The play of destiny – Part 5

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Part 5

the one who was blamed by all looked maan n then touched her forehead feeling some liquid..she touched it n looked at her fingers..her face turned pale n screamed..


Maan looked at her horrified expression n saw her falling back..before she touch the ground he held her secure in his arms..

All screamed G..EE..T


Maan lifted her n placed on bed..

He patted her cheeks..geet geet..

Maan:someone get water..

Rano took water n sprinkled on geets face..

All expressions which were shocked  by maans behavior now looked at geet with pity..

Maan was patting continuosly .. 

rano n mohinder were calling geet


Rano,mohinder:geet..gudia ..utto..

Dadi came out of shock n asked rano

Dadi:rano why she fainted..kuch gabrane wali baath tho nehi na..wo abi tak teek tha..achanak kya hua..wo utti nehi..should we call dr..

Mohinder:maaji..geetko bloodphobia hai..bachpan se hi yeshi hai..if she sees blood she will zaroorat nehi..kuch der mei teek hojayegi..

Maan looked geet..something inside him was stirred..he couldn’t see geet like that..woh kese bhi she is his wife..

Maan:mei dr.ko call karthi hoon..’

rano:nehi beta..she will be alright in half an hour..we are used to it.

Maan sat next to her n caressed her hair..dadi looked at others..

Dadi:aaplog chaliye aur thayari naina..u both go n get ready to go to temple..

Maan looked at nt n pammi who smirked at each other.the sight burned his whole body..but now he is helpless..everything is done..n now its not time to repent..its show time..they must also know what maan singh khurana can will be decided by him only..he wont let others rule him..he knew how to handle everything..if its business or his life

He is master of his own..

Pammi nt n dev was not pleased..he was angry on nt n his mil..he kept mum ..but once when they are back 2 their room dev pounced on nt n her mom..

Nt:dev..pls calm down..we are sry..but like u love ur brother.i too love my sis..we didn’t think veerji will fill her maang n accept her as wife..wo tho hum jo dekha ..geet aur maan ek sath in compromising position..we just went with the flow..its our love for our geet..

Pammi smiled inwardly n was proud that her daughter was doing a great performance ..

Nt’s plan was to get maan married to geet..n as geet is not in sense she will be left in her mayka only..n maan being a cultured man wont look after other girl..n so the property will come fully on dev..her half plan was success..the other half she will do it later..n she knew her badi maa n papa ..they are fond of geet n geet can be taken care only by them..maan like man cant accept geet n take her home.nor intro her before this soceity.even dadi wont accept it..she smiled at her victory as dev went too was helpless but he couldn’t accept what his maan bro did..he deserves best in his life..not a girl who is not in sense..


In maans room

Rano:maaji ..u too go n get ready..

She turned to maan

Rano:beta..u saved our respect n geets dignity before this society..but I know u did this in situation..u don’t want to stuck with this relation which has no future..

Mohinder:rano..what are u saying..

He looked at savitriji to say something but she was she is accepting what rano is saying..

Rano: ..jaantha hoon mei kehrahi hoon..woh teek nehi hai..we are her parents n we must not say like this..but think from his side..what can he get from this marriage..its two years..she had lost her memory..n we have done our best..from small to big drs.we have took her for treatment..even god didn’t show mercy on us..what haven’t we tried to get her shadhi se hum kush honge..but what about him..what can he expect from geet as wife..

Mohinder was speechless..he became selfish in a second feeling happy for his daughter..but rano was right..a man who is young n handsome n a big businessman.what can he get from this marriage..will he be able to handle a child as wife..tears rolled down his eyes..

For the first time maan saw someone in his life who thought of others happiness than their own..a selfless love..he couldn’t believe nt was brought up in this family..

He took geets hand in his n entangled with his..

Maan st:I don’t know what to expect from you geet..but I ll do my duty as husband..if not for u for ur family..ur parents..I promise..mei yeh haath kabhi nehi chodunga..u  r my wife..n

Maan screamed :aaahhh..

He looked at the source which bite his hands..

Their stood aarav with his baby angry face..prying off maans hands from geet ..maan remembered him ..he was playing with geet..

aarav climbed the bed n sat over geets tummy n started to wake her


He kissed all over geets face messing her with his saliva.. gu..morng..utt..

Maan was shocked..geet is mother of this baby..

Rano:aarav..bad boy..say sry to him..

Aarav angry glares which doesn’t affect maan who was in shock

Aarav:na na.nani..katti..

