Humrahi -Part 38


Geet called maan n asked his permission 2 go with jyo for purchase..

Maan:geetu u can go..but be careful..still u r not well known with new be with her always n don’t go alone anywhere..

He instructed her like a mother caring for a child

Aishu came n both started to chat n evening jyo came n asked geet if she is coming with her for purchase..

Geet:ji..i ll get ready n come..

Aishu too went saying she too will get ready n come with them..geet changed her sari ..she opened the wardrobe in which they always kept money for house expenses ..they were not there for 2 days n it got stuck..her attempt to open the wardrobe failed..jyo was often calling saying its late..

How can she go out without money..n to borrow money ..she couldn’t even think like that will make her husbands image down before all..what will they think about them..

She called maan but his phone was switched off .

What if maanji too has kept the money inside..tho hum kya karenge..i don’t know what to do..

she paced here n there…

Aishu came n asked what happened..

Geet:wo..this door is not purse is inside it..

Aishu:what to do..

Geet:im also thinking what to do..

Aishu:I ll call mummy

She went n came with jyo..

Jyo:geet what happened

Geet:I think the door got jammed

Jyo:let me try..

Geet showed her the door n jyo too tried to open it..

Geet:di..what to do..we must break the door kya?

Jyo will cost one thing..u r ready na..lets go for purchase..let ur hubby come n decide it..i think a carpenter can help in this matter..

Geet:di..aap jayiye..mei unke saath shopping karloongi..

Geet was not ready 2 go now without money..

Jyo glared her..

N aishu too looked at her angrily..

Jyo:geet if u r thinking of money I ll pay..u return after ur hubby comes..lets go

Geet:but di..

Aishu:di..mummy is telling na..u can pay back after jiju lets go..or I ll not talk to u ever..

Aishu s blackmail worked n geet hesitantly went with jyo..


The trio were in the shop..aishu picked 2 baskets n gave to both..jyo started to take veg whereas geet was still lost in her can she borrow money..what will maanji say..what if he scolds her for it..

Jyo saw her standing still n her basket empty..she picked the veg n filled her baskets too..

Geet:di..its enough..

Jyo:geet don’t need to shy to take money ..if I m in problem wont u help me..

Geet nodded yes..

Jyo:now come lets pay n go home..


Jyo paid for both n gave her the bill..

Jyo:give me when ur husband is lets go..

All returned back home..but this incident  made her think the value of money..without a penny u cant do thoughts she opened the door n went inside..she forgot to see the chair in mid she hit her legs..


Every person calls their mother when they r in trouble..n geet too said maa..

Her thoughts shifted to her mother..

.her dad never gave a single penny..n more over fought with her mother everyday..even in that state her mother fed them selling her jewels n spent money for their studies n other it all made her think about her mother in a different way..she couldn’t hate her mother like a married women n the responsibilities of the house has made her think about her mother.. her mothers situation made her turn hard..but too hard that she couldn’t feel that her childrens need her love more than anything..


Geet  arranged the veg in plates n started to cook for night..but her thoughts were revolving around her mother n father..surya n jyo..what a vast difference between both parents only knew to fight..but aishus family they show her the love n care for each other before her..

Geet startled as her thoughts broke down when two hands snacked her waist n pulled towards his hard frame..


Maan nibbled her earlobes..making her moan


He noticed the veg on side slab

Maan:u purchased everything

Geet fumbled to frame words..


He turned her n cupped her face..

Maan:geet how many times I will say u..u don’t want to hesitate to say anything to me..

Geet:who maanji..woh..i couldn’t open the cupboard..

Maan knotted his whats to do with it..

Geet:wo.i called u ..ur phone came switched off..

Maan:I was in meeting so I have to switch off.. got locked inside..n


Geet:n .jyo di helped me with money to purchase this..sry..i doesn’t want to..but she forced me to take it..she told to return when u give me..

Maan:bas itni si baath keliye tum itni parishan thi..we will return back the money tomorrow..i have more things to think than it..

Geet:aap naraz nehi ho..

Maan:no..neighbours are always to help each other..we r not going 2 cheat them..its matter of few hundreds u can return it lets think about my prob

Geet:problem..what problem..

She asked thinking there is some real problem to face..maan smiled seeing her expression..

Maan:geetu…u know what..nowadays I often look at the watch to see the time..

He kissed her cheeks slowly licking it..


Maan:I want to be with you..24×7 that’s my problem..

He said shamelessly making her blush..

Maan:wash ur hands n come soon to bed room..

Her eyes popped out..she looked the time 7 pm..

Maan:Vicky aur adi ko meine kam di will take 1 hr for them to come home..before that let me have you..

Geet washed her hands n followed him..he did not wait to have her..he was fast enough as he is trained up now..soon their moans filled their room..both parted after reaching their peak..

Her lids turned heavy n seeked for sleep..she looked very tired..

Maan settled her hair behind her ears..

Maan:dress up sweety..vicky n adi will come..

She lazily stood up n wrapped the sari..

Maan followed her to kitchen


Maan:as I ate its time to help we all can eat dinner at time..n I don’t want to hear any no from u..its final..

He said in ordering tone..

Both cooked together n soon completed it before adi n Vicky reach..

All had the dinner n slept..but maan had his night shift again..


The next day  geet went to jyo ‘s house n returned her money thanking her for the help..aishu too tagged   n came with her to her house..maan Vicky n adi were getting ready for office..

Vicky:hai  gf..


Vicky:have u asked ur parents..

Aishu:hmm..they told I can talk to u..but I have one condition..


Aishu:show ur hands..

Vicky extended..n soon his eyes popped seeing aishu tie a rakhi in his wrist..

Aishu:I cant be ur gf..but can be ur sister..woh kya haina..aishu always play safe..i don’t want a bf..bcoz I have many in my school..i hv no from now u r my bro…15 th bro..

Maan n adi couldn’t hold their laugh seeing vickys face losing the colour..

Maan:aishu..whats that 15th bro..

Aishu:wo is apartment mein bohut sari boys hai ..who want 2 be my friend..i have tied rakhi to them all..vicky bhaiya is my 15th bro in this apartment..

Geet too couldn’t stop her giggle..

Aishu:bhaiya..u must give me gift..yaadh rakna..

Vicky who has come out of shock smiled..ok baby..friend or sister..u accepted me as relation that’s enough..i ll surely get u one..


By evening as he promised Vicky brought a beautiful doll for aishu n gifted her..

Aishu got one more to chat now..when geet is busy in her works aishu chatted with vicky.sometimes when maan was in house vivky n maan will play chess n aishu will be watching them play along with geet…


Days passed with aishu around n the day came..

The next day morning maneet n Vicky are leaving 2 mumbai..

Geet started to pack things for both..she was excited for the train travel..vicky too packed his things..

The trio were leaving giving the responsibilities to adi..geet informed jyo too..only aishu was sad..

But maan promised aishu that he will make call n they both can chat when they r free..

Next day morning..

Their train was at 8 am..n they wokeup  earlier..geet made some chappathis n gravies n packed it in disposable containers..vicky n man both were helping her too..n adi went to call taxi for them to  drop in railway station

Geet cleaned the kitchen n all trio took their luggages n came down..they were exiting when someone dashed n was about to fall..maan grabbed the thing before it touch the ground..geets eyes n mouth opened wide seeing her husband holding another women..



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