Strangely in Love – Part 16

Part – 16
Nakul sent lunch for both..
Geet served him n she served herself..the food was blunt..maan who was not interested in food now wants tasty food..
Maan:moon..its not tasty..i need my taste of food not this hospital special dishes…
Geet:maan,its will keep u healthy..
Maan:do u think I am not healthy..
Geet::no..i did not mean it..this type of food u must have till u recover..or ur stomach will burn more becoz of spice..
Maan :u have all answers for me..btw y ur eating this bland food u like spicy food right??????
geet: i m having this food to give u company…and y i like spicy food but if u can have this food y not i…
He was happy that she interacted with him..doing so much for him, care somuch for him…
He had his lunch without any interest..just for his moons sake..he also feel special seeing her concern for him..
unknown to herself geet fulfill all wife duty which awake somany new feeling in both heart..
After that he was again busy..
Geet sat in couch n saw him working..she has no work..other than watching maans he works non stop..she dosed off watching him in sitting position..she woke up after 2 hrs..
Geet saw herself sleeping comfortably in couch..her head was placed in pillow..she looked around..
Geet:how I slept?she looked at
Maan:u must be tired..afterall u took care of me night..i only placed u..u r uncomfortable sleeping in sitting position..
He said..looking her with somuch love
Geet:wo.sry..i slept in office..idk..i never sleep in day times..she tried to say her part..
Maan:its ok moon..
Geet:did u have anything..
She asked in care..maan’s heart again start beating faster…when ever she show any care toward her his heart beat faster…
Maan:ya..ur bournvita is in flask..he poured it in cup n gave to her..
maan: wo nakul kaka told me that teenagers like bournvita so i order i hope u also like it if u dont like it plz do tell me i order coffee or whatever u like…actually i dont know ur choices na..
geet she started with her sudden care and love which she think she lost with her dad…he is the only man who pamper her like princess…her eyes get little teary but she hide it from maan then she say..its ok..i like it
This was all new to her,,unexpected from maan..
Maan felt happy that he successful in getting little bit close to her his heart jumping in joy when geet drink bournvita like he got biggest treasure of his like he thought geet force him to again live life like teenager..he shook his head and again concentrated on his work..she heared maan talking to adi in phone about project details..
Then maan saw geet looking at him..
Maan:wo.adi is not here..
He again tried to interact,but she simply nodded..
Maan called his staffs n worked on project which was in 2 they were talking about her favorite subject,she listened them carefully maan looking her from corner of his eyes and notice she is lost in something but doesnt get she lost in the project which he is descusing ..when maan was finished,all went back..
At the end of day,except maneet all left office..maan who was working on lappy stopped n saw his shivering hands..he looked at geet who was watching him..he again tried to type..he opened his draw n saw his wine there..his hands itched to take it n drink it..but before geet he cant..
He started to fight with himself n atlast his helplessness won..he took the bottle n opened up..
Geet who was watching him saw his eyes fixed on his draw for a long time.she saw him taking the alcohol…so she came near him n stopped him ..
Maan gave her a pleading look..
Maan:pls moon..just 1 sip i swear i will not drunk more then that…
Geet:no maan..its dangerous for u..
Maan:see my hands are shivering..pls let me have it..
She can see the same crazy maan who behaved like a maniac last night..she must stop him..
Geet:maan,lets go home..
Maan was in his own land..he did not here her..
Maan:pls give me permission for today..
Geet:maan,u said u will get out of this habit’
Maan:yaa i gave but i asking u for one sip..i will die if i dont drink it now geet close his mouth at once hearing his statement she herself dont know that snatch ground from her feet…but maan is too engorged in his craving to notice this
Geet remove her plam from his lips and took his shivering hands in hers n entwingled with hers..she gently rubbed his hands n massaged it felt gud for him..still the shiver was there.
Geet hushed him.
Geet:till I am with u,u will not touch this me to keep my promise which I gave to dadi..
Maan tried to control himself for her his hold on her was tightening.. she closed her eyes to tolerate the pain given by him..her hands were turning blue..
Maan left her when he heard her scream,which came out when uncontrollable for her..
He went n stood near the windows holding the steel rods on it..he want to control,but its not in his hands..his hands shiver was making him more vulnerable..he turned often only his looks were on wine..geet took it n threw it in dustbin..
Geet:where else u have kept..
Maan:pls moon don’t do it..i want it..cant u see how I am shivering..
Geet opened all other cupboards..everything was arranged neatly by files’geet saw fridge she opened it n saw the storage of alcohols..
