This life is yours-Epilogue 7

Epilogue 7


It was the 13 th day after that horrible day..

All were wearing white dress..maneets garlanded photo was in mid n the havan was going on..

Arjun ,Vicky n adi were the persons who came out of the sagma first..the news of tsunami  made them worried ..but they had the hope.. maan n geet will be all came crushed down when they were called  by the police to identify if its maneet..

The womens started to cry their lungs out hearing the news..anjali was fainting often.abhi n jaanu was in shock n they too were crying..vicky asked abhi n arjun to look after the ladies..

Vicky assured  all it wont be maneet n started to south.adi too accompanied  him…but he himself was not sure after watching the news..lakhs of people were drowned in water..n maneet were missing from two days..there was no calls from them..though the news said the telecommunications have stopped becoz of it..they still could have reached them thru some ways or other..even if they have took a cab they would have reached a safe city n called them n informed them..or if they have approached the rescue team they would have helped them..but nothing like that happened..


Vicky n adi  took the private plane to reach the place soon..they hoped for good..but what they received was shock..their earth below them slipped away when the police showed the pictures of maneet..

Pol:are  you the relatives of them..see it keenly n say..

Vickys :bhaiyaa..bhabhi..

He clenched the photo n cried…adi too cried seeing the picture.. say it they are no more..pls follow me..u have to sign the papers..n then u can take their bodies with you..

Vicky n adi stood there still crying n speechless..what they would say to the family..

Police:I want to say something..really ur brother n wife must have loved each other so much..

Vicky looked at the police how he knew..

Police:we found both of them in the shores of other city..

He showed the next pic how they found both..

Police:both were found hugging each other..they have tied each other with ur bhabhi’s pallu..n even their hands were entwingled when we found them..the chains they wore maan n geet made us easy to identify their names.when we checked the hotels they gave us the list of tourists missing..n it was easy for us to find you n give this news..there are lakhs of missing peoples here..but these couples did not make us search their family..must say they must be loving you all..

Vicky slamped on the floor n cried..

Police:if u cry like this who will console your brave..n their luggages are still in hotel..u show ur id proof n u can get it..

Adi signed the formalities n both came home..

13 days have passed but the time has stilled for them..the mansion looked as if it lost its is the pooja all guests have arrived .abhi cursed himself for giving them such a gift which took them away permanently…vicky has consoled himself n had made all understood too..

He told them the same words which maan said when dadi passed away..maan did not cry a lot when dadi passed away..but geet n vicky were running tears like rivers..

Maan:Vicky.dont cry,when we take birth itself god must have written  our date of departure too..i too cried a lot n lost my interest to live when dc died,,but life didn’t stop..i got jaanu n geet..we have a life ahead to lead..we must keep their souls  happy  not by ending ourselves n burying ourselves in sorrow..they wont be happy seeing us like this..their soul will rest in peace when we lead our life in the way they taught us..we must make dadi proud ..n that must be only our ambition …n that’s the only thing we can do for her..

Vicky too told them what maan said..all must  give peace to the  souls that passed away.. n maneet will never like to see the tears in the family members eyes..those words did worked on them though not much but all have consoled. The kids were asking for their grandparents n Vicky had tough time saying they have turned stars in sky n will be looking them from above..

All were worried now for anjali who is going depressed n showing tantrums to eat..she is falling week day by day..



The pandit completed the pooja n went away..anjali screamed in pain..jaanu n vaishali held her..

Anjali:maa..bhabhi..bohut dard horaha hai..

Jaanu:abhi..chachu..i think she is in labour..

Abhi:but di..the due is after 2 weeks..

Jaanu:no…I think baby is in way..common ..lift her n bring to car..

Vaishali:Vicky..bring the car..go..

Anjali’s dad:I ll inform hospital to be ready..

Soon they fogot their sorrows n took her to hospital..

Dr checked anjali n said she is going thru labour..n she is too weak now..bcoz of depression n the hard time she went thru these days..

Abhi was worried n pacing the hospital corridors.

Vicky touched his shoulder n comforted him..abhi hugged him tight..he really needed a shoulder now..

Vicky:abhi..everything will be alright..

Abhi:don’t know chachu..but I want anjali n baby safe..mei jee nehi paunga unke bina..

