minute..

Raman:hmm then Sunday u will be free..why don’t u have ur holiday in ooty..its a hill area.its 3 hrs only from there..u all will love it..

Maan:it’s a gud idea..i ll check my appointments..n then will finalize..or I will go later making myself free..

Raman:ok beta..have a nice day..i ll take a leave now..i have some works..

Maan n Vicky thanked him n got back to office..

Maan was thinking..he has not taken geet for ooty will be the right place..he checked his plan n found he  had only an appointment at noon on Monday he can make himself free..n adi n Vicky are there to take care of off..

He called adi ..he came in..

Man:adi..i will stay a day more u look after the works on Monday..materials will arrive at night..tell the store incharge to check the materials..

Adi:ok man..i ll look after it..may I know why it will take a day more for you..

Man:hmm uncle suggested to go to ooty..its very much near the place im going..n Sunday is off too.. we will stay there for a book tickets for us to n fro. From Coimbatore..

Vicky who watched maan thought we includes him..

Vicky didn’t think that man is planning 2 take geet with him..not Vicky..

Vicky:don’t worry maan..mein hoona..i ll look after our really so happy.. i hv heard the  hills greenery n view of ooty is mind blowing..i have seen in some films too..mazaa aayega maan.

Maans face turned pale..but soon he recovered from the shock..

He forgot about Vicky living with them thinking about taking geet with him .

..he has fulfilled, vicky’s every wish..vicky can help himself..he is not a kid too..

Maan:ok then its u who have to make the plan..

Adi was not happy..he tried to say n stop Vicky ..but maan shook his head no n stopped adi..

He very well knows his friend cares for him..but he cant hurt his kid bro for this..

Adi left the cabin irritated with maans decision..



It was they were three working together maan was free from work soon.

Adi told maan n Vicky to go n he will be back after finishing the rest of works..and even he remembered maan who promised to take geet out..

Maan n Vicky went home..vicky saw him smiling while crossing the 2nd floor..

Vicky:am I missing something maan..

Maan:hmm..i think u are going to get the answer u asked me..

Vicky:what..i cant understand what u r saying..

Maan climbed the stairs n stopped at their floor..

Vicky was going to ring the bell..maan stopped n opened with his key.he heard sounds from kitchen…he signaled vicky to follow him without sound..maan took small steps n reached the kitchen..

He stopped n asked Vicky to see the kitchen..

The sun was dawning n geet did not switch on the hall maan n Vicky were standing in dark..they  can clearly see geet n aishu playing..

Vicky has not yet met with he was thinking who the girl is..but what shocked him the most was his choti bhabhi’s costume..she wore maans shirt over her sari n a shawl on her shoulder..something like cap..his eyes widened seeing the watermelon hard shell as cap on her head..a mustaque drawn with kajal…making her look like a man..a long stick in   her hand …

Aishu:aise nehi di..yese..stand brisk like a warrior..

Aishu poitioned her..but geet again failed  to stand like aishu said..

Aishu slapped her head..

Aishu:mei bhina di kisko police banarahi hoon..u must be a cat di …meow…a coward cat..


Geet pouted seeing her scold..maan just want to capture those pouting lips..but he was enjoying the show going on before him..aishu being small girl was bossing his wife n she was listening her..he turned to Vicky n saw him too enjoying his cb’s avtar with the small girl…

Geet:aishu..i ll do it right see this time..  lets do one more time..hmm

Now aishu started to take some bag n run ..she hided behide the fridge..

geet :chor chor ruk …chodunga nehi..meii ..mei..mei…

uske baath kya hai aishu…


aishu came  out n started to laugh..

geet:kyun hasrahi ho..

aishu:di..aap bhi na..mei mei aise kerahi ho jeise aap ek bakrri ho..

mei mei mei..aishu mimicked n geet laughed seeing her mimick..

maan turned to Vicky who was seeing his cb play with a small girl ..she was laughing nervousness.

Aishu:di..hum kuch aur kelthei hain..this is not suiting u..

Geet:lets play video game..

Aishu:di..only 1 can play in video game of yours..mujei nehi khelna vg..when im alone at home I do that only..n I have got bored of it..

Then what to do..



the clock sounded 6..

geet:aishu,jiju will come anytime..ludo will take time na.. dad too told he will be around 6..we r going for shopping..


aishu:wont u ask  shopping ..what where..etc..etc..

geet:why should I ask u..

aishu:when I say this to other womens na they will ask me endless question..from what purchase to when we will return n next day too they will ask me what all we did..

geet:what will I do knowing it aishu..

aishu sighed:aap yese  kyun ho di..sometimes this gappa maring will improve ur gk..

geet laughed..

geet:improve my gk..kese..batao..

aishu:when u ask this type of que to many n when u get repeated if I say we purchased in xxx silks..n when few others too say same answer..u will know this shop is gud..n even when u ask them about price..when u go next time u will have a rough idea of the thing u r going to no one will cheat u..

geet lifted her much is there..

geet:then say what are you going to purchase..

aishu:di..dekho u are questioning ur teacher itself..


aishu lifted her invisible corner..mei..abhi abhi meine aapko gk sikaya..n u asking que to me..

geets mouth opened wide..haawww..

aishu:di..when I become dentist show me ur teeth..not now..close before mosquito goes in.

Vicky couldn’t hold more watching the scene going infront of him..he was really impressed with this cute girl..n her knowledge too..

He bursted into laughter holding his stomach..

