Humrahi -Part 46

Part 46

as the car stopped maan saw her sleeping..he doesn’t want to wake her up..he asked the driver to keep the luggages inside..nakul opened the door as soon as he heard the car sound n was surprised to see maan..

nakul:maan beta..maa kehrahi thi tumlog kal aaogi..

maan:haan..i thought to come back..maa n all were r they..all have slept..

driver came n kept the luggages..

maan:bhai u can take rest..kal jaana hai phir hp..

driver:ok sir..


maan came n lifted sleeping geet in his arms..

nakul:maan kya  hua..

he thought geet is sick..

maan:shh..kuch nehi sogayi..

nakul smiled..n closed the door.

Maan went to the room..n saw his both brothers sleeping there..

Maan:how I forgot it..nt n kids must be with n Vicky sleeping here..i must have informed them..what to do now..

He has no way..for how much time he can carry his beautiful wife..he slowly placed her next to vicky on the floor spread.

He tapped his shoulders..

Maan :Vicky..




He was sleeping like a woke up with maans voice..


He looked at the watch..


Dev:Maan u at this time..


Dev saw geet sleeping..

Maan:we both are tired..we couldn’t sleep there peacefully isiliye..

Dev:u must have informed..

He looked geet.. sorry..i didn’t think what to do..she is sleeping problem..i ll wake her n say her to sleep with maa

He sighed..

Dev:ok..ur wife is sleeping..dont wake her..

He took the spread n blanket n went outside..he spread it there n came back ..

Dev:now help me in lifting vicky..

Both bros lifted Vicky n settled him in the spread..

Dev:now u both sleep ..he smiled n went out..maan greeted him gn8 n closed the door..he couldn’t thank his brother enough..he was understanding too..


Maan changed his sherwani..n came to geet..he took his phone n clicked some pictures of his sleeping beauty..

He slowly took off her earrings n neck piece..geet felt ticklish when he came near her neck n unclasped the hook..he took her hands n slowly removed her bangles..she woke up when thebangles scratched her skin..


She looked around..they r in their house..


In her sleepy state she couldn’t think..

Maan:I only brought u here..what to do when my wife is so sleepy n doesn’t know how we reached here..


Maan:as u have waken up ..i can fulfil my wish..

He again weared her earring n necklace..

Geet:what r u doing ..

Maan:now get up n stand here..i want to take u some pictures..n some selfies..he brushed her ruffled hair too..

Geet:at this time..

Man:yup..common soon..i want to sleep too..dont u too..

Geet stood up n maan took some more pictures..n selfies..

Maan:ok now its time to change..

He winked..geet blushed..

 geet:Mei change karthi hoon..

Maan:no geet..i want to..u know why..u look today again like my bride..dressed for me..

His voice was husky..her eyes downcasted giving him permission..she took off the pins she has fixed in her dress..maans eyes fixed on her..he slowly took off the dupatta followed by her other clothes..he slowly started to plant kiss on her nude body..he was gentle..they kissed like they have never kissed before..her hands went inside his vest feeling his skin..maan stopped n bared himself giving her the view of his toned body..

Maan touched her forehead..

I love this place..

He kissed her brows..

I love this when it shapes like a bow questioning me..

He kissed her eyes..

I love this naughty eyes..which shows 100 expressions in a sec..

I like this cute button nose..he kissed her nose..

I like this pink petals..i want it to be fixed with mine always..i want to taste it 24×7..

Both kissed again..n he lowered more..

I love this chin..this slender neck of urs..even if u wear nothing than this looks beautiful..

Haa..what to say about ur twins..his mouth watered n slowloy he tiped his tongue making circles on her bud..

He was giving her wet smooches describing about it..she moaned with his every touch of lips on her skin..

His slow kisses n his talk only aroused her much..n it was a big torcher..she closed her eyes..he was slow than ever taking too much time for evry part of her body…

he just want to cherish his first night again that he missed in this same room ..same bridal attire..he took long time moving slowly down more..her stomach..belly button..she has stopped her moaning too..he was too much lost..he kissed her triangular part n came to her core.she was wet already…he kissed there..he expected her to stiffen n shove him like always..but there was no reaction..

maan st:is she comfortable now with what im going to do..

he lifted his head  n saw her..she was sleeping..her hands still fisted in pillow in sleep too ..he was confused with her can she sleep when both were at peak.. he was a bit disappointed again.. this night was again not for them..he then shrugged of his thoughts thinking she was exhausted so much.n he made her wake up n more tired too…he pulled the sheet over them n slept..


maan woke up early morning n saw geet still sleeping..he woke her up ..

geet:pls maanji..sone deejiye na..

she snuggled more close to him..

maan pinched her buds..

maan:if u don’t wakeup im going to make love to you now..n then we will be late to go to ur house..sochlena..

he said teasingly ..

she woke up with a jerk n her sheet fell down revealing her beauty..she saw maans eyes roaming on her..

geet shied n pulled the sheet up..

maan:do u want me to dress up u ..

geet:no..i ll..

maan stood n took his pants n weared it..

geet took a sari from cupboard n weared it..both wrapped the bedspreads n kept the dresses aside..he kept the jewels safe..

after having a look on the room  seeing everything is perfect he pulled geet n took his morning kiss..

maan:I so much missed ur morning kiss yesterday geetu..

she looked down  in shy..she too wanted to say him the same..but she didn’t..

maan:ok u go down..i ll join in few min..

