The play of destiny- Part 13

maan took the responsibility to be with his both kids..his wife n son..

Aarav tho teek hai..but with will he spend this two days 😉


Maan stood there watching his two kids playing..he can surely say aarav is more matured than geet..he was too naughty..n geet was cribbing n making fuzz over all things… there was an unknown bond between them..they couldn’t see other sad.n live without each other.


Maan chose to sit with them n do his work so he can keep an eye on them too..he asked the maid to be with them..he went n came back with his lappy n the gift he asked Adi to get for arav..the maid went away..

..arav was busy with his play n he doesn’t want to interrupt them now.n continued his work. Maan kept the packet aside.after some time aarv n geet both got bored n there interest of no…the person is busy drowned in his work..

Geet:baby..pati ke pass chalthe hain..he is playing without us in play station..

Aarav:hm maa

Both stood up n maans phone fall from his lap..he smiled n took it swiping clicking the pictures again..geet walking infront n him behind capturing maaneets weird pictures..

Geet pouted as maan doesn’t notice her or to say he was faking he doesn’t notice her..he poked his abs..

Aarav click..Click means baby taking photos of his maa n sweet na..

Geet: patiji..

Maan concentrated saving his file before something happens..he has started to understand kids behavior in one day 😛


He kept his laptop aside n geet sat on his laps n his hands enveloped her waist.

Aarav click..

Maan:ab bolo ..

Geet:mujei bhi is mein khelna hai..


Geet showed his laptop..

Maan:its not playing thing..


Maan:its my work..u r good girl na..i will give u other one to play..

Geet smiled broadly n kissed his cheeks..


Maan lost his sense for a sec feeling her soft supple..he had goose bumps feeling her so close..she adjusted himself comfortably in his laps..

Geet:patiji pls pls give me now na..geet is getting bored..see even my baby.

Maan:acha..u both are getting bored..but u both were busy playing na..

Geet scratched her head what to answer him..

Maan stopped her doing that..n tried to make her sit next to him..but she liked sitting like that n not budging him..

Maan:scratching ur head is bad maanners..dont do it again..ok


She scrunched her nose n nodded her head half heartedly..


Same time maans phone buzzed..

Aarav started to dance thinking it to be a bgm..

Maan:beta..give it to me..

Aarav nodded no..even geet stood n started to jump like dancing with aarav..maan sighed..its difficult to get it from these two kids..

Maan:then I wont give u n ur maa new gift..

N the phone too stopped buzzing making aarav n geet stop there funny dance..aarav n geet curiously looking at maans phone why it stopped..


Maan took the packets he kept aside n made noise of the gift wrapper making aarav n geets attention towards him..

Aarav n geet:gift…they both squeeled in happiness..

Both started bugging him to give..but maan raised his hand up n asked aarav to give his phone..

He gave it to him..maan handled the gifts to both..

Both hurriedly unwrapped it..

Aarav had a similar phone type camera as gift n geet had building sets..

Maan took aarav in his lap n showed him how to take pictures in costed few thousands n maan doesn’t care if arav will break it or keep it safe..but the smile on his n geets face gave an immense happiness in him..

Maan:geet say cheese..

She said  with her two index fingers on her head like a bull n her tongue sticking out.. maan helped aarav take geets photo…

Aarav:yeeh yeeh..

Maa achi..


Maan:haan haan ur maa looks achi..

He smirked seeing the funny pose..

Geet:ab mei mei..

Aarav gave to geet..n helped her take aaravs photo..

N again they both started the photo sessions..

Maan silently sneaked from them to the corner n checked his phone..he called the person back n gave instructions..then he put his ph in vibrating mode n kept in his packet..afterall its his phone n he may get maany calls n he cant be waiting for aarav to give he bought a new camera phone for him..

He saw both now yawning..

Maan saw the time its nearing noon..

Maan:come babies ..lets go n have lunch.. want to play..

Aarav:aav wanna pay..

Maan smiled at his childish language ..he is repeating what geet said..

Maan:ok..u both stay here..i will take the camera from u n wont give it..


Maan:then come n have lunch..


Aarav asked geet to lift him n she did..both with maan came to dining..the lunch was already placed..nakul served them..maan asked geet to eat n he fed aarav..

Geet showed her mouth n asked maan to feed her too.. Maan did..nakuls heart bleeded seeing maan having such a wife..he deserved best..but what he has got..

n in return both started to feed maan forcefully n he had to take it from them..hayee..lovely na..

Maan:nakul kaka..roti.

