Humrahi -Part 39


Maan was struggling to hold tat lady, but she was enjoying in his arms and drooling on him..her mouth was opened wide like she can swallow the world seeing maan..maan felt embarassed the way she is seeing him like she got her favourite candy…

geet and vicky was shocked with the way maan holding her n the lady still not leaving him…geet was fuming. 

(thank you priya for editing this picture..)

her mouth opened wide ,.first time she felt her body burning seeing maan with someone else..n  vicky was giggling ..even though he felt sry for his brother as he is still  struggling holding the huge  weight..n that lady was not ready to let maan go..

a man came and poked that lady,


the man again poked her shoulder..

she felt annoyed. then only she saw back who poked her and, maan straightened her to her feet and try to pull himself..that lady stood  on her feet but didt leave maan, she was still holding him n her eyes flattered n she blushed

lady : haiye.. hottie

she again lost seeing maan’s looks

man : bhari..  can’t u  see and walk

bharthi : hmm im seeing n walking only..she bit n chewed her lips

 maan seeing here and there feeling uneasy with the lady’s behaviour..and then saw geet was glaring at him..

the man who poked the lady was already struggling with lots of baggages in his hands..finally he dropped down making all jump..

man:hmm yehi baki tha..sab girgayi..sab tumhrai wajase bhari..

that man want to bang his head seeing his wife s nautanki..

hearing the noise jyo came and saw the scene before her..she guessed the scenario and giggled, she closed  geet’s  mouth which was still opened, jyo whispered in her ear

jyo : geet im saved,

geet looked jyo giving a questioning look..

jyo:whenever she see my hubby she will react like this, now her gaze turned to urs, so my husband is saved

geet showed her baby face with a pout. she couldn’t think some one seeing her hubby

jyo thought to broke the trance n save geet for a while.

jyo: hmm mrs manish u r back

bharthi was still gapping maan n lost in him..

jyo tapped her shoulder bringing her from maan  land

bharthi : wo the way jyo dear..who is this..this..

she shied looking at the floor n jyo rolled her eyes..

bharti:this hotie..haye..marjawaan..kitna handsome munda..yahaan kya karraha hai..hero hai kya..mereliye aayi ho.mein tumhari heroin banoon..

she was blabberring all nonsense making all stand rooted at their place..

maan was still not able to digest the shock..that a lady .can talk like this..he gulped his saliva..

jyo : bharti..this is mr.khurana and mrs khurana , from delhi , our neighbour, and to maaneet this is mr.manish and wife  staying  in this floor

maan : hello mr.manish.

mansih : hello mr.khurana..

manish sheepishly laughed n extended his hand..

manish:nice meeting you..

bharthi : me too..nice meeting u hottie..

she forcefully took maans hand n shooked..maan trying to take his hands off but she was not ready to leave..

manish:bari..will u leave his ur husband..

barti:kash hum na mile..aur yeh hero mujei pehlie milthe..

she sighed..

bharti:no prob..hum to ab neighbours we will slip often..

geet:slip.. often..can i know ur full sweet name . hottie..

maan felt awkard ..this lady openly drooling him in front of her hubby and more over his wife n brother..

maan: : hmm maan singh khurana

bharthi : wow ur name also so hot like u,I love it..

and she hugged  tight like crushing him ..

maan felt embarrassed

maan st:yeh ladki hai kya sach mein..

  geet eyes went wide n mouth again opened in big O.

vicky murmured : babaji save my bro s dignity.. 😛

to save his bro he himself put his step forward n pulled maan aside..geet let a sigh relief..

barthi saw vicky: wow..who is this jr sweet..i love ur cheeks..

barti pulled vicky’s cheeks n jyo n geet giggled..(y cant they be happy when their husbands are safe..lolz)

maan pulled Vicky n said

maan : my bro

barthi hugged vicky. he was almost crushed like juice in her hug n breathed hard.

barti : mere liye tum jr.hottie..

she pulled his cheeks..

she again came forward 2 hug he hided himself behind maan 2 save himself ..he gave a puppy scared look

the one pissed off was manish..poor husband..

n other one was a small boy who was standing next to them..he slapped his head..n looked manish.

mansih : bari tum bohut bari ho..bache ko daro math..if ur hugging session  is over , can we move

bharthi : hmmm..

aishu came down rubbing her eyes..she has just waken up.

small boy : hello aishu how r u

aishu : hello was ur vacations..enjoy kina 

ballu:hmm enjoy..with my ways…saving others from my mom my vacations passed..

he said irritatingly..

aishu:don’t u r here..we will enjoy together..but I ll miss geet di..tum unse mili na..

she pulled him to geet n intro him..

aishu:di..he is short ballu..

geet lowered to his level n said hai ballu..

geet was reliefed barthi was married n having a boy..but her closeness..that still irked her..

aishu turned to barti : hai bari aunty..oops barti aunty..hai uncle..

manish was happy seeing aishu..

manish:wow aishu..looking good..hmm

aishu:yup without barti aunty we all were doing good..

manish n aishu hi5ed each other.

