Humrahi -Part 52

note:pls dont share my any works outside..if i see any such things i ll totally delete my blog..n wont continue my ffs too..this is meant for maneetians n India forums only


Part 52..


Maan pressed the calling bell of his friends house..

Hiten came and opened the door..

Hiten:hi maan.kesi ho.we were missing you..n see u r here..come in ..

He closed the door n entered..

When maan entered the living room his eyes widened to see some more friends of his ..


He was not as enthusiastic like he used to be to c his friends..though he said was just like a formality to greet them

Prem:arei maan..

Prem hugged him n he hugged back..n all joined them..

Prem:come join us..we were talking about our old days only…how we usually spend our week ends like this..after a long time we all are here..only adi is missing..

Maan:he is in Chennai.

Prem:we know come u r here..when u came..u didn’t inform us..

Maan took the seat n sensed he sat on something..same time he heard some one moaning. A girls voice…he looked at his friends who pointed the tv screen winking at him…they had kept at mute n maan sat on remote removing it..

He looked at screen..they were watching a foreign p*** movie..where a girl who might be of under age having s** with her co class mate..there school uniforms scattered around..n the sight just greened up his wound..his thoughts went to his wife ..who has just completed her schooling few months back..he was frustrated already n this was like adding ghee to it..

He threw the remote on floor angrily..n shouted..

Maan:just shut the crap now..

He is not a man to lose cool easily..they knew it…seeing maan so indifferent they switched off the tv n came to maan..they sensed something is wrong..

Hiten:what happened maan..its not the first time we are watching such movies..we all used to sit n watch why u r getting angry..

Maan rubbed his face with his palm..

They are r8..he is over reacting..taking his frustration on the early ages they all were excited to know what is s** n how they do..n they all watched..but its long time..n now..seeing the small girl in it..he can only remember geet..n him..n their cozy moments..

Prem:speak up maan..

Maan was quiet..there were some more friends too who are not much closer as hiten n he avoided to speak before them..

Hiten:go to guest room..i ll come there..

He turned to others..:u all enjoy boys..we will come n join u soon…


Prem n hiten went to guest room while others started the tv to enjoy

..maan was looking at the wall blank..

Prem:y r u angry maan..kuch hua hai kya..

Prem:we r friends maan..n u can open up to us..

Hiten:have a urself..if u want to share then say..

He gave him.the drink…

Maan took  it n drank it in one go.. .

They were looking at him..

maan:geet is pregnant..

he said looking at the floor..

they all squeeled in happiness..

hiten:omg maan..its a happy news..u r going to be a father..

prem:wait hiten..maan..r u not happy becoming father..

hiten:prem..u know na how much he loves kids..

prem:then y he is upset..

hiten:bolo maan..whats the there any complications in pregnancy..

maan took another drink..

maan:my life has become a big complication..i love kids n I want 1 for myself..i have dreamed of it..

hiten:we know it.. u must be happy..

maan smiled sadly..

maan:but not at the cost of making a kid carry another kid..woh bachi hai..hiten..n I have used her ..oh god..dont know how I will face myself in mirror..

maan finally break down infront of his friends..

hiten n prem sat on either side .

prem:maan..what r u saying..kid..matlab..

hiten:say it clearly maan..u are confusing us..

maan:she is forced to marry me hiten..she has completed her schooling now only..ek bachi hai woh.she doesn’t know  what the marriage life is.. .n i..i..chi..shame on myself..i used her to satisfy my needs..n now she is pregnant..ek bachi maa banne wali hai…n I couldn’t do anything..

maan was pouring his heart out ..

both let maan talk..before they could tell him anything they must know about his they listened they could console their friend who is breaking down before them..he is the man who used to be clear in his views n suggests them ideas..n will solve their problems too..but now…he needs someone to console him..n only a friend can do that..

maan:she is only 18.yaar..n what I have done to her…married her n made her pregnant..

maan who has controlled till now broke before them..his eyes turned mist in presence of his best friends..

prem n hiten were shocked knowing geet is 18..its normal in villages to get married..but never they expected maan to be one amongst them..silence covered the room..none spoke bcoz of the shock..

hiten was the one to recover from shock first..he thought for some time ..he has to save not only his friend but his whole life too..his wife n baby..

hiten:tell me one thing u know she is 18 before marriage..


hiten:would you have married if u have known her age.


