Geetanjali – Part 11







 PART  11

Thank you friends for giving me a huge support…thanks for all of them who hit like buttons.Smileand commenting me..Smile

I’m impressed with the like here i’m giving a bonus 2 share my happiness..

Geet looked at the room.she remembered the decors outside also..the entrance to mandap..all were mesmerizing..she dreamt about her  her marriage ..but all were beyond her can a man do everything so perfect in few hours..then she recognised what her mama  said…MAAN IS MADLY IN LOVE WITH ANJALI..These all are  not decorated for me.Its all for Anjali.
Geet stood before the dressing table.she looked at her and white anjali ka bhi favourite color hain..
she looked at the was something different…inbetween the designs ,the beads were designed with the letters as Maan..everything is for Anjali..Maan loves Anjali..but anjali is nomore.I cant say that to him.
kya tum jaanthi thi ki maan tumse ithna pyaar karthihai..
tumse bina nehi jeepayengi..
do you know,he will not be happy in your absence
so only  you asked our parents not to tell about your death to maan..
kaash,mei maanko mein anjali nehi geet hoon..
meri sari kasht door hojayengi.
i was confused,why iam having both i got my answer..I hate him as geet for making me unconscious,for forcing me to marry him..but,.I cant hate him as you loved him..
all said to take care of keep him happy.. All knows his love to you..sabko unki fikar hai…
noone cared about me.
noone asked me,what i feel…
noone asked me if i’m happy with this marriage..
noone asked me how i feel marrying a man,who loves my sister n not me…

maan is also goodlooking,handsome,wealthy,honest…any girl can fall for him..
is these enough for me..
I believe relations live long life in love.only.
will he love me as geet
or will I be able to love him

She looked at her image..

What should I do now?She looked at her mehandhi. having maans name…mangalsutr n sindoor..i’m wearing this in his name.he is my husband now.though i lived out of India,ive brought up in indian culture. .even if we dont love each other,we have to maintain this relation ..atleast for the elders sake.ok..i’ll try to be anjali for him..she started to remove her bangles..

Maan came to his room..Ani blocked his way..
What baby..
bro, are you in hurry to meet bhabhi..then,Give my gift..then you can go in…
maan placed a full cheque book in her hands..
yes all for you..
thank you bro..she ran away from there…

Maan entered the room..he saw geet removing her ear rings..
Making my work easier...sweetheart.
He came near her and tried to removed the veil..
Geet did not expect this…
no..i’ll do it myself..
she took a step back from him..

why didn’t you go with your parents?Angry
she looked at his eyes. it was splitting fire.
I thought you will go with them. you know that my intension was not to harm them. You had a second chance to escape from me.then why didn’t you go..he held her shoulders tightly..he was squeezing it..she felt the pain..
You are hurting me..
I have not yet started and now itself you are saying you are hurt..
She looked at him in amusement.

Geet was a brave girl.She can handle all situations.she had answers for his questions.if she also got angry all will be spoiled.. now she must save and try to maintain this relation.
What are you thinking..shadhi gudo gudion ka khel nehi..if you want you will marry me’n if you don’t I must walk out’I’ll not go from you..did you got it..
She replied him in attitude..
So,you will not go from me..
he was taking steps forward..and she was moving back from him.
You will feel for it later..
I don’t care..
So,you will be my wife.
Then lets start..
To be a husband and wife.
He said in a seductive tone..Wink
See the room,the bed,How romantic na..I don’t want to waste the decorations..
Geet now got what he is saying.
She was not ready for this..first she has to accept him know him’then only she can do this.
give me sometime..
now only you said you will be wife..then why are you stepping back now..
she hit the wall
she was glued between the wall n him. married me without my permission.. I need sometime to digest all..
He laughed..
Do you think I’m asking you permission?no..if I can marry you without your permission..i can touch you the same way..
His tone was dangerous’
Geet feared at his reply..
y..o..u..cant force me..i wi..ll..not..
before she complete he took her veil forcefully and threw it on the floor..
maaan.. you remember me as maan’hu..where am i..when  you left me you know how madly i searched for you..
She tried to move away from him.she cannot give the answers for what he is was all for anjali…
he encircled her in his arms
Maan ..ple..ase.. said you don’t need help to remove now you will remove all before me now..
no maan..i’ll not..
he tightened his grip..
you will..
He relieved her from him..she felt relieved..but it not last longer..
He punched his hand in the break into pieces..his hand was bleeding..pieces of glass were stick in his hand..geet looked at him in fear..She don’t knowwhy,but her heart was in pain seeing him bleed’but there was no expression of pain in maans face..

Why are you doing this?She took his hand and removed the glass pieces.
I want to know do you care for me or not.
I do..her voice shattered.
Then prove..
????she looked at him with lots of questions.
strip. ..

frnds What you expect.Confused.will geet agree or not?LOLhot or coldWink


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