geet took her toileteries n changing dress n came down..

she greeted her mil..

dev has already told her about maneet she greeted her n asked about the marriage n her family..

geet told everything n went back to well side..she brushed n took hair bath n came the time maan too came ..


geet helped nakul in bf..naina wokeup late..but she got lots of taunts from her mil for being sleepy head..geet thanked mentally her hubby for waking her..warna she will be in that place..ansh was with geet having gud time..

all had a normal chat n maneet too had the bf there n started to hp..

sd :when will u come back man..

maan:after lunch 3 we will be here..n I want to spend time with my maa too..

he knew why she is asking that que..every maa will expect sometime from her children..

sd:when r u going to delhi..will u take geet with u or u will leave her here..

maan: I ll take her with me maa..i have work in delhi n then after 2 days I hv booked return tickets for us I cant come back here for her..

sd:ok..i want to pack things for only asked u..

maan:its ok maa ..we will manage..

sd:not like that maan…nakul is here..n in new place how will u both u need some things..the things u took wiwth u must have been finished till now..

maan:hmm..but we can get those things there too maa..dont worry..its all same..n we have no difficulties there..

sd:r u sure..

maan:200%..if I want I ll ask u myself..haan u can pack me some home made papads ,aachar n snacks..


Maan:ask ur laadla chotu if he wants anything special..

Sd:ji shehzadha..i ll ask him too..

Maan hugged her..he missed her so much..n her teasings too..

SD:Maan..arent u getting late..

Maan :ya..ok mein chalthi hoon..

Ansh:chachu..i ll get bored here ..shall I come with u both..

He couldn’t resist him..

Man:maa can I take ansh with me..

Sd:ok bacha no problem..but be careful with him.


Dev:ok take care.

Dev:ansh..must behave there nautankis..

Ansh was more happy n he promised to be a gud boy..


The trio started to hp..both maan n ansh was behaving like gud boys..geet enjoyed the travel back to her home..

Again they were welcomed with pleasentries..when geet met shruti she saw her all shy n the love bites were more clear on her skin which made her blush.. Ansh got some boys of his age n so he went playing with him..but maneet had their eyes on him as he is their responsibility too..


Geet n shruti chatted n got busy with all got time to que geet..asking about her n her married life..specially her darji..he was happy to see his gudia  settled ..n even he heard only complements from man about she tackles everything in new place too..he was proud of her..geet told about ramans family n aishus family..n about the safety of they go for shopping..geets mouth would have ached with the talks she spoke about maan..


After lunch both bid bye to her parents uncle aunts n darji..

Darji:im happy beta..dont know how much life is there for me..but I got luck to see my grandchildrens I can close my eyes..

Maan:itni jaldi bhi kya hai..u have to see our childrens marriage umar mei sickness tho hothi hai..but u r strong to overcome it..

Maan said teasing ly n same time giving confidence to him too..

Darji:im not greedy to live for so long..bas itnisi chahat thi sabko settle karthehue I can close my eyes peacefully..

Geet cried hugging him

Geet:pls darji..dont say like that..

Rano:babuji..what u r talking rubbish..shadhi ki ghar hai..shub shub boliye..and they r going back n u r sending them with tears..

Darji:kuch nehi rano..emotional hogayi  that’s all..

Rano made maneet stand together..

Rano:both stay here..i ll come now..

Geets dad came to him..

Damadji..take care of my daughter..

He said nothing than this..

Geet expected more from him..a lovely chit chat..bus ekhi shabd..she was disappointed..

Man:sure..she is my wife..i l take good care of her..

Geet smiled at man he took it she doesn’t know..

Tej:geet ..i have kept some packs in ur car..

Geet:what bhai?

Tej:kuch nehi..some snacks n things for ur usage..n haan did u open ur baggages..did u forget anything here..

Geet:bags..i didn’t bhai..kal sogayi thi..aaur aaj yahaan aayi

Tej:so she doesn’t see my gift..

Rano camen started to take evil eyes from them..

Tej:maa kalse kehrahi thi..sabki nazar tum dono pe thi..

Geet smiled thinking her mother cares for her..for them..

Man moved:ab hum chalthe hain..

Rano:when u both will come again..

Maan twisted his lips..

Maan:not sure..but whenever we get time we will come here..n u all too come there..

Tej:we will jiju..

Tej n man started to move towards the car.

Rano stopped geet.. again saying u this…behave good in ur inlaws house..dont make them point u..i don’t want any shikayat from them about you..n point my upbringing.. everything cant be smooth in life n downs..all is there …but its ur house..n u have to go with them..adjust with them..ab sirf sasural hai sab tumhare liye..mayka mein tum sirf guest ho.. u can come here n stay for few days like now..but u cant stay ur devar also with behave infront of him too..dont run here n there like a u r grown up n behave in matured way..

Geet listened to her advice patiently..everything was ok with her..but is she a guest to her hurted her..kya shadhise ek ladki parai hojathi hai..that she cant stay in her house for more days..

Rano:geet damadji dekrahi hai..jaa..

She pushed geet towards maans direction..

Geet:cant she hug me once..she is shoving me off..

She turned to man n then back to rano..she was not there..she was movinginside hurriedly..geet felt like her mother wiping her tears off her face..

Tej:gudia..take care..


She felt heavy..

Ansh:chachi jaldi..

He pulled geet to car..

Maneet n ansh bid bye to all n the car started its journey back..


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