Humrahi -Part 35


Evening came soon..adi asked Vicky 2 be with him so they both can go together. ..n maan went alone to home

adi tried his best to keep the newly wed together..he has deeply noticed geets behavior..a shy village girl  who talks very less .. she is a single girl amidst all mens around..n feels uneasy too..but maan is different..he is her husband n their relation is progressing..n maan being in business has only less time to spend with her..n when he does vicky is there like kabab mein haddi..though Vicky is going 2 stay with them maaneet must get the time for each other..n adi has decided to keep Vicky away from both till he is here..n when time suits he will say it to Vicky too..

maan came home earlier n saw his wifey busy watching tom n jerry n laughing..her cute dimples..

hayee..he slumped beside her n bite her cheeks..he kept his head on her laps n layed down..

first she was startled then blushed seeing her husband all being romantic again..

maan:im so having a little head ache too..massage my head.

maan closed his eyes smiling inwardly ..

she felt so bad thinking he was really tired n started to press his forehead lightly n threading his hair..

he enjoyed her concern..

geet:I ll bring something for u to eat..will make coffee…that will be gud for head ache..

he opened her eyes n saw her..

maan:muje coffee peeneka mann nehi hai..I want apple..

she was confused with his weird wish of fruit.. tho nehi hai..


geet:nehi..sach mein..only banana is there in house…

maan left a chuckle..winking at her..

she doesn’t understand whats there to wink in it..

maan came to her ears n whispered huskily..

maan:banana is ready to mate you..try me..

geet:kya..mujei kuch ..

when he made her lie down on floor n pressed his lower part she got what he is saying..

geet:chi chi babaji..

maan:n I want my apple now..

geet looked at him like,how can I get it now..

n that too when he has pinned her to floor she cant go to the store to get it…soon she forgot herself as maans hands undid her blouse n released her bra hooks.n he found her mounds..

maan:i got  my apples..

 geet flushed with his comment

he started to tease it with his tongue n mouth..

geet was all sharm se pani pani..

maan:if u turn red like cherry I will eat ur cheeks too..n don’t see me like that with your blackberry eyes..

she bit her lips..

maan:hmm..i ll love to have your plum lips after having my apple..

from morning he was teasing her like hell n making her blush..n now his version of if she saw any fruits too she will think about his words only..

maan increased his pressure sucking her n she left a moan..she fisted her hands n held his thick hair..his hot breathe falling between her valley n his hard lips tasting her twins..she hugged him tight which pressed him more to her bossoms..

he came to her lips n kissed her softly..her breathing was heavy..whenever he is near  her she felt like she will explode with his one touch..he had such an effect on her..

maan:bakhi ki bakhi raath mein..not now..or u will get tired n adi n Vicky will be any time here..

he pecked her n left her..

geet:tho aap ki headache..

maan:wo jhute I look like a sick person..

geet opened her mouth in O..

maan:I don’t mind tasting u another time..he pulled her n took her lips in his..after having a brief lip lock he left her..

she composed herself n left to kitchen..she made coffee for him n started to prepare dinner..after Vicky n adi came all chatted n had their dinner..n do u all want to say the night was long for them..

the day came n trio went to the place..maan has already booked room for him n Vicky thru his it was easy for them to stay there in two wife took geet  n Vicky with her for the near by temples n geets  n vicky’s day passed with her..maan went for site visit n reached the hotel room..trio had their dinner n slept in their rooms..

next day maan had to give the site a visit before leaving to ooty..they vacated the rooms n hired a on way they can finish the work n go straight for ooty…

the hotel has mentioned Vicky they must check in by 12 noon..or they must inform when they will reach..

in maans site maan was checking the materials reached n he found the cement was not of he called the supplier n it took lots of time to solve the ended with an argument n maan asked the contractor to change the suppier ..

geet was getting bored n Vicky switched on his ipod n the songs made her pass the time..vicky came to look for maan calling his mom in phone to inform they are going on tour..his leg hit on a stone n his ph fell down breaking into pieces..

Vicky:uff isiski kami thi..if I say this to maan he will give me a lecture for being careless…he took the broken parts n slipped into his pant..i ll set right it once we land in ooty..till that I can use maan’s phone..

Maan too was back..

Maan:Vicky:tum yahaan kya kararahi ho..

Vicky:came to check you..

Maan looked at the time..its 2 pm..

Maan:let have lunch n then leave..where is geet..

Vicky:she is in car..

The trio went to a nearby restaurant n finished their lunch..geet denied to take it..when maan stressed she said she is scared as they will be travelling now..

Vicky went 2 near by medical n brought  some lemon chocolates n tablet..that will stop her ulta in travel..

Geet hesitated but took it..she had a light lunch n all started to ooty nearly by 3..she enjoyed the cool breeze which started before the bends started too..maan signaled her to sleep when he noticed the hairpin bends ahead board..he pulled her close..she leaned on him n closed her eyes n slept was 3 hours . geet opened her eyes  with the feel of  chillness  touching  her..wherever she saw was greenery..she rubbed her side of hands..

Geets eyes widened seeing the tea estates ..

when they reached the hotel it was nearly 5..

maan n Vicky went inside to collect the keys n there they got the shock..

rec:sry sir your booking has been cancelled..

vicky:how can u.i only booked the rooms..

rec:sir we called u till 2 pm..but ur cell is not reachable..we have mailed u too check if u r coming or not…u didn’t inform us about  ur delay..n we cant keep our room  empty..there were customers waiting for we gave  it to sry sir..

maan:what..what is this Vicky..what happened to ur ph..

Vicky” broke..

Maan couldn’t say anything more before others..

Maan:its ok.. can we get any rooms now..

Rec:sry sir.. ..there is no room sir.. tomorrow 12 pm only the rooms will be vacant..

Maan glared Vicky n again tried to get some help from rec

Maan:pls we came from long distance..even 1 room will be enough..i ll pay u whatever u demaand.

Rec:sry sir..if I have I will ..try other hotels..but there is less chances sir..first its families will be in holidays..n second the flower show is in 3 rooms will not be available soon..if u get too that is ur luck…


Maan n Vicky came out..n maan poured his frustration on him..

Maan:cant u make 1 single arrangement perfectly..i gave u one responsibility n that too u did like this..

Vicky:sry bhaiya..

Maan:uff..bhaiya..u always use this to cool me..but today it wont work..this is new place n how are we going to make arrangements..

The driver asked the problem n maan said it..

Then he took them to few more hotels n the result was same..they didnt get any room..

With no other way maan called mr. ramaan to ask what they should do now..

Ramaan:maan..if u have told me earlier I would have made friend has a house there..go there.. I ll talk to him..

Maan was relieved when raman gave his friends address..he was always a saviour for him..

He asked the driver to  go to the address given by was their bad luck the owner has gone to his native place with his family..

The watchmaan gave this info n maan was all ready to strangle Vicky..

Geet quietly watched the tension growing up..the chillness has increased too..

Maan called ramaan again n told him his friend is not there..n they don’t know what to do..its risky to drive in bends at night n return too..

Ramaan asked them to wait for 5 min till he calls him back..

After 5 min the watchmaan let the trio in n opened a room for them..

Watchmaan:my owner called me n asked me to give this room for u..this is drivers room ..out side the house..but its small..can u adjust..

Maan looked around n saw only a cot n dresser with attached cupboard..

Wm:bathroom is there at corner..

Maan sighed in relief ..atleast they got a room to spend a night..

Same time raman called maan n asked him did they got the room..

Maan:thank u so much..raman uncle..if u r not there what I would have done  in this cold n new place..idk

Ramaan:whats there in it enjoy ur week end..

Maan turned to wm n thanked him too

Wm:my work is doing what my owner says…u know ramaan sir..i know him too..he comes sometimes to meet my sir..he is very good man

Maan:yes..n can u do one more help..

Wm:what help..

Maan:hmm wo..this is my wife..n this is my brother..we r 3 n cot is 1..can I get one more spread n blanket..

Wm opened n showed him there is extra blankets inside n he showed them the heater if they want the room warmed up they can use it…

Wm:sir..there is 1 hotel ..u can get north Indian food there..very tasty too sir..n here hotels will be closed at 8.30 have ur dinner before that..


After he left maan looked at Vicky like burning him..

He looked down n started to do sit ups holding his ears..

Vicky:galathi hogayi..maaf kardo bhai..

Geet felt amused seeing him..being grown up too he behaves like a child asking apology doing situps..n not ashamed too to do before her also.. me na..

He asked so cutely..

Maan turned his face he cant stay angry with his brother that too when he is pouting cutely.. he was trying not to laugh so he turned the other side n said to geet

Maan:Geet..lets  fresh up..we all will go for dinner..its 7 30 now..phir bhooke rehna padega..

Geet:maan ji..pls..stop him..

Maan:let him do..atleast his physique will get good..

Vicky:im not fat..

Maan:haan..but ur thinkings r always in air..n now what happened..huh..if uncle was not there where we will stay in this cold..did u ever thought of it..

Vicky:sry bola na..phir bhi daadthi ho..jaanthi hoon u have forgiven me..ab tho haso..u can smile wide I have seen ur lips curving.

maan smiled at him :u r impossible Vicky..

vicky:tumhara bhai hoon..try try try till u succeed..n c I succeeded in maanofying mission msk..

both had a brotherly hug..geet smiled..n went to wash her face ..the trio got ready took the car n went 2 have the dinner..

ooty was glowing in lights..n the view was pleasing to see..vicky had his camera n started to take pictures which caught his interest..they had their dinner n the driver too had his dinner..he said he will sleep in car itself need to worry about him..

all 3 were back to room ..geet took the blanket n spread it on floor..she thought to sleep on floor so both bros can share the bed..

maan took his lappy n started to check his mails..vicky went to washroom n changed..geet started to arrange the dresses in cupboards..vicky laid on the floor bed..n pulled the blanket over his head saying gud night maan..

geet looked at maan n Vicky..

geet:mei neeche ..

maan:let him sleep down..his he must only sleep there

he said in a flow without thinking that he will be sleeping with his wife in bed..

geet didn’t know what to say..staying in one room is somewhat uneasy for her n now how can she sleep beside her husband with her devar sleeping in one room…



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