Humrahi -Part 42


Geets bad luck..she came to arohi’s room with gifts..

Geet:bhabhi..its for u..

Arohi looked at the gifts… other things except the sari was  there..she didn’t look at the gifts too as she was standing at distance..

 arohi started to pour her venom on her..

Arohi:why u brought these worthless gifts for me..i can get more than these worthless things..u don’t want me to give like u r doing some favour for me..raklo yeh bhi tumhari saath..what I thought about are innocent as u r from village..but u have showed me ur true colours..

Geet was so much shocked..she couldn’t digest arohi scolding her for no reason..

Geet:bhabhi ..aap..

Arohi:don’t geet..dont show ur innocent looks..maan can lose for it..mei nehi.i never thought u wil stoop so low..chi..u r trying to part me n bhai..if he gifts me 1 ruppee too I ll keep it happily..but who r u to stop my bhai doing for me..chi..sharm aathi hai mujei..i too fall for ur innocent looks..

Geet now got she listened half of their talks..tears clouded her eyes n she was too hurt with arohi’s accusations…she tried to explain..


Arohi:u r saying my bhai to gift something of low price..have u ever thought about urself..what ur family did for u..have u ever enjoyed this in ur own house..yeh achi dresses ..yeh jewellery ..yeh car travel n flight travels..what have u enjoyed in ur house..say me geet..its all becoz u r married to my bhai..warna u will be still in ur village..koi nehi hoga tumse shadhi…

Arjun:bu..sss… arohi..

His sharp angry tone stopped arohi..arjun looked geet..geet was standing still ..numb n tongue tied to retort back..she has never raised her voice n now in her sils place how she will speak.her eyes were flowing like river…how will she clear the mu..when arohi is not ready to listen..more than all arohi pointed her status..she can never change it..its her fate to be born in such a family..if its in everyones hand would not they wish to be born with golden spoon..they know my status before marriage too..then y she is pointing it now..the questions never came from her mouth..

Arjun looked at geet who was still in shock state..

Arjun :sry geet..woh..

He tried to wipe her tears..she backed off wiping her tears with her back of palm..she masked a painful smile n moved out..he knew somewhere she wont say 2  maan..her masking smile  proved she will never create a problem between maan n arohi..

Arjun looked arohi in anger..

Arjun:what are u saying to her arohi..

Arohi:I did not say anything wrong..whatever I said her is right..i would have said more..atleast naintara is better..she is only show off..but geet..she is  doing black magic.. she doesn’t care for relations..she wants maan n his money only..hum sab nehi..woh pyaar care sab dikawa hai..

Arjun:so u used all those words hmm..

His anger was in peak he is controlling himself only becoz arohi is pregnant..


Arjun:did u even know ur words  have hurt her so much..

Arohi:I didn’t say anything wrong..whatever she is enjoying now its becoz of my bro..n who is she to stop my brother..

She yelled at him back..

Arjun asked with a stern face

Arjun:then u say if she has asked you the same question what u would have replied..


She was confused n knotted her brows..

Arjun:woh chup chap sunrahi thi..iska yeh matlab nehi tum jo b hi muh mei aaya who bologi..think what u would have said if she has asked u the same..even ur family is not like this when I married u..

Arohi now understood his point..n realized what she told in anger..

Arjun:yeh soch..what if she says to maan now..what if he threw away geet from his life for u..will u be happy to see ur bhai alone..he is settled now after ur mothers longtime pesturing.n u want to break his marriage life..

Arohi gasped…no..i really don’t want it..

Arohi stood rooted at her place..she loves her brother like anything..n she doesn’t want any hurdle in his married life..

Arohi:arjun..geet..maanse..oh no..

Arjun:don’t sure he will chose wife over u..bcoz she is his responsibility now..but,what if he turns from you forever

Arohi:yeh meine kya kiya..

She kept her palm on her mouth..

Arjun:I still believe geet aro.woh yesi ladki nehi hai…u must be having some mu..take that off ur mind..n look after our guests properly..i wont spare any mistreat of guests in my home..

Arohi:my home..

She looked at him with hurt..

Arjun:ok our home.see u cant hear a word …hope u realize ur mistake..angry is gud thing..but still its not harmful to others..if u want to lash ur anger take on here ur unpaid servant for lifetime ..but don’t spoil their relation ..

Arohi sat there realizing her mistake..even if geet was wrong she must not have behaved like that..ek sari ki baath hai..she can get more than it from arjun..then why she behaved so immaturely..



Arjun came looking for geet..maan n Vicky were playing with p2 in hall..his parents were watching some boring serials..he went to guest room n saw geet sitting there gloomy..the coffee served by the servant  was still there untouched..


He called her softly..

Geet was startled..she wiped her tears n looked at him..

