Humrahi -Part 45

Part 45

Maan tried to look at person but he  was behind a pillar so he couldn’t c him..but he saw him giving a dairy milk chocolate to geet n her eyes twinkled..


Geet saw the person who blocked her suddenly..she sighed in relief seeing her brother tej..

Geet:uff..aapho..i got scared..

He extended the chocolate before her..her eyes widened n reflected her happiness..

Tej:ur favourite silk choco..

She hurriedly grabbed from him..

Geet:thanks bhaiya..

Tej:happy birthday gudia..

She froze in her place..

Geet:u remember..

He smiled sadly..she thought he will forget her bday too..

Tej:hmm..jaldi se khalo before someone comes..

He took the flower plate from her..she unwrapped the chocolate n had it..

Tej smiled sadly..she is still a kid who is forced to become matured than her age..

Tej came forward n ruffled geets hair..n maan culd now see its tej..he smiled seeing the bond..someone at her home close to her

Tej:geet jaldi..someone is coming..

geet looked around once more n shoved the remaining chocolate..

she was scared ..if someone sees her eating chocolates she will have an another round of advice..

tej:this choco is for double happiness..


she couldn’t even speak with her stuffed mouth..

maan smiled seeing her talking like that.she looked cute like a kitten..

tej:hmm double khushi…if u heard u will also be happy.n jump here itself..

geet :what bhai..

tej:u have to…

Rano who came there saw both chatting..

Rano:geet..what r u doing..for how much time I have to wait for u to bring this flower pate..n u tej..darji is searching for u..both of u grow up..there is lots of workn u both wasting time in chatting…u both can chat later..come with me geet..

She chided n geet went with her maa..tej was disappointed he couldn’t say the news to her..woh khushi se pagal hojayegi..but will she ??? he sighed n went to look after the works..


Maan saw geets smile fading with her mothers arrival..her pale face n her yearning look towards her bro..her father never came in the screen than greeting them or while  biding bye..

He continued his talks with adi n stayed there for some more time..n then joined the others…

He had nothing to do than eating chatting n resting..

The evening came n all started to get ready for bharath..maan wore his sherwani..n geet her marriage choli..along with the jewels..when she came out all the girls eyes were on her..she looked different among all..

But her eyes searched for the one..when she met his intense gaze..she felt burning in desire.his eyes looked at her mesmerizingly ..n were drooling her.she can feel his eyes wherever she moved..n her body reacted in diff way..

All relatives were present there..they asked about geet..n was appreciating her dressing sense..its all bcoz of maan she knew..he is the one who forcefully selected this choli for her marriage..she came to know from her sil about this..even her mil has opposed chosing it as it was costly..n maan was stubborn chosing this for her..he had a classy taste…


She too was mesmerized seeing him in that sherwani..she didn’t look at him like this on her marriage she can see him fully..both had the urge to hold each other.kiss other n madly love each other..the desires were mutual…maan was thinking mentally to get geet for sometime when she is alone..


All started to brides house..they were welcomed  n rituals started followed by shravan shruthis marriage..

Geet looked at shruti who was enjoying all rituals unlike her..she was following mechanically all the rituals on her she noticed each n every rituals n came to know the value of everything..she loved the marriage now..the marriage which brought a new phase in her life..she looked up n saw maan watching her..his looks still fixed in hue formed in her cheeks..

Bidai started n bride n groom started back to HP..

Geet rano n her mami started before them to welcome the newly wed..affter the welcome all were chitchatting..when rano called geet .

Rano n her mami :geet..take preeto with u n check that room..if everything is right..

Geet nodded without knowing what they r saying..when they opened the door geet blushed n  so was preeto..there was flowers n some more things to decorate the room..

Preeto:geet jaldi karo..

it was really embarrassing n so much arousing for geet too to decorate the bed for SR..she remembered what she did.she spoiled the night for him unknown to her..

Preeto  too sighed..thinking about her SR..

Preeto:jaanthi ho geet..mei na..luckyko mere pass bhi aanei nehi diya..

Geets eyes popped out..

She looked at preetos then how it is.

Preeto:wo..unhone..he tied up my hands..n started giving me chumas..then..

Geet not ready to hear more than that..that was already too much for her..n to hear more than that will be more embarrassing..

But in one side she felt relief too..its not only her who doesn’t know about sr..there are many like her..

Both decorated the room n came out..


Preeto moved ahead while geet was pulled by a strong force..maan shut her mouth n stopped her scream..

He took his hand from her mouth..



He hurriedly pecked her lips making her jump n look the surroundings..his hands on her waist playing with the bare skin..

