U,Me,Aur…? – Part – 126

PART 126

Maan turned n looked geets cabin..it was shut with blinds..he took the remote n opened it..his jaws dropped down seeing her jumping n dancing..
An instant smile crept on his face seeing his jaan so happy..then it dawned him what is that she is so happy..then he realized she has irked him to extent n made him say himself to stop calling her mr.khurana..
He nodded his head at her victory..losing before ur love is also a success.he can lose anything for the smile on her face ..he locked his room with remote n opened the door ..he stood their watching her doing the little bangra..she didn’t notice him..her phone buzzed n she took it with a pout..oh someone disturbed her rejoicing moment..but her smile widened with the name flashing in phone..
Maan closed his ears hearing her scream in joy..
Vicky:hmm so baby..what happened..
Geet jumped at her place..
Maan frowned seeing her giving kiss in phone..
Geet:Vicky..ur plan was successful..patha hai..prince ne khudh kaha..dont call me mr.khurana..yippeppeee..i did.it..thank you..thank you thank you so much..
Vicky:oh..so only my baby s voice is so enthusiastic..
Geet:you must have seen that chimpanzee s face Vicky..babaji..i cannot forget it..ya hoo.oo
She again danced on her place n turned ..she stopped at her place seeing maan standing with his hands crossed over his chest n a stern look..
Geet looked at the phone n maan..she got nervous..what if maan had heard her..
Maan:what was that geetu…tum jaan boochke sabkuch kiya..n Vicky helped you giving this idea..
Geet looked down..
Maan:im asking you only..
He again asked in a raised voice..geet was startled for a sec…she nodded yes..
Geet:wo..woh mein..muje acha nehi laga..isiliye vicky se idea li..
She said in a meek voice
Maan:so its time for your punishment for irking me..
She didn’t even complete..maan pulled her with force..she landed on his chest..she looked at him with confused expression..
Man:payback time..hmm..
He smirked n captured her pouting lips..his hands went on her back pulling her more closer..both the bodies got electrified n geet too hugged him back n started to respond him..
Both were kissing trying to dominate each other..deepening the kiss he pushed her to wall..maans hands trying to find the bare skin under her cloth..
Geet was moaning prin..cee…
Both left each other when they felt short of air..
Geet:prince..yeh tha aapka punishment..
She asked with flushed face..
Maan:hmm..acha laga..
Geet was red..
Maan:n how was my acting..u thought I m angry on you…hmm
Geet:looked at him..he was standing with full naughty smirk..
Geet:natak tha who..u scared me prince..
She started to hit his chest lightly with her small fist..maan moved back..
Maan:geetu geetu..sona..lag jayegi..no..no..
Geet didn’t stop her so called hitting
Maan looked upwards n said:meri geetki babaji..dekho apni ladli ko..she pushed me out of my room that day..now she is hitting me..
Me ,the great MSK..her husband ko..kya yeh hai pati dharm..
Maan said so dramatically..geet stopped on her tracks
Geet:thoba thoba..ye meine kya kiya..
She slapped her cheeks for hitting man n man held her hands..
Maan:jaan..never try to hit yourself..
Geet:wo mei sry..sry..she held her ears..
Maan:mei tho mazak kar rahi thi jaan…u have every right on me…n I love when u hit me..
Geet:I m sry..meine galath ki.. I must be punished..how can I hit my prince..prince slap me..hit me..mujei har punishment manzoor hai..
Geet:muchi..babaji ki kasam..
Maan:so u wont break ur promise..
Maan:then give me one more kiss..here n here..one in my lips n other where u hit me..
Geet was all red..she slowly undid his first 3 buttons n placed soft feathery kisses on his chest..maan tightened his grip on her waist..
Maan:now here..he showed his lips..
Geet smiled n placed a small peck..
Maan:geetu..this is a small peck ..i want a full lip lock..
Geet:I hit ur chest so I gave plenty of kisses to it..mei kyun lips ko dhun..
Maan:hmm..trying 2 be logic…panga who bhi mujse..
He took geets hands n made her slap his mouth..
Geet:what r u doing
Maan:ab tumhare haath ne muje maara..give my quota soon..
Geet:this is cheating..
Man:everything is fine in love n war..yeh tho kiss hai..i will do anything..common ab meri wish pura karo..mujei aur bhi kaam hai..
Maans phone started to ring..
Geet:prince..i think pinky is calling u..
Man:let her call..i will not go out without getting my sweet..
Geet looked at him..
Geet:stubborn prince..
Maan:no..stubborn mr.khurana..
He said the way she irritated him..
Both laughed n maan pulled her close n his eyes looked at her lips with desire..geet finally gave up n fulfilled his wish..
Maan:love u sweet heart..
He cupped her face n pecked her forehead n left to his cabin..
Geet sat there smiling to herself..yeh prince bhi na..omg..vicky..he was on phone..she looked the ph n saw it disconnected.it means he heard our..woh…
.the thought itself made her sharam se pani pani..
Why prince always does this babaji..what must Vicky have thought about us..chi chi babaji..i hate u..no I hate my prince..no..i cant say that too..mei kya karoon..she looked at maans cabin..he too looked at her at same time..he licked his lips showing its tasty..n winked at her.
Geet:babaji..ab mei jaarahi hoon..yahaan nehi rehna mujei..ye prince kabhi bhi shuru hojayega..
She collected her bags n things ..
Adi entered maans cabin to get a sign..
Geet too came in
Geet:prince I m going home..bye..
She didn’t even wait for his reply..she rushed out..
Maan:arei ruk meri kaam bhi pura hogaya..
Adi:he heheh..g..g..eet..chalegayi..
Maan:hmm I can see it..
He said irritatingly..
Adi: sir sign pls..
Maan signed n took his belongings too to return back to his home..

