The play of destiny- Part 12

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Part 12

Maan,rano n mohinder entered the mansion..maan saw dadi n lawyer chatting..

Lawyer stood up n greeted maan..

Law:goodmorning sir.

Maan: gm..have u brought the papers I asked for..

Law:yes sir..

Maan turned to dadi..

Maan:dadi..u must have known by now..i m sorry I didn’t say u before..

Dadi: I ll not deny anything that brings u happiness maan…i ll be always with u…. u have started to enjoy n smile like normal people with aaravs presence..i can c my old maan back..thats enough for me..

Rano n mohinder were curious to know what they are talking about..

Maan:lawyer sir..papers please..

By the time pammi n adi too reached there..pammi is confused seeing the lawyer..same was with NT n dev..both looked at each other for shrugged his shoulders saying he doesn’t know about it..

Lawyer:u sign here..n the parents/guardians must sign here..

Maan turned to his in laws ..

Maan:papa mama..please..can u sign this..

He handed them the paper..

Mohinder read the papers n was shocked..

Rano:what is in it beta..

Maan:as I told u both yesterday ..this papers are for adoption..if u both sign it legally aarav will be my son..n the heir of khuranas..

Maan looked nt n pammi..both were rooted at their place..they didn’t expect maan will adopt aarav in real..n if the papers are signed..aarav will be his son..n everything belongs to maan will go to aarav..means the khurana property will be shared as two..

The earth below their feet slipped..

Rano n mohinder has still not come out of their shock..

Pammi started with her sugar coating voice..

Pammi:beta iski kya zaroorat..u want aarav to be with too he is here only na..yesehi rehne dona..

Maan smirked…he has judged them correctly.

Maan:hmm..u r right aunty..he can stay like this..but I like him so much..infact I love him..n I want him to be with me..n I cant answer the outsiders questioning aarav being with me..if I adopt him he will be my son .aarav maan singh khurana..haq se who yahaan that no one will point his stay here..n moreover uskeliye uski maa tho geet hai..i mean my wife..n so im his papa..n im giving his share of right legally..

Pammi shut her mouth.not knowing what to answer him back..the one person who was smiling inwardly was adi..he has known pammis nature by now..n maans answer which made her shut made him grin mentally..his maan sir knows how to tackle these kind of people..he was actually enjoying the blood draining from her face..


Mohinder came out of shock..he looked at rano who was overwhelmed seeing the love man has for aarav..she thought aarav is unlucky ..he couldn’t get his parents love..but today seeing the affection n love maan has for aarav she had happy tears..aarav is indeed lucky to have maneet in his life..he will get fatherly love from maan..

Maan:maaa..aapko ethraaz hai kya..

He suddenly felt so low..will they refuse his decision..they will not give aarav ..

Rano looked at his eyes. Expecting an yes from them..

Rano:sign keejiye geet ki papa..

.mohinder signed it with whole heart blessing maan .rano too signed it..

lawyer took sign from maan n then asked them for maneet n aaravs pic so he would register it..

dadi:congratulations maan.i m double happy..noone would have got double this.

He frowned in confusion.

Maan:double promotion..what r u saying dadi

Dadi:u became husband yesterday..n today a father..

Maan smiled seeing his dadi kidding him.

Maan:dadi..aap bhi na..hmm then u too are double promoted..u have great grand child now..

He kidded her back..

Dadi smiled..yes..

He looked at dev who was standing silently..

Maan:sry dev..i..

Dev:no need bro..i m happy for u..n im with u..whatever u do I know its for everyones good..n if u think I ‘lll object..then no..waise bhi who naina ka niece bhi tho hai..n she too has responsibilities on aarav..

Maan:haan..u r r8 naina will be happy..her badi ma n papa don’t have to worry about aarav na..he will be here all time with his maasi too..

Maan:arei saaliji..u r not saying anything..arent u happy to know that aarav is legally my son now..u too  will miss araav na.. now u wont miss him.

Naina smiled sheepishly.. happy..hmm..ya I love him too..badi maa or badi papa ko aapne bohut badi zimmadari se relieve ki..

Pammi glared at naina for saying like that..

Dadi:rano..beta where is geet n aarav..

Rano:both were playing when we left..

Mohinder:I ll have a look at them..

Rano:mei abhi aathi hoon..

Both left to aaravs room to see what the both kids are doing..

Maan:arei..i forgot one more thing..