Hiten:if not you they would have married her to another man..isnt it..

prem:yes hiten..n if maan denied too the girls family will be questioned y they denied for marriage..

maan was lost in thoughts..its true..if he has not married geet..she would have been forced to marry some one else..

hiten:do you regret marrying her or is it only bcoz of her age..

prem:maan..kuch tho bolo..r u thinking about leaving her..i mean divorce…

maan was shocked n can he even think like that..n that too back to her family..where she gets nothing than only taunts..

maan:are you can I leave her..she is my wife..

prem n hiten smiled seeing the possessiveness in his shows his love..finally they got what they want maan to know

hiten:u love her so much..but u r in guilt..

maan nodded yes..

maan:she is too small for marriage ..

hiten:shhh..i can understand what u want to say..

hiten::maan..can u change everything now..can u give her virginity she is carrying your baby..once the baby is born will u stop loving it..

maan:n..o..its my baby too..

hiten:I think now u got your answers.she has become a part of your life..u cant live without her..she is your love..n  ur baby is on way..dont let your guilt  overcome your love.. .past is past..think about present n future..sleep for sometime..u ll get peace..

hiten n prem went leaving maan alone..

maan leaned on the bed n thought about his friends words..

she is his wife..he wont let her go back to her house at any circumstances..she is a part of him..his life his love…carrying a part of him..he will never stop loving her or the baby..if anyone is in his life..that will be only his geet..

her face came in mind..her shy smile..n her eyes which spoke much more than her mouth..she is mine..he slept thinking about her..



geet was desperately waiting  talk to him..luck was not in her favour..the phone went out of order..still she looks at the dead phone to get  alive..maan tried a few more times after that n finally he too  gave up n went to his friends place..after having the drinks the alcohol effected him n he went to deep slumber without knowing his wife is waiting for his one call..


the next day..maan woke up with heavy head..he is not a regular drinker..but he is used to do while partying n with friends sometime..yesterday he took it to calm his nerves..hiten came with lemonade..n maan drank it..

hiten:sleep for a little more time..u will be better..

maan:but I have to go..

hiten:I ll drop you. But,After an hour..till that take rest..nothing will happen in one hr..sleep..ur hangover will get rid in time being..

hiten forced maan n he slept again..


after an hr hiten came n woke him up..maan felt fresh..

hiten:how r u feeling now..

maan:good..thank u..

hiten:thanks..between friends..hmm..then how many thanks is bending for me to say for u..

maan:sry yaar..

hiten:now sry..hmm

maan:ok yaar I give up..

he smiled..

hiten:that’s like my friend..he hugged maan n he reciprocated..

maan:where are others..sry..i spoiled your night..

hiten:they all left earlier.

man:sry I spoiled ur n8..n thanks for being with me..i feel light now..

hiten:don’t be..sry n  thanks..again…say one more time I ll punch you in ur mouth..n for being with u…u have been always for us maan..n  we r friends..friends r meant to be supportive in hard time only..not only for partying drinking n watching those..n enjoying life..


hiten:r u going to say thanks again..before I punch u go n fresh up..i too have office yaar..haan..vicky called..i took ur phone n answered him..

maan:he must be worried..

hiten:no..i told him u r fine n sleeping dont worry..

maan freshed up n hiten dropped maan in kc..

Vicky has already left to his college to collect the papers n certificates needed..


As he entered the office..maan too got busy..inbetween once he called home n the phone came dead..he sighed n concentrated on his work..the day passed soon..the work kept his thoughts away from home..he couldn’t talk to her too..vicky noticed maans aloofness n fighting within himself..he tried to chatter like always but it was of no use..their work was done n both left to they couldn’t contact home,maan called  a relatives number n asked them to convey his mother that they both left to Chennai..


