This life is yours-Epilogue 6

Epilogue 6

the journey was long .the  4 seater cabin was booked on whole for their privacy…maan n geet started to talk on random things..maan noticed a change in she didn’t crib like before leaving the family behind..n she was giving ears to his talks n initiated to new talks..both were sharing their views on everything..geet felt completed n she looked maan..

maan:geetu..why r u seeing me like that..

geet:kuch nehi maan..bus dekrahi hoon..kyun ..cant I see you..

maan:you only have that right geet..ur look makes me think all naughty things..but..i cant do it now..u will start ur lecture..maan we r now grand parents..kab sudregi aap..yeh harkathein chodiye..behave like a matured man..blah blah..seriously I think..if there is a time machine I ll stop it in our 30s itself.. u can romance all the time haina..


geet:shayad yese kuch hothe..

maan:hothe tho kya karogi..kuch nehi..again u will  be behind jaanu n abhi..

geet looked outside the window..

geet st:shayad mein us waqt ko badal saktha hoon..shayad..

maaan:geet what r u seeing outside..

geet:the river maan..see its so nice..

she diverted the topic..

maan:haan its so lovely..

geet:maan its so boring sitting here for long time

maan:hmm lets do something interesting ..lets watch some videos to time pass..

maan sat next to her with tab..both started watching some old videos n funny moments..they  laughed on it making funny night both had their dinner

maan settled the bed  in his seat..geet took the diary n started to write..

maan:geet ..are u not sleepy..

geet:no maan..aap sojayiye..i ll complete this n sleep..

maan:nowadays u write too much..yese kya likthi biography..  

geet:its not like that maan..but I like ur idea of this..after writing I feel my heart is lighter..

maan:so u r again missing jaanu..

geet too much lost in her thoughts..

geet:not only jaanu..many more things too ..


geet:wo..i mean anjali armaan dharshini..sab ko..


geet:ok maan u sleep..i ll sleep in 5 mins..


geet looked at his sleeping form..he still looks young by physique..nothing chsnged in him in these years..only a little white hair n his reading specs..

she wrote the diary n kept inside n she too slept quickly making a gud night prayer to god..

nowadays her wish is only two things..n she sincerely wished God listen to her..

(if u want ,read the below blue colour part  or directly go  down to next para)

the next morning the train stopped in kasi..abhi has booked a car for them..the driver was waiting for them..he took them to the GH..maan n geet freshed up..the driver/guide took them  to all places n explained everything  special about the place ..

guide:u r in tour from kasi to rameshwar haina..


guide:u know sabji..those who goes for this pilgrimage tour  will attain mukti..its said there all sins will be washed when they take bath in all rivers of this holy places..maneet too took the holy bath n worshipped the god..they talked to family in between n told them the places they visited.

Maneet then moved fto Allahabad..gaya..n more places moving to south..they halted in Madurai..n the guide r came n took them to rameshwaram thru train…both were happy  knowing more about the holy places n the miracles of GOD..

They were moving on a long bridge over the water..

Driver:sir..this is pamban bridge.there is devipattnam named a place sir..all navagrahas will be situated in water…few places from here there is place called dhanush kodi..its a famous place but in last tsunami the city was fully drowned in water..

the main city is rameshwaram.u know the God here is lord shiva..he is called as Raamanatha swamy.becoz lord ram worshipped this eshwar this place is named as rameshwaram

…after  war Ram n sita returned to this place from srilanka…he was asked to perform a pooja that saves him from dosha, as he killed Rawan a Brahmin..lord Ram wanted to worship shiva  but there was no shrine in this land…hanuman went to bring it from kailsah…when hanuman came late sita made shiva in mud.. Ram worshipped the shrine made by sita n completed his pooja..

He took maneet to the temple n made them have the holy bath in all the sacred well waters..atlast they came to the sea shore ..they took the holy bath completing their scared bath there… n changed to fresh dress..they went inside n worshipped lord shiv..both were stunned seeing the  sculptures n corriders in the temple..

Maneet did a small offering to the needed outside..they had there lunch n started to visit other places..

The guide took them to a small mount like place

Guide: u can see Ram’s  first foot step..they worshipped n came out..maneet looked at the vast sea before them..

Guide:from here u can see srilanka sir..see the small dot like place..

Maan:that’s so awesome..


The next day too the guide took them to the near by places..n there was one day for their return..the guide suggested maneet to visit kanyakumari..its a tourist place..

Maneet agreed n visited that place..

