The play of destiny – Part 6

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Part 6


Maan was still looking at the door  where manager went..

He is sure dadi will not like it..but once he decides he wont change..she knew it well..n its his life n he has right to do everything for him..

Just then he saw a cleaner going..he had all stuffs from devtara’s room

Maan rushed n stopped him..

The man was surprised..

C:sir.what u want..

Maan:ek help..but I don’t want any one to know that I asked u ..

He gave a few 1000 rs note in his hand..the man grinned..

C:anything sir..

Maan: u cleaned that room.. wali room..haan sir..yeh dekiyena..i have removed the decors from that room..

He was blushing..


Maan st:shit..this naina..she is making me do worse which I cant do..

He rubbed his face with his palms feeling frustrated to ask it..its really embarrassing

C:sir ..dono ki Milan hogayi sir..aap chintha math keejiye..dono apni life shuru karli

He thought in some other way n answered making maan stun..exactly that’s what he wanted to know…

Maan:how do u know..

The cleaner lowered his voice n came near him n said..i saw the stains in bed sheet sir..

Maan:iska matlab wo virgin hai..

He told his doubt loudly..

The cleaner gave him a weird look..

C:stains tabi hotha hai jab larki virgin ho..

He walked away annoyed with maans doubt ..

Maan though was not happy with nt n dev’s marriage this piece of information gave him a little peace..

He came n sat beside geet n leaned on the bed post..

Maan:thanks for the upbringing of handas..atleast she hold this culture..she has given the right only 2 her husband..atleast for this I can forgive u naina..but I want u as a good wife to my I have a little hope I can change u naina..tum meri bhai ko itna pyaar karogi ..itna karogi..that I ll make u forget u want money..u will say urself u want only my bro n his love nothing else..

Maan now turned towards geet who jerked in her sleep..may be of fear..

Maan looked at her innocent face..

Maan:sry..i hurt u unknowingly..but promise..aajse mei tumhe hurt nehi karoongi..

He held her palms n she shifted to him closer unconsciously..she rubbed her face on his chest sending him chill on his spine..he was never this close to anyone..his nearness made her relax,,he gently rubbed her back n made her sleep

Soon he heard somefootseps running making sounds n he shifted geet to pillow..

Here came his cutie pie aarav..all dressed in his black pant n white shirt n black coat over hat n red tie adding charm to him.small shoes making sounds. that fantasied him more

Maan sat and saw him glare at him..

His button like eyes n cherry red nose..

Maan:hai champ..u ready..

Maan looked up hearing one more foot step n found man is there he felt satisfied n said..

Mohinder:I ll fresh up n come..he wants to be with geet..

Maan:no problem..i m here..i ll look after him..

Aarav ignored maan n climbed the bed with full effort..he was falling down n maan made him sit on bed..aarav shoved maans hands ..

Maan:kya hua champ..mujse naaraaz ho..oh..i got it..ur chocos ,balloons n cars na..

Maan saw the cute puppy eyes twinkling..ab keliye meri pass sirf balloons hai..chocos n cars will come soon..

Maan got up n saw an attender coming inside with balloons which was in decors the previous day for marriage.

Attt:manager sir said to give this to u..


He gave it to aarav..

Maan:so aaroo..u r happy..

Aarav grinned widely..sooo happy..he kissed maans cheeks..

The small feathery kiss took his heart away from  him..aarav had that attractiveness..any child can attract anyone but with aarroo..he felt special..n maan know the reason..becoz he is a parentless child like him..the pain is what makes him connected to him n shower his love on aaru more..

aaroo came n Sat on geet waking her..

Aaru:maa..bawoon..maa..dek..bawoon..he..he..gave me..

He talked in child language

Maan:aaroo..maa is sleeping na..dont disturb..

Someone coming between him n geet..he didn’t like it..he bite maans hands who was taking him in arms..

Maan laughed at his attempts..

Maan:champ..ur teeth is so soft n u r biting in my bones..u know im more stronger than u..n it doesn’t hurt me.

Maan teased him..

This pushed arav more..


He cried with loud shriek..