Maan:when I can lessen my in laws burden..then I must think about u too na..

Dadi:kya matlab hai maan..

Maan: dadi..why u always cribbed you want a take care of this house responsibilities na..


Maan:wahi..n aapko bhi tho rest karna chahiye na..kyun dev..i am r8 na..

Dev:yes bro..

He sat next to dadi..

Dev:dadi has taken care of us till now..each n everything ..she spent her time for us.without thinking about herself

Pammi n nt was irritated with the family drama..

Pammi:naina..first make ur husband stop this ..nodding head for whatever maan says..warna kuch bhi nehi milega tum donoko..

Naina was already upset.n pammi was adding fuel to it..

Naina:stop maa..its all becoz of u..u provoked him 2 marry geet..n now that chote shaitan bhi yahan..keep ur mouth shut for sometime..

Maan to dev..

Maan:yes its time to handover the responsibilities to her dil..


Maan:yes u got 2 bahu’s..but what to wife is a kid..but naina is well educated..she can handle everything..

Maan:nakul kaka..


He came n gave bunch of keys to maan..

Maan:saaliji..come here..

Naina looked at dev who was looking at naina proudly..n naina too was on cloud nine seeing the key bunch..may be they are giving her the keys of locker n money..

Maan in a meek voice that was only audible to naina: u asked gift na ..n this is my gift..hope u will enjoy my gift..

This made her confuse..something is there behind his  so called gift..

He smirked n continued..

Maan:from today u have to look after this mansion..kyun dev..

Dev too smiled..yes bro..she is part of our family now

Maan:this n store room ka hai..u must check how much provision is left n buy it..nakul kaka knows all our he will say u what veg he need for cooking..u must get it from market..dont worry..servants will come with u to carry the bags..n u have to see if all the servants come daily n do the work properly..from dusting cleaning mobbing washing ironing gardening ..even toilet cleaning u must check if they are doing their duty correctly..

Maan was going on n on giving her one after one all keys..

Maan:before sleeping u must check if all the doors are locked..

Nainas head was spinning with the list of works maan giving her..

Maan:hmm haan..u must pack lunch n send to office if we are unable to come .. she will handle everything..

Dadi was concerned..naina too looked with a hope that dadi stops maan giving her the keys..n responsibilities..

Maan:ufff dadi..till now u did na..aap is umar mein bhi itni saara kaam ki enjoy ur old age..n u r there to guide her..she must also learn everything na.

Maan:i forgot one more..saaliji..u must keep tabs on dadi..if she has her bf lunch dinner..on time..n then the medicines on time too.n u must go along with her to hospital for regular checkups…now u belong to this family..n u must take care of dadi..woh tumhari dadi saas jo hai..

Maan gave her the last key..

Maan:this has important files.jewellaries n we keep money..

Nainas eyes twinkled..finally she got it..

Maan read her mind..

Maan:as dadi said its too early to give u all responsibilities I ll keep this with myself..i have shifted all to my private locker..i have left only  a few thousands..that is needed to run the family..salary to servants..provision ,vegetebles,car fuel,medicine for dadi..etc..

Maan gave her an account book

Maan:write all expenditures in this..every month end we wil check it..

Naina was looking no gapping at he has grown 2 horns..

.she ..the famous model.nainatara handa..oops sorry naintara dev singh khurana.doing house hold works..

Maan:dev..u don’t have any problem giving so much responsibilities to your wife..

That was cherry on cake for his act..naina gritted her teeth seeing maans behavior..till now she thought only she can fake drama before all..but maan has eaten her up in acting…. absoloutely we don’t want to get tensed thinking about dadi..naina will look after everything..

Nt looked at dev..he too supporting his bro..omg..what I am  going to do here..what I thought…n whats happening here..

Pammi thought to interfere..she knew her daughter very well..

Pammi:dev beta..if naina looks after home how will she concentrate in her carreer..

Maan:oh..naina works..i didn’t know..what is she doing..

Though he knew about naina he want to play safe..


Maan narrowed his eyes..then looked at dev with a disappointment look..

He looked at dadi to say something..

Dadi:beta..shadhise pehle its ok..but now..sab log kya sochegi khuranas ke barein mein..

Dadi made maans way clear..he expected that only..

Maan:if u want to work..u can do job anywhere..even u can join kc..i ll assign u work there too..

Maan smirked..that was noticed by naina…he wants her to be slave in kc ways..

Nt:no..i don’t know anything about business..i m interested in modeling only..

