U,me aur….? Part 137

Part 137

evening 3 pm..

geet was running from one class to other..each class has taken by each programmers..n she was shuffling from one room to other checking all are getting ready..

bharatnattiyam room: geet entered n saw heer dressing up slowly..

geet:heer,urs is second program n here u r not yet ready..

heer:don’t be bossy geet..we still have an hr..

geet:one hr..only..omg..i want 2 check the fusion dancers too..then yeh  twins..i must check they didn’t do any prank too..aur…

arohi came there..

arohi:breathe geet..kitna bolthi ho tum..

geet:omg..u r not ready..u r also in bharatnattiyam na..

arohi rolled her eyes..n rosy aunty smiled seeing geet s over reaction

aro:geet pls..we will get ready.i went 2 call rosy aunty only…first u go n change..

geet:no..i ll change afterwards..

she coughed..

geet:aunty..pls get them ready soon.

Aro:geet u r coughing..

Geet:its ok..first I have to go n check the singers.they r first ..n where is pari..pranav..uff yeh dono..

she walked asking que to arohi..but did not wait for her answer too.

Arohi:aunty..yeh geet na..nowadays she has become non stop chatter box..

Rosy  self thought :how much we yearned to see this change in her..

Rosy:ya..she has changed as a responsible person too

Heer:haan..true..see the way she shouted on us..

Aro n heer chuckled..

Heer:aunty..ps do my face make up..

Aro:I ll change to the costume till then..n if again geet comes n see us like this she will again become hyper..

In singers room they all were chatting n geet was getting tensed..

Geet:Maanju,whats this..u all are first n u all are chatting

Geet coughed

Maanju:yaar..we are only singers n we don’t have much make up tension mat lo..n whats this u r coughing too much..itni shor se mat baat kar..or ur throat will go..

Maanju gave her water:u r coughing too much..have this…

Geet:no..i have hot water..i ll take that..

Maanju:yaar its bisleri only..now only the peon came n kept here..

Geet:its ok..i need only warm water..

She never goes against maans words..even if he is not with her..

Maanju:then where is it..

Geet:I gave to Vicky..

Ok mei chalthi hoon..get ready soon n come to back stage..

Suddenly she heard the band music

Geet:omg..guests arrived..

Maanju:first u go n dress up..


Maanju drank the water:talking with geet im feeling thirsty..

Give me too..

The gang drank the water..

Maanju:lets get ready yaar..as geet said we r the first to do prayer song..


They all dressed up n left to backstage..

Geet was again checking all..n was happy they all are mostly ready..

She went to Vickys room who is in boys dance troop..

Vicky:baby u..

Geet:are u ready..

Vicky:yes..see how im ..

Geet looked from tip to toe..


Vicky:u r not dressed till now..

Geet:vicky give my bag.she took the water n drank..this warm water gives relief.

Geet:im going to change only..

Vicky:go soon..will meet u in backstage..

Geet left to change..

Suddenly she heard a big scream..she rushed there n saw a group of students surrounding someone..

Geet:what happened..

The crowd gave way for her..as she is the one responsible for the event n she must know the seriousness of the situation..

Heer was on floor..fully dressed up in dance attire..she was screaming in pain holding her feet which was bleeding..arohi n prem were trying to ease her..

Someone came with first aid kit n they dressed up heers foot..

Arohi:prem take her to room n call the dr here..

she came to geet..who has frozen in her spot..arohi feard did she have fear attack..she shook her hard n geet came out of trance

Aro:geet now how will we perform..i cant do it alone..there are movement we both perform together..

Geet was in shock..even the students were disappointed..

Stud:how will we do now..first impression is the best impression..n we cant give it..proff will not be happy if they come to know about this.n what will the orphanage kids n elders will think..we destroyed their hope..all r waiting there..n only 15 mins to start..

Geet:no..noo..we wont destroy the hope ..n no one will say to proff too

Arohi:are u mad geet..how will  I perform alone..if it’s a group dance too we can make something..but this..how is it possible..

Geet:im not mad aro..n u r not going 2 perform alone..

 Aro:then who will perform with me..they must know the steps matching too.

Geet:me..n I know what portion heer was doing.. go n call rosy aunty to the green room..till then I ll change to BN costume..

She was confident ..her voice showed it..n that confidence gave confidence to all..

Arohi went to call rosy..so she can do geets make up..

Geet didn’t waste a sec she changed herdress..arohi came inside..

Aro:geet aunty is coming

Geet was wearing a neck piece..

Aro st:did I saw black beads in her neck..she again looked geets neck..but her mangalsutr was fully hidden under her chocklet..

Arohi chided herself..mei bhi na..kya kya sochthi hoon..