Geet sat in

She was panicking n maan let aarav to soon as geet saw aarav her fear was gone n sweet smile adorned her lips..both were hugging kissing n cooing each other.


Aarav:ma maa..

.aro was showing her balloons n pointing maan..

Geet turned to him..scratched her head trying 2 remember who he is..

Geet:aap..meri patiji ho na..

her eyes widened n She clapped her hands like she solved a puzzle of her life..

Maan lightly smiled at her innocence n nodded in yes..

Geet:sachi..aap meri patiji ho..

Maan:haan..tumhara pati hoon..

Thats when rano n mohinder entered..

Rano:beta..pls don’t encourage her in this way..this is not right for u n ur future..

Maan:I know ..n I have accepted geet as my only im assuring her..

Geet was clapping her hands n saying to aarav:mujei patiji milgayi mujei patiji milgayi..

Aaroo:maa..muyei pati mige.

(mujei patiji milgayi..)

He was repeating what geet was saying n maan chuckled..

Maan:aroo..not pati..papa..u must say u got ur papa..

Mohinder  n rano had tears..

Mohinder:kasssh hum aaj marhi jaathe toh bhi babaji se kuch bhi complain nehi karroongi..

Rano:hmm..he gave a family not only for naina..but for our geet n aarav too..

Mohinder:itna sara khushi ek din mei..kesei samhaloon rano..

Rano:babaji nei humari prarthana sunli..bus ekhi baki hai..woh geet ki yaardash..ab mujei yakeen hai..maans unconditional love will get her back to us..

Maan was trying to make aarav say papa..

Aarav was showing mohinder..

Aarav:maa ki papa..

Maan was smiling..

Maan:woh geet ki papa hai..mei tumhari papa hoon..

Aarav ki papa..

Geet:patiji patiji..aap baby ki papa..


He looked geet..she has forgotten what happened some time  before..there is no symptom of fear now..she looked so innocent..

Geet:baby..he is ur papa..

She turned to her parents.her nose red n flattering..she pouted

Geet:.maa papa..mei katti..aapne mujse nehi kaha..aaroo ki papa meri patiji hai..

They silently cried..nodding their head..emotions chocked their throat..

geet saw her dolly aside n took it..

Geet:dolly..yeh dekho..jaanthi ho yeh kaun hai..yeh meri patiji hai…babyki papa..say hi to him..

Geet to maan:patiji aap bhi dolly ko hi bolona..

Maan turned to her parents n they asked him to say so..

Maan:hi ..geet ur this dolly is beautiful..

Geet smiled dolly is beautiful..

Maan:but not more than you..

Rano:beta..u go n fresh up..mei bhi geetko fresh karthi hoon..

Rano:geet chal lets brush n take bath..

Geet:nehi..mujei baby aur pati ke saath khelna hai..

Rano:geet..come ..lets go..this is his room..hum apne kamre mein chalthe hain..

She said in a stern voice..she knew its like a dream..n this bubble cant may broke anytime..n geet was pouting hearing her mother taunt..

Maan:sry maa..if u think by taking her like this n saying such words I will back out u r wrong..whatever decision I took is not in haste..soch samajkar liya hai..


Maan:ek baath poochoon aapse


Maan:when all accused me..y u supported me..she is ur daughter n her dignity must be ur first preference..

Rano:haan..i supported u bcoz we were equally at fault..when we know about geet I must have locked the door n must have been secured her with safety..n whats ur fault in it..this is ur room..she came here..if she has not come here..u would not have faced those accusations..being drunk too u would have slept alone..n if our geet was in sense she would have killed the person whoever tried to play with her dignity…or would have killed herself before any men touch her..haan maanthi hoon im hurt ..i m her mother..i wont say I m not hurt..i heart is bleeding to see her in such situation…everytime they say her mad my heart bleeds..n today they accused on her dignity..mei kuch nehi karpayi..but u stopped it with ur action..but  think once again beta..geet cant be a perfect wife for u..

Maan turned to geet..aarav n geet were playing n talking on something animatedly..