Maan”but..hmm..ok..its between u n ur must only say about she is ur wife..

Maan patted himself maan great dev will stop her..he knew his brother very well..if he got what dadi n maan wishes he wont go against it..

Dev:naina..dadi n bro is r8..if u do modeling what others will think about khuranas..they give jobs for so many persons..but their bahu is doing modeling n earning..what is not here naina..u can get whatever u want..u can join kc as bro said..

Dev blocked the dream  job too from her mind..

Naina”but dev…

Dev”sry dear..its about the reputation of khuranas..we wont accept anyone playing with u must also know the value of it n behave before this society..khurana s name is well known here for ages..kya sochegi sab..


She was shattered totally inside..her dream of capturing the whole property,making dev dance on her become a top model using the name of khuranas..everything came crushed under her was totally behaving like Ram ki lakshman..maan ki gulaam..she threw daggers on her mother..her big mouth brought her to this level..she mentally said to keep her cool..its just the first day after marriage n she can think something later..when ur mind is hot it wont work..she faked smile n thought to continue her drama…shadhi tho hogayi na..she is khurana she still can do something..but she must wait for sometime..n she can do anything to get what she wants..

Dev was really feeling happy thinking nt being an ideal bahu..accepted everything without fuzz..least he knew the devils mind is thinking to plan later..

Rano n mohinder entered aaravs room.the both kids were busy colouring the book…mohinder took aarav in his arms n kissed his both cheeks..whereas rano hugged geet n kissed her..

Mohinder:rano..i am so happy..

His throat chocked with emotions.

Rano too was in tears..

Rano:I was wrong..babaji sab teek kardi..ab mujei vishwas hai..humari gudia bhi teek hojayegi..

Geet:mama..aap rorahi ho..

Rano:nehi beta..khushi ka aasoo

Geet:khushi..where is khushi..khushi tho Mumbai mei haina..

Rano smiled..khushi was a neighbor hood child ..

Aarav:nanu..papa ..colour achi..

Mohinder:oh..ur papa told that ur drawing is good.. ne di..

Mohinder:your papa loves u more now..

Geet:na..papa loves me..she hugged mohinder..n aarav hugged mohinder saying:nanu luvs me..

He too hugged mohinder..

Rano:ji..we must make them do pooja..then we have to start to Mumbai too..or we will get late.. Mohinder:haan..chalo..

Gudia lets go..then he stopped

Rano:kya hua ji..

Mohinder:hmm..geet ko change karlo..its her first pooja here..n this dress..


She turned n took some heavy dress..

Rano:geet,come lets change..

Geet looking at the dress:mujei nehi change karni..

She pouted..

Rano:beta..aaj tumhara pehla din hai..aur tum pooja mei pati ke saath yese nehi bet sakthi na..

Geet frowned..geet ko isi dress pasand hai..i wont wear this..u know this dress ithed me last time..geet tho pink pink thi..

Rano:geet,,zid mat karo..

Geet looked at her parents..even mohinder took the side of rano n asked to change which surely geet doesn’t like..she suddenly started to run outside..

Rano:oh no..she is running from here so we wont compel her to wear this..

Both mohinder n rano followed geet

Rano:beta ruko..dont run..

Aarav:nanu..chodo ..i catch maa..

Mohinder smiled :ur maa is not playing with that u can catch her..she is running so we don’t change her to another dress..

Geet was running without knowing where she is going..n staright she banged on someone..

Chalthi phirti disaster kahaan land hogi..humare man ki bahoon mei..;)

Maan held her tight before she touch the ground..she steadied herself as she has to run away before rano catches her..

Geet:patiji..chodo na..maa pakdegi..


He was too shocked..

Rano:beta don’t leave her..she will run again.

Maan:but why

Geet:I don’t want that dress..patiji.mamako bolona..geetko wo achi nehi lagthi..

Adi was too shocked seeing geet like that..the baby language her way of dressing n talking..he rooted at his place..shocked was less than a word for him..he was happy till now thinking atlast man has got his share of happiness..but seeing his wife behave like a child he stood rooted in his place..

Man looked at rano for answer

Rano:you both must do pooja na…so I thought to change her..

Maan:its ok maa..let her be comfortable in what she is..its just a outsiders here..only no need..

Rano sighed n went to keep the dress back..geet jumped in her place..

Geet:patiji..thank u so much..

She hugged him tightly..