Geet straightly went 2 mansion n met with Vicky…she want 2 thank him for his great idea..but Vicky was in mood of teasing his BB.. he saw her entering but behaved like he didn’t see her n started 2 sing his usual song..
Jiya jale jaan jale..
N geet came to her sherni mode..she took the cushions n pillows whatever came in her hand n started to throw on Vicky..
Vicky caught one pillow n started to save himself hiding behind it..
Vicky:baby..baby..sry..sry..mei nehi gaunga..pls..stop it..lag jayegi..
Geet:tu..tu ..
Feeling tired n irritated she sat on bed with pout on her face..her nose fluttered in anger n cheeks red blushing bcoz of his teasing..
Vicky wondered how many reactions will his bb give at a time..
He lifted her by chin n a small smile lingered his lips teasing her..she again got angry n turned the other side..
How much he loved to make her irritate n manofy her..
He took a chocolate from his pocket n showed before her face..
Vicky:talk to me now ..see I have got ur candy..n if u want I ll do whatever punishment u give..
Geet took the chocolate n started to have it..but she didn’t talk 2 him..but he too knows his way to change her mood..
Vicky kept his head on her lap..
Vicky:bhabhi..my head is paining..massage karo na..
He said with a sad face that she thought he is really in pain..
Geet:ye kya Vicky..pehle bathathi..she took the oil n made him sit n started to give a gentle massage to his head..
Vicky:bb..what happened in office..bhai kese maangayi .
Geet got into chirpy mood n started to narrate what happened in office n Vicky started 2 laugh holding his stomach..
Vicky:ha ha..bhabhi..u na..poor bhaiya..he must have burned the person if someone else was in your place..
Geet:hmm wo tho hai..u must have seen his big big eyes when sasha interrupted..bohut mazaa aaya mujei us chimpanzee ki lal muh dek kar..
Geet:how is ur head ache now..
Vicky:head ache..woh haan head ache..sar dard..its gone..u have the magic in ur hands..
He took her hands n kissed it..
Then pulled her hands n stood up..
Geet:what are you doing Vicky..
Vicky:u r happy..im also happy..so party time..lets dance..
She laughed n joined him..
Vicky switched on the tv n played a random channel..it was a very old song..
Dadi who came there saw the scene..
Dadi:don’t change it Vicky..let this song go..
Vicky:no prob..we can dance for this too..kyun bhabhi..
Vicky:n dadi..if u want u can dance with me next..first chance to my bhabhi..
With that he started to dance with geet..both were laughing n dancing talking on funny things..
Dadi stood there watching the song that played..so many things flashed inside her..making her think of past..

The song was
Chaudwee kaa chand ho ya aaftab ho
Jo bhee ho tum khuda kee kasam lajawab ho

Julfe hain jaise kandhe pe badal jhuke huye
Aankhe hain jaise may key pyale bhare huye
Mastee hai jisme pyar kee tum woh sharab ho
Chaudwee kaa chand ho…

Vicky:this song is nice na bhabhi..see how dadi is looking at the screen..i think this must be her favourite..
Geet:hmm..may be..she loves this song..
Talking with each other they stepped on each other n stumbled n hit their heads..both laughed at their funny dancing..
Kala:gudia..chotu aagaya hai..he is waiting for you..haan..i have kept ur dinner there..so u both haveit..ok.//
Geet:prince aagayi..
Ok..im going now..we will see tomorrow Vicky..bye dadi..gud night both of you..bye di..

Geet came running into the palace..maan has just stepped out of bathroom after freshing up..he was whipping his hair when she came inside the room humming the song..
Hmm..hmm..hmm..chand ho..la la..la..aftab ho..
He stood there seeing her..it has been ages he had heard this song..almost he has forgotten the memories he had with it..but she has freshed up the memories today..
Geet:prince ..u have freshed up..can we have our dinner..
Maan looked at geet..
Geet:what happened?
Maan:geet..woh ..u know that song..
Geet:which song..
Maan:the one just u hummed now..
Geet:woh..hmm..thoda thoda..
Maan:can u sing it for me ..
She looked at man..his face filled with so much emotions..
Geet:hmm ok..u dry ur hair..till that I ll surf the wordings in net..
Maan didn’t say anything..he looked at her typing the start of song n the song started to play..maan sat there with closed eyes listeneing to it…a sense of peace in his heart..
Geet started to sing along with it…man opened his eyes n smiled..he extended his hand asking her for a dance..
Geet st:what happened to this khuranas today..both in dancing mood..
She danced with him..he took the charge n put the steps she followed him..