Barti pouted..

Aishu:I was kidding aunty..i really missed u..more than me my dad missed u..n my mom missed u too..

jyo smiled sweetly..yes bhaarti..

Jyo st:miss..aur barti my dreams too no.. i missed surya very much..what a…now we have 3 dreamies in our block..hayee..


Jyo:ur hubby n bil..n my hubby

jyo cleared geets doubt making her hell can a women be so flirty..this is so new for her..thinking of other men in dreams too is sin for her..but this lady..omg..i have to save my family from her..

barti:..sirf meri hi zero hai..3 hero’s in one block

Barti  went again in dreamland..

ballu : i think now my mom wont cum out from her drooling session, if I wait for her, i will do susu here itself..

aishu yuck aND closed her nose ,

bari:yei..baaallu..yahan ganda nehi karna..

ballu:dad give me the key..

adi came there with taxi..

adi:maan..lets go..

maaan:hmm.keep the lugagges in coming..

adi n vicky took the luggages..vicky st:great escape for now..

 barti:hotty..r u going somewhere..

vicky came n took next luggage n said

vicky:we r running late maan..we will miss the train if we stay some more time..

he whispered in maans ears..but he was enjoying maans plight n more over his bhabhis look on a valcono ready 2 burst..

maan:haan..wo..geets cousins marriage..

barti now looked at geet..

barti:oye oye..tum bhi to soni kudi hai..par tum tho bohut patli ho…no problem..mein hoona..she opened a bag n gave her a pack of nuts..

geet:nehi ji..iski zaroorat kya hai..

barti:na sunna mujei pasand nehi..le ja warna yehi kiladoongi..i eat this only im strong..see..

she showed her muscles..where there was only skin than bones n muscles..jyo suppressed her giggle..

barti then looked at maan…giving a dreamy look..

barti:waise..mujei to hottie jese muscles nehi..phir bhi..hai na..hottie..umm..jab tum aaoge na..mei aapse poochoongi aap kya kya karthe ho..mujei bhi yesehi muscles chahiye ..

maans eyes popped out hearing bharti’s wish..n her flirting..

manish gave an apologizing look to maan..

n  he almost pushed bharti to their flat bidding bye to them, barti’s  gaze was still on maan.

Maaneet:ok hum chaltein hain…mrs.surya..

jyo : ok happy journey.. take care

geet:bye aishu..

maaneet noded and get in to the car, maaneet at back and vicky in front..geet was angry n didnt look at maan..he was wondering what it was that made his ever cool wife so angry..he tried to hold her hand..she removed it n kept on the car window…maan thought to deal later as Vicky and driver was there..the driver dropped them in station..

maan paid him n all three went inside taking their luggages..they started to walk towards their platform..

Vicky:maan..i think we are late..

Same time they heard the announcement for their train 2 move..

All 3 started to walk fast..

Maan: hmm..lets do one thing we will get into any compartment n then will move inside to ours..

Vicky :hmm..that will be better ..

Maan n Vicky entered a random compartment..geet was not able to walk equally to their speed with luggages..maan helped her get inside the train..she breathed heavily..

Same time train started to move..

Maan:thank god..correct timing..

Vicky:yes maan..warna we would have we can move

Maan n Vicky followed by geet started to walk n atlast found their compartment n settled their luggages..

Geet looked around n saw she is the only girl in their place..the opposite seats n side seats too only men were there..all were middle aged that was a relief to her..on other seats there were many families in their compartment..but here she got more conscious being odd one amongst them

Vicky sighed in relief n took the window seat..

Vicky:finally we are here..going 2 stick to this seat for 2 days..

He laughed at his own joke..

geets face fell down she so much wanted the window seat..

maan:Vicky..thats a bad joke..n u come to this corner..let ur bhabhi sit there..

geets heart rejoiced in happiness..but she is still mad at him so she kept her face stern..

maan:but maan..

maans one glare ..

he stood n  gave way to his bhabhi..

her smile was in her eyes..but not in lips..

maan saw it..

maan:geet beto..

seeing vickys face fell down the opposite person said

opp:hmm  If u want window seat take mine..

Vicky:its ok..its ur seat..

Opp:don’t hesitate ..i have no interest in sitting u may take it..

Vicky looked at maan n maan too nodded..

Vicky:thank u uncle..

He took the opposite seat to geet..making geet more nervous..


Vicky:maan..u know..that lady is really crazy..

He started to laugh thinking about barthi..n geets innerself burned thinking how maan was holding her n how  bharti flirted with him..

Maan eyed Vicky to shut his mouth showing other passengers are noticing them..Maan tried to talk to geet..but geet answered him in monosylabbus or nodded her head..

Maan n Vicky chatted on random topics n the other men s too started 2 talk with each other in their language..

Opposite mens too started to converse with them in English..

Opp::are u going mumbai..

Maan:yes..n u

Opp:I m going to pune..


Opp:im a sales  manager in xyz company..n my meeting is there in im going there..

Maan:oh great..

Opp:so its  ur family..

Maan:hmm my wife n my brother..

