Humrahi -Part 51

note:pls dont share my any works outside..if i see any such things i ll totally delete my blog..n wont continue my ffs too..this is meant for maneetians n India forums only


Part 51

Dev:maan..we informed ur sasural..


He was too shocked to react..

Dev:about the good news ..they too have the right to maa asked me to call n she talked to them..they are coming  ..

Maan st:I thought to give geet some more time..n decide when we reach chennai…but now..if her parents come here..we cant do anything..again it will be a force on geet..without her will she will become nothing is in my hand..

He sighed..

Dev:maan whats bothering u..

Maan:I didn’t think about them


Maan:sry..meri matlab..i forgot to inform them..

Sd who came there told:I know…so only we are here..when u forgot things we have to remind u..we informed arohi too..she is very happy for u..


Geet came up in hurry..scared like a deer caught in lions den..sleeping in sasural for long mil will accept it..n how will she face them..

Geet:wo sry..mei..kese..

Sd:its ok haal mei yeh sab hothi hai..jaa..jaakar fresh hokar aaja..ur family too is coming..

 Ji..Geet smiled nervously n went to fresh up..

Sd has already shifted maneets belongings to her it was  easy for geet ..


After Bf all were having chit chat..maan was busy in his phone ansh was with geet making her feel lighter with his non stop que about baby..vicky too was chatting with his  n nt has gone to get some house hold things needed for Sd n guests..


Geets family arrived..

Her dadaji..mama papa.. n tej..

All welcomed them..

Maan doesn’t know how to face them..he was angry on them for getting geet marry at this age..he want to show his anger..but he couldn’t..

Sd n them greeted formally n sat together..they shared the happiness of geets pregnancy..

Geet took blessings from all n stood aside..she was shy to look at them..

Tej to geet:my gudia is carrying a baby..i cant believe going to become maamu soon..

Geets mother..u didn’t say to us when u came yesterday too..

Ranos voice holded complain..

Sd:usko khud nehi patha..till she fainted..

Sd hided the part of the happenings that stressed geet..

Rano:fainted.time se khaya piya karo…khud ko khayal nehi raksakthi ab baby ko kese samhalogi..

Maan:u must have thought about it before getting her married..

It was straight taunt to rano n glared maan to shut his mouth..

Darji:beta..uska wo matlab nehi tha..geet.. can handle all things wisely..umar mei choti hai..but she is matured..

Maan:hmm..yes ..i know..more matured than her age.. dev where is he..

She shoved maan away from the place..geet saw his hidden anger n knew the reason too.maan went from there ..he too needed to control his much angry he may be they are elders n he doesn’t want to disrespect them ..that too when they are invited guests,,his in laws…he sighed n called dev to come soon..


Sd n others talked on maneet n random things while geet went to kitchen to help nakul..tej  want to excused himself n go to geet..but he too was held amongst elders..

Rano came to geet..

Rano:geet..meri baath ka bura math maann..i told it bcoz how can u forget ur many times I have told u to keep in memory..if u have noticed u would have know this news before itself..


Rano:from now on keep everything in memory..

Geet:ji maa..

Is her mother happy with her pregnancy or not..did she came to her only to taunt..geet shrugged of her thoughts..its her mothers hidden care..she has started to knew it now when she has become  a house wife..

Rano:sambandji bura manegi..i ll join them..tu aaja..



Dev n nt too forced geets family to have lunch with them..n they accepted it..nt joined geet n nakul to help..

Maan joined them again for respect..he sat next to dev..

Geets nanaji: we spent only little time with after hearing the arrival of great grand child I want to spend more time.. when r u going back beta..

Maan:hmm…i have work in will leave tonight..our tickets are booked after 2 days..

Nanaji was disappointed..

Rano:when will u come back again..

Maan:no idea about that..

He cut them sharply making all disappointed..

Sd:maan..i have some thing to say too..geet will not come with you..

Geet who came out with juice was shocked..she stood still..why cant she go with her husband..why they are parting from him..she felt chocked staying away from him..

Sd continued..

Sd:daima told geet is week..n in this situation who is there in Chennai to look after her..n even travelling long distance at start of pregnancy is not I have thought let geet stay with her parents for some days..n then she can come here n stay with us..then u come n take her with u..

Rano was pleased..

Rano:u told me what I thought..kaun hai wahaan iska khayal rakne keliye..yahaan tho sab hain..

Tejs face too brightened..

Geet was cleared by now with their talks..she took baby steps n gave them juice..but she looked at maan..expecting him 2 say no..she want to be only with him..she doesn’t want anyone else..not her maa papa tej not even her nanaji..

Nanaji: thank you so much savitriji..i am very happy ..i ll get to spend some more time with my geet ..

Maan was in great side he doesn’t want to leave geet here..when he know she wont be happy in her mayka..other side he trusted his mother who can take care of geet..n as she said long travel can harm geets health he doesn’t want to take her with him..

Ansh:jolly..then I will also spend time with chachi..i wont get bored..

Maan knew she is happy with kids..n when ansh is here..she will be happy too..n nakul kaka bhi hai..its matter of few days..n for geets wish.on keeping or aborting baby…now it doesn’t matter too..the elders wont allow it..deep his heart too wanted the baby safe..