Maan:geet..lets go home now..shadhi bhi hogayi

Geet was shocked..

Geet:but maanji..sab log kya kahegi..

Maan:I ll tell them..we will come back will take time for all to sleep..if we go home we can get enough rest..

He has seen her working nonstop..n this way she can too rest peacefully..

Geet:mei maa se kehthi hoon..

Maan was sure if she meets her mom again their will be some clash..

Maan:no..i ll talk to them..u don’t want to say them..

Geet:hmm..then I ll change ..

Maan came near her..

Maan:don’t change..i want to see you close ..each n every part of your beauty in this look like an angel..only mine..

Geet couldn’t stand his gaze..his one look always made her weak..her stomach was already doing summer saults.she too needed his closeness badly..


Maan:Come soon..

Geet nodded her head..he can see her blushing..he kissed her cheeks n moved hurriedly before all notice them..

Geet came down n did some left over work..when tej n rano came to her..


Geet:haan maa..

Rano:damadji wants to go home back..

Geet didn’t reply anything..she waited her to complete..

Tej:we asked him to stay tonight..but he want to go..but he promised to come back tomorrow morning..

Rano:he is calling you..ja..he told u all r here for only a week..n u both will be returning 2 delhi in 2 days..

Geet:ji maa..we will be staying here only for 2 days with his mother..

Rano:oh..ok..but come morning..tumse teek se baath bhi nehi karsakthi hum..

There was heaviness in her showed her hidden love for geet…but she immediately hided it..

Rano:meine kahana jaa.he will be waiting..waise sab kam tho hogayi u can go now..

Geet:ji maa..

Rano:change tho karlo..

Geet remembered maan asking her not to change..

Geet:nehi maa..we will get late..i ll go n change in our house.

She said packing her things n stuffing the dresses inside the bag…rano too helped her..tej took the bags..when geet doesn’t notice he kept a gift pack inside her bag..

Tej st:this is also nice way..geet will be surprised to see my gift..

He smiled..

Geet bid bye to all..some ladies were not pleased at her leaving..those who need something to gossip talked about geet behaving differently as she is married to a businessman..some understood  when husband calls the wife must she is no more the girl of their house..

Maan n Geet came to darji

Darji:beta..kal zaroor geet ko leke aana..i didn’t get enuf time to talk to her ..

Maan:haan zaroor..

Both bid bye n sat on car..

The ladies looked with evil see the life this girl got..

Tej too noticed the jealousy..


Tej:haan maa..

Rano:when they come tomorrow remind me..nazar utharni hai dono ko..

Tej:ji maa..

Tej smiled inwardly..he understood his mother long before.the life has been a thorn path for her with his father …she is hard shell but she loves geet n wants her to be happy..even this marriage she did so that geet may have a good life than suffering staying with them..the way she chose may be wrong but her intension was not..



As soon as maneet sat in car the tension between them aroused..their heart thudded fastly..geet was conscious bcoz of the driver..she chewed her lip as maans hand squeezed hers..his hands played with hers..his one finger went in n out between the gap of her 2 fingers..first she didn’t give heed thinking its his play..when he started moving fast her eyes grew wider..he was asking her about love making…

Geets st:chi chi bababji..yeh ..what he is my fingers…hmm..

But she blushed deep red with the thought of making love..after decorating the sr she felt wet n needed..

she freed her hands hurriedly..maan frowned..


geet:why u asked him to stop..

maan didn’t talk to her..he faked angry n kept mum..

maan: bhai..see that medical..get me crocin..6 tablets..

he gave money n driver went to buy..

geet:aapko bukar hai..

she touched his forehead n neck feeling worried..

man pulled her in his laps..the car was parked in none noticed them..

man:haan bohut bukar hai..from when I saw u in this attire that time se..n u showing me nakras..

with that he kissed her lips forcefully ..she gasped n he entered her mouth sucking her tongue hard n tasting her inner mouth..she tried to push him..but it all went in vein..she slowly responded as the desire took her too..her hands played with his hairs pulling him close..his hands squeezed her bossoms over her blouse..he left her when they were short of air..

he settled his hair..wiped his lips..he smirked..

maan :now im more fever..

geet blushed hard..

maan:ghar jaake nehi chodungi..if u try to push me deklena..

geet nodded in shy accepting his req..

the driver came n  gave the tablets..maan thrusted it in his pocket..

he just want an excuse to be with his wife n he did..driver started the car n as the car passed geet felt sleepy..whole day she was running here n there..n the food..she puked in morning too..she felt very tired n couldn’t say too..maan n no one knew it..


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