U,me aur….? Part 136

PART 136

Now its time for Vicky to be the anchor

Now its time for jodis..n the one standing before you all will perform with his partner..

The lights turned off n geet entered dressed similar to him.black n blue full frock..her face covered with mask..he just waited for the song to play..he is unaware..what is going to play..but he has known his mishty..she made Vicky play the music without lyrics which maan n she used to practice during dance classes. few things maan can change of his own while performing..he has his own imagination..few lifts n flips turning her around..he made the whole place spell bound with his perforMaance..geet let him do whatever he wants..she danced on his tunes..when they gave the last posture maan holding geet in his arms..the whole auditorium sounded with applause..it was magical..

Maan lifted her n vanished in dark before all come out of their magical spell..

Both rushed back..it was hard for him to cross the crowd but he Maanaged to do it.there were his bgs between them…he let her stand on feet n told in geets ears.. I’ll leave u in dark n  u move forward..there is arohi..i ll  take her with me ..noone will look for u than me n will be misguided too


he did when he saw Vicky too there..n his mens surrounding them..

arohi:bhai..aap..na..kaamaal ki performaance thi..wow..n is that bhabhi…

geet giggled hearing bhabhi from arohis mouth..

he left geet n dragged her with him..


in crowd all missed geet n she escaped with Vicky ..but one reporter was only watching geet..he tried to follow her..prithvi came n hit his shoulders..

prithvi:sry..its crowd na..n dark too..


he again looked at the way geet went..but  she has already left..he missed her bcoz of prithvi n was highly irritated..

prithvi smiled..his mission is done saving geet from medias..

the rep moved away from there where there was no noise..he called rahul..

rep:sir,Maan singh khurana has a girl friend..today he participated with her in bike race n dance competition too..

rahul:wow that’s a great news..who is she..send me her details..i ll show Maan now stars in day time too..he laughed loud thinking he got some weakness of Maan..

rahul:once I got hold of him I ll pay u heavily…

rep:hmm wo..he is so smart..her face was covered..n she vanished in crowd..sry sir I couldn’t follow her..

rahul:u good for nothing..aaahh…I thought I got maans weak point..but no..he proves he is clever n make us fool..collect her details n then call me..u stupid..

rep:yes sir..

rahul:one side the new architect..now this Gf of him..how he Maanages to keep them away from me..

mujei kuch karna padega..his dadi was not so smart..she was scared of her life n her grandsons slife..but this Maan singh khurana..he is not scared of me..he doesn’t love dadi too .he stays away from her..n have more controversies with her.she is not his weakness..he is strong in will power that he over powers me..no..i wont happen..i will find some way to make him bend..business nehi tho personal life hi sahi..


geet went n  changed to her casual dress..she was delighted..she has performed with her husband before all..its her first stage performaance..n as she thought  about it she realized ..she didn’t have stage fear too bcoz of him..it gave her more confidence on herself..

aro:maan bhai where is angel..

she asked once they were out of crowd n he walked to green room..

maan:she must have gone..

aro:this is not done..i missed the golden chance to see her..

maan:u  know what..u was about to land her in trouble..if she has stayed a sec longer too she would be caught in press..

aro:oh..i didn’t think that..

Maan:ok..i ll change n come..u go n join others..dont be alone..

he feared for her safety too..though all knew arohi as his companys sub contractors daughter..they share a siblings bond still unknown to the world..

arohi:ok bye bhai..

Maan sighed..

his phone beeped the msg  from prithvi-gudia is safe

he felt relieved ..


the day was good for Maaneet..they had made a sweet memories of life today..


he kept her close n she snuggled to him more..he kissed her numerous times making her moan..n  said thanks to her too for the awesome idea..

geet:ab mujei sone do na prince..

he pulled her more..

Maan:aaj soja..but tomorrow I wont leave u whole n8..be prepared for that..

she shied with the thought itself..she hummed n closed her eyes..n soon drifted to peaceful sleep..n Maan too slept having her in arms..


the next morning..both woke up soon..n started the day with their morning lovely kisses..she again slept on bed n tossed lazily..

Maan:what jaanu..its getting late..

geet:mujei aur sona hai..

Maan:no baby..we have much to do..today is the last day..n this day is the high light of all..

geet:I know..today prize distribution bhi hai..n u are the one getting the first prizes in all divisions..

Maan:hmm..woh tho hai..but im talking about you..n the in -charge u have taken..today is the last day..n Maany vips are coming today..so check all again n again till u r satisfied..


Maan:now get up n fresh up..

geet:no..5 min  pls..then I l wake up..she closed her eyes..