Kanya kumari is famous for the sunrise,,where  we can see the sun rising from the sea n it has another specaility..  the 3 seas join at one place

Maaneet  stood there at their hotel top floor watching the sun rise..

Geet:maan,it is so beautiful na. to watch todays morning rising before us..

Maan:hmm..all wish to have a bright day like this..

Geet  offered a small prayer to the sun..n both came back to their room .

Maan went to fresh up..n geet took her diary n wrote something in it..

 ..when maan got ready  she went to fresh up..maan  looked at the opened  diary n he read the words she has written in it..he smiled .he read her previous pages too..till now he never read her as it was kept open he read it..

.he took the pen n wrote something under it n closed the diary..let her read when she opens at night..

Both got ready to visit the places..

Before leaving maneet talked to the family..

all were happy as maneet were returning the next day..


Anjali  was so happy hearing  the return of maneet..she was making all run in toes to make special dishes for the next day n ordering the servants to clean up n change the flowers n asked the driver to be early at airport to receive them..

She  came to maneet room n checked how the servants has cleaned the room..she  took maneets photo  from the side table n smiled at it.jaanu came there looking for anjali.. seems like u miss my mama more than me..

Anjali:haan bhabhi..i miss maa n papa so much..from when I came here maa never let me think of my mother..n papa he too loves me so much..n from when I gave the good news they pampered me so much..aadat hogayi mujei..and even maa’s hand made foods..i miss that taste..

Jaanu:hmm..maa hai tho yese hi hai..she loves all n pampers all..n u r her one n only bahu..

Both chatted on random things..

Jaanu:enough of lets go down ..its time for lunch..i came to call u n I myself got in chat with u..

She took the photo from her hand n kept on the side table… . both turned to leave when they heard the breaking sound of glass..both turned n saw maneets photo down n the frame has broken..both got restless seeing it..

Anjali held jaanus hand tightly

Anjlai:bhabhi..yeh abshagun haina..maa papa..

The thought itself shooted her bp high n she fainted..jaanu held anjali n called for help..soon abhi n all came n called dr.first..

She gave injection n asked anjali to take rest..

Jaanu was continuosly calling maneet..the ring went but no one took the other side..the restlessness in jaanu now caught others too..all were trying again n again..abhi called the hotel n that too came dead..

All were worried n don’t know how to contact maneet..



Maneet first went to the temple there ..

They next visted vivekanadar rock  n 33 feet thiruvalluvar statue of a gr8 poet situated in the mid of sea..for that they have to use ships..

the ships took the tourists n dropped them in vivekanadar rock including maneet…the guide explained about the place n they all came back n stood in the rock for the  ship to they may go to the statue to have a close up view…

Soon there was hustle bustle n maneet looked at the direction…there were long waves which hit the rocks n backed up..when they came too they noticed it..but now the waves came with so much force  that the height of waves reached the top of the place they were standing..


geets leg slipped in rock n she was pulled in water..her scream made maan turn.


Maan:g..e..e..t.he got her hands before she fall down..

but it became impossible when the next wave hit them n maan too was pulled inside..

both tried to swim ..geet was slipping from his hands..maan with a force pulled her n hugged her..the fear of loosing was strong..geet too hugged him tightly..

both knew swimming is not possible against this tsunami waves..but still they tried..maan didn’t let her hand go..

geet:I love you maan.

Maan:geet:nothing will happen..we will reach shore soon..keep on swimming..

Geet:u too know maan.ur heart tells me everything…how much we may try the waves are pulling us more inside..there is no land except the vast sea.. wave..

Maan saw the waves again n both used their force.n came the waves backed up,.they were again swimming..but his hands were slipping n he doesn’t want her to go away from him..he will try his best to save her..she seemed tired n loosing hope..

Geet:I love you so much maan..

He now knew why she is saying it again n again..

their hands slipped n geet went out of his grip..she drowned in sea 

Maan pulled her  by pallu n  she gasped feeling the air..he cant let her go…he tied her pallu with him..n started to swim with her.

Geet:maan why  r u tying me with u…

Maan:geet,I love u too..n haan jeeyenge tho saath..marenge tho bhi now swim with me..we will fight against this nature

she too supported him..

Geet:promise me maan.u ll be mine for every lives..

Maan:tum bhi promise karo..u ll never leave me n go..



Both looked at each other n geet pecked his lips..he pecked her back.both smiled feeling the salty water touch their lips..

Maan hugged her tight..this time their heart was in peace with the feel of each other..they will be together forever..

1751 words

so how many of you are mad at me

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