Geet:warna maama mujei wo pehnlethi..i hate that..u know..u saved me..thank u so much..

She expanded her arms..then broader

Geet:thank itna much..

Maan smiled at her childish antics.

Maan:now khush ho go

Mohinder:beta both get ready for pooja..


Arav:papa..mei mei..

Maan took him in his arms from mohinder

Maan:yes you to will be with me..

Man turned to adi who was still standing speechless..

Man snapped his fingers before him making him come out of his shock,r..wo.h..ur..w

Man:don’t  adi..kesi bhi she is my wife..

Adi nodded his head sadly..

Man:adi.they said she is like this for 2 yrs…i want specialist list of drs..even from abroad..who can treat her..once maa n papa comes here with her medical reports we will have a discussion with we can know about her state n continue her treatment..

Adi:she will recover sir..i ll bring the top drs..who can cure her soon..its my promise..

Adi told with confident..that gave confidence to man too..

Man:I know ur capability adi..u will do only im giving this work to u..but..

Adi:it wil be under wraps sir..dont worry..

Man smiled patting his back..

Man:come join us in aarthi..

Adi:yes sir..

Man.geet n aarav did aarthi together..followed by dev tara.both jodis took elders blessings…they had their BF together..dadi gifted geet the khandhani kangans as the tradition given to the first bahu..n gave another one to nt..nt was not pleased that she was treated secondly here too..even being mad geet is getting all the importance more than her..

Geet was playing with her bangles..rano careful with it..its not a  plaything..dont lose it anywhere..its dadis first gift to u..

Geet nodded her head but continued to roll n play with it..

Nt’s mind started to work..

Nts st:first gift..if its lost..all will taunt her..naina shuru karo ur next plan..

Naina wa waiting for the time that geet will be left execute her plan..

Mohinder:beta..we too will take leave now..

Maan:adi..take maa n papa with u n leave them in airport..i have booked their tickets already..shaan ki pass tickets hai..he will be waiting their ..collect it from him n give maa n papa..

Adi:yes sir..

Rano:aarav chal..lets go..

Maan:why aaroo..

Rano:then aroo..woh..

Rano:how will u take care..

Maan:do din ki baath hai..i ll take care of him..u both go complete ur works n come here..


Maan:don’t u trust me maa..ab who mera beta bhi hai..

Rano:yese baath nehi hai beta..he is a naughty kid..n with geet he will double all ur works..

Maan:no problem..main hoona..dadi hai…salliji hai..servants hai..we will take care..

Rano:but geet..

Maan:I know maa..u r worried for them…but don’t worry..mei hoona..

He took rano’s hands in his n assured her.

Dadi:rano..maan is right..hum haina..

Nt too said:yes badi maa..mein hoona..i ll look after both..

Both were reluctant..but couldn’t say maan has more rights than them..geet is maans wife..n aarav is his son..n when dadi n nt is saying they accepted

Rano looked at mohinder n he  too nodded yes..


dadi:nakul..go with them n note down what they eat from moring to night..both arav n geets fav

Both went to their room n took their needed luggages..they also instructed nakul about both their habbits..n aravs things that they have kept..n if both bothers thay asked him to give a call..

They expected arav n geet will make fuzz over their leave..but nothing like that happened as both were with man..its like man had his charm over them..the one pissed off was NT..but was happy too becoz with them around she cant execute her plan..

Pammi retired to OH to enjoy the pulled nt to have his morning romance..dadi too retired to her room to take rest..maan took the responsibility to be with his both kids..his wife n son..

Aarav tho teek hai..but with will he spend this two days 😉


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  1. salam i really like or say love your stories. sorry main zayda like yah comment nhin kartii agar comment ki too speeling kii mistake kii waja saa ap ko kuch samaj nahin aaiya gaa and i want say plzzz dont mind agar main comment na karron too aur main kabhi kabhi online hotii hoon too saari stories ek hii time study ka latii hoon agar like yah comment kiya too main ne bhii study kar lii stories soory agar zayda bool gai hoon i love your stories and plzzz keep writting and plzzz give me the password.thank you

    • Dear…all parts r open only…not pw protected…u can read as it is
      N I wont mind if u comment with midtakes too…its only the thing I matter is u love reading mine…im happy with it

  2. Hi Mallikaas
    I just reading your story u me aur from beginning and now reached ch 131. Wow. its an addictive story.. I would like to continue reading further. Please send me a password. Thank you

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