This life is yours-Epilogue 3

Epilogue 3

The party day..

Place mysore..

As the palace had many rooms abhi was not known of anjali’s arrival..he was informed he will be meeting his fiance today in the party..he felt empty..n the more he thought of his fiance..the girl..anjali’s face flashed in his mind..jaanu too never let him alone ..she teased with the name of his fiance..she is sweet..beautiful..bla blah..but didn’t say its anjali

Abhi cribbed to himself :I didn’t even know the name of the girl whom I am  going to meet…all has talked to her..even his two natkat bro n sis thru skype..

Is she beautiful like di said..

His thoughts went to no..she cant be beautiful like that girl..why I am thinking about that girl  everytime..whats happening with me..

He was dressing up for party n in deep thoughts..

Ansh(vicky’s son) came in..

He started to laugh seeing abhi..

Abhi wacked his head

Abhi:Why u r laughing at me

Ansh:bhai  r u going to come to party like this


Ansh:tho sab aap par hasegi..


Ansh:u have weared the sherwani in reverse this a new style of urs bhai..

Abhi looked at his sherwani..

Abhi:gosh..kya horaha hai muje..

Jaanu who came in knew abhi is restless n his mind is not in peace..he is in confused state..

Jaanu:I think abhi..u r in love..before seeing ur would be itself ye khaal hai tho phir dekneke baath kya karogi..

Abhi looked at her he in love with that girl..if so what im going to do going to see another girl..

Soon rithika came in n called all ..elders are waiting for them..

Jaanu corrected abhi’s dress n settled his hair..

Jaan:trust me abhi..u will not say no to the girl whom we have selected for you..

He smiled..he has done many wrong things..ab nehi..he can do anything or his family..he will marry the girl they have selected..he wont say no n make them disappointed..

He smiled..i ll marry the girl who ever u all show..i know u all will think only good for me..

He said taking his decision..

Jaanu kissed his forehead lovingly..

Jaanu:my bhai has grown up..cant even share his feelings with me..

Abhi:di..what r u saying..

Jaanu:nothing..come lets go..

All four came down ..arjun joined jaanu.. arjuns parents were in cloud nine..they are pampering jaanu from the time they came there


Maharaj announced the happy news  of jaanu carrying baby to all

All started to congratulate jaanu n arjun.. ..both took blessing from elders..they stopped them from touching their feet n hugged them giving their blessings..

 Jaanu looked geet n asked her to call anjali..

Anjali was there in corner looking/drooling abhi..she has been spell bounded to see the royal party..she felt she never belongs to the place..even her father too thought so..n both decided to be away from all..still they had a hesitance..

Geet knew the turmoil of she came to abhi..

Geet:abhi come with me..

Abhi:ji maa..

Geet n maan with abhi came to anjali..she was showing her back to them n talking to her dad..

Geet:abhi..this is anjali..the girl we told u..

Anjali turned with geets voice n abhi too looked at the girl..his heart skipped a beat seeing her there..n anjali stood there stunned looking at abhi so close to her.. meri

He bit his tongue..

Maan:meri…meri what..

Maan too teased him to make him spill..

Abhi:meri fan..

He said trying to handle the embarrassing moment..he saw anjalis face falling down..

Abhi:nehi…wo meri  matlab wo nehi tha..


Abhi scratched his head..what to say..

Maan:chupa rustam nikla tu..pyar karthi ho  na ussei..but never told us..

Geet:abhi..we want ur happiness only..

Maan:now decision is yours..say do u like her..

Abhi shied n nodded yes..

Maan:sambandji:let them both talk for a while..we have some thing 2 say u..

Anjalis dad followed them leaving the two love birds..

Abhi:so ur name is anjali..


Abhi:maa ne anjali kaha..

Anjali:im soon to be anjali abhidhya khurana..

Abhi took her hands in his..

Abhi:I love the way u told im urs..

Anjali:aap ne kabhi nehi kaha u like me too..

Abhi:I never realized till all took my marriage topic..

Abhi n anjali talked on random topics starting from how the marriage talk happened n how maneet came to meet anjali n when abhi realized he has feelings for her..n  about them their dreams n so on..

Maneet n anjalis dad came n talked with maharaj n told the gud news..he was also too happy..

Maharaj came again to center..

Maharaj:Now again there is  another happy announcement for u all..yuvraj abhidhya singh khurana..come here..n anjali beta u too..

Maharaj:Humsab ne ye decide kiya hai..aaj in dono ko sagai ho..

The whole party hall echoed with the applause..abhi n anjali were literally going to faint..

Jaanu came n gave both the rings..n asked then to exchange..

Anjali looked at her dad..she want to get his permission before performing the ritual…n he smiled n nodded to wear the was so soon for both..

Jaanu:anjali..sirf sagai hai..shadhi will be after u complete ur studies only..n even my brother has to achieve more in his u both have to w8 for more than a year..for now we want u both engg n give us the happiness..

Both smiled n  exchanged the rings..

Both took blessing from elders..

anjali was awed with the down to earth behavior of her in laws..she had no siblings..only her dad was all to her..n here she got so many relations..n all made her feel special..n they never showed their pride of royalty before her..

Anjalis dad :beta..u r so blessed n lucky to have a sasural like this..keep only one thing in mind beta..never let their expectations down..

Anjali:yes papa..


The months passed soon…arjun always wanted a baby girl n jaanu a all usual couple they too fought for genders..n ansh n rithika too supported them..

