Stubborn love – Part 4


my heart beat is still beating fast with the proximity of yours..i thought im blessed to hold my love for some minutes eyes still wandering on your moves..

I was surprised when you have a gf why you are dancing with others..n I found her dancing  ..same like you..changing her partners..

.she came to you n smiled both burned me..i took the cool drinks to cool my burning sensation..but it didnt cool my burning i wished i was there instead of her ..i was repeatedly saying to myself you are not mine..n u love her..n i must not disturb you..its really hard for me to watch you with love dancing  with other girl…i thought u are not in my fate…i am not lucky to get my love..
.i followed you both must have felt my looked around ..i hide myself..when sam asked you what are you looking for you shrugged off n went on chatting with her n your friends..
I wonder did you ever have noticed me are always friendly to all n u had a gud boy image..u are sincere to your love..but that too was in limits..n I saw that..
(think sam in geets u all dont want much sam im posting geet itself 😉 )
Sam took you to the secluded place..without knowing im following you both..she pulled you close n talked to you..though I couldn’t hear anything I can feel something that you didn’t like it..then she tried to close the distance between the lips..i would have screamed out if I have not seen you putting your palm in between both backed off..she was pissed  off n started arguing with you..her pitch was loud enough for me to hear..

N u..i heard the most precious words any man would not say..

Maan: stop seducing me sam..i love you..iska matlab yeh nehi..i will cross my limits..i m not those bf kiss you or touch you or take you to bed before marriage..i want everything special..that too with my right on you..i want to give my whole to the girl who marries me with every rituals.with my dadi n elders blessings….I want you to feel special on our marriage day sam..not like this..

You walked away..but why im happy bcoz the man who I am madly in love with is a man of principles..they are in love but within limits..kash maan was in love with me..i would have directly asked him for marriage ..n fulfilled all my dreams..

I sighed n walked away..he is not mine..but the more I say to myself ,my love was growing more strong..the main reason was your character..ur principles..i know im falling in love which is not mine..but my heart doesnt listen to me..its yours na..

i feel contended seeing u walk away from sam..

sam walked on other side not happy with your behaviour..if i was in her place i would have been love will never cheat me it what u proved now..

kaaash..u r mine..i sighed..


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