The play of destiny – Part 4

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Part 4

It was early morning..

Dev has finally left naina after a long night..she was tired..yet her mission patofy dadi is running in mind..she wrapped the sheet n moved to washroom to have a shower..

Nt:its ok naina..a sleep away for one day will give you many things..spare it..u can sleep on the way to mission dadi is important..

She though hated sari’s she  wore  it..dressed herself like a typical girl adored her with jewels n filled her maang..she turned to see dev..he was sleeping peacefully dressed up in his pants n vest..

She couldn’t hide the blush forming inside her..he took her to a new world in his passion..

She wacked herself mentally n moved out closing the door of the room..

The path was so dark with one single night lamp glowing..

She stamped something..but ignored n again took next step..again step again something..this time it broke with a sound..she bent down n looked at the source which is disturbing her..a piece of bangle..

She looked for the switch but couldn’t she went inside her room n took her cell n came out without waking dev..

Now she switched on the torch of her phone n saw the bangles lying on was all the way from geets room till devtara’s  next room..

Nt:yeh tho geet ki hai..only she drops her things like this..but..chachus room is first one..why her bangles lying before that told this 3 rooms r booked for khurana’s..what if geet is doing misbehavior with my in laws..uff ..i don’t want to get humiliated on my first day..let me check her..

With that thought she opened her next door taking silent steps..she doesnt want to disturb the person who is inside without knowing its maans..

..the room was dark n only moon light was falling from the window..the light from her phone gave a little view of the room..her eyes opened wide seeing the two people in bed..

Maan n geet..geet was cuddled in maans arms..her blouse loosely hanging on her upper revealing her inner..maans legs were inside her thighs..n her creamy legs visible ..

NT’s anger rose n thought to pull geet n slap her..but her criminal mind stopped her.nothing can happen between both..she knew maan who believes in relation after marriage..while she was dating too he never tried to touch her..n geet..she is not in senses ..she will walk around n sleep anywhere the place wherever she feels..the alcohol smell from his room said maan too doesn’t know anything n he is not in senses..

.she closed the door n came out n stood outside.she came up with a plan..she immediately called her mother n told her the plan which now aroused in her mind..

Nt:now its my turn to humiliate u din ka badla aaj barabar hoga..n geet..ur mummy n papa was very high headed na about you..aaj ki baath wo kabhi sar uttake jeenehi payega..

She smiled wickedly..

She searched n switched on the lights of the path n waited for the drama to begin..

Pammi called the biggest gossipper n gossip maker to her room in pretext of asking some the gossipper cant accept as now pammi is khurana’s sambandhji..she obliged n came to first floor..



Maan’s sleep was disturbed with the sound of the click of shutting door n the lights glowing outside.. head..its throbbing hard..seems like relatives woke up for todays rituals..

Before he thinks more he felt something  soft cuddling to him seeking his warmth..

Maan switched on the bed lamp n was shocked to see a girl in his bed..n the position she was shook his whole existence.. still he couldn’t see her it was covered with her hair..she woke up rubbing her head with the force maan made her hit the pillow..


She yawned opening her big mouth with sound making maan turn a volcano..

Maan :tumm..tumm..what are you doing here..

She scratched her head looking the surroundings

Geet:u don’t know..i m sleeping..but why u woke me..geet abhi nehi utega..

She said cutely n again settled herself on bed.. before I do anything..

Geet:aahhh..why u r screaming..

She inserted her little finger in her ear poking it..

Maan:geet don’t test my patience ..go n sleep in your room..

He pulled her up forcefully making her sit..

Geet again yawned n now was fully out of sleep..

Geet:mammaa..papa.chachi .naina..

Maan was pissed of as he heard some footsteps..n the word naina hit him strongly..she is naina’s sister..n she is in my room ..matlab..both sisters are trapping cant fall in her trap..i wont let them win..

He decided n pulled geet strongly..

holding her shoulders tightly he started to pour his venom on her..the frustration on naina from last night n now seeing geet too trapping him..he started to scold her

Maan:miss..handa..dont try ur trick on me..jao yahan se..n I ll make sure ur sister expose before all too..what u both sisters think..u can trap khurana innocent hai..but im not.i m Maan singh khurana..the business man..n I know every dirty tricks of business..n I wont let ur dirty intensions win..

Now goo..

Geet was in tears by now..his hold was so tight n more over he was shouting on her..

She let a loud scream making the whole palace    jitter..

Maan closed her mouth to shut n both landed on bed with him over her..



Naintara came from her room n pammi n gossipers too met on the way..


Nt:mama..this is geets voice na..why she is screaming..