Tej:jiju..aap chup kyun ho..

Maan let a deep breathe.. you elders wish..

Geets heart sank with his decision..he told he wont force anything on her n will ask her baar kyun nehi poocha..she want her husband. to be with her..


All had lunch..n sd made special sweets sharing the happiness..

Before leaving Rano took geet alone n gave her a long lecture of do’s n don’t’s..what to eat n what not..

She nodded her head for everything

Rano:nod ur head now before me..but forget if  I am away from ur sight..what to do with you..omg..kya karun is larki ka..

Rano:..tumei ab lejana teek nehi hoga..damad bhi hai..thodi din yahaan raho..then, I ll come with  tej by next week to pick u from here..dont run here n there..walk slowly..n have more food u r 2..n u must eat for baby too..

Geet nodded again..

Rano:muh kholkar tho batha sakthi ho na..

Geet:ji maa..



After lunch

Maan  packed his bag..geet was looking at him..she doesn’t get time to talk from morning..n now he is leaving..he told he will leave by night..but he is leaving now..

Sd:maan u told u r leaving at n8..then y u r leaving now..

She questioned him like reading geets mind..

Maan:first I thought I ll spend time with u for today too..n she will come along  with when she is here I will be back again I thought I ll go n catch up with my works in delhi..adi is not there whats the use of staying here..

Vicky:I am also ready maan..

Sd:u too..

Sd:haan maa..i have to collect some more papers from college..n then to college is starting..

Sd became little emotional..sirf do din aayi ho sab..maa ke saath rehne ..u all r grown up..n u don’t want to spend time with this old women..

Maan came n held her shoulders..n made her sit..he took her hands in his ..

Maan:maa..pls..dont cry..u ll get sick..

Vicky:we r not leaving u alone..cb bhai hai ansh hai..n

Maan:Vicky chup..

He turned to sd: so only im saying maa..come with us..n stay with us..whats the problem in it..

Vicky:maan u don’t know..if maa comes with us.. this place crow, dog ,cat , cow,bull every thing will miss her..

Vicky tried to ease his mom by teasing her..

Maan shouted at Vicky:this is not time to joke Vicky..


Sd:I ll come.but not now..bohut sari kaam hai ab..

Maan:may I know what is that more than us..

Sd:its regarding u all only..

Bahu hai abi..after that I m thinking it will be time for arohis labor ..n we have to be with her..then simi k pothi  ki shadhi..then shyamalas beta ki shadhi hai..then..geet ki godbharai ..uski thayari..then…

Maan:aap ka kaam ka list bada will never end…u have to be with us maa..y u r living alone..

He questioned her in concern

Sd:im now fine..n where I will go other than childrens..waqt aanei par zaroor aaungi..

Maan sighed..

Maan:ok.then.take care maa..hum chalthei hein..

He took her blessings..

N Vicky:haan maan ki mama..take care of u n cb n my bros baby too..ok..dont work when we r not here..

Sd slapped his head playfully

Sd:chal badmash..bohut tease karnelaga hai tum..its all bco of u maan..u r pampering him..

Vicky:ma..he will pamper me till his baby arrives..then who will pamper me..i ll come to u only..

Dev:hal Vicky..maan..its getting late..

Sd:reaching delhi call us..

Man:ok maa.

Maan n Vicky bid bye to all..

Geet looked at him yearningly..maan was avoiding her till now..when he kept his luggage inside the car he saw geet looking at him..her eyes craving for him.his one look..she was fidgeting her pallu..all were there n she couldn’t talk before them..what will she can she ask him to come soon n take her with him..what will others think..

Sd:maan..geet se baath bye to her too..

Maan: hmm..

He was aware all are there..n will notice them..he came near her..both looked into each others eyes..

Maan:take care geet..

Geet nodded her head..words came till her throat..emotions chocked her n she could utter nothing..she couldn’t voice out she needs a comforting hug from him..that she will cherish till he come n take her back..

Maan:n our baby too..

He finally said.acccepting the baby’s arrival..




Maan n Vicky left to delhi…


Sd asked all to take rest..n all went to take a nap..ansh too went with his mom n too slept bcoz of exhaustion..

In all these no one noticed the silent cry of a heart..she doesn’t know how to express herself..she felt lonely..left alone in midst of strangers..


She was present there physically..answered all in monosylabus..but her mind was filled with her husbands thoughts..he has taken such a place in this short time of span that she couldn’t think anything other than him..she even avoided ansh saying she feels tired n nt asked ansh not to disturb chachi till she comes n play with him..


All had the dinner n went to sleep..

Dev n sd were talking on forced geet too to go to sleep on time..


once they reached maan called from delhi n talked to sd n was  night 10 .. geet was sleeping n couldn’t talk…n maan was too restless..his heart was he doing r8 or wrong..he questioned himself…he asked Vicky to go to kc n he left to meet his friends..someone who can help him ..n with whom he can share his thoughts. N clear himselves..but when he reached his friends house the sight inside made him freak out..WinkEmbarrassed

he chided himself mentally ..he must have expected this when they said all are in hitens house..mens alone..means devils together. nightout…Embarrassed


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