Stubborn love – Part 1

Maan entered his was beautifully decorated for the Sr.he looked at the girl sitting incenter of bed covered in veil.there was still giggles outside his room.may be they are trying to hear what they are talking.

He looked back again at the girl..who is his wife now for this society. She was hugging her knees n her toes curled.

He walked straight to his wardrobe, taking his night dress went into washroom to cool his boiling nerves.he had enough of this marriage rituals.which irritated him to core.the chill water calmed him a little bit. He came out drying his hair

.she looked at him, but he was behaving like she doesnt exist in that room.he grabbed a spread n pillow n was about to leave to his study..her voice stopped him fuelling his anger.

Maan..where are you going.

He turned n marched towards her n lifted her harshly by her shoulders.

What you want me to do geet join you in bed n get physical with you. Never in your dream that will happen

He pushed her on bed ntried to move.

Maan, im geet khurananow.u can take your own time maan.but atleast lift this veil.

She tried to be soft not wanting him to get angry on her.she very well know the situation on which their marriage happened. She has no complaints on it.bcoz she has got her love as her husband.

Maan roared at her.

Maan:Lift your veil.

He smirked

Maan:Never ever im going to think you as my can you expect it geet..u trapped me n got married with me..I hate you geet..suna tumne..I hate you.

he turned n walked taking his pillow n bedsheet.

Geet:you will maan.i will be the  one lifting the know me maan..I m stubborn in my way.n its not my fault ..i didn’t trap you..

Maan:im not going to fulfil any of your wishes geet..haan I know how much stubborn u are..but not this time geet..i m not going to fall in ur trap again..

He walked away.

Geet:lets see maan who wins..u or me.

She sat there n waited for him.she thought about her past..her first meeting with maan..a smile formed in her lips..


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