He shook his head he wont say sry..n wont talk to nani too

Aarav:.maa maa..

He again patted geet..n kissed her cheeks..he even tried to make her awake by opening her eye lids..mohinder took him in his hands..

dadi just stayed mum..still she was confused to take decision..n was thinking what to do with geet..she want 2 speak 2 maan alone..


Maan looked at rano:

maan:maa…erm..i can call u maa na..

rano smiled n nodded..

dadi looked maan..his steps towards them scared her.. it was showing a glimpse of their relation moving ahead.which she doesn’t want too..this is not what she wanted for maan..

rano:yes beta u can..

maan:yeh bacha…

rano:this is aarav..humari potha..geet keliye possessive hai..he wont let any one near her or touch her too..thats why he bite u..aap bura mat manna..yeh..humari badi beti ridhi ka beta hai..

maan was relieved

maan:why he is calling geet as maa..where is his parents..

rano:ridhi aur armaan are no more..when aarav started to talk we taught him to call geet as maasi..but he couldn’t say maasi ..he called maa..n maasi maa hi rehgaya..he didn’t change after that.


he felt a relief..but the name armaan

maan:armaan mallik..i know him too..

mohinder:haan..aapki company mei stores manager ka kam kartha thana..wahi..

maan:oh..nice maan..hard working guy..what happened to him..n how geet became like this..

he want to know everything related to geet n her family..


nt n dev came there to go to temple..

rano:maaji u go with them..i ll be here with geet..beta u too go with them for dharshan..

maan smiled..dadi well knew what his smile meant..he will not go to temple..

dadi:rano…he doesn’t have patience for all will take time doing pooja..mei chalthi hoon ..

maan:dadi..u can thank ur babaji now for listening to ur wish..he has given u two bahu’s.

dadi was shocked..

dadi:maan..what are u saying..i thought..

maan:. if u thought I will not accept geet as my wife..then u r wrong..maan takes decision only once..he will never think twice..n geet is my wife..aap mano ya mano..meine maanli..n she will be accompanying us to delhi as my wife..

rano wipped her tears..the firm in his voice said he has accepted this relation..kaash if geet is in sense ..n they would have proudly given her 2 him..but now he cant waste his life accepting geet..

rano:but beta..

maan:maa..u have told me already what u want to don’t repeat again..i have told my decision..n that’s final..

he gave a look to nt ..the gaze was enough to send shiver in her spine..something was there in maans eyes..a fire..which is going 2 burn her

dadi left with dev n nt ..but nt’s happiness was gone with maans decision..dadi took bath n got ready soon n left to darshan.she must ask babaji to show a way to this marriage..which has no present nor future..

maans room 

maan was looking at aarav..he was in verge of crying as geet didn’t wake.he was about to slip when geets hands automatically protected him from falling..

maan looked at her did she got her conscious..but no..she was still unconscious..

mohinder:wo ..geet has lost her stability..but she always has a protectiveness in aarav..she wont let anything happen to him..


mohinder:rano..take himto room n fresh up..give him something 2 eat n drink..i ll be here with geet

rano took aarav forcefully..he was not ready to leave geet..that too with maan..he gave an angry glare..maan chuckled seeing the puppy eyes..he is such a cutie pie..

aarav :nei nei..maa paas..

rano:ganda bacha kahengi sab..if u did not brush ur teeth n take bath..

he pouted..n rano smiled..

maan:if u want u can use my washroom..

rano:nehi beta..sab things humari room mei haina..i ll take him there..

maan couldn’t hold himself back..he lifted aarav in his hands n kissed his both chubby cheeks..aarav rubbed his cheeks saying he doesn’t like maan kissing him.he slapped his cheek n wriggled in his grip..maan held him tight so he doesn’t fall.. u behave like this I ll tell maa not to play with u..

that did wonders..he became soft like a fir ball in maans maan cuddled in his arms n gently kissed him again..

maan:hai maan.whats ur name..

aarav looked at him thru corner of eyes..

mohinder:bacha say ur name..u r gud boy na..maa ki gud boy..

he nodded yes..

maan:I ll get u a chocolate n say whats ur name..

arav flashed a big smile..n kissed maans cheeks..


mohinder:aarav..he is still baby baby language..mei aarv..

maan:hmm..i understand..

mohinder:chocolate n balloons is his weaknesss..he accepted u becoz of it..

