U,Me,Aur…? – Part – 128

PART 128

Maan:geet u go to ur cabin n make the xyz file ready..


Maan:arjun:we will have our meeting..

Aro:what will I do here

Maan:just look how our meeting goes..n don’t worry arjun will drop u..

Maan turned to sasha..sasha go n get the files..




Maan took his phone n called some one..


Maan:im msk..i want u  in kc in half an hour..

Maan:ye..woh bhi..


Maan:ok..whatever u have..


Maan:I ll look n decide..




Sasha  st:this geet..what to do..how dare she links me with adi…that chashmish..he cant be compared even to my foot..she want me to marry him..n grr that adi..he said no to me like im behind him..

Sasha felt insulted..she imagined all were laughing at her…

Sasha:no..mujei kuch karna padega..i must throw this geet out of kc along with adi..n now pinky too..i want peoples who support me..fear for me..n take my orders..

Peon:sasha mam sir is calling u soon..

Sasha:jaarahi hoon..tum apni kaam kar..

Peon:mei apne hi kaam karrahi hoon..i just conveyed u the msg sir told me to..

Sasha:bcoz of this geet all have started 2 talk so much..dekloongi sabko..

She stamped her foot n went to maans cabin with the files..arohi looked at maan n arjun with other staffs discussing about  a project..thats constructed by her company which arjun is looking now..

After an hr the meeting finished..n all left ..the staffs also started 2 leave for home..


Maan got a call n he told the rec person to send the person in..

A maan in his 60’s entered..

OM:its good to meet u after so long time sir..

Maan showed the couch n asked him to sit there..

Maan:have u brought what I asked u to bring..


The maan opened his bag n spread the things he have brought..he is a jeweler..

Maan:arohi..arjun..come here..n aro chose whatever u want..

Arohi:aap tho gift dedi bhai..

Maan:that’s permisiion..this is gift..lelo..

Geet came out as she had some doubts..

Aro:geet help me..

Geet glared maan..he didn’t say her..

Maan:tumbhi tho nehi kaha aro hi aayi hain..

He whispered looking at the files she brought..so izaab barabar..

Geet:oh..i ll see u later prince..

She walked to the couch n looked at everything..she chose a bangle for arohi..

Geet:aro..this is beautiful..take this..

Arjun too took  an earring ..

Geets eyes fell on a bracelet..there was two pieces like each other.

Geet:kaka..i want this..she took both..

Maan:setji..send the bill I ll pay it..

Geet:but..i will pay for this..

Maan looked at geet..

Maan:I ll take it in ur salary…ok..ab tumhare pass itna rupiya nehi hongi na..

Geet:haan ..

Aro:geet is it for ur would be n Vicky..


Maan:same kyun kuch alag kyun nehi..

Geet is already in anger..

Geet:meri devar..aur meri who..jo meri pasand wahi unka bhi..mei aapko kyun sunoon..

Maan:sherni jag gagyi if I let her speak more she will say im her husband before all..

The jeweler left..


Maan gifted bangles to aro n arjun gave the earrings to geet..geet kept the bracelets in her bag..

Geet:ok s..i…r…mein chalthi hoon si..r..

She stressed on sir ..

St:he told he will take from salary.what he thinks..im working for him..he only brought me in kc..so I can learn new things..but now he made me staf f before all..

Maan:wait geet..i have some doubts on file..clarify that..then u can go..

Arjun:ok maan ill also take leave..i ll drop arohi..dont worry for ur sister..n geet ..i ll drop u too..

Maan smiled..ok bye..but geet has some work..i ll make my car drop her..so don’t worry about ur sister..

Arjun n arihi bid bye n went..




Geet too took her bag n was about to leave..mei  aaj kaam nehi karoongi..she thought in mind..n  started to leave..

but maan pulled geet inside before she steps out n closed the door..

Geet turned other side looking at the wall as if it’s  a beautiful painting..

Maan:kya hua jaan..

He asked huskily near her ear..

His voice made her body jitter n his closeness making her weak on knees..

Geet:mein kaun hoon s..i..r..aa.pki st..aff ..itni himmat..ek staff ko..

She mocked n turned again..

Maan:oh..so my sona is angry bcoz I called her as staff..

Geet pouted..n said haan..

Maan:what u want to cool u..

Geet:mei guzza hoon..n wont cool down..



Maan:then I have to take my own way..he slowly nibbled her earlobes n planting wet kisses on her cheeks to jaw line he came to her lips..

He looked at her face..she is totally red n her eyes closed ..she is enjoying the touch lost in him..her anger has gone with his kisses..

Maan:meri sona..

He slowly took her trembling lips in his..she hugged him tight..maan lifted her n went to couch..he didn’t stop his kiss rather deepened it..his hands searched for her bare skin n squeezed her softness..