Maan nodded his head seeing her childish behavior..

he went n prepared the bath tub..he came again n lifted geet n moved to washroom..

geet:prince..she kept her head on his chest still with eyes closed..she opened her eyes feeling his skin..he wore nothing ..

maan:acha laga morning free show..

she bit her lip.

He made her stand on her feet n removed her dress too..she stood there  lazily

Maan:come lets shower together..

Geet looked everywhere than him..

Maan:trust me I have no idea to make love to you now..woh tho raath ko hai.Embarrassed.


Her whisper came as moan..

Maan: come jaan..

His husky voice sent shiver in her n she took the steps towards him.he settled her between his legs n started to apply foam on her..after a long time both were too close n touching each other..his hands playing with her twins.she arched her back more giving access to him..he kissed her earlobes n neck..

Geets twisted her legs..her eyes filled with passion..she turned facing him n her hands roamed on him.she hugged him tight..he hugged her back n his hands too didn’t leave her any part untouched..she snuggled to him more..

Maan:I don’t mind staying here like this jaan..but we have college..now get up..


Maan took her lips n started to nibble it..she too kissed him with equal passion

On other side he took the hand shower n washed them both..she is becoming stubborn n he has to act accordingly..once he thought they were cleaned up he left her lips..

He took the towel n dried her first..she stood like  a small baby  …he loved to pamper her..

Maan:do u want me to dress u too..

Geet looked at his naughty eyes..

Maan:then u have to dress me too..is the deal ok..

Geet was already feeling her knees jelly..she thought wearing him his boxers n then…


she shook her head in big no..she is wet already..n if he says he will love at n8 then she has to w8 till then..she wont beable to control her feelings if she dress him or he dress her up..

Maan smiled knowing her fighting with her ownself..he left her to dress up..she took the dress he kept for her..she dressed up n came to Maan..he has dried himself n drying his hair..she took his dress n gave to him..

Maan:thank u princess..

Maan:do u remember the dress code for todays eve..

geet:hmm..choli for girls n sherwani for boys..

Maan:have u packed mine..we wont come back to house to change.


she gave him the packet..


geet:I have packed m9 too..

Maan:surprising..without my help u took urs..

geet:its nothing there to think in it..so it was easy..

Maan:that means..

u r going 2 wear marriage dress..

geet smiled:yes..

Maan:im excited to see u in it..after our marriage u r going 2 wear it..

geet:n me too..

Maan:matlab  we both will wear our marriage dress..n at n8  it will be our SR..

geet blushed hard with the thought..she never thought in the way maan thought ..suddenly she started to cough..maan:what happened jaan..

geet:wo I drank water outside..may be..its the reason..

Maan chided her for being careless..he searched  the first aid kit n handed her cold act tablet..n asked her to have after food n drink only warm water..

geet nodded knowing how strict he is when it comes to her health..

both left to college..


Maan was also there helping the proffessors ..he used to steal glances of geet inbetween..n kept a watch on her having only hot water she brought from home which kalakka gave..

it was 11 and all students who were performing were assembled in the ground..principal..proffessors staffs students all were there ..

proff.xavior took the mike..boys n girls..this will be the last regarsal ..next will be directly when all vips are present..that means in evening..so its in ur hands to give the fullest n impress all..they must see our hard work n donate us more..so the orphanage get more funds..n there wont be any need for them later on..

so now lets start now..pari  n pranav..start the show..

they started with welcome speech..n followed by programmes

first it was prayer song..

bharath nattiyam

fusion dance..

jingles by twins

boys v/s girls

n few more styles of  dances..

health makes wealth..yoga n its use..

drama which gave the msg of helping others..

it went on ..last was fashion show..

the whole auditorium applaused seeing the students perforMaance..

proff xaviour:it was perfect..ur all programs will complete by 7..n then it is vips musical show..n u all know we have booked shreya goshal n sonu nigam  for it..it will be for 2 hrs..

then thanks speech n national anthem..

so now u all can disperse..take a little rest have lunch ..get ready ..our programmes start by 4pm..all the best students..

n the students who all are in welcoming side..pls welcome all outsiders n vips respectfully..

all hooted n cheered n shouted they r best..

xaviour:I know u all are best..but I want u all to show n behave before all too..

all dispersed with satisfactory smile..they are confident they will be the best..

xaviour called geet n her friends..

prof:n others:bravo geet..u did a good job..u all too students..already the entry tickets have sold..now ony we must expect contribution from the audience..n if u all give this on stage im sure we will get more funds..

geet was so happy..she has done it..

but sam n shyam smiled at each other..the smile was cunning..today  after what will happen no one will speak about geet like this..they hi5d each other n went to relax..


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