She too helped geet wearing other jewels..rosy aunty came n did her make up

Geet looked at herself in mirror..officially this is going to be her first performance before all..she closed her eyes n thanked man n her master for teaching her dance..it came helpful for now..

Prince..how will I contact him now n say..im going to perform..he will be happy..how many times he asked me to do stage performance..n now when im doing it..where he went I didn’t see him from lunch time too..how to contact him..hmmm..

Geet st:let it be the surprise for him n Vicky too..i ll msg them to come near stage.dadi..she is already there as guest as maan has got the all rounder trophy..so she will see my performance too..

Arohi:geet u look stunning..can we do practice one time..5 mins there..till prayer song starts we can do..

Geet looked at rosy aunty..she was happy that her gudia is helping others..full filling her responsibility.she put a kala tika behind her ears..

Rosy:u look beautiful gudia..

.geet smiled n  took her ph n msged maan n Vicky..

Geet:chal aro..lets go to back stage..we have to be there n we will do simple practice according 2 time..


Nearing back stage she saw proff.shouting at girls..

Proff:I never expect such an irresponsible behavior from all..now what will I do..

Geet  saw manju who was in tears..

Geet:what happened manju..


Geet:what happened to ur voice..why it sounds breaking..how will u sing then..

Manju:its not only me..all singers voice is broken. Only 2 boys voice is good..they went out at break time..dont know how..proff is scolding us for that only…he thinks we ate icecream or something that damaged our voice..n the other 2 went to home..im feeling bad geet..i doubt something we ate is wrong..warna sabko ek saath..

Proff:what to do..u both have to manage..he told to the 2 boys..

Boys:but sir..girls voice is needed..atleast 1 voice to show the variation of song..

Proff:who will do it..that too all of a sudden..

Geet:no prob sir ..i ll do it..

Proff:geet u..n whats this ..u in dance costume where is heer..

Geet:she fell down sir..

Proff:r u sure u can sing n dance..

Geet:trust me sir..i ll..

She just sang a line n he was impressed..

Already they can hear pari n pranav has started the welcome speech..

Pari:so now ladies n gentle men..lets start our programme with the blessings of god..prayer song by our students ..

She was surprised when only the 2 boys came to stage..

Geet was dressed in dance costume so she decided to be behind stage n sing so it may not feel weird for the audiences..

The boys started n geet sang according to the song..even the swaras came with flow..maan who was already near stage seeing the msg was mesmerized hearing her voice..even Vicky n all others it was pleasant surprise for all..but 2 people were seething in anger..

Before they knew whats happening geet  n arohi took the stage n danced..


all were praying that geet must do well..but what they didn’t know was geet is talented dancer..n she never showed off her talent..today she got the chance n her performance made all jaws dropped down..even arohi who was hesitant that they never practiced n how could geet dance..she doubted geets ability…she never knew geet is a dancer too ..but now she was admiring geets performance..she was flawless..her postures ..her mudras.. everything proved geet  as best dancer

The applauses brought maan back to world..he was so much lost in his mishtys dance..what happened that geet sang n danced..what happened to the performers..something fishy..

He approached the backstage..geet looked at him..his  appreciative eyes expressed how happy he is..n geet too looked at him with admiring look..he was in sherwani..looking smoking hot..

Proff .xaviour..thank u so much geet..u did a great job..u saved our respect before all..im proud of u..god bless u my child..

First time all saw xaviour very emotional..his love for his college n its respect..

Geet:its my college too sir..

She replied humbly..

Proff.xaviour looked at man n called few more students n other proff too..

Proff.:I doubt its someone planning to flop the event..pls check upon all students..n if u have any doubt call me or inform other proff..its our college prestige issue..

All:yes sir..

Pari n pranav were again on stage ..


Shyam:how…how could she ..we never knew her as singer n dancer

Sam:im very disappointed shyam..we planned to spoil her efforts..but she got more popularity..

Sam seethed in jealousy..a mere girl took the praises in one go..

Shyam:no problem..there still more programs..lets c how she will manage the next fusion dance..i ll try to do something in other programs too..n if not too..the vips program haina..that plan will get success…

Sam:do whatever u want..but only our program must be success n no gadbad in it..

Shyam:I know sam..it will be give future for you..u r my friend..i wont disappoint u..

Saying he moved out to plan something in upcoming programs too..

He saw peon taking cool drinks to green room..shyam engaged him with talks but his hands opened a packet n mixed the powder in all..

Shyam st::now next prog…geet..u r paying for ur would be’s deeds..he gave me scar in my hand..n I m trying to spoil ur hard work before all.. n Maan..im waiting for her would be’s call..let him find the truth im behind her..

He smiled evily..


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