Maan was feeling heavy parting geet..n geet was also no less than him..or should say more than him she is the one who is just a living creature .. her  heart has broken million times silently..she was present there physically.but her heart was with maan n thoughts filled with him only,,.dev nt n ansh too left after the function is looked after geets diet..though geet helped in works with nakul ,sd made sure geet has healthy foods..n have it on time..n she used to say what to have n what not..n the reasons for taking food..geet used to hum silently..she gave half ears to her..n half was always wondering with maans thoughts..geet has turned mute..whenever nakul came with fruits n fruit salads her eyes turned maan use to tease her using the fruits name..her eyes,lips..everything..her every inch of body craved for his touch..she missed his presence..sleep was not peaceful for her..she is used to sleep in his arms..the warmth that gave her a protective feel..

She touched her belly..her baby..her maans baby..she couldn’t feel anything..she hasn’t shown up..nor the baby is grown to move inside n make her feel its presence..her only wish is to give her husband his happiness..n that’s baby..she has no idea of babies,,n still she has not known the motherly feeling..its only her husband ,his care n his love.. she knew he loves their baby..n she wants it for him..but she want to be with him..she got to know from the relaive maan n vicky left to delhi..she waited  for his one call..but she didnt get any..he left without talking to her.. it seems like her fate has written loneliness again in her life..n she started to drown  herself in it..



Maan  n vicky reached Chennai early morning..

Vicky straightly went to his room to take rest..adi was still asleep..

Maan entered his bed room..geets aroma was filled in air..he missed her a lot..he checked his mobile to know if there is any call from was none..he sighed..

He too changed n tried to sleep for few hours..sleep was faraway from him..her yearning look when he left her..he doesn’t want to leave her..but its matter of her health n baby..he doesn’t want to take risk..he has to leave her there..n they don’t know about the initial stage of pregnancy cares..geet needs someone to take care of her n tell her do’s n don’t’s..its for her good..thinking about her he slept for few hours..


Vicky came n woke him up in morning..

He looked at the was already nearing 9 AM..

Maan:omg..i slept for long time…

Vicky:no problem maan..adi  bhai went to office..i brought BF from nearby get up fresh up n have ur bf..i’m leaving to college..i must submit the papers to join here..

Maan:no..u wait..i ll take you with me..then I ll go to office..

Saying to vicky he walked to washroom..

Vicky nodded his head at his extra care bro..

Vicky went to make black coffee for him..maan smiled taking it from him n went to bath..soon both went to college..maan dropped Vicky n went to office..he was still checking his phone expecting a call from his home..he tried to call it again came out of order..he sighed n went to his cabin..adi congratulated him n started to give him the reports of current work progress… knowing everything from Vicky he didn’t talk much about it..maan soon was engrossed in work..

Maan:when r u leaving  to delhi adi..


Maan:ok..have u booked ur tickets..


Maan:ok..u go n do ur packing n take rest..i ll handle it now..adi left bidding bye to him..


Maan got busy in his works..n it kept him away from geets thoughts..vicky called him n told he came back home after finishing his works..n had his lunch too n asked maan to have his lunch too..

After completing his works he left to home..he purchased some dry fruits,chocolates n snacks n came home..he gave it to adi n asked him to give it to geet..dry fruits are healthy..n chocos are her favourites..

Adi :maan..she is ur wife..n its your happy that u are accepting it .please come out of your guilt soon…whatever u did in village..please don’t repeat it..she needs care n love only at this time..

Maan nodded  as his all friends are saying the same for his own good

..adi left to delhi leaving maan n Vicky ..






5 thoughts on “Humrahi -Part 52

  1. lovely update…happy to see maan accepted friend’s advice about geet & baby.. love to see he handover some dryfurits to adi for geet..excited for maaneet’s sweet conversations(phone)..contn soon plz..!!

  2. lovely update.. good to see maan accepting things and so it was not totally his fault that he did not know about her age…and i m sure he can make the things right by accepting geet and baby.. rightnow geet needs him..

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