Vicky:don’t trust my words nor the drs..but trust ur parents who are near to god..they will make sure ur wife n baby  are safe ..

As soon as vicky said those words they heard a baby cry..

All the faces lighted in happiness..

All rushed to the dr.who came after some minutes..

Dr had a wide smile..

Dr:congrats ..its a baby girl.. wife..

Dr:she is also fine..bus thodi weak hai..n u all have to take care of her food now..she needs much energy now..

Abhi:yes dr..can I see her.. 5 minutes..she will be shifted to room then u can..

After anjali was shifted all rushed inside to see her n baby..

Anjali was holding the baby n looking at its features..

Abhi kissed her lovingly..

Abhi:Thank god anju..u both are safe..

Anjali:abhi..see her..she looks like maa na..

Abhi looked at his baby..even others too..

What anjali is saying was right..the baby has gone with geet..

They belived geet has taken rebirth..


All forgot the sorrow with the arrival of baby..anjali too started to take care of herself for her baby..

It was naming ceremony..n as all expected they kept the name as geetanjali..

Anjali looked at maneets portrait n told abhi..

Anjali:I don’t know why mama showered me so much love in this small span of it bcoz I have the half name of hers or she really loved  me as  a girl  ..noone would have been  lucky like me to have them as my in laws..she gave me the love I would cherish for rest of my life..n I will shower the same love on my daughter too..n from now I ll never get depressed..i ll face everything like they did..


Jaanu was sitting in maaneets room..she couldn’t go back to mysore..she felt tied up in delhi..she stood up n touched maneets belongings feeling them in it..

Her hand touched something n the things fall was their luggage s which they took for the tour..

Jaanu looked at the scattered things along with their dresses… all the things w was for  her kids as it mentinoned for 5 yrs n above  .n some were for the new born..obviously must be for abhi’s baby..she slowly arranged everything n the diary caught her eyes..if she had not seen her name she would not have opened her mothers diary..

To my jaanu..the life of me..

Jaanu started to read..

the diary was not on daily basis..but with only some important start geet wrote how she missed jaanu n how maan stopped her from calling..

jaanu..ur papa gave me this diary to write what I want to share with u..he is so bad..he said I cant disturb u now..u have ur life..

he is correct only jalli..sry jaanu..

why I feel I have done injustice to ur papa..

jaanu knotted her brows with her mama’s sentence..

after that the diary was written for maan n not for her..

geet:sry really feeling bad for my behavior..whenever I think about our initial days of marriage I think I have done injustice to you..i have always seen myself as jaanvi’s mother..but not as your wife..even if it was not jaanus wish we wont have shared the relation  as a real partners which needed a wrong saying jaanu..that this life is yours.. but is it possible without you..what if I had left that day n u have not stopped me..i would never be a mother of jaanu nor abhi.i would have ended my life that had no wish to live…sach kahoon tho this life is debted to a life of mother I fogot a duty of wife in many places..i know u love me..n I too love you..but my love for jaanu was more than you..u always sacrificed ur happiness for me..bcoz my priority to jaanu was first n my happiness started n ended with her..kabhi socha nehi tha maan. U too need the same importance from me like I gave for jaanu. Maa ki mamta mei pati ko boolgayi mei…how u tolerated my ignorance maan..whenever u say arjun needs jaanu..i feel like acid burning me…I must have taken care of ur needs…

the diary continued how she failed as a wife n was asking apologies to maan.her scare after dadi n maharaj birth her rejoicing moments..abhi n anjali she is making anjali to understand relations..


geet: im teaching anjali maan how to be a gud wife..what an irony na a failure in my eyes..but  I m teaching my bahu how to take care of relations im only looking at u n ur wishes maan…I think u didn’t notice it..but that also gud for me..u r taking it as normal behavior..


Jaanu  came to the last entries geet made..

The day they left for tour..

Geet:from morning im feeling restless…meri mann kehthi hai kuch hone wala hai..i have felt this type of restlessness whenever something bad happens..n now too im having the negative vibes..i looked at my house thru the feelings are stronger n it says I wont see this I want to capture this moments for last time..i showered my love on going to miss them..may be this negative vibes are becoz im leaving all of them..the car passed leaving my family still capturing my family in my that whenever I close my eyes I could see them infront of me..