maan now knew why this chulbuli became a lovely one suddenly..

rano: one more weakness is cars…real or toys..he fancies it..

maan:oh..then I ll gift u more cars..

aarav was so he kissed maans face.n man felt light with his feathery kisses..a baby can do any wonders..

maan:ok champ..gud boy na..go n get ready with nani..i ll get u balloons n all

he willingly went with rano..

mohinder sighed..aarav is the only happiness in our life.. say what happened to geet.. n her sister did they die..

mohinder:u know armaan worked in ur concern..ridhi was married to him..i was really a happy man to get a son in law like him..he was an he loved our family so much..geet was like a sister to him…both used to pull ridhi’s legs..they are crime partners in all funs..when geets coll asked her to do a work experience armaan took her in ur he will be with her ..geet stayed with them as we were in Mumbai..n same time ridhi was also pregnant n geet stayed to help her..we often visited her..after godhbarai too ridz rejected to come here for delivery..n she asked us to come there..bcoz geet was at the end of her working experience n armaan will be left rano was packing everything to go there..

that day we got a call from delhi police  asking us to visit urgently..we tried to contact armaan ridi n geet but no one took the phone..we rushed to the police station..n what we got was ridhi n armaans dead body..they said there was a riot n both were killed..we searched for geet but we couldnt find her..n ridz flat tummy..what happened to her baby..soon someone informed they found a girl with a baby fainted in road n was admitted in hospital the previous day..we rushed there n saw it was was wrapped in ridhis it confirmed us baby is ridz..but the place were riots held n where geet found was kms apart..noone knew how she reached there..the next shock came to us when geet opened her eyes..she was not in sense..she behaved wildly that time n she only asked for baby. When arav was brought she hugged him n became calm..with baby around she wont do anything din se geet bache bangayi..kya hua kese hua hum kuch nehi jaanthe..even the police said they couldn’t trace anything..may be they caught in the riots..but I still have a doubt may be armaan n my ridz may be killed..

mohinder:kher..ab kuch nehi hone wala..the case is closed..n we lost our daughter n sil..n our geet in it..

maan listened to everything..

maan:why u think they may be murdered..

mohinder:two days before that day ridz called us..she was very low..n when we asked she said some persons came to house n threatened armaan..they want amy to keep his mouth shut n support them..they exchanged some 2ndquality materials in some site n armaan found it..he threatened to inform the management n police..but he doesn’t know the person whom he is messing with has some politic background..but it was too late..

mohinder:kash I know who is it behind him..i would have sent them behind bars..same time I feard of my families safety too..sirf geet aur aarav bacha hai I took them n came back to Mumbai..

maan was of materials..means it must be really one of his sites..he just closed his eyes n started to think over his which he faced -delhi..n politicians behind it..mentally he took points on his completed projects n only 2 he had related to it.

maan called adi:adi..get the details of xyz n abc projects which we faced problems was collapsed n we rebuilt it..i want who was behind giving u a day time..i want the details from start to end..each n every person worked on it..where are they how are they n now are they still working for us..their financial postion everything.n about Armaan mallik our stores manager there.

adi:yes sir..

mohinder:beta:yeh aap..

maan:I too wanted to know if aravs parents death is murder..n that too becoz he was sincere to me..if I find they were killed I promise u..i wont let the culprits to roam around freely..they are culprits of aarav..he has lost his parents in this age becoz of them..i know how it feels without parents..

mohinder was happy

mohinder:beta..even if its true n what if they harms..

maan smiled:they cant pull a hair of me too..n aarav..from now he is my responsiblity.

maan:ok..lets talk about this later..aap bhi jayyiye fresh hokar aaayiye…till that I ll be with geet..

mohinder nodded n went to his room to get fresh up..

maan called the manager..

 manager :am sry sir..if I know that a girl is here I wont have let u alone..aapne tho light bandh karne ko kahaa..isiliye mei ladki ko nehi deki..

he apologized for his behavior..

maan:its ok..whatever happenend is i want u to do some things for me..

manager:with pleasure sir..

maan:I ll pay u everything..but I want it done in 2 hrs..can u..

manager:money speaks everything sir..i ll get u whatever u want..

maan:gave him a paper

maan:note down whatever I say..i want it to be done before lunch..

maan said n he noted down..managers eyes widened with shock..

maan:I want everything before relatives arrives..maan gave him a few bundle of ruppees..

manager nodded n went out promising to make everythings perfect..



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