Maan:I have given my words to u before all..n I wont back up..mujei patni nehi chahiye.i have hated marriage till now…so,I don’t expect anything from her..atleast not like a wife..i will be her protecter n a friend .i will do my best to make her normall..u can believe me. I ll take care of her..

Geets parents had nothing to say when maan was so stubborn..

Maan took his clothes to fresh up..

Maan:maa..aap geet ki dress yahi lekar aayiye..she will stay here only..

Rano looked at mohinder n he nodded her to go n come with her baggage..

Geet was so happy as maan supported her n made rano change her decision..

Geet:haiyaa..mei yahi rahoongi patiji ke pass aarav ke pass..

She clapped her hands n aarav too clapped his hands..

Aarav:aav maa ke pass..

Maan went to washroom..

Mohinder looked at his two kids who were playing forgetting this world..

Moh st:Child honeka yahi faida hai..they doesn’t know about this cunning world..they always stay innocent..


Rano came with geets bag n made her brush..mohinder ordered milk n tea for them aarav, geet n maan..

After maan came rano asked geet to come to fresh up..

Geet was in mood to play with balloons..

Geet:nehi maa..mujei khelna hai..mujei nehi nahana..

Rano :geet no tantrums today..come lets fresh up..

Geet:nehi maa mujei khelna hai..

She was  behaving like a stubborn kid n maan chuckled mentally seeing her throwing tantrums to have bath..

Rano:ok..dont bath..all will come now..they will say geet Gandi bachi..

Geet:nehi..geet achi bachi hai..haina baby..

Aarav:hmm..maa achi..

He kissed her wetting her chin with his saliva..

Rano:geet.. see baby..he has taken bath n changed his clothes..aarav baby is gud boy..geet is bad girl..

Geet made faces:nehi geet bhi achi hai..

Rano:then come n take bath..kal se yahi dress mei ho..u need to change..

Geet:teek aathi hoon..

Finally rano convinced geet n took her to washroom..

Maan wondered rano really had a great patience..

Mohinder gave the sipper filled with milk to aarav n maan had his coffee..n mohinder his tea .

After few minutes rano n geet came out of washroom

Geet was fresh like a dew drop..her innocence was her beauty..she wore a simple  full skirt n top..

Geet:papa..mujei bhi..geet too hungry..

Moh:geet tumhare milk yahaan hai..he gave her the cup n she sipped it making sounds..moustache formed and man chuckled seeing it..

Rano n mohinder were embarrassed..geet wiped it with the back of her hands..

Geet:maa geet still hungry..

Rano:chup..abhi doodh peeli na..first see ur hair..dress up properly then we will have bf..

Geet pouted n sat down with grumpy face..rano platted her hair applied a little powder n placed bindi ..

She was confused ..must she adorn her mang with sindoor..

Maan came n took a pinch of sindoor n filled geets much they want to deny the fact..the more man was stubborn proving them geet is his wife..

Maan ordered bf n all had it together..

Maan :papa..i have a doubt..sindoor bhi tho lal hai..y geet doesn’t react for it..

Moh:it looks like powder..when it is in liquid form she will again have this attack..

Maan sat their with his lappy n talking with someone on phone..

Mostly.he was saying…no not that..yes..its gud..lelo..i want white..hmm…red ok..n like that..mohinder n rano couldn’t get what he is talking about..

aarav n geet was playing..rano kept tabs on them..mohinder came out of their room..he thought to pack the luggages n be a helping hand for rano..

When he came out he saw the previous days decors removed n replaced by new one..

The staffs n many more helpers were running here n there..

After an hr or so when he came out the whole place was decorated like previous day but in diff style n diff colours..

He came to maans room n saw aarav sleeping n geet cribbing to rano for some thing..

Soon lunch time came n man ordered lunch for all..after lunch,geet too slept..rano n mohinder had nothing to do..they just sat there reading random magazines n looking on sleeping kids..

Maan:if u both want u can also sleep..

Both nodded can they sleep when thousands of que running in their mind..whats going to be geets future ..n though man accepted her as wife what will this world say in future..will man remain like this forever..

Maan went out of his room for some time..he gave some instructions to the head staff n came back..



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