Geet:j..j..ji bhai..

Arjun came n handled her the coffee..


Geet took it from him as respecting him..

Arjun:peelo..or it will turn cold..

Geet started to sip..

Arjun:geet..arohi dilse bura nehi she is pregnant her hormone levels are high..her moodswings are weird..she gets angry  soon n remains hot always..till now it was me n kids..aaj tum mili..dont take her words to ur heart..maaf kardo usei..


She stammerred not knowing what to to speak to another man..when he is apologizing for his wife’s misbehavior..


Geet nodded..

Arjun: did u say to maan..

He asked


She nodded her head in no..he sighed in relief..the least he wanted is rift between two families..thank god his parents are still unaware of it..warna they will be adding more fuel..

Arjun:tum bohut achi ho geet..she will understand it soon..when arohis moodwings got off she will be back to normal..u ll see urself..woh apni bhaise bohut pyaar karthi she will not be angry with u for much time..tum uski bhabhi ho..


She just listened hoping its this relationship will move on..they both have to face in all family gathering..what if man hates her thinking geeet became a reason between bhai n behen..the thoughts clouded her mind n she feared to face man n arohi..what if arohi says something n man believes her..mera kya hoga..a small worry made herconfused n she was fearing for her relation now.. my married life..

Arjun:wash ur face n join us geet..warna maan will doubt..

Geet st:yes..she cant say anything to maan..if arohi doesn’t say anything n she told him ..there will be unknown pleasentaries ..i  don’t want any problems between maanji n arohi bcoz of me..she decided n went to washroom ..washed her face n came out..

 (sometimes its needed to hide things in families to keep the peace n relations..n geet did it)


Arjun left geet so she may get back normal..she needs the space..but once the words slipped out of mouth cant be taken back..arohi was in guilt..n geet was numb by heart..p2 came n took geet with her to play with man n Vicky..

The dinner was arranged..n all sat for dinner..geet was playing with her food..just nibbling showing all she was eating..when the words have fulled her she will get hunger..


Geet looked arohi..she was trying 2 be normal.but a lil guilt was shown in her face.. geet too nodded her head n ate a lil..

Arohi felt bad for scolding her..her ego was not letting her to ask sorry to geet.(arohi will never ask sry..mostly in real life too they fight..but never will ask sry..they feel like they has an hand over all in their mayka..n when her bros love her most n being a single girl pampered by all she thinks herself superior.they know they did wrong but wont go n ask offenses pls)

.arohi sent p2 again 2 play with her..geet cant avoid p2 she knew very well..n with them she can get normal..


At n8 p2 was stubborn 2 sleep with maneet …arohi tried to make them understand n give some space to maneet..but they were stubborn    n stayed with maneet in their guest room..they slept there itself..maan sighed as his n8 got spoiled..geet was happy with kids between them..if they are alone maan would have surely found her being he only thought she is silent becoz of new place n her sil n her mils were there.payal n palak settled between maneet..they asked geet to say story…geet patted payal ..maan was patting palak..both girls slept hearing the story..maans  hands came to geet n pressed it lightly..geet turned n saw him..he smiled at her n blew a kiss in air n asked her to sleep..geet smiled forcefully n closed his eyes holding his hands..his hands is the comfort for her at present..he patted  her hands n geet slept becoz of tiredness..


Next morning geet woke up early..she felt sad n was thinking how to go out n face arohi..but she cant stay inside the room itself too..she brushed her teeth n freshed up..still maan n kids were sleeping..

Geet came to kitchen n saw arohi n servant working..


She don’t know ho w to initiate the talk after last night..

Arohi:geet..y u woke up early..u must have slept some more time..u must be tired..

Arohi has totally forgot the previous day incidents after waking up..but the receiver is still same..but amused to see the change..

Geet:wo bhabhi..i couldn’t sleep..

Arohi:new place na..hotha hai kabhi kabhi..

Geet:mei help karoon..

Arohi:no..u r our guest n how can I make u work..tum beto..i ll do..n I have helper too..arohi made coffee n handled it to her


Geet hesitatingly took the coffee n started to sip it..

Geet:arjun bhai must be right..di ki pregnancy harmones only made her behave indifferent


C how she is behaving now..mei hi kuch zyadha sochliya..jalli..tum bhi boolja..yahi sab keliye acha hai..

She decided to let go off the stiff between them n behave normally..

Geet:di.i ll cut veg..

Arohi:ok..she passed the veg n instructed the servants what to do ..

Maan too woke up..he went for walk with arjun n Vicky n settled in hall..arohi gave coffee to all..even her mil n fil joined them..all chatted for a while

After that maan n Vicky freshed up n got ready..all had their bf .arohi was normall..arjun looked at geet like I told u na..


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