Geet:ok say how to clear all this..
she can feel his attempt of controlling..he bite his lips to control bleeded..
maan gave her a pleading look..his hands were turning red n his lips bleeded n blood started to ooze down his chin..
geet panicked seeing him struggling so much..he avoided her gaze n looked at the sky..
she came to him n took her pallu to wipe his blood..maan stopped her..
maan:moon pls..i cant ..pls let me go in my way..
geet looked at him n said
geet:did u let me go in my way..
maan:moon its not time to talk about right or wrong.geet said yes its not time to think about right or wrong..once u r wrong,then always u r..u cant correct it..
she said thinking about her life…if its parents,self respect or ur virgin. once lost cant be gained..when its already wrong u can repeat it..even if it kills ur save hundreds u can repeat it..
geet cupped his face’n took his bleeding lips in hers’first maan startled.. atpresent he is in vulnerable condition..geet was repeating last is the only way to calm his sense. he is also a man…maan again started to loose himself in her n started responding he started to lose on her,he became wild in his passion.geet did not complain him.the kiss gave him pleasure..making him forget what he wants..he pulled her by waist closure to him n sucked ,n nibbled her passionately..both parted for air..maan took entry in her mouth..she let him do what he wants as she is the one started now..she took his tongue in her mouth..both were lost in each kiss converted to other n it became endless..she also lost herself responding him with equal passion..they lost track of time..both kept on kissing,nibbling,sucking ,toying n thrusting each others tongue..maan was fully under her control as she kept on holding him close to her..they took certain breaks for air n soon again they were lost in each other…both were kissing for long time..but they don’t know they were expressing their only it was turning to hrs n they couldn’t part..
geet was feeling a new sensation rushing in her body..she tried to reason it..he is getting diverted because of this’but maan..somewhere deep he knew,she is his medicine than dr.prescription..he controlled in that state too not to proceed ending in love making n hurt her..
maan was keeping his head on shoulders n panting..
he looked calm..n peaceful..his hands were still entwingling with hers n she felt still shiver in him..
geet:lets go to our home maan..(did she said ours home)
both went back n freshed up..geet went n helped nakul in dinner..she came to their room with food..both had silently..the air was thick..maan was now thinking..why her nearness affects him.
Geets spoon fell down..she bent n took it..maan looked at her..her cleavage was visible to made him hardened immediately..she always had this effect on her..maan took his gaze from her skin n continued the dinner.he looked at her swollen lips.. why he did not stop I misbehaving with her again..when a girl initiates how can a man stop..i got carried away..i must not have done that’he cant say he repented it..but loved it..only he was thinking what geet must have thought about him..
Geet was thinking same. why it continued for a long time..when it must have come to end soon ..she was also lost in his passion..
Both finished the dinner n geet gave him his tablets..n both silently went to bed..they did not talk much..maan was facing his back to her.he was not able to sleep..he was holding the pillows in his stop his shiver..she remembered the last she leaned on the bed post ..she took his head n placed on her laps ..she released his grip from pillow n made it encircle around her waist..
Maan:moon y r u making it harder for me..he said helplessly..
Geet:maan,u slept yesterday like this..just think me now as the pillow u r u want me to sing’she asked threading his hair..he looked into her eyes n she looked into his’maaahiii)
Both were looking at each other..only their hearts sound was there in the room..they only knew how both can sooth their the closeness gives peace to them..
They both dosed off lost in each other’
The next morning both were sleeping cuddling to each other..maan opened his eyes,,to see her beautiful face..her messed up hair also was adding beauty to her..missing his warmth geet was searching him in sleep..when maan neared her she again cuddled to him n slept again..maan held her n smiled..
She is like a child sometimes..but behaves matured..
He pecked her forehead..he felt gud holding her n watching her every morning in his arms..geet woke up..
Maan:gud morning..
Geet:gud morning..
She went to washroom..when she came out she was looking pale..she went to wardrobe n searched something..maan who came all ready asked her what she is searching..
Geet: wo..w o..
Maan:what..u want something??????
Maan:I never whisper,,I always use this tone only..and u dont need to hesitate to ask me something if u want something just tell me ill bring moon at ur door..
Geet slapped her really he don’t know or making fun of me..and what moon at door is he think himself any superman aur something i just simplly need whisper…
Maan:moon..what happened..tell me what u want and say it clearly not whispering
Geet:I want whisper..i got periods..she said straight n turn around to facing her back to him she is feeling shy when she see him from corner of her eyes he is also turning red n feeling embarrassed,
Maan:hmm.wo..there are no women here..u know..ok let me send someone n get u..i mean ur..
Geet nodded her head..
Maan went down n called a servant..
D:ji sir.
Maan:go n buy..
He stopped..can he say he must go n buy whisper..then it will be embarrassing for geet also..
Maan:nothing u go..i ll buy myself..
Deepak looked at him weird..
Maan himself went to nearby shop n bought one for geet..
Maan it is..check if its right or not..
Geet opened the paper wrapped over it..n took out..
both were not looking at each other feeling shy..finally maan run from there not bearing more embressment
dadi was watching it through the window..
dadi:hmm not grandson..the great msk went to shop to buy whisper..maan..i know u well..u r in love with her..n ur selection is also not bad..


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