Pammi:haan..did she get herself in any trouble..yeh ladki bhi na..kuch bhi nehi jaanthe..aur veerji aur jeetani bhi sorahi hai ise akele chodke..


Nt:mama..lets see kahi chot nehi laggaya usko..

Gossip ladies(GL)”hmm bichari geet..apne yaadharsh khochuki hai..n has become a burden to her parents..lets see where is she ..we can only help rano this way..

Nt n pammi smirked as they saw the gossip ladies open maans room..



Naina switched on the lights n all stood shocked seeing maan over geet..that was not they expected to witness was like maan himself getting trapped in their plan..

More over maan was shocked to see geets position under him with lights glowing he can see a few love bites on her skin..n her lips hat a light cut..her white body turned red in some places bcoz of his hold..

GL:hey ram..yeh kya kiya tumne..

Pammi:maan..geet..tum dono..

Naina:mujei aapse yeh ummeedh nehi thi veerji..aapne meri behen ke saath ..chi chi..

Maan took steps behind ..he pushed his hair behind n looked at other side..there was a mirror reflecting his image..his lips too had bite marks..n geets kajal marks was on his neck

Maan st:matlab.matlab..

He forced to think of night..

Maan:that was not a was her ..she was with me whole night..n I didn’t realize it.i kissed her..n i thought it as imagination..


Pammi with fake tears..ran to geet n covered her with the sheet..

Pammi:first itself all look geet in pity..ab uske saath yese hua..

She embraced geet in her hug..

Geet:chachi..yeh na..muje..kaske pakadli..

She said with a pout adding fire to all their thoughts..

Gl:haan..ab sabko maloom padgaya haina geet ek anjaan insaan ke saath raath guzaari..

Nt:veerji..aaapne yese kyun kiya..jaanthi haina aap geet kesi ladki hai..

Maan:haan jaantha hoon tum handas ko..

 maan too knew nt n his anger aroused towards her..

Maan: u cant blame me naina..this is my room..


Rano who woke up with some sounds asked mohinder to be with aarav ..she looked for geet ..only her half sari was there in aaravs hold..

Rano:geet..yeh kahan gayi..aur uski kapde yahi per…she took the cloth n she rushed  out  to check geet..she saw some relatives standing before a room..she too went there..all gave her a weird look..

Rano:aap geet ko deka hai kya..

They showed inside the room..

Rano parted the crowd n got inside to see geet in pammi’s embrace ,the scene which she never witnessed..seeing rano geet smiled she pushed pammi n came running to rano..

The sight took her earth off from her feet..geet in skirt n a messed up blouse..her skin red..rano immediately covered her with the half sari in her hands..pammi came from back n did geets back buttons in blouse.


Maans situation was like he is standing in midst of fire..

When dev n dadi entered maan couldn’t even look at them..he has no explanations on his side..

Geet:mama..meina inki saath soyi thi..aap kahan gayi..mama he is too bad u know he shouted on geet..

Maan was lookin geet n others..her behavior somewhat started to irk him..she was proving him wrong before all..

Dadi came n looked at him for answers..he looked the otherside

Maan helplessly:I don’t know what happenend..i was drunk..mujei patha nehi geet.. meri kamrain mei..i..i..what you want  me to do dadi?

He couldn’t complete..naina smirked seeing the relatives looking accusingly at maan..most of them know about geet n they were pointing maan used her situation to fulfil his desires..

Geet  came to him n poked his shoulder..

Maan looked at her:

Geet:aap meri patiji hai kya????


He was shocked can she talk like this at this moment..she must be crying more n creating a scene..

Mohinder who came insearch of rano too was shocked..

GL:yeh lo..pati kerehi hai yeh..

GL:par wo kyun yesa kehrahi hai..

A girl in mid age told..yesterday when we were decorating SR room she came there ..n asked what we are I said naina is getting married so..she will sleep in decorated bed..geet told she wanted to sleep we told only girls can sleep in decorated bed with their pati..i think that has instilled in her mind.(geet left the ring that she used to drop her things everywhere).

Rano  looked helplessly at geet..she doesn’t even know whats the meaning of pati n what she is asking..she pulled geet aside n folded her hands before  maan n dadi..

Rano:maaji..please forgive us for whatever happened..u know na she..she..

Dadi s eyes were in tears

Rano couldn’t say that word for her daughter..all said she is mentally retorted ,mentally disorderd..mentally disabled..pagal..but never she thought geet in that way

Rano:humari geet..woh tho hosh khochuki hai..usko patha nehi who kya karrahi hai.she has totally become a child…i cant blame him n ur family for the things happened..its our fault we slept n could check geet at she came out n l..l..anded here..humei nehi patha..aur uska bhi yeh nehi patha hoga..