He was brought out from his land..he served maan..the trio ate from same plate..nt who came to have lunch burned with looked like a beautiful family..maan pampering them even they don’t deserve maans care..geet bit maans fingers playfully..n maan chuckled..his smile is another thing nt couldn’t see..snatching her happiness he is smiling..she wont let them live happily..she will part this 3 .n will fill emptiness in their life…she avenged to herself.

Dadi too came there..she smiled..

Dadi:u all forgot me..

Maan:no dadi..wo umm..geet n arav was sleepy..n..

He has really forgotten n couldn’t come with excuses..

Dadi patted his cheeks lovingly..

Dadi:I m happy that u r having ur lunch..warna hum aapko bulane par bhi aap nehi aayengi na..

Maan kept quiet..that was the truth..he never concentrated on his food timings..he has skipped maany times having a coffee..

Geet:dadi..u too come na..she pulled dadi n made her sit in chair..

Geet:patiji..dadima ko khilao..

It was like he was ordered n he  followed it..

Maan took a bit n fed dadi..her eyes moisted..n took the bite from him..

Aarav too took a bit n fed dadi with his small tiny hands..

Dadi:kissed all three..

Dadi:im sure beta..babaji did everything with a reason..warna ..i will never have experienced this sweet moment in my life..jug jug jiyo beta..

She hugged geet with all love..

Aarav:dadi..mei bhi..

Dadi:haan tum bhi..she took him n kissed him too..

Nt made faces seeing the emotional drama..

Nt:uff this old lady..i have to think about her too..

Dadi saw nt


Dadi:naina..come beta..have ur lunch..

Maan stiffed in his place..but he knew he has to face her daily..he calmed himself n started to do his job..arei feeding his two babies 😉


Nt n dadi started to have their lunch..

Dadi :dev kahan him too.. is sleeping..

Maan:at this time..

Nt:veerji..u must not be asking that question to a newly wed..

Dadi s hands stopped n she couldn’t even swallow the piece she kept in her mouth..

Nt had hit the right chord..n the place turned heavy..

For maan it doesn’t matter..he is fine with whatever he had n never cares for others talks..but dadi is not like that..just a few minutes before she was happy..but now maans married life..his wishes..what about it..

Maan squeezed dadi’s hands n asked her to continue her lunch..

But the cuties can they let the environment heavy.. nehi..Wednesday..papane sikayi mujei..haina baby..

Aarav:hmm..wenesday..thusday pyday.sataday..

Maan couldn’t hold his laughter back..n he laughed loud ..he kissed aaravs cheeks..dadi too turned normal seeing maan laughing whole heartedly..

Maan:oh my baby..knows week days..

He hugged him closer making nt fume..she felt embarrassed..the way he laughed mocking at her..

She left the food half way n went to her room..dadi felt bad seeing her go half way of lunch..

Maan:don’t worry dadi..she will have lets continue ours..

Geet was grumpy..

Maan:isei kya hua..

Maan:what happened geet..

Geet:patiji..i too know weekdays..i only said Wednesday..but u ..

Maan again smiled..uff this cuties..she is j as aarav only got praises from him..

Maan:woh…u know what..even with ur innocence u proved u r b mrs.maan singh khurana..

He said in pride n gave her a side hug kissing her came naturally..

He washed his hands n wiped aaravs n geets mouth n hands too..she did same to him without knowing her small gestures arousing his feelings.. taking them to room..i ll make them sleep..

Dadi:ok beta.. laptop is in play room..ask peter to get it to my room..



Maan lifted aarav n geet followed him.

Geet:dadi u too come n sleep..

Dadi:I ll beta..u go..

Geet ran behind maan…

Dadi:maaan ko khush dekkar mera dil bhi khush hai..but .. u said if its all babajis game..then he himself will finish it too..i know God will test us but wont leave us to suffer for long time..maan babu is changed..he is smiling..n this is first step of God to return our maan back to us..

Dadi:wahi sochkar mein apne dilka samjaraha end everything will be perfect..

She left to her room..


Maan :ok now u both sleep ok..

He tried to place aarav on bed..but he encircled maans neck tightly saying he wont leave him..


Aarav:naa…papa pass..

Defeated maan settled himself on bed n again tried to place aarav beside him..but aarav who is experiencing dads love doesn’t want to leave him..he settled over him like maan is his bed..


Geet pouted..

Geet:patiji..mujei bhi sona hai aapke upar.. saying she too sat on maans stomach..but her postion made his eyes pop aarav was laying on his stomach she sat exactly on his lower part which reacted immediately ..