Chehra hai jaise jhil me khilta huwa kanwal
Ya jindagee key sajh pe chhedee huyee ghajhal
Janey bahar tum kisee shayar kaa khwab ho
Chaudwee kaa chand ho…

Hotho pe kheltee hain tabassum kee bijliya
Sajde tumharee rah me kartee hain kaikashan
Duniya yeh husno ishk kaa tum hee shabab ho
Chaudwee kaa chand ho…

Geet:why I feel like this song is so close to you..
Maan:hmm..yes jaan..this song is very close to me..i have heard my dad sing this song often..i have a faint memory of a video too..my dad n mom dancing on this..i think its dev bro’s birthday party..
Suddenly he stiffened..he has opened something of his past…he has buried it n it must be..
Maan:chalo..lets go for dinner..
He tried to change the topic..
Geet stopped him n looked at him for a brief moment..it was unlike her..
He tried to look somewhere else than her..her questioning gaze..which he cant give answers..even if he does..what if she doesn’t believe him..geet let him go n she followed him ..both had the dinner talking on various things..n maan didn’t forget to fake anger n teases her for irritating mr.khurana puran in off..
That day she discovered one thing her prince will be happy with that one song..n she downloaded it in her cell n played it for him every day..mostly they danced on that song..it always gave him the presence of his parents..

maan made an appointment with dr for geet..her last session of treatment must be undergone..before that they want 2 do a master check up for her..geet pressurized maan that she want kala di to accompany her to hospital ..
Dr. was asking questions n geet was answering everything..then the que related to fire n her parents..geet was confident than before answering everything n was able to see the videos they showed related 2 fire..now the last thing they came to the fire scene of burning hut..n geet was back again 2 square..she trembled screamed n shivered seeing the big blast of fire..she hided herself in maans embrace shouting she cant see it..
Maa ma papa..prince..no…she fainted..
Maan looked at dr painfully..they dint expect this after all this theraphy..it was after hrs she woke up n looked at the ceiling with empty eyes..her eyes red n puffy n her face was pale..
Geet:prince..i cant be cured na
Man looked at geet ..he had no answers..her painful cries n her falling limb in his hands..its nearly 1 n half years she is under treatment..he can do anything for her one smile..but he is helpless today..he cant whipe out that fear from her..

Kala:nehi gudia..yesa nehi kehthi..babaji haina..sab teek hojayega..
Geet still looked at the ceiling:kab di..dar lagraha hai di..
Dr. came in n checked geet..
Dr:mrs.khurana..u have cured almost 95% n this last stage it will be more painful for you..but ur will power is what we needed..till now u have overcome everything..u cant lose your hope at this stage..a little more of confidence u will be fine in next 6 months..i guarantee u..
Geet:such dr..
Dr:ya..bus u put ur full effort next time..n try 2 see that film..
Maan:shall wego now dr..
Dr:yes mr.khurana..u can take her..n u must bring her here after 15 days.we will have this treatment twice a month..she needs gap inbetween 2 face this..she gave the new prescription to man..i have reduced her tablets..n changed some..this is enough now..
Maan:kalakka..i ll get this tab now..u take geet to car..
Maan:ty dr..
He left leaving kala with geet
Kala:thank u dr..
Geet:dr..mei bhoolgayi..

Dr:what..do u have any complications
She was hesitant..
Dr:mrs.khurana..dont u know u must be free with ur dr always if u have any doubts regarding ur health issues..
Geet:dr..woh..why I am not pregnant.
Dr. smiled..
Dr:u both are happy in ur marriage life na..
Geet nodded shyly..
Dr:are u taking any precautions..
Geet nodded no..
Dr:ur cycles are also gud..may be becoz of ur long time treatment..
Dr:u r young geet..so no need of worrying on it.. ok if u want lets have a check on it next time..

Geet:dr..aap kala di ko bhi check karo na..
Kala:me..kya hua gudia..y me..
Dr:kyun kya hua unko..
Geet:dr..y she is not pregnant then..uski tho bohut varsh hogayi na..nakul bhaiya ke sath shadi hui..all asking about babies to her..di bohut sad sad hai..
Kala just hugged geet..she thought about her also..
Dr:kala..she is r8..u msut go through a check up even ur husband too..
Kala:I ll dr..atleast for my gudia mei check up karoongi..if the result comes positive for me then I ll ask my husband 2 check up..pls I don’t want him 2 know about this..
Dr:u ladies bhi na..u wont let ur husband down or go thru any tests..love is blind n cant see other hurt..
Ok as u wish..when are u coming 4 check up..
Geet:next time when I come here..i ll bring di too..
Maan came back not finding kala n geet in car was dumb founded..his geet wants to be a mother..same time she thought about kala too..till now why that thought didn’t come across him..his kalakka too needs a complete family..he was proud in one way that his wife thinks about all more than him too..
He cleared his throat n made the trio look at him
All 3 bid bye to dr. n came back home..


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