When u  talked about our first outing maan,,that’s our hm..i got into the old memories..even at those times I was physically there with mind n soul was in delhi..if not Vicky has blackmailed me I would have cancelled  our Hm trip before when I think of those moments I feel bad..i saw ur yearning for me ..but didn’t give heed to it much maan..sry maan..

This trip I really want to enjoy..i cant change those memories but I can make fresh one..i want to give my time for u..jaanu has arjun..abhi has only we two..n I have promised myself to be with you in all ways..i wont crib for children..i want u n u only..i want to show u that I love u too maan..make you feel my love to you too is equal to our childrens..

All my dreams have come true bcoz of u only man..i have a beautiful family n all love me bcoz of u..nowadays I ask GOD only 2 is to keep our family same like now with same intense of love bonding with each other..

The second one..i don’t know will God will ever fulfil it..i  cant think a life without you maan.from the day dadi passed I have this fear..i cant think a life like that..n I know u too will feel the same for me..n my weird wish to god is to take us to him at same time..we both cant live a lonely life again..our responsibilities are we have nothing to bound here than our love..maan ki geet maan ki geet hi marna chahthi hai..yesehi suhagan ki not selfish to leave you alone..isilye prarthana karthi hoon bagwan se humei sath mei lejaye…


We r in kanyakumari..seeing the first sunrise together..i looked at u more than the rising sun..i have just praying to all god the same wish..n now too im asking the god of sun n the goddess of sea  to hear my plea..agar mera pyaar sacha ho tho meri wish pura karo..i love you man..i love you so much..that I want u as my husband in my every birth..n will love you more than our childrens..n will give you all happiness of this entire world..

This life is yours maan..n I want us  to be together  till our  last breathe..


Jaanu’s  eyes were filled with tears feeling very emotional seeing her mothers words..

She looked at maans handwriting below that..

Maan:geetu tu bhi na pagal hai sach much..dont ask sry to me..bcoz first of all I fall in love with my jaanus mama only.yes I agree I have craved for u many times..but isn’t it ur love n care for my family is enough for me..u r a good mother good bhabhi good badi maa n good nani too ..n most of all u r a good wife..u took care of me our babies n our office too..u are very supportive in all ways to me..even if my first love dc is here I doubt I would not have loved her to this extent like I do dor you.. .haan your life is mine..u r debted to me..till our last breathe..and from now I ll also wish the same..i love you too sona..hamesha.

.geet ki maan..for all lives..


Jaanu closed the diary..

They both loved so much.that the death too couldn’t part them away..

.they didn’t express much their love..but all know they love each other madly..god has listened to their prayers taking away both at same happy for u both mama papa..jab tak yeh duniya hai..woh yehi kahegi..pyaar ho tho maangeet jesa..


Baby’s cry made her come out of maneets room..

She walked to abhis room n saw anjali looking at the crib..she too noticed n stood rooted..

Armaan:geetu..rona nehi..maan hai na tumhare pass..i cant see u in tears math..

He wiped baby’s tear with his small hands n baby immediately smiled at him showing her gums..

Anjali:bhabhi..geetu tho maanu ki awaaz se hi apna rona band kardiya..

Jaanu:maan ki geet hai who anjali..their love never ends..



It was a dark place only a light was illuminating from above..maan n geet were walking holding their hands..

Both heard the words..

maan ki geet hai wo anjali..their love never ends..

both turned n saw manu kissing geet n all looking at the two kids lovingly..

maan:. our 2nd birth love story  has begun geetu..its time for us to leave

geet:thank you maan for keeping your promise..

maan:thanks..say to your babaji..who always listen to you…

geet looked at the light n said thank you babaji..

maan n geet looked at their family from above for the one last time n disappeared in the light..


2546 words

special thanks n loves n hugs for golden moon ,sumaiya,jeevana,aarthi,pooja n rashmi for giving me pictures

priya love u so much for ur edited pictures n gifs..
shruthe for giving me an awesome banner

for being a support all the way
its been great with you all 
thanks for being with me in the journey of THIS LIFE IS YOURS
its a different story
when all expected a teenage love 
this started with their married life n middle age
you all stood by me in my this different story too
feeling blessed to have you all..
love you all so much..

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