The play of destiny – Part 1


Place:a marriage hall

Many peoples were there busy chatting n childrens playing around..the marriage gives us such opportunities to chat with our relatives n friends who we meet after long time..all are enjoying their meet..

The place was beautifully decorated with colourful screens, ribbons, balloons etc.showing the royalty of the marriage..after all its marriage of a khurana..n was made arrangements by them..but there was tension in air as the grooms family has not yet arrived. brides family was calling them continuosly and.finally their end got over..their came the lined up cars n buses full of relatives n friends..
The brides family n relatives stood at entrance n welcomed the grooms family..the brides relatives curious to see the groom..
Mohinder:namastey ..savitriji..aavo beto..aapki safar teek tha na
He welcomed both..the groom touched his feet n his wife’s feet n then pammi’s feet..all blessed him n took them inside..
Savitri:Namaste mohinder..safar teek tha..everything is going good na..aapko koi takleef tho nehi hui na..i m sry hamare aanei mei der hogayi..
She let a little sigh n looked sad..
Mohinder:kya hua everything ok..
Savithri:hmm..we waited for his brother..who went to America a month back..he was supposed to be here by now..but the weather was not in favour n the flight has temperorily landed in china..hope he comes before the wedding..we were waiting for him ..but he informed us he will be late n asked us to move ..n continue with the procedures..he will come n join us once he reaches..
Mohinder:don’t worry savitri ji..he will come in time..he is a busy person n he loves u n his brother a lot…u have told us before itself..he will come soon n join us before marriage..
Savitri:hamari bahu kahaan hai..
The bride came n rano signaled to touch dadi’s feet..she pretended shy n touched her feet..her eyes were busy occupied in her future husband who was looking dashing in that casuals..
Savitri:kush raho beta.. u all go and get ready..we will start the rituals..
Rano:ji maa..

One of savitri’s relatives asked savitri
Rel:savitri..u have a big house in delhi n relatives n friends too are more there..then why u choose Amritsar..
Savitri:maannath maangi thi mei..when my grandson will take a step ahead in his life I ll make his life start from god’s place..maan runs even in the name of marriage..atleast I can fulfil my promise to god thru dev only I arranged here..
Rel:oh..yeh bhi acha hi hai..isi bahane hum bhi babaji ki dharshan karlenge..

All families were given separate rooms..they rested a while n soon started to get ready for the rituals..

Mohinders room..
Rano was having hard time to dress geet.. choli is itching..
Rano:geet.aaj tumhari behen ki shadhi hai..ek din keliye ye pehenlo..
She took the neckpiece n weared on geets neck.
Geet:mama..this is chocking..
Rano:ok wait..she took a long chain n weared it. Removing the neck piece…
Geet:hmm yeh teek hai
rano weared her a matching long earring..
geet shook her head n laughed with the feel of the ring dangling..rano wore her colourful bangles that filled her both hands..geet made sounds shaking her hands..
geet:mama..this sound is nice na..
she completed dressing her up..
Rano:look in beautiful u are..
Geet turned n saw the mirror.. beautiful..
Mohinder n rano had tears..
Both:haan..tum pari lagrahi ho..
Geet:mama where is
She looked down the cot n started to search her baby
Rano:geet ki papa…kya aap bhi wahi sochrahi hai mein sochrahi hoon..
Rano:will god give the opportunity to do kanyadhan of her..
Mohinder:hmm..babaji haina..sab teek hojayega..we have never thought any ill of he wont let us down..we are in gods place..he knew what n how to do everything..
Rano:still u believe in losing faith..
Mohinder:god is testing us rano..we have to pass this hard phase..n see our geet will get a good husband n a better life.
Pammi came inside..
Pammi:veerji..kuch kehna hai..
Mohinder:hmm bolo..
Pammi:pls don’t take me saying this for ur own good..pls keep geet n aarav in tabs..woh kya haina..this is new place..n damadji ki ghar se sab ko unki bare mein patha nehi hai..
Rano was hurt hearing it..pammi left from there with a smirk..she cant leave the chance to hurt them..
Mohinder:rano ji..keep both away from all relatives..let them come at time of marriage only..i don’t want to see all pitying us..
Rano:ji..oh no..yeh dono kahaan gayi..mei dekthi hoon..dono milgayi tho pura ka pura natkat shuru..
Both laughed hiding their pain n she went out to search ..soon she found both near the decors ..she brought them both n ordered them to be in room..

note:i know this is short compared to my other updates..spare my small updates for some time


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