Rano was intears saying all this ..maan too was shocked hearing geet has lost her memories..

Geet:mama..i know how I came here..u know geet ko bohut bhook lagi thi..u gave only arav milky mujei nehi..mei na..khana doondthe bahar aayi na..mei ne juice dekha yahan ..mei ne peeli aur..aur..

 She scratched her head..

Geet: phir mujei patha nehi..

Rano:yahi sogayi hogi..aap please is baath ko yehi bool jayiye..go n get ready  to  go to delhi..we dont want our other daughters life questioned bcoz of geet..

Dev came n touched maans shoulder..its ok bro..they have apologized n told na u r not at down..

Naina:dev do u know what a girls reputation costs..bcoz of ur brother today my badi maa n badi papa is standing there with bowed heads..

Dev:naina..not more a word about my brother..

Rano:pls u both don’t argue..naina..bhool jao its ur sasural..n u have to think about their reputation..i believe.nothing happened..

Pammi:haan beta..ab tho tumhari sasural hai tumhare sab kuch hain..dont think about ur mentally disordered sister..waise bhi isse koi shadhi nehi karega.kuch hua ya na hua ho kya pharak padtha hai..

GL:.ab tho ye sach jaanne ke badh ..uski khosh bhi aajaye ,koi use shadhi nehi karega..

GL: hmm bichari geet..who will trust nothing happened to her..

Maan saw naina who was giving a cunning smile to him..she neared him n whispered..

NT:u made me face humiliation before the college na vee..eee.r..rji..see what I have returned for u can feel na what I felt ..par bichari geet..usko ye patha bhi nehi uske saath kya horahi hai..she became a goat in my target..

Maan eyes widened n looked at geets side hearing her cheerful voice..

Geet:yee..e..mama see my dolly is here..

She took the doll which was lying on floor n hugged it..

Geet:mama..yeh dolly  se mei katti..usko meine apni bangles pehnaya tha..see she doesn’t even wear one too..

Geet pouted n rano hugged her n cried..

The crowd was looking at mohinder rano n geet..

They cant question maan..he is too rich n can do anything in his finger tip..that fear made them shut..but with handas there gaze was enough for them ..rano n mohinder moved slowly oustside..they wished the earth swallow them right now..every gaze was piercing like a needle n their heart was bleeding..

Gossippers:hmm rano ko tho bohut khwaish thi ..ek din iski beti teek hoga..aur uski shadhi hogi..ab isse shadhi kaun karega..

Pammi:aap chup rahiye..maan tho geet se shadhi nehi karsakthi na..geet tho khosh mei nehi hai..wo isse shadhi kese karega ..iski izzad ka kya..wo tho aaplog do din baath karenge phir bhool jayengi..lekin maan..uski tho life hai..aaplog chaliye apna thayari ki kaam shuru geet ki wajase meri beti ki shadhi ke baath ka pehla din itna hungama hogaya..meine veerji se kaha tha geet ko koi asylum tho suntha hi nehi they have to face this humiliation too..rano can trust that nothing happened but we saw na..geetki kapde aur nishani…

Maan roared:bu..sss…making all root in their places..

He was holding the rim of bed tightly..every accusations on geet was making him vulnerable..his hands last night wounds opened n started to bleed..dadi was giving him an accusing look..if u have not drunk this would not have happened..

maan looked at the way rano n mohinder taking geet facing the humiliations on them..they didn’t question him too.bcoz they want nt s life safe…geet was busy in her own world playing n talking with her dolly..she was innocent n he blamed her for trapping him..bcoz of nt geet s dignity was questioned n he too was a reason behind it..

Her word echoed in his ears.. aap meri patiji hai kya????

Maan with a force pulled geet towards him…she straightly landed on his chest..his eyes red and anger..her eyes asking so many que..why he is pulling her from her mama


He filled her maang with his blood..

Maan:from now she is my wife..geet maan singh khurana..n u all don’t have to worry about her reputation..bcoz she is my wife now..

All shocked..bewildered ..the happy one was nt n pammi.they wanted this only..n it happened..

But dadi n dev was can maan marry a girl who is not in sense..

Rano n mohinder stood numb..must they be happy that geet got married or must feel sad that it happened in this way..

But the one who was blamed by all looked maan n then touched her forehead feeling some liquid..she touched it n looked at her fingers..her face turned pale n

Maan looked at her horrified expression n saw her falling back..before she touch the ground he held her secure in his arms..

All screamed G..EE..T


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