Geet moaned:prince..

Maan:ab bhi naraz ho..

She opened her droopy eyes

 N his words registered now in her mind..

Geet:prince..aap..aap..bohut booorei ho…u kissed me to forget my guzza..

Maan:haan..but..ab meri iradha kuch aur hai..

Geet:kya hai..

Maan:lets go home..i want u naked under me..im so much aroused..he pressed her close to him making her feel his member hardened..geet closed her face with palm feeling shy..

Maan:yeh kya hai jaan..u r shying like u r going 2 c me naked for first time..

He teased her…

Geet:aap bhi na prince..u r shameless..

Maan:haan..i agree..n that too only with u.lets go home jaan…or I will love u here itself..

Geet blushed..

He kissed her one last time..n both left to their palace..

As soon as they reached geet left to maansion saying she will be just in fe w minutes..

Maan sighed n went inside..bahadur came inside following him with big box..

Maan:yeh kya hai..

Bahadur:gudia ki gifts..

Maan nodde dhis head..

All are bg’s of him but more  loyal n caring to her..he smiled..my princess has that magic..she makes all to fall for her love..

Heart:oye kya bolrahi ho..

Maan:huh..pati wala love tho sirf mera hai  ..im  saying brotherly love..

Heart:I thought something..

Maan:mein yesa kabi sochoonga bhi nehi..u dare to think like that..

Heart:im inside u only..its ur thoughts what can I do..

Maan:go n sleep inside till my mishty comes..


(p-o-oja this part for u..ur pathsala maneet)

Maan went inside ..he freshed up n changed his dress..his mood is in full swing waiting for his mishty




Geet rushed to vickys room..

Vicky:kya hua baby..

She breathed heavily..she huffed n when she was normal she  opened her bag n took the brace let

Vicky:whats this baby..

Geet:show ur hand..

She weared it in his arms n looked it..

Geet:it looks nice in ur hand..

Vicky:yeh kisliye..

Geet:I cant tie rakhi to u Vicky..but yeh rakhi nehi hai..par this will always give me a feeling that u took my brothers place..wo bagwan ke pass kush hogi..bcoz u r there for me..i just want to make u feel that im also like ur sister..n ur hand is not empty..

Vicky crushed her in his hug..

Geet:ab mei jarahi hoon prince is waiting for me..

Vicky:erm..im not going to disturb the love birds..but haan kal presentation hai..so don’t sleep ..n ..n..be careful..no marks visible..

Geet blushed..n pouted Vicky..

She ran back with the speed she came..

Vicky kissed the bracelet..

Dadi:hmm someone so happy..

Vicky:hmm geet bhabhi gifted me this bracelet..

Dadi:hmm I can see..

Im so happy dadi..

Dadi”me too..aap dono hamesha yesahi rehna..

Vicky:yesa hi..u don’t want me to grow up..

Dadi:pagal..i didn’t mean that way..

Vicky too hugged her..i know..n we will be like this only..dont worry..aapne khana khaya..

Dadi:came to call u for dinner

Vicky:bhaiya aur bhabhiko

Dadi:kala sent the hot pack there..

Both had their dinner n slept..



Maan came down..itni der kya karrahi hai geet..

He was irritated..he went to kitchen n opened the hot pack..

Filled the plate n came back to room..

Geet was there ..

Maan looked at her..she blushed seeing his dark eyes..when he has confessed his wish she too have thought to present herself..so she wore the single piece transparent night dress which revealed her everything..

Maan:jaan wear something above it..warna..i wont let u have dinner too..she obliged him n wore his shirt above it n came near him..

Maan fed her n she fed him..both were eating others thru eyes than the food..maan wore nothing than the tracks..his perfect ironic body  spent chill in her spine..

Geet:mujei khana nehi chahiye..


Geet:mujei bhook nehi..x

Maan:I know u want me raw like I want u..but we need to be healthy n u need more..bcoz im not going 2 leave u sleep tonight..

He fed her till she was full..

Geet:mei plate rak kar aathi hoon..

Maan:uski zaroorat nehi..suba akka lelengi..



He lifted her in arms carried to bed..

Maan:now take ur clothes off..

Geets eyes popped out..

She glared at him..

Maan:jaan I have no patience to take ur clothes..if u want im ready to tear this one..

How can she forget their HM where he tore her dress everyday..

She removed it slowly whereas maan too took off his..he joined her on bed..both looked at each other with bed room eyes..there is no need of fire which is already burnibg in them..both closed the distance between their lips..kissed each other like its their fisrt..dominating each other..both their hands traced each others features making them jitter with pleasure..maan:r u ready jaan..

Geet nodded in yes..

He never failed to ask if she is ok with him..her acceptance gave him the permission to enter her n the night was a long passionate one..both felt completed in their hug..n slept when they were tired..

1600 words


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