Geet n aishu turned nsaw Vicky standing..maan was standing at they didn’t notice him

Aishu:evan avan..sirikkirathu..(who is that laughing )


She was angry that someone laughed at them..

Vicky tried to muffle his laugh seeing the cuties nose flutter in anger..he again laughed..

Geet again got nervous..she removed the shirt she is wearing..

Maan too came smiling before them..geet smiled weekly  feeling embarrassed..she  tried 2 hide her mustaque make up..

Geet:mei..mei abhi aathi hoon..she ran away from there to get cleaned up..

Aishu:jiju..yeh Bandar kaun hai..

Maan lifted her up..

Maan:yeh..yeh meri..

Vicky:maan..let me intro myself..

Maan:hmm..go ahead..

Vicky:hai ..i m Vicky..vicky singh khurana..his brother..whats ur name..

Aishu looked at maan..n he nodded yes..

Aishu:im aishwarya..

vicky extended his hands..

Vicky: so ..girl friend.. from now we will meet daily..n I think ..humari jodi khoob jamegi..

Aishu:chi chi..what are u talking..shameless..see ur age n my age..if u r not my jijus brother I would have complained to police..that this person is asking me to be his gf..

Vicky stood shocked n this time n  maan was laughing seeing his face..a small girl has made his bros mouth shut ..


Vicky:aishu dear..i..i didn’t meant like u think..

Vicky’s st:Oh god..i must be careful with this girl..umarse zyada matured hai..she will put me in jail for no reason..

Aishu:then explain..

Maan ruffled aishu’s hair slightly.. with Vicky..i ll fresh up n come..haan if he troubles you me..ok..

Maan left smirking Vicky to deal with aishu..vicky rolled his eyes..yah man bhi na..adding ghee to the fire..

Vicky:wo aishu..mei tumhari jiju ki bhai hoon..aur tum cb ki friend ho..u cant call me we can be friends..u r cbs friend so girl friend..n now u r my friend gf..

He blabbered whatever came in his mouth..


Vicky:choti bhabhi..geet bhabhi..

Aishu:sry mr..geet di is not my di hai wo..di ki husband hai jiju..n I don’t know u..nor u r of my cant be friend with u..

She was straight forward n clear in her answer making Vicky baffled ..


Maan rushed to his room n saw geet coming out of washroom..

She was blabbering to her babaji..yeh maine kya kiya..what devarji would have thought about me..n maanji wo..she saw man looking at her with stern expression..

Geet:wow o mei..aishu asked me to ..

She didn’t even complete maan pinned her behind the door n captured her lips..he left her after satisfying his hunger..

Man:I did not ask u anything about your no need of explanation..i m happy seeing u happy..thats what I want..n haan make coffee soon..n u knowna..we r going get ready fast..

She was all red with his sudden kiss..she nodded n turned to go..

Maan:n save ur devar from aishu..

Geet:kya hua..

Maan:go n see yourself..

He took the towel n went to freshup..

Geet rushed up to hall to see what is going on..there she saw aishu with her hands on her hips n looking angrily at Vicky..vicky was standing with mouth open..

Geet:aishu..kya hua..

Aishu..di dekho iski himmat..he want me to be his girl friend..

A smile came appeared in  geets lips..but she contolled it..if she laughs Vicky will feel bad..

N here aishu is over thinking..

Vicky:cb..just I want her friendship..but she is taking all wrong..

Geet”aishu kutty..see he want ur friendship only na..accept it ..

Aishu:is he gud


Aishu stood there standing with her eyes fixed  on roof n her index finger in thinking deeply..

Vicky que geet thru brows..n geet shrugged her shoulder saying idk..

Aishu:bcoz di is saying I ll give u a chance.. I ll ask amma appa ..then let me know u first..phir bholungi if u can be my friend..n haan no gf bf..i ll make u my brother if I like u..ok..

Vicky bowed his head..

Vicky:thank u for considering my request ur highness

Aishu:aishu khush its time for me to leave..di mei chalthi hoon..n u mr..bye..n say jiju too..

She walked away with attitude..

Vicky:when she grows up half of Chennai will be in police station..

He murmered in his mouth..


Geet went n made snacks n coffee for maan n Vicky..

Geet:adi bhai nehi aayi..

Maan:he ll come later..only we 3 are going out..this Friday I m going out of station u know na..


Man”there is change in it..we 3 are going there.. Sunday im free so we will be in ooty..vicky has done tomorrow pack things for 3 days..

She squeeled in happiness..then seeing Vicky she again got nervous nleft the place..vicky was seeing different shades of geet..n he couldn’t  come to a conclusion about geets character..he was confused n thought about maans words..may be by months passing by she will be to her normal self..

All 3 went to beach..n roamed around exploring the city..purchased sweaters for ooty..ate in restaurant n came back home..

Adi knew their plan..n had a duplicate key of house..he too ate outside n came home n slept before they came..


Vicky too went to sleep..then thought to have chat with his friends thru  skype..he went to maneet room..he must ask man for modem as he didn’t bring it..

He was about to knock the door..geeets giggle stopped him..

Inside maan was tickling geets stomach with his beard..


Man shut her mouth with his..


Vicky was shy..he came at wrong his maan is married n he must not disturb him like before…he chided himself n  came back to his room n slept..after facing so many ups n downs in life,his bro is happy..thats what he wanted..

precap:hm with vicky tagged with them..n poor maan..all 3 landed up in 1 roomLOL


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