(ansh rithika)

all were so happy when they came to know jaanu is carrying  twins.. geet once tried to solve the problem of gender..

geet:what if it’s a baby boy n a girl..

all wished so..but again they were fighting 2 hv 2 boys or 2 girls..maneet n others looked at their silly nok jokes n enjoyed  it..

geet or vaishali will be with jaanu in turns to look after her..jaanus moodswings were totally making the palace run in maan instructed geet gave arjun first preference to take care of jaanu n fulfil her wish..geet looked at distance arjun n jaanu..she is so happy..same time she has started to realize some thing else too in these days..whenever she was alone she poured her heart in her became a hobby for her too to write it..

Jaanu’s godhbharai was again  celebrated in a grand manner..abhi n anjalis love was growing up..he was going in good phase ..he is in selected in  Indian team now.there were talks abhi will soon be heading the team as captain..his hard work started to give fruit…now all know khuranas as abhidhyas was indeed a proud moment for them..



Dadi passed away becoz of old age..she was happy that she saw all settled n happy..though all were sad but they had their life ahead..but geet..she had a strange fear from that day loosing someone close to her made her deep scar green..wierd thoughts always came n blinded her..with all she forgot those thoughts..but alone she shrunk herself n thought what if it happens…what if maan left her..or she leaves will both live a lonely life again..will they be able to face it n live it..sometimes she slapped herself too to think that way..but it was not in her control to think negative.


It was the day jaanu was admitted in hospital..geet clutched maans hands..she was tensed ..the past came in front n started to scare her with every scream of jaanu in labour room.. she has prayed to all gods to make jaanu go with easy labour n to give healthy babies..

 She breathed only when she heard The babies  cry..the nurse came out n told them jaanu is also f9 n she delivered to a boy n girl..happy tears were in all eyes..rithika n ansh laughed as both their bet came to tie with jaanu giving them both boy n girl..geets words came true..

Jaanu was shifted to the room n maneet let arjun to meet jaanu first..after some time they all entered n saw  the cute family..

after all holding the 2 cuties all left  ..jaanu was getting ready for her first feed to babies..geet  was present there..she kissed jaanu n babies lovingly..she kept pillow on jaanus lap n gave baby to her..she taught her how to hold the baby n how to feed..

jaanu held the baby n it smiled at her..her heart swelled in happiness..the pain she went thru these hours flew away with that one smile

when the baby kept the small lips on her bud she felt heavenly..the feel of feeding ..the flow of milk n baby sucking gave  her goosebumps..she could nt express herself how she felt..that was so divine..

Soon,The second one started to cry in hunger..geet took the little one n cooed him..

Geet:Baby ko book lagi..but u have to wait..mama feeding ur sister na..

Jaanu was feeling restless seeing him cry..

After jaanu fed  girl  baby  geet gave him the boy..she started to feed him

she looked at geet who was burfing the girl now

.. her motherly feeling made her feel how geet would have felt when she fed her for first time..losing her baby too she thought about her…this divine relation which made geet as her mother..she was now more in love with her mother who did what any other women cant do for any child..this relation of mother n daughter is much more serene than anything in this world..geet has become a god infront of her..her  moms sacrifice for her cant be repayable even in 7 lives..she felt so emotional thinking of geet n felt proud too that she got a mother in her form..

The whole territory was rejoicing the new arrivals of the heir of queen..all needed a reason to be happy n this one gave more happiness to all..

Jaanu n babies came home.maharaj, maan abhi n all have brought the whole shop for the new ones..they were welcomed with gods blessings  n love of all..

Maan always found geet starring jaanu n babies again n again even when they are sleeping..

There was something in her eyes..they were always with someone or other n maan didn’t find the time to ask was one night he found jaanu n girl sleeping n geet sat in the couch watching them holding the boy n making him sleep…

Maan came n sat next to her..he carressed baby’s head

Maan:kya hua geetu..

Geet smiled at him

Geet:nothing maan..

Man:something is there geetu..u r happy becoming nani..but something is more ..common say it..say me whats in ur mind..

Geet:aap bhi na maan.u know me in n out..

Maan:but I cant read ur mind..

Geet:im so happy maan..we are grand so proud of it u know..

Maan:hmm..what s in it.. u know why we are proud..

Maan:tum hi bathado..

Geet:becoz we get the same feel when we  hold our grand childrens like we hold our baby for first time..we see our childrens small form in them again..(courtesy neeya nana vijay tv talk show).when I held jaanu’s baby I got the same feel when I held jaanu in my arms..i cant express in words I felt when I hold our daughters babies in my hands..i never felt this type of feel or happiness even when I got pregnant  or gave birth to abhi or while feeding jaanu n abhi.not when they called me maa..n there is more first in them but .this emotion..this feel..its something undescribeable..

Geet put the sleeping boy in cradle n moved near the window watching the vast sky..

Geet:like we cant measure this sky I cant say how it feels to become granny..

Maan came n stood beside her..

Maan:do u want me to shut u by kissing ur lips geetu..

She turned n looked at him with shock..

Maan smirked..still he has the effect on her..

Maan:otherwise I think u will not stop ur mysore express..

Geet pouted..

Geet:maan..ab tho suder jayiye..u r now nanu for 2 kids..

Maan:nanau still ur hubby geetu..n I can do what I u want a promo.

.he showed his lips n geet smacked his lcheeks lovingly..but she was totally red..

Maan:hayee..u still the same geetu..n I wish I would make love to u..


Before they get into romance n nok joke baby cried n geet left to take care of baby..

She has kept  care takers for the kids..but never let them do anything..she loved doing it..changing diapers to give them bath n taking care of jaanu n making her feed babies.. helping in changing  her n bed everything she did herself..her life revolved now around the two new arrivals..maan just looked at geet admiring her love ..

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