Humrahi -Part 47

Part 47

Maan pressed his hands on geets shoulders..every girl will feel emotional when they leave their mayka..his hands gave her the comfort..she smiled with her tear filled eyes..

They have not crossed hp too..

Suddenly ansh started to shout..samosa..chachu samosa..


Ansh:chachu see there samosa..i want..pls chachu..pls pls..

Maan:ansh u had lunch few mins back only..

Ansh:chachu pls..i ll eat in house..pls..

Geet:maanji..this samosa really tastes good..darji sometimes buy here..


Maan got down followed by ansh..

Geet too got down..

Seeing her shopkeeper..geet beta..tum..

Geet:haan..yeh mera pati hai..

Sk:Namaste beta..what u want..

Maan ordered samosas..

ansh:chachu one pls..

Maan nodded his head.ansh cant keep his mouth when he felt the samosa was moth watering..

SK placed samosas in plates adding some ketchups n gave to ansh..he started to cherish it..maan n geet chuckled..

Bhaiya..pack 4 samosas for us too..kya hua aaj koi bus nehi aaraha hai..

The ladies asked him..

Sk:bus got punctured..i heard someone it will be late..

Geet looked at the ladies n she had a wide smile..

Ladies:hum kese jayenge ab..we have to wait for more time..



Maan smiled seeing geet chatting with them..

Teachers saw the marriage symbols..:geet..tu..m..ei..shadhi..hogayi..

There was disappointment in their faces..

Geet:ji teacher..

She pointed maan…he is my husband..

Maan knowing they r teachers he respected them too..



Maan:aapko kahaan jaana hai..

They said the place which was on way to them..

Maan:we will drop u..we r going that way only..

Geet thanked maan thru her eyes for his offer..she really want to help them..but thought how will maan take she didn’t bring the topic..

By the time sk packed the samosas n gave to maan n teachers too..all paid.for it…

Ansh:chachu mera bhi hogaya..i want to wash my hands..

He extended the plate to man which slipped n fall on his pants..the ketchups fall on his pants..shopkeeper hurriedly took papers n gave to maan..

Sk:beta clean with this..

Geet:i ll get water to wash..or it will remain with stains..

Maan took the papers n wiped..

Ansh:sry chachu..

Maan:its happens sometimes..n we slip..dont be sad..

He continued wiping..but his hands stopped with shock seeing geets picture in paper..he looked for the was few days before..the shock was undigestable..his hands trembled even to hold the paper..geet came with water n started to wipe with it..maan was not in sense..

Geet:hogaya ..

Ansh:chachu..lets go..

Man was still having the paper..he walked like a zombie to the car n sat in passengers seat..

Teachers followed them n all settled in back seat..

Geet was at back n maans back was only visible so she couldn’t see him turned motionless till now..ansh has settled in geets lap n was blabbering something..

Teacher:geet..who is this cutekid..

Geet:my bils..son.

Teacher:oh..we thought atleast u will fulfill ur dreams..but like all girls u also got married..

Geet dipped her head..what can she answer them..

Teacher:so only u didn’t come to get ur marksheets too..

Geet st:mark sheet..matlab my results..

Teacher:we expected to see a dr.geet..u had all chances..but..u disappointed us..

Teacher:u scored highest in all ,,it would have been easy for u to get scholarship too for medical..

Geet st: I topped..but in which subject..

she was getting curious to know..but teachers were saying it normally..not pointing in what she to ask them..

Their every talks only made maan crush the paper he was still holding..their chats were only adding ghee to his anger..he was a burning volcano inside..he kept his cool outside controlling it..

Teachers:we cant blame u too geet..this village peoples still believe in child marriage..

Another spoon of ghee to maans burning anger..

Teacher:when all will know its legally wrong too..physically n mentally a girl is not prepared for marriage..even the educated men doesn’t think of girls underage..

A teacher who really loved geet taunted maan indirectly for his behavior..

Another teacher who thought of geets married life stopped her..

Geet kept mum as she respected her teachers..

Teacher:geet..tum khush ho na..

Geet: ji teacher..bohut khush..

Teacher:be happy always beta..n haan if u get time come to collect ur marksheet..n tc..

Geet:ji teacherji..


Teacher:bhaiya ..stop here..we will go from here..

Driver stopped n both teachers thanked maan n geet n went away without knowing what they did..till now geet too didn’t notice maans aloofness..

N now too ansh was bugging her for story..n she said him animatically..

Maans heart was breaking every second…he looked at the paper once more in his hand..there was geets pic in school uniform..2 plats.n .school id..she looked like a kid..

Around the villages of HP geet has scored the top amongst all with 93%..followed by her marks which said she topped in all subjects than eng..n lang..


Maan reread again..12th exam results..

Again he checked the date n years..may 2014..

Geet..the girl whom he is married is a school going girl..he couldn’t digest it..more than that her teachers words has burnt him alive..he has married a girl who is not prepared physically n mentally..her shyness on SR..the following days he noticed her being cool with kids..playing video games..she was really a child mentally..he thought,how he made love to forcing her making her weak n breaking her virginity…he has taken her for granted..he took her almost more than 3 shifts daily..there is not a day he left her she gave up always to him.n his desires..he has used her for his physical pleasure..he felt low on himself..all those sweet memories which he thought as romantic moments now haunted him..even yesterday he was about to make love to her..if she has not slept he would have..ek bachi se…oh no…he would have loved her

No,,have sex with a small girl..what might be her age..16 17..why I didn’t ask anything before marriage..thats why she tried to stop marriage..she doesn’t want to marry me at first place..bcoz she want to fool I am..

His heart weighed heavy,..

The car stopped in front of his house..

Geet:maanji..ansh taking him in..i ll come back n take the stuffs maa gave..

Maan stilled in his place..n got down..

Vicky who came out took ansh from geet..

Geet turned to take the things..but maan stopped her by holding her hands..he held her wrist tightly n dragged her inside his house..

geet has never seen maan seeing him n his different behavior geet trembled in fear..

Is he angry on my teachers or anything else..did I do anything wrong..will they blame me for anything..will they call my parents n complain about me..but meine kya kiya..why maanji is so angry..

She couldn’t come to any conclusion ..but she feared for worst ..


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