Opp:u stay in Chennai or u from Mumbai..

Maan:ya im here in Chennai..just shifted here..

Opp:so how do u like our place,


It just started like that n then they started to ask about Vicky n his studies..they didn’t ask much more personal..then all started to talk about politics,sports etc..the time passed so quick…only geet couldn’t join them..she was enjoying the nature outside..the sound of vehicles passed soon n the silence came with natures beauty..she loved watching the buildings going in tiny dots n birds chirping n flying..the greenery on outspace..whenever maan called her she just looked at him..he passed her coffee n snacks in between..maan took his cell n gave to her..he had games stored n geet reluctantly took it n started to play..when she got bored of it maan gave vickys Ipod n geet heard songs in it..she was passing the time this way..they had their lunch they brought.then maan n Vicky opened the chess board n started to play..while other men were busy in their talks n some taking a small nap after lunch..geet watched maan n Vicky playing..both were playing good but maan always won at last n Vicky cribbed over that..geet exactly knew what fault Vicky did…she want to stop him placing the wrong move but she held back..she hesitated will he accept her suggestion..

Maan asked her will she play with him..geet was eager to join him..but Vicky will get bored if she played with she nodded no..n maan n Vicky got with another round to play..they thought she doesnt know to play..

Geet slept unknowingly leaning on the window..she woke after some time..

Geet st:what will others ladki sone mei kumbkarni hai..chi chi babaji..yeh kya horaha hai mujei..mei yese kabhi nehi thi..may be we got up earlier only she said to herself..


.it was evening n train stopped at some destination..

Vicky n others got down to relax n maan got to be with his wife alone..

Maan:geet:do u want anything..

Geet looked out the empty space..n nodded no

Maan:kya hua tumhe..

He touched her shoulder n turned her face facing him..

Maan:kya hua..why u r so silent..

He asked her very softly..his eyes showing his concern..

Geets eyes started to fill up..his love always makes her weak

Maan was startled..

Maan:geet kya hua..why u r crying..

He looked around to check if anyone is there noticing them..he sighed seeing they have a little privacy..noone near them..

Maan:geet..jaan kya hua..

Geet:how can u..

Maan was confused..what I did..

Geet:aap..aap..usko..yese yese pakda..

She imitated how he held her..the image was printed in her mind n not leaving her..she is so much bothered n started to think what is maan falls for other girls n insecurity filled inside her..

 now maan got it..his wife is jealous n mad at him.becoz he held that women bharti..

Maan chuckled..

Maan wiped her tears..

Man:geet..ufff..i thought something big is bothering u..haha..u look so cute in anger..mann kartha hai abhi tumei kiss karoon..

Geet turned n looked other she is crying n he is teasing her n wants to kiss her..

Maan looked around again..confirmed no one are there..he quickly gave a kiss on her cheeks..geet turned n looked him in shock..

st:yeh tho public place hai..aur yeh tho..chi chi babaji..sharm nehi hai kya inka..

Maan said like he read her mind..noone is there..hmm..patha nehi when I ll be able to touch u week break for our romance..

Geet looked down..she was red both in shy n anger..

Maan s hands slided on her waist n pulled her close..

She jumped in her place n removed his hand..

Geet:maanji koi deklega..

Maan:so if some one doesn’t see it ok for u..

Geet looked down..he know how to play with her words..

Geet:jayeyi..usiko pakadiye..

Maan again laughed she is still stuck in bharti..

Maan:geet deko mujei..

Geet nodded no..tears were forming again in her eyes..

Maan:if u doesn’t see me I ll make u sit in my laps n forcefully make u see me..then don’t say all are seeing..


She shrieked in horror..n looked at him..he took her hands in his..

Maan:geet..that was an unexpected thing..she was about to fall n I held her..thats all..she is a crazy women…but I can say she is innocent by heart..warna koi apne pati aur bache ke samne yese bolega kya..she is just fantasing everything..did I ever know u I 2 met her first time..n first meet itself was like a tornado hit me..u know how I struggled to make her stand n run away from her..

Geet sniffed..she now can understand his position too..

Maan:waise..i love ur shows ur love on me..ur jealousy says everything..but one thing geet..i promise you..i m yours only..kal bhi aaj future bhi..if god bless us for every lifetime I will ask u as my life partner..

Geet:was happy..then realized she behaved oddly with him..

Geet:erm..wo..i am sry for my behavior..

Maan:I am happy geet..that u r showing ur rights on me..but one thing geet..married life is based on trust..n never ever mistrust  me..phirse kahoon..u r mine..n im urs..n always be a open book for me..u can que me on anything..n I ll do same to u..chup rehne se baath bigadthi hai..if we sit n talk we can mend anythings if we have gone wrong..samji..

She heard him like an obedient student hearing a lesson from her moral teacher..she wondered his thinking ways..kaash ye samaj meri maa aur papa ke saath bhi hothe???

Precap:geet meeting someone in  train..kaun hai woh?????

note:bharti n maans meeting ideas by nalini..n flirting be..she helped me in their u dearHeart



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