Maan screamed nooo

Geet:no..patiji..aapko geet pasand nehi..tears formed her eyes..

She sat in bed with sad face cribbing about maans behavior..


Geet:katti..tumse bhi..u sleep on pati..

Maan want to pull his hair to handle her now..he cant make her sleep over never..

Maan:geet..geet suno..dont cry..mera who matlab nehi can u sleep over me..tumhara baby will u sleep over him..woh chota haina..tum tho badi ho..maa ho uski..

Maan is praying that she listens to him..

Maan:hmm..lets do one thing..u sleep on my right..n baby on my left..ok..aarav..beta..u will listen to papa na..see mama is crying..

Aarav is matured na than geet..he nodded ok..

N maan lied on his bed ..kept a wall of pillows on one side so aarav will not fall..he made aarav sleep in his left hand..aaravs legs  over his stomach..geet too did same like aarav..slept on maans right with her legs over him..her short skirt didn’t cover her much revealing her slim milky legs..maan still didn’t notice it…she sticked her tongue out to aarav..n aarav too showed his tongue out..

Both are such a kids..

Maan:no kidding..close ur eyes n sleep..warna..i ll go..

He said in a stern voice which made both the kids stop their silent tu tu mei mei..

Geet:nehi..geet sogayi hai..see..she closed her eyes making him chuckle..he caressed both of them n soon he felt aaravs soft breathe..he slowly made him lay on pillow..but geet she is still not sleeping peacefully n shifting in her maan has to stay still..she shifted more close n then kept her head on his chest.n hugging him around her waist she felt comfortable positon ..but was too hard to resist a female fragrance close to him..she was too soft..n her whole body was over him he can feel her every curves on his body..n his eyes now landed on her legs..he tried to avert his gaze but failed..he drank her beauty thru his eyes..

She rubbed her face in his chest in sleep creating havoc inside him..he closed his eyes.

Maan: st:yeh mei kya karraha hoon

.maan control..breathe in n out.. he said to himself..but he couldn’t close his eyes more..

No its wrong..maan stop looking at her..she is kid..he chided himself n took the spread n covered her n himself..he left a sigh..finaally he could divert his eyes..he looked at the ceiling thinking about his  changed life..soon he too slept ..dadi who came to check them saw man sleeping n aarav n geet with him


Dadi:u r taking nap in day time beta..its unlike u..u r changing for good..

She turnrd n saw peter standing with maans lappy..

Dadi:iski zarrorat nehi peter..keep it in my room..

Peter went away..dadi closed the door n went 2 her room..



Naina who was angry went to Oh to meet her mom..she was not there..

Naian called her..

Nt:mom where r u..

Pammi:came for sight seeing..i asked ur dadi saas..she gave me her car n driver..n she started to talk how she is enjoying the luxurios life..n nt must learn how to impress dadi more n keep dev in her fist so he listens to her..not man..n she must make all believe geet staying with them will spoil their status..n aarav must be sent to orphanage..blah blah…nt cut the call feeling highly irritated with her mothers she came to make some plan that all trust her n believe her ..but pammi is preaching how to part others from family..she went back to her came out of washroom n seeing her he smiled..

Dev:where did my wifey go..

He asked pulling her by waist..nuzzling his nose near her neck..she so much want to push him as she was not in romantic mood..but she has read somewhere to make our things work we must please our husband in bed…n he will be behind us like a love sick puppy ..

Nt:missing me

She said seductively..n soon both were in bed..n she was moaning devs name highly.. she forgot what her mind was saying s hands moved on her bare hands running up n down..he moved forward to clasp with her fingers..


He stopped getting up checking his hands..

Nt:what happened..

Dev:uff..ur scratched me..

He removed it n kept on the side table to continue from where he left..

After sometime she freshed up n searched her bangles..only one was there other was was dadis gift which she gave morning..oh no..

She searched on bed n everywhere..she even asked dev to search ..n finally found it under the side table..she felt a relief..

Same time the idea popped in her she forgot she wants geets bangles..n to get it she has now got a good plan..she smiled wickedly..surely dadi will taunt geet n from then she will dare to give any jewels to geet..n this way geet too will be in bad books of dadi..n geet..she is pagal hai hi..koi uski baath par vishwas nehi krega..she must wait for the r8 time to execute her plan..


But im wondering will her plan succeed or backfire..geet may be not in senses..but she has a son who loves her na..n her patiji who will save her from nts plans..lets see who will help this time papa or beta or dono..



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