Humrahi -Part 37


Maan n Vicky left to office..she really felt bad seeing them run after work..she was tired becoz of the travel n maan brought the food for them from outside..she took a long nap..n decided to unpack things..she washed the clothes n freshed up..she got bored now..

Geet:why aishu didn’t show up till now..did she came when im sleeping.

Geet:maanji told me to give her the chocolates we brought from there..what should I do..should I go to their house..she never went to their house before..aishu n jyo has called her before too..she always gave excuses..but now this home made chocolates will melt if she didn’t give in time.

Half heartedly she took the chocolates n came down..she hesitated to ring the bell..

After a lot of thoughts she pressed the bell..n jyo opened it..she had a big smile seeing geet on doorstep..

Jyo:wow..geet..finally u r here..come in come in..welcome to our house..

Geet stood at door still in thoughts..n jyo pulled her in seeing her hesitation to step in…

Jyo :aishu..come here n see who is here..

Geet looked around the was looking beautiful n tidy…there was many pictures of surya n jyothika in some with aishu was a perfect family..

Jyo:so how was ur mini hm..when u came from ooty..

In the name of hm geet shied but was conscious aishu may come there..

Geet:wo u didn’t go 2 office..

Geet changed the topic.

Jyo:no…today I went 2 aishus school to pay fees n get books . surya has some important meeting with foreign delicates in his office..everytime he only goes to school ..this time I had to…so I took off..

Geet :oh..

Jyo:tum beto.. I have kept  gravy  in gas ..dekkar aathi hoon..

Aishu who came out was happy seeing geet..

Aishu screamed:d..i…I missed u so much..

Geet cupped her too..

She gave the chocos to her..

Geet:this is for u..

Aishus eyes widened:wow..itne sare chocos..

Jyo came there:aishu..take 1 n keep in fridge ..dont eat all in one time..n before that say thanks to her..

Aishu pouted n said thanks di..

She stuffed a choco in her mouth n went to kitchen n kept it ,,their house had open kitchen so geet can see what is she doing..

Jyo:geet  did u had ur lunch


Jyo:hmm  im preparing now only..only when we are at home we can make n eat fresh served hot na..

Geet:hmm..the smell of ur cooking is good..

Jyo:would u like to taste my gravy.

Geet was hestitating..

Aishu:di..dont worry..mummys cooking is not that bad..see me n my dad are still alive after eating her food too..

Geet chuckled..

N jyo rolled her eyes..

Jyo: aishu..when u will ask ur fav na tab dekthi hoon..

Aishu:amma im complementing u..di taste karlo..har din nehi milega yesa gravy..

Jyo took the gravy in spatula n extended to geet..

Jyo:Geet show ur hand,..this will be tasty when u chuck it from palm than spoon…

Geet extended her hand n licked the gravy…it was ripe n spicy..n geet let a hmm yummy sound..her eyes closed cherishing the flavor..

Geet:whats this di..

Jyo:puli kuzhambu..(tamarind gravy..).. when u have it with rice n pappad. This will taste superb…do u like it..

Geet nodded :yes..

that taste still lingered on her mouth n somewhere she yearned for more too..feeling shy she looked other side..from when she started to think to ask for more from someone else..she chided herself..

Jyo:geet ,veg nehi hai ghar made this onion n garlic going for veg purchase by evening..will u join me..

Geet:mei unse poochthi hoon di..aaj hi aaya hoon tho humari ghar mei bhi sabzi nehi hai..


Aishu came to her..

Aishu:di.u chat with mummy,come to my room I ll show u my doll house n certificates photos..

Aishu was excited to show n geet doesn’t know how to say no to her.

Geet looked at jyo..what will she say..

Jyo:go geet..or she will eat my head saying I didn’t let u show her room..till that I ll finish my lunch..


Aishu’s room was painted in pinky..perfectly like a princess room..

Aishu:this all interiors made by my dady…he loves me much..

She took a doll n showed geet..

Aishu:di..this one mummy gave me for last bday..c this photos..its my performance in annual day in school..

Geet was sitting straight to aishu’s door from where she can see the hall n open kitchen..jyo was humming something n frying pappads..

Aishu showed more pictures n was saying every details about it..

 Asudden scream of jyo made geet look the kitchen..

Her eyes popped out seeing jyo in surya’s arms..

Surya:gundu malli.(fat jasmine).im so happy I  am selected..yeh..

He twirled her in air n she shouted to leave her..he pinned her to wall. he had closed her mouth with his palm.. 


surya:dont shout someonewill think im forcing u..

.jyo was struggling to get out of his grip..she rolled her eyes showing aishus room..

Geet closed aishu’s eyes n hers too not wanting to see their romance..

Aishu:o fo..di..without looking mummy dady too I can say what they are doing..

Geets ears shot up..what aishu is saying..omg..bachi ke samne wo..chi chi babaji

Aishu:dad would have closed mummys mouth so she wont scream..n mummy will be trying to escape..

Aishu:mummy will try to signal him thru her eyes n papa will be saying..u have egg like eyes I don’t roll it often..i will eat u…

Aishu:papa would be trying to kiss mummy..n mummy knowing we are here will kick papa..

Geet was not convinced she slowly parted her fingers n saw thru her was true

Suryas lips were close to jyos face… same time  she kicked him..

Surya:aahhh..ennadi ratchasi..edhukku ippadi panra(u devil..y u r kicking me like this)

Aishu:mummy s eyes will be like she will be shouting on u have any sense..aishu is here n more over guest too..n how are u papa will be shocked n mummy will turn his face to my room

Now ,.He will be rooted at spot  see he will smile sheepishly..

Geets eyes opened wide..whatever aishu was saying is only happening before her..

Geet closed her eyes ..she doesn’t want to make them feel awkward..may be she was here at wrong time..


She removed her palm from aishus n her eyes..n stood up in respect..


Surya:mrs.khurana…betiye..oh..i didn’t see u..i..i..

Geet looked everywhere than him..she has never seen someone romance in real..her face was fully red..

Jyo came n smiled seeing him stammer n geets shyness..

Jyo: geet..he is always like this..when he is so happy he forgets everything including his surrounding..

Surya:who..i  was I came home to share the happy excitement ..

Aishu:ok ok stop it papa..why u r making di feel shy more..

Geet:who..mei..mei chalthi hoon..

Geet rushed out..though jyo tried to stop her..

Aishu slapped her head..hmm ponga poi unga romance.a continue pannunga..vantha virunthaliya oda vachuttenga..geet di varade athisayam..vanthappa ippadiya..(go n continue ur romance..u made the guest run from here..its a wonder if geet di comes n when she came u behaved like this..)

She said annoyingly

Jyo:u..u..aishu..u r talking too much..

Aishu:what to do..its jean from place the hungry..

Jyo glared surya

Surya st:today im going 2 sleep in balcony only..

Aishu:mummy is angry on u will be thrown out..u can sleep in my room..

His eyes popped out.

Surya:aishu u know this..

Aishu:mei bhi appki beti hoon..n I know u both very well..when mummy gets angry..u will be sleeping in sofa or balcony..haan today is not don’t drink..warna ..mummy will be angry on u..

Surya:hmm..ok madam..pls help me to manofy ur mummy..

Aishu:im going 2 di’s house..u manofy her..

Surya grinned wide..he will have his wife for noon n he can cool her

Surya:thank u da chellam..he kissed her cheeks n lifted her in arms n went to dining..the sound of vessels n plate made both jump..

Surya:she is so angry..she is cursing me within her mouth.but what..

Aishu:u brainless stupid idiot..

Surya:in my office they appreciated my only they selected me..

Aishu:so ur smartness to ur wife..

Jyo served them still showing her anger… thing more I want to I am selected I have to go abroad for few months..

Aishu n jyo stopped eating..n there face fell sad

Surya:if u both are like this how will I leave u n go..ok..i ll say I wont go..

Jyo:its ur dream surya..i cant stop u from achieving ur happy for u..

Aishu:haan papa..i ll miss u..but u have to make it..when u come from there u have to get me lots of chocolates toys n dresses..hmm 1 r 2 for mummy also..

All laughed n continued their lunch..talking more about him n his tour..


Geet came back to her house..her heart thudded fast..still she couldn’t digest how surya n jyo were a open book before aishu..their romance showed their love for each other..

Her thoughts went to her n maan..he too loves me ..ooty mei bhi usne muje choda nehi..she smiled n blushed..even when his brother was present in same room..

now thinking about maan n Vicky she got worried of them..they must be tired too but were running behind work..though Vicky doesn’t need to help maan he is doing it ..geet was liking his nature..the way he helps his brother  during his holidays..she thought about her n her brothers bond..have they ever be opened up before all..they talk less too hiding their feelings..but they both knew they will be there for each other always n love doesn’t need she wished she could talk to him now..

As god heard her he called her

Tej:hello gudia..

Geet:tej..mei gudia nehi hoon..

She whined n he laughed

Tej:hmm jaantha hoon ab tho tum ek business man ki patni  say me how are you..i called u yesterday too the phone was buzzing n no one took it..

Geet:u must have called ur jiju then..

Tej:socha tho tha..but thought he is a busy man n if my  call interrupts his only didn’t call him..but I want 2 talk to u only..where were u

Geet:wo..hum. we went to.ooty for 2 days.

She said while blushing furiously..n tej got it..they went on hm..n he doesn’t want to make her uneasy by asking about their hm..afterall he too has limits in teasing his sister..

Tej:oh gud..that s a lovely place..queen of hills n natural heaven..


N she started to narrate where they went n how they enjoyed the sight seeing..cutting off their romance..

Geet:tej:arei mei tho bhool gayi..why u called me…

Tej:when are u coming 2 shravans marriage..mama told me to ask u.

Geet:woh..tej..anie bhabhi is pregnant..

Tej:that’s gud news..

Geet:so maanji said we will go to Mumbai n give her a visit n from their we will come to sekhowal..

Tej:when will u reach sekhowal..

Geet:by Sunday morning..

Tej:so u will come  to evening for pre rituals..

Geet:yeh I think so..


Geet:tej..sab kesi hai..mama papa..nanu..maamu maami..

Tej:  sighed..

Geet:kya hua..

Tej:u know mama n usual going on with their fights..nanu..he is getting sick often..old age mei tho yeh normal haina..n maamus n maami. All are fine..n busy in marriage preparations..n cousins all are coming by Friday..

Geet felt bad hearing about her nanu..n mama n papa..why cant her parents be normal like others..

Tej